John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

February 2007 Journal

Today we got up and were going to head to Tucson.  We checked the winds in both locations and decided to stay put.  There was a wind advisory out for Deming and Southwestern New Mexico.  Winds 40mph with gusts between 50-70mph.  So we had coffee and then we were going to go to the Deming Museum.  We got there and it was closed for renovations.  Came back, had lunch and then went out to St. Clairs Winery.  We did some wine tasting.

26  We headed down to Palomas Mexico.  It’s about 30 miles.  The border crossing is tiny.  The town isn’t so big either.  We took a walk around and checked out liquor but it was not a deal at all.  We found a little restaurant grilling chickens outside so we stopped and had lunch.  Then we walked back to the border and crossed back into the US.  We headed back toward Deming.  We made a stop at Spring Valley State Park which is next to Rockhound State Park.  The park was up in the mountains.  When we got there we found it to only be open Wednesdays thru Sundays.  That didn’t stop us.  We parked outside the gate and off we went.  We did about a 2.5 mile hike.  A lot of it was uphill.  There were beautiful views.  Then we came back and relaxed for awhile.
This morning we got up at 7am and it was 26 degrees.  It’s supposed to warm up to 65 today.  In Deming we are at 4300 feet altitude.  We went out for a drive and then to do some shopping at Walmart.  We have mountains to the North and South of us.  The sun is nice and bright.  When we got back, John worked on the trailer tire bearings and I updated the website.  We walked over to the rec center for an ice cream social and to look at books.

24  Today we got up early and was back on the road by 730am.  We were heading from Ft. Stockton, TX to Deming NM.  About 330 miles.  It started getting windy again.  We stopped for gas and John noticed our bedroom window had opened.  We went in to close it.  Back on the road.  It ended up opening again and we didn’t want to take a chance on it opening again so we taped it shut.  We got to Deming and checked into Dreamcatchers RV Resort.  The rate is 16.00 plus tax.  We got set up and noticed one of our tires missing a cap.  We will follow-up on that.  We have now changed to Mountain time so we have an extra hour.  We went next door to the Holiday Inn for a cocktail and then to Ranchers Grill for dinner.  We are now spoiled from Zapata TX.  In Zapata a 16oz T-Bone was 11.00.  Here it was 22.00.  After dinner we came back, relaxed and went to bed early.

23  This morning we got up early and got ready to go.  Walter came over to say goodbye and we got on the road at 830am.  When we left Four Seasons the mileage was on 43,000.  We drove 500 miles to Ft. Stockton, Texas.  We stayed at Comanche RV Resort.  We didn’t even unhook.

        22  Today were getting ready to leave so we need to do laundry and clean the cow inside and out.  In the afternoon we went for another walk to the federal area.  Then we came back, had a cocktail and went to see sunset.

        21  Today we went golfing.  Walter, John and I golfed 18 holes.  Walter and I shared a cart and John walked.  We saw chipmunks, 2 snakes, frogs, fish, birds, muskrat, turtles.  It got up to 86 degrees and it was mostly sunny.  We came back and relaxed outside and then had dinner and went for a walk down to the lake for sunset.

        20  Today we were going to go golfing, but we reviewed pictures and now were stopping at the store and then get some sun, since it’s going to be 85 today.  This afternoon, John is going to be a judge at the chili cook-off and then some other neighbors went Boar hunting and bagged one.  So their having a fish fry and boar grill later this evening.

        19  Walter, Jack the dog, John and I went on a 3 mile walk down by the bird sanctuary.  We saw deer, white pelicans, cormorant, falcons, vermillion flycatchers and a variety of other birds.  When we got back, we laid in the sun and relaxed for a while.  Then we had a fish dinner on the grill.  After dinner we made some cocktails and were going to take a walk down to the lake for sunset, but we got sidetracked.  Our neighbors, 3 cows down were having a party.  There were 6 people in the band.  So we stopped over there and ended up there until after sunset.  We were walking Jack the dog and met Ken and Cheri from Iowa.  Ken and his buddy went out Boar hunting and bagged one.  It cost 175pp for the hunting.  If you got a boar that was it.  However, the buddy shot a tagged one.  So that cost another 500.00.  They invited us for a Boar and fish cookout tomorrow.

