John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

June 2007 Journal

Morning coffee on our veranda.  Then during the heat of the day we worked on personal stuff in the air conditioned cow.  Around 5pm we headed out to the Moab Adventure Outfitters in downtown Moab.  They had Raft for a Cure today for breast cancer.  We didn’t do the raft part because we just did it, but they had a party afterwards.  From 5pm – 10pm, they had a BBQ, raffles and 3 bands.  We didn’t bring our chairs, but that worked out fine.  They had the river rafts set up all over and we just found one to hang out in.  The bands had to end at 10pm due to city ordinances.

Today we had coffee out on our veranda.  Then at 9am we headed over to Arches NP.  We were going on another guided hike.  We were to meet at the Windows Trailhead at 10am.  We had the same guide Alicia that we had on the Fiery Furnace Hike.  We also met a few people that had been on the Petroglyphs Hike yesterday.  Since this was a Survival Hike, we talked about how people survived 1000 years ago.  How they made shoes and clothes.  How to make fire.  How to make tools and hunting gear.  How to catch small mammals.  What plants to eat and how to use them for other things.  How to find water and what plants are good for medicines.
After our hike we headed into Moab for some various items.  We got a car wash and then went to the Moab Museum.  Then we headed over to the library.  We were hoping to be able to check out some books but no luck.  So we just stayed there and read.  It was also a nice break from the afternoon heat of 105 degrees.  Then we headed back to the cow.
We had a package waiting for us.  It was our computer part.  We went back and installed it.  Hopefully, this will correct our problem.  Tonight is the full moon.  So we watched it rise over the La Sal Mountains.  We came back and watched two old John Wayne movies that were filmed in this area.

    Today we decided to have a time out day.   We worked on our website and photos.  About 4pm we headed out to meet a ranger for a 430pm hike.  We met 2 miles south of the park on RT191.  We had been by this area so often and wasn’t aware what it held.  We met up and headed out on the hike.  We went about 1 mile round trip.  He showed us Petroglyphs and Pictoglyphs.  He gave us a history on the ancient people that created them.
Afterwards, we headed back into Arches NP.  We went by Balanced Rock.  There was a side road we wanted to explore.  It was a 4 wheel drive road that showed it went all the way back near our campground.  We started our journey.  It was about 630pm and starting to cool down to 98 degrees.  What a relief!!  We made a stop for a quick hike and photos and off we went.  The road got kind of snarky, but when we got to the deep sand and big slabs of slickrock we turned around.  It also didn’t help that we didn’t know what direction the road went.  So we made our way back and enjoyed the early evening sky.

This morning we got up and had coffee outside.  We got ready to go and headed out around 930am.  We were heading up to I-70 to Thompson Springs and then on to Sega Canyon to see the pictoglyphs and petroglyphs.  We found a few different areas they were in and then continued down the canyon.  We found an old house with a stone oven and sleeping bunk house.  We came back through Thompson Springs which is like a ghost town.  We didn’t see even one person.
We got back on I-70 and headed East toward Cisco.  We got off and went South on RT 128.  For now we are in the middle of nowhere, but soon RT128 meets up with the Colorado River and is very scenic and lush.  We make a couple photo stops and then continue on.  We came up to Dewey Bridge.  It was built in 1916 and was the only way to cross the Colorado.  Today it’s preserved and you can walk across it.  We continued on 128 and came to Fisher Towers where quite a few movies were filmed.  Soon came to Onion Creek which is where we put in when we went on our raft trip of “The Daily”.  We saw there were some rafts out today.  We got back to the cow around 230pm and just relaxed.  We headed out again at 6pm to meet Angie and Eva at the Moab Brewery.  John their neighbor that had the beer was supposed to join us, but he didn’t make it.  However, Teresa, the one who guided us on our raft trip did join us.  We had a good time and got back about 9pm.

We got up and had coffee outside.  Then around 9am we headed over to Arches NP.  We stopped at the visitors center to see what upcoming ranger walks they had.  We decided to take one at 10am at the Windows Trailhead.  Our guide was Jim and he was originally from Chicago suburbs.  It was about a 1.25 miles and it took about 1 ½ hours.  We learned all about how the area and arches were formed.  Then we hiked up Double Arch trail.  It was about 1 mile round trip.  By now it was around 2pm and we headed back.  We made a stop at the grocery store to return a movie but the kiosk was down.  We came back, had lunch and then went to the pool.  We played some cribbage and then we were done.

