John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

April 2007 Journal

April         28  Today we did domestic stuff.  Later in the afternoon we took the Sam’s Town shuttle to Bills Casino and then walked over to Margaritaville where we met Mindy and her friend Caroline.  We got there around 630pm.  We sat outside on the third floor and had Margaritas and John had Land Shark Lager.  Then Mindy and Caroline went over to meet friends for dinner at the Bellagio Buffet.  We walked down toward Casino Royale but never made it.  We stopped at Harrah’s Bar where Elvis was DJ’ing Karaoke.  After Karaoke, there was dueling pianos.  Not your normal piano music, they played requests.  The bigger the tip, the higher rated the request.  We caught the 202 back and got home about 1230am.
       27  We headed out to Lake Mead and did a couple of hikes.  The Wetlands Trail surprised us.  We know it is called wetlands, but there was a stream we came across.  We tried to find the Bluff Trail but ended up on another.

We came back to the cow, relaxed and had dinner, then headed over to Nevada Palace for some blackjack and craps.

       25  Today were walking down to Arizona Charlie’s Casino, Roadrunner RV Park and Station Casino.  It should be about a 2 mile one way walk.  Then we hopped on the 107 bus to downtown.  We walked all around.  We stayed for the Fremont Experience Light Show and then caught the Sam’s Town shuttle back.  We got home around 930pm.
       24   Today we headed out to Valley of Fire State Park.  We went through Lake Mead NP in order to get there.  On the north route, we stopped at Redstone Picnic Area for some photos.  We saw they had a short hiking trail so we decided to hike.  There was also one hiker that just got back.  He told us he saw a big horn sheep.  So off we went.             John decided to go into the wash.  I went around.  I heard a noise and didn’t think it could be John so I stopped and listened.  It sounded like hoofs on rocks.  I looked around and there was a big horn sheep right in front of me.  I was bummed because I thought John was missing it.  But then I saw John back on the rocks.  I was in front of the sheep and John was behind her.  She didn’t care, she just went right up the rocks to the top.  She gave us quite a show.  We thought she was gone and then we saw her watching us from the top.  We followed her around and she came up on a rock and was only about 20 feet away from us.  Then she was done with us so she left.          We finished our hike and continued on to Valley of Fire State Park.  VOFSP is about 60 miles from Vegas.  We parked and did a short hike up to Elephant Rock.  Then we went to the visitors center to get a better understanding of the area and trails.  We stopped at Mouse’s Tank and did a mile hike there and then continued to Fire Canyon.  We did about a 1 ½ mile hike there.  After that we were ready to head back.  It was a great day and sooo cool that we were able to see the Big Horn Sheep.        14 – 23  During this time we did domestic stuff and did some gambling.  I had a Trams Conference at the Rio that I was teaching at so we checked into the Rio on 16th and checked out on the 20th.          13  We headed out to Red Rock about 2pm.  We hiked the Oak Creek Canyon Trail.  It is considered Easy Moderate.  It was fine.  There was a slight incline but no big rocks to navigate around.  John hiked about 5 miles and I did 4 miles.  Afterwards we stopped at the Silverton Casino.  We played slots for awhile and then headed back and had a late dinner.        11  We stayed around the cow until about 2pm.  Then we headed out to Sam’s Town.  We played slots for quite a while then walked over to Longhorns for blackjack.  We ended up at Nevada Palace for blackjack and craps and got home about 1130pm       10  This afternoon we headed back out to Red Rock Canyon.  We hiked trail 19 the First Canyon Trail.  It was about 3.5 miles total and considered Easy Moderate.  It was a nice trail.  It had a little incline but it was very gradual and no huge rocks to navigate up and around.  We hiked for about 3 hours then stopped at Bonnie Springs for a beer.  They have a petting zoo, but with quite a lot of animals.  Some of the ones we saw were bobcat, lamas, bighorn sheep, sheep, rabbits, geese, mules, bulls, bison, peacocks (all over), ducks, birds, quails, turtles, chickens and baby chicks.       8  We got up and headed out to Red Rock Canyon.  We came in off the North Road Charleston Ave.  We stopped at the visitors center to get a map and look at information on the park.  Just outside they had a Desert Tortoise Habitat.  We walked around and found a few Tortoises and then hopped in the beast and went on the scenic loop.  There were quite a few people since it’s Sunday and it’s Easter.          We stopped at the Calico Tanks Trail.  It was listed as 2.5 miles Moderate.  Well our version of moderate and their version of moderate are two different things.  It was nice at first.  Beautiful!  We saw rock climbers, got some wonderful pictures.  But then it started to incline.  Not just an incline on the path but we had to scramble as they call it, up some big rocks and navigate some big rock steps.  I finally decided to stay where I was and John continued on.  I’m glad I stayed.  He said it continued to get harder and he finally turned around also.  We took our time and headed back to the beast.          We looked up an Easy Trail and went on that.  It was easy but also had a few small inclines.  We came back to the cow and were ready for dinner.
      7  We took it easy this morning and then decided to head to the strip.  John was ready for his footlong hot dog from Westward Ho.  So we took the Sam’s Town shuttle to the Riveria.  John ended up with a footlong but not from the Westward Ho.  They imploded the Stardust on March 13th.  They must have imploded the Westward Ho before that since the area was already cleared out.  We walked the strip and took the Sam’s Town bus back and had the dinner buffet at Sams.       6  We got up, had coffee and then headed out to Lake Mead NP.  We were going to 4 wheel drive area 94A off the North road to Overton.  We parked the beast and then hiked down the wash.  It’s good that we stopped and parked where we did.  The road got really bad right after we stopped.  We hiked about 1.25 miles one way and came upon a canyon where it was narrow and cooler.  John hiked on some more but it was to much up and down for me.  We got back to the car and then took the North road back.  We had lunch then went to the pool.

      4   We headed off to Lake Mead NP.  We took the South road and made a few stops along the way for short hikes and photos.  We stopped at the visitors center.  Then we headed out on the railroad trail.  It was about 5.4 miles round trip.  It wasn’t hard because it was the railroad path that was used when Hoover Dam was constructed.  We saw some Antelope Ground Squirrels.  Along the way there were 5 tunnels we had to walk through.  We had a beautiful view of Lake Mead from the trail.       When we left we ended up hitting a bunch of casinos along the route home.  We ended up at the Nevada Palace which is right down the road from us.  No idea what time we got home.  Sometime in the morning.       2  We got up early, had coffee and headed out for Walmart for grocery shopping.  We parked at Walmart and decided to walk down to two casinos next door.  We ended up gambling at both.  We walked back to Walmart and did our shopping.  We headed out to the pool around 330pm and stayed until around 5pm.  We walked down to Sams Town to catch the free shuttle to the strip.  We started at Bills Gambling Hall (formally Barbary Coast).  Then we made our way down to the Casino Royale.  We stayed for quite a while then caught the 202 bus back.  We went to Nevada Palace for a while, then had breakfast and got back home around 2am.       1  Today is traveling day.  We got up at 6am and was on the road at 7am.  We were heading to Las Vegas, NV.  We walked over to Sam’s Town and did a little gambling.