       18  Today I hiked 4 miles and John did 8 miles.  We saw a blind out in the federal land.  When John goes out into the bush himself.  We take the walkie talkies so we can keep in contact.

17  Today was a bright warm sunny day.  It’s our 28th anniversary.  Around noon we went out to the campground next door and did some fishing.  I caught 2 catfish.  They weren’t quite keepers so we through them back.  We came back around 330pm and got ready to go out for dinner.  Walter came over and we had a cocktail outside.  Then we went to the VFW then to La Jalisco for dinner.

           16  We went on 3 different hikes today for a total of about 7 miles.  We saw hundreds of birds.  Four different species of hawks/falcons, white pelicans and cormorants.

           11 – 15   OK, I know I’m way behind in updating everything.  But we are so busy time just gets away from us.  We have been hiking every day, attending various campground activities including a brisket dinner.  Our buddy Walter came on the 15th.

             10  This morning was cool about 45 and drizzling.  There was a pancake breakfast in the rec center so we went over about 8am.  We stayed in and read and played on the computer.  Around 330pm we went out grocery shopping and then watched tv.

Went for a 2 mile walk then laid in the sun for awhile.  We had dinner then went down to watch the sunset.  At the Rec center, the campground had Yellow Brick Road Races at 7pm.  We got there for the 1st race.  The Lion won.  It worked out that the 2nd race the witch won and I bet .25 and won .75.  A Winner!!  After 5 races at about 9pm it was over.

  Today is another beautiful day.  We went for a 5 mile walk into the Federal Lands.  We saw a Javelina which is a wild pig.  John went out further into the bush foraging.  We got back around 230pm and relaxed.

We laid out in the sun for a while and went to play horseshoes.  After 2 games of shoes we played 3 games of shuffleboard.  We went for a swim in the pool then came back and had dinner.  We walked over to the river to watch the sunset and on the way back we picked some fresh grapefruit and oranges.

6  Got up and it’s a nice day.  At around 1030am we went fishing on the river over at the other campground.  It was a great day.  Sunny and warm around 75 with a slight southern wind.  I caught one catfish.  Nice size.  Around 330pm we came back and then went grocery shopping and made a fish dinner.

It’s starting to get warm again.  Today is going to be 73.  It’s a little cloudy but that’s fine.  We went for a long walk, 5 miles.

We stayed around the campsite during the day and left for the VFW around 330pm to watch the Superbowl.  They had a lot of pools going on.  At halftime they had potluck food.  We didn’t win any pools but we were hoping our Bears would win.  They didn’t win this year, but at least they made it to the Superbowl.  At the beginning of the year I don’t think anyone expected them to do that.

We left around noon for a drive.  We stopped at the hardware store, then the dollar store.  Across the street was the Zapata Museum.  They had a live rattlesnake which was not happy with us.  Then we went to San Yaquin which was about 15 miles away.  There was nothing there.  We came back and stopped at the bowling alley and played 2 games.  Then we got gas and went to the VFW for a beer.  We stopped at the BBQ place for BBQ turkey legs for dinner.

            2  Today we took a walk along the water and found some inland streets.  We came back, sat in the sun for a while and read.  Then made dinner.  The campground had entertainment tonight at 7pm.  Paula and Ermal.  The Yodel Lady and John Wayne they did the “For God & Country Show”.  Their website is and  We went over about 630pm.  It cost 4.00pp.  The show went on until around 915pm.  It was pretty good.  John Wayne (Ermal) explained how he got into show business and it was like a comedy, musical, western show.  Currently John Wayne has been in the rose bowl parade 3 times, he’s in the Coors Light Beer commercials and also does anything John Wayne related.

This morning was a little cool and overcast.  We did some projects and then headed out for Golf around noon.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny and warm day.  We played 18 holes with  a cart.  Then we went to check out places to watch the superbowl.  Joeys bar and grill is under construction and the chamber of commerce told us about a VFW.  So we went there to check it out and have a cocktail.  They only serve beer but you can bring in a bottle.  We had a few beers and bought 2 football squares and headed out.  When we got back, our neighbors where having a hoedown at their site.  There were 2 guitar players, an accordion and a fiddle.  They were singing and playing and people were dancing.  I danced with Jessie.  We had dinner and that was it.