Today I worked on the desktop computer all day from 9am to about 6pm.  We decided the wireless network card went bad and had to order a new one.  Hopefully this will resolve the problem.  We headed out to the grocery store and then came back, played cribbage, had dinner and watch the movie “The Departed”.

This morning we got going around 830am.  We went to Canyonlands NP and hiked the Upheaval Dome and Outlook 1 and 2 trails.  Then we went to Whale Rock and hiked that trail.  We did about 3 miles this morning.  We got back to the cow around 1pm.  We called Angie and Eva around 5pm to see if they needed help with a bed frame they got.  We went over there and got home around 10pm.

Today we were bums.  We just stayed around the cow and played with the computers and read.

22  Today it’s going to be around 103.  We decided to take a time out day.  We turned on the AC and just hung out in the cow.  Worked on the computers, read and just took it easy.  We talked to Angie and Eva and ended going over to their house around 8pm for cocktails.  We met their neighbors Casey and John.  John brews his own beer.  We got home around 1230am.

This morning we had to get some domestic stuff done.  Then around 1130am we headed out to the Monti La Sal National Forest Mountains.  The bridge on the loop road is closed until November.  So we decided to start at the south end.  Since you start climbing in elevation, the temperatures really drops.  It was 99 in Moab and when we got to the top it was 79.  Very comfortable.
On the way we had a traffic jam.  The cowboys were moving the cows from one grazing field to another so a whole heard of cattle was blocking the road.  We had to wait until they cleared to continue.  As we drove, we had to stop again for more cattle and a deer.  We went to the end of the road which is at Oowah Lake.  Now we’re at 8800 feet elevation and 25 mile from downtown Moab.
It’s a beautiful lake in the middle of a forest of Spruce, Evergreen and Aspen trees.  This area reminds us of  Northern Wisconsin.  We talked to some people fishing and they were catching Rainbow Trout.  There were numerous mountain streams feeding into the lake.  We followed a few short trails and saw a beaver or fox.  We hiked up the Geyser Pass Trail and went about 3 miles round trip.  On our hike we were surrounded by a forest with running streams, fields of flowers with butterflies fluttering around.  We could see the tree line and the snow on top of the mountains which rise to 12,721 feet.  After our hike we headed home.  We got back around 7pm.

This morning we got up early and had coffee and muffins outside.  Then at 9am we headed for Canyonlands NP.  We’re going to take the Neck Trail.  It has a 300 foot elevation change and is 5.8 miles long.  Well we finally made it back to the beast.  Our hike lasted 4 ½ hours and ended up being 7 ¾ miles.  It sure wasn’t no 300 foot elevation change.  We went up and down and up and down most of the way.  Towards the end we had to climb up slickrock for quite a ways.  After this hike I was DONE!  It was now 99 degrees.  We got back to the cow around 230pm and relaxed inside with the AC on.  At 630pm we got moving and went to the pool.  That’s all!

19  Today were working on cleaning up all our photos since we arrived in Moab.  If the internet works today we will be uploading them to Webshots.  We are also working on our journal and updating our website.  Since we’ve arrived in Moab we have been disconnected from the world.  Our cell phone only works on a hill a mile away and then only sometimes, our internet only works sometimes and we have no TV reception at all.

18  This morning we left at 7am.  We headed to Canyonlands NP for hiking.  Since yesterday was 103 degrees we decided on getting an early start.  We stopped at the visitor center to see which hikes are good in the morning.  We decided on hiking the Lathrop Trail.  It’s 2 1/5 miles one way to the rim.  You can go all the way to the Colorado River which is 10.5 miles one way with a 1600 foot elevation change each way.  To start, Lathrop Trail took us through an open grassy field.  Then on to slickrock to the rim.  It was a beautiful view.  We could see the Colorado River 1600 feet below us.
After our hike we were ready for lunch.  We went into Moab and stopped at Chinese Buffet.  After lunch we walked around Moab and checked out the shops.  We stopped at a bookshop and had coffees then went to the drugstore, hardware store and then the grocery store.  We came back, went to the pool and read.  I finished my book.  It took 2 days, a Record!

Today we stayed around the cow and messed with the computers.  It’s very hot around 103 today.  We went to the pool later in the afternoon and both started new books.

