John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 16Jan19 – CW Colts Backyard House Concert

It’s a cool morning. About 61 and windy. We took our lake walk and early afternoon we did a 6 mile bike ride to the burned out bridge. Now it’s time to regroup. We have 12 of us leaving in a taxi headed to CW Colts house for a Backyard House Concert. We are meeting 3 others there for a total of 15 of us. Our group was – Jerry, Char, Ben, Janice, Dale, Carolyn, Pete, Tina, Megan, Jeff, Larry, Richard, Sally, John and I. We had a great time with lots of food, drinks, stories and music. After we walked next door to Louis Backyard for a nightcap. We met some new friends at the bar. We got our taxi (Barbara from Key West Taxi) home and it was a great night.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 15Jan19 – Fishing and Jam Night

They boys were out fishing early this morning. It was a slow fishing day, only 1 each. It’s a cool, overcast and windy day. Only about 65 degrees. We did some projects and got more stuff organized for vacation. We are heading to Looe Key Tiki for Jam Night and tacos. Chicago Sandy had a great time jamin. Kevin and Chalyce are visiting for a few days and staying at Looe Key. So after the jam, we went to their room with Gary and Maddie for a nightcap.