John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

January 2007 Journal

We took a 4 mile walk today and entered into Federal land.  We saw deers, birds and Bobwhite Quails.  Then we read for awhile and took a drive.  We found a little slot machine place right down the road.  We played 5.00 and then went to the grocery store.  We got bait shrimp for fishing tomorrow and a few groceries.  We came back had dinner and I went to bingo and John went to play poker.  Neither one of us won, but we had fun.

Today it’s a little cooler.  I’m messing around with the computers and John is cleaning the truck.  We took a walk down to the lake and took few casts.  We didn’t catch anything.  We are going to get some bait tomorrow.

27    Today we got up and went for a 3 mile walk down the road.  We saw lots of birds, heard wild turkeys and saw a fox twice.  Came back and sat outside and got some sun.  It’s a beautiful day.  Sunny and 75.  Then we walked over to play shuffleboard and met Jessie and Dell.  They gave us some pointers.  We came back and had some wine, then headed out for dinner about 7pm. 

26   We took a walk around the campground and then drove to town to investigate.  We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and then on the way to the Library we found the golf course.  We stopped for info and then went to the library.  After that we stopped at the bait shop and went for groceries.  Came back and took it easy for a little while.  We went to The Steak Joint for dinner.

          25  Got up and the weather was pretty good.  We got ready to go and left about 1030am.  We got to Four Seasons Campground in Zapata, Texas about 2pm.  The site was ok, but it was going to be the tightest to back in yet.  We did good, got it in and finished setting up.  We walked up to the rec center to check things out.  We met a lot of people.

          22 – 24  The weather is still lousy.  We worked around the cow.

21  BEARS WIN!!!! 
Today we walked 3 miles to Amberjacks to watch the game.  We got in a pool but didn’t win.  That’s ok,  BEARS WIN!!  We left at about 6pm and missed the last shuttle, so we took a cab back to the campground.  We ordered a pizza and watched the second game.  So now we all know where we’ll be on February 4th.

Today the weather is a little better.  We decided to go for a walk along the beach.  We left around 1130am.  We walked about 3 miles.  We stopped at Boomerang Billys for a cocktail.  Then we walked back.  There were a lot of people out.  Just like us they wanted to get outside.  We got back and I was ready to relax.  We made dinner and watched TV.

         18 – 19  Still the weather stinks.  We just stayed around the cow.
It’s still rainy, windy and very cold.  We stayed in reading and working on the computer until around 330pm when we couldn’t take it anymore.  So we went to the show.  We stayed for 2 movies, Blood Diamonds and Night in a Museum.  Both were very good.  It was nice to get out.
It’s still rainy, windy and very cold.  The high is around 37 with a wind chill.  Pretty much we are staying inside, reading and working on the computer.  We have been wanting to go to the Pan American Natural Studies Museum inside the park.  Every time we’ve tried, it’s been closed.  We went today at 2pm and it was open.  It’s not real big, but has information on the plants and wildlife on South Padre Island.  It has some aquatic exhibits with fish, snails, conchs, shrimps and crabs.  They also have a 45 minute documentary on the island.  Afterwards we watched the huge waves for a few minutes and then headed back to the cow. 

13 – 15  We are back in South Padre Island.  Since we’ve been back we watched the football games on the weekend and today it’s rainy and cold so we are catching up on domestic stuff.

4 –   We are in Chicago due to a family illness.  Remember Life is short.  All of a sudden it’s gone and you don’t know what happened.  So live for today and don’t wait for tomorrow.

3  Today is cool and rainy.  We left for Chicago at 3pm to drive to McAllen for our flight.  McAllen airport allows you to park free for up to 14 days.

2  Today is Domestic Day.  I went and did laundry and worked on bills.  John cleaned the cow and the truck.  Then we got our clothes organized and packed for our trip to Chicago.  Walter went and bought steaks so we had salad, steaks, onions, mushrooms and baked potatoes for dinner.  We sat outside for awhile and came in around 630pm.

Got up and had coffee and then around 1030am went to Boomerang Billys on the beach for the Polar Bear New Years Dip.  When we did the dip it was about 75 degrees and the water temperature was 63 degrees.  Afterwards we waited and got our official Polar Bear Club Card.  We had some drinks and listened to a singer they had.  The Idiots Club was also meeting there.  So I talked to some people and I’m now a member of the Idiots Club.  We went to Dirty Als for dinner and then back to the cow.