John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 16Nov19 – Mac McAnally and Scotty Emerick

We did a walk around the lake and then John did his 12 mile bike ride. We did a few projects and headed to Linda’s at 3pm.
Linda and Tom are driving Richard, John and I down to Hogfish on Stock Island. Mac McAnally is playing tonight at 7pm and Scotty Emerick is starting at 6pm. We were lucky we left early. We got great seats and if we would have been 15 minutes later, we would have lost them.
We had some cocktails, Lobster Bisque soup and dinner. The place got packed but we had perfect seats. Scotty and Mac were AWESOME as usual. Our park owner, Joe was in town and came to see them. It was an AWESOME night.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 14Nov19 – John smokin ribs

Today John is in the kitchen early preparing his ribs for smoking. He has his wet and dry rub and getting them all ready. Now John headed out for his bike ride and I headed for band practice. Richards friend, Roger is joining us at practice today. We had a great practice and when I got home, the ribs were smoking away. When they were done, John put them on the grill for a bit to finish them off. Larry had given us biscuits, so we had a great meal. Tonight is relax and TV night.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 13Nov19 – Key West Day

So the boys we going to go fishing at 615am this morning. NOT! The high tide stopped them. After coffee, John headed out on his bike ride. He had to ride through the saltwater.
The tide subsided and we picked up Larry and headed to Key West to give blood. Now with Sally we stopped at Lucy’s for cocktails and to listen to 16 year old Sheldon Benton. We moseyed on and the boys stopped at Sandbar and Sally and I went to the new pot dispensary “Mad Men” to check it out. They gave us a tour and educated us on medical marijuana.
Now we got the boys and moseyed over to Schooner Wharf to see Raven. Sampson was on bass and Hal on drums. Chickies brother, Jimmy met us there.
On our way back to the truck we stopped at Sandbar to check out this band. Don’t know the name but they are out of Coco Beach FL. The cool thing was, a boy about 11 or 12 was playing in it. Not just playing electric guitar but doing finger picking up and down the fretboard. He was also an awesome singer.