We went to Angie and Eva’s this morning around 9am  They invited us to go rafting with them a bunch of their friends today.  We were going to raft “The Daily” on the Colorado River.  There are 10 of us.  Angie, Eva, Brenda, Matt, Joesette, Laura, Lorina, Teresa, John and I.  Teresa is our river guide.  We put in just north of Onion Creek Rapids.  Brenda and Matt went in one Duckie (a small 2 person raft), John and Joesette went in another Duckie and the rest of us went in the 6 person paddle raft.
Along the way we went through Onion Creek Rapids, Professor Creek Rapids, Cloudburst Rapids, and Rocky Rapids.  We stopped for lunch along shore and then started up again.  We had Ida Gulch Rapids, White Rapids and Fun Waves in front of us.  We took out at Sandy Beach.  In all, we went about 13 miles down the Colorado River.  After loading back up we headed to Angie and Eva’s.  We unpacked then headed back to the cow. 

     15  Today we got up and headed up to Canyonlands NP around 1030am.  We stopped along the way at an overview and then continued on to the Visitors Center.  We talked with the ranger about hiking in the park.  Canyonlands has 3 sections, Islands in the Sky, The Needles and The Mesa.  We’re near the Islands in the Sky Section. Which is a 43 square mile mesa surrounded by 2000 foot cliffs.  The Needles is about a 2 ½ hour drive.  The Mesa is not accessible.  At the Visitors Center we also watched a short movie on the area.
Then we headed out to Mesa Arch.  It’s a short hike about ¾ mile loop.  We took some pictures and John walked out on top of the Arch.  Then we stopped at the Green River Overlook.  We headed on to Aztec Butte.  This is a 2 mile hike with a 250 foot elevation.  I went most of the way but not up the last part.  It was steep slick rock.  At the top is where the indians would store their grains in homemade caves.  We got back to the truck and came back to the campground.  It’s a hot afternoon about 102.  So we went to the pool for awhile.

     14  This morning we met Candy and Traci for breakfast at the Jailhouse Café.  Then we went grocery shopping and came home and relaxed.  We met Candy, Traci, Angie and Eva for lunch at 2pm at Milts.  Milts is a little hamburger joint with outside seating.  Afterwards Candy came with us and we stopped at Power Dam to check out the swimming holes.  Then we came back to the cow and went to the pool for a while and looked at pictures.  Traci and Eva came by to pick up Candy and they headed up to Sega Canyon to see the pictoglyphs.  We decided to ground ourselves tonight and just took it easy around the cow.

This morning we are around the cow, updating our journal and working on photos.  This afternoon Candy, Traci, John and I are heading to Fiery Furnace at Arches.  We are set up for the ranger guided trip at 345pm.  They do the hike twice a day and take up to 25 people.  To enter the Fiery Furnace you must be with the guide or have a special permit.  As we were hiking we understand why.  It would be very easy to get completely lost in there.  We had to do rock navigation and scurry along on slickrock.  We saw Skull Arch and Surprise Arch.  We finished the 3 mile hike at 7pm.
Then we went to Wolfe Ranch to see the Petroglyphs and then hiked up to Delicate Arch for sunset.  It was getting late.  Candy and Traci stopped by for a cocktail and then headed back to Angie and Eva’s.

This morning I had to do an ARC report.  I couldn’t get the internet at the campground, so we went up the road and I worked on the side of the road.  Then we picked up Candy and Traci.  Angie and Eva had suggested an adventure today so we took the maps and our 4 wheel drive and off we went.  We headed up to Gemini Bridges Road.  However the first road we took was wrong and it came to a dead end at a cliff.  So we turned around and found the right road.  We put our beast through a workout.  We made it to Gemini Bridges which are two arches that your on top of.  We hiked around and took photos and then off we went again.  We continued on until we hit 313 and took that to Dead Horse Point State Park.  We walked around the visitors center and then watched a short film on the history.  Then we drove down to the point and did about a 1 mile hike.  It was beautiful.  A perfect view of the Colorado River 1500 feet below us.  On the return hike we saw a deer up close and another new bird.  The Western Scrub Jay.
Then we headed back but not the easy way.  We took Long Canyon Road which is also 4 wheel drive.  It leads into Pucker Pass, which is a challenging 4 wheel drive part of the narrow road and tight switchbacks.  OK, we made it though that.  Now we see the boulder in the road.  We knew about this but it looks like our truck can’t fit.  So we stop and check it out.  We can drive under the boulder.  Out truck should make it.  We still have a few 4 wheel challenges but the hairiest are behind us.  We continue on to Potash Road which is paved.  Where Long Canyon Rd and Potash Rd meets is Jug head Arch.  We went 30 miles so far today on 4 wheel drive roads.
We followed Potash Road back to Moab.  It was beautiful.  We made quite a few stops.  First there are Petroglyph all along this route and were hugging the Colorado River.  It’s overcast.  When we stop at Corona Arch Park we hear thunder then see lighting.  We decide not to hike up to the arch with lighting in the area.  It’s better we didn’t, it started getting windy and we got a little rain.  We continued on and stopped a couple time to see the dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs.  In the distance we could see the La Sal Mountains with a peak of 12,800 feet were getting snow.
We went back to Angie and Eva’s house and relaxed for a while and then we all went to dinner at Fiesta Mexicana.  Angie and Eva wanted to show us something so off we went.  It was about 8pm and still light.  We went on the south road along the Colorado and came to an old Uranium Mine and Indian Hogan Spiritual Place that we had to hike up to.  We walked around and also found the Indian Hut.  We went in for a while and told stories.  When we came out the sun was down and we headed home.

