John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

September 2007 Journal

 September    24 – 30  Spent time with family. 
Today were paying for late night partying.  So we just hung around the cow and took it easy.
Today is the End of Season Party at Grass Lake Campground.  Jim Lund’s band “Off the Rocker” is playing at 3pm.  Jim, Diane, Mark, Pam and Dennis came by.  We partied late into the night.
Tonight the Lombard Moose is having Reba’s Chicken Dinner.  It always draws a large crowd.  John and I showed up and surprised quite a few of our friends.       17 – 20  Spent time with family.
 Today was a hang out day.  At around 2pm we went to Kross Inn to watch the Bears Game.  Rich came with us and we met Jim, Diane and Dennis over there.  Kross Inn is a great place for the game.  It’s a small little local bar.  They have complimentary food during the game.  Every time the Bears score, make a sack or interception, the whole bar gets a free shot.  During halftime they have raffles.  This week we all ended up winning something.  Plus, the Bears Win!!!!!    15   This morning we had coffee and walked around the campground.  John worked on the TV antenna. We headed out with Rich and Sandy on their boat around 4pm for Blarneys Island and then over to Stietz’s for fireworks.  We got to Bluff Lake around 830pm.  It was already dark and there were not a lot of boats.  We thought we missed the fireworks.  So we asked someone and was advised the fireworks were scheduled for 930pm.  We docked at Harbor Club and had a cocktail and watched some of the Cubs game.  When the fireworks started we went out on the deck.  Excellent show.  Afterwards we boated across the channel to Steitz’s and went for a drink.  The place was packed.  Even though it was pretty cold out, we went out on their deck and listened to the band.  On the way back, Rich gave me a lesson on driving the boat.  It’s a lot of work.  I’ll stick to being a passenger.  We got back about 1am.
9 – 14 
We spent some time visiting family and friends.    8   Today we had our coffee and walked around the campground.  It’s a beautiful day.  Jim and Diane came over.  Sandy and Rich took us out on their boat.  We headed out about 230pm.  We did the loop then stopped at Blarneys Island.  We left to head to Harbour Pub for the pig roast but we were to late.  The pig was gone.  But the band had started.  Pretty much everyone from Grass Lake was there.  We had a great time, got back and sat outside for a while.    7  John worked on cleaning Big Red today and also did a few minor cow repairs.  I relaxed and enjoyed the day.  We met Jim and Diane for dinner.  Afterwards we stopped at the bar to see others we haven’t seen yet.    6  This morning we headed out early for projects, oil change, tire rotation, rv store, grocery shopping.  All our domestic stuff.  A few people started coming into the campground for the weekend and we ended up at Grass Lake Landings, the bar at the campground.  It was nice to see our old friends again.    5  We pulled into Grass Lake Campground around 3pm.  We found a site and then our old neighbor Carol came and told us the site next to her was open.  So we got the cow all set up.  It was only about 85 today, but the humidity was high.  It’s been so dry where we’ve been we’re not used to it so we were really sweating.  We took a walk around and ran into Corvette Mike.  We had an early night.    4  We were up early and headed out about 730am.  The sky is clear and bright.  We ended up in Newton, Iowa.  We drove 510 miles today.     3  Today were heading out of Moab back to Chicago due to a family illness.  It’s about a 1400 mile trip.  We stopped in Brule Nebraska.  Our first day we drove about 540 miles.  It would have been a little more, but between Breckenridge and Denver was terrible Labor Day traffic.  We stayed at a little campground along the highway.  Riverside Campground in Brule.    2  Today we cleaned the cow, did laundry and headed into Moab.  We had to stop at Tag to drop our rafting bags off, then we got gas and picked up some items at the store.  We stopped by Angie and Eva’s (A&E’s) to drop off there poco pads and sleeping bags we borrowed for the trip.  We relaxed and then visited with their neighbors Jenne and Frankie.  Their friends from SLC were coming in.  So we went to dinner to the Branding Iron with A&E, Debbie, Mary and mom Barbara.  Then we headed back to the cow.    1  We slept in today.  Then we had coffee on the verandah with the kids.  We unpacked and cleaned our gear.  It was going to be hot and we needed a time out.  So we turned on the air and worked on our journal and pictures.  We still have to get everyone else’s pictures.