Today Candy and Traci are coming over at 8am and were heading out for a day of hiking at Arches.  We stopped at the visitors center to sign up for the Fiery Furnace Hike.  It goes out twice a day and gets booked up fast.  We signed up for Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.  It’s a 3 mile hike through a maze of slotted canyons.
We continued on and made a few pull over photo stops.  We stopped at balanced rock and took the hike around there.  Then we continued on and took the Windows turnoff.  We went down to the North and South Windows Trails.
We took the trails and then headed up to the Devils Garden area.  We started with some short spur hikes and then I got sucked into going on the Primitive Trails toward Double O Arch.  We had to cross a steep narrow rock wall.  I was not happy.  It was supposed to be a loop back but then we found out we would have another 5 miles of primitive trails.  We headed back the same way we came.  We ended up going 10 rough miles today and I was done.
Traci and Candy dropped us off and stopped by for a beer.  We got organized and then headed over to Angie and Eva’s for a cookout.  Angie got her maps and 4 wheel drive books out and told us an excursion we should take tomorrow.  We watched the sunset over the mountains and saw some Black Billed Magpies.  They are about 20 inches long.  Another new bird species.

This morning we took it easy and then moved to E57 around 11am.  We ended up going to the visitors center at Arches and then took the Park Avenue hike.  It’s about 2 miles round trip.  We saw lots of fins (straight up rock formations).  We came back and Candy and Traci and their friends Angie and Eva came over about 830pm.  Our campsite faces west so we watched the sunset over the mountains.  Candy and I saw a shooting star.  We had a few cocktails and watched stars until around 10pm.

Headed for Green River Utah, we called Arch View in Moab and they had space so we went there instead.  We have site 64 for one night and then have to change to 57.  We drove around the entire town trying to get cell service but the only place in town is on a hill about a 1 mile from the campground.  We went to La Hacienda for dinner.

7 -8  These were domestic days getting ready for our move.

Today was cool around 72 and very windy.  I did some TCI stuff in the morning and then we went to the Hurricane theater in the afternoon.  We got there at around 1230pm and got home at 630pm.  We saw Mr. Brooks and then Pirates of the Caribbean #3.

      5  It’s very windy out today.  Not a good day for hiking, driving or touring.  So we just stayed around the cow.

Today I worked on computer projects in the morning and then we went to Walmart for an oil change and tire rotation.  They said we may need front brakes so we stopped in Hurricane at American Car Care and they said all our brakes were fine.

Our friends Candy and Traci are coming to town today.  I’ve known Candy since junior high school.  They stopped by around 5pm for a couple hours.

Today is domestic day.

1   Today we got up early again and headed out to Zion NP.  We took the Ride with the Ranger.  It is a free tour and runs from about 9am to 11am.  We ended up at the visitors center and got reorganized for our hike.  Today we are taking the Angels Landings hike.  It’s a strenuous hike about 5 miles round trip.  It goes up 1500 feet in elevation.  It’s 4 miles round trip to Scouts Landing and then another 1 mile round trip to the top of Angels Landing.  We started our hike up at 1130am.  I hiked up to Scouts Landing and John continued on to Angels Landing.  We made it to Scouts at around 130pm.  It took John until 3pm.  Then we headed back down.  We finished up at around 515pm.  We took the shuttle back to the visitors center and then stopped at the little store and had a couple beers.  We headed back, stopped at the store to pick up something for dinner, and then took it easy the rest of the evening.