John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

October 2007 Journal

October     31  Today we decided to re-level the cow and also lubricate all the slides.  That took pretty much all morning.  Then we had to go grocery shopping and also get some maintenance items for the cow.  We got back, had dinner and went for a nice walk around the campground and golf course.  We stopped at the campground library and they have a huge selection on books, videos, puzzles, and audio books.  Then we went home.
We got up at 6am and were on the road by 645am.  We got to Yuma AZ around 130pm.  We got all set up and just relaxed the rest of the evening.     29  Today is departure preparation day.  We head out tomorrow for Yuma.     28  Today we slept in.  Patti called us and around 1030am.  Off we went again.  We took the Sam’s Town shuttle to the Riviera and met P&J at Slots o Fun.  We stayed there awhile.  Jeff, John and I didn’t do so well, but Patti was playing Let it Ride and did pretty good.  We walked next door to Circus Circus and all started playing Let it Ride.  We didn’t do well, but we had a good time.  Then we were going to catch a cab down to the marketplace by MGM for a Chinese buffet, but no cabs would stop.  So off on The Deuce bus again.  After dinner, P&J needed to get back to the Mirage and to the airport.  They will be cutting it close.  We’ll once again, no cabs.   But yes, Patti’s favorite, The Deuce bus.  So we said our goodbyes on the bus.  We got off on Flamingo to catch our 202 back to the cow, and they went on to the Mirage.  We got back around 830pm.  Much better than the last few nights.
     HAPPY BUFFETT DAY!!!!  Since we go in early this morning, we got up late this morning.  We are getting ready for the day and then catching the shuttle to meet P&J for the Margaritaville street party.  For tonight’s concert we have seats Section L6, Row L.  We made it to the street party around 2pm.  Patti and Jeff showed up shortly thereafter.  We listened to the Tommy Rocket and Conched Out band and took lots of pictures.  A video guy was going around filming for the video they play at the concert.        We left at 6pm and headed down towards the MGM.  It’s a little hike.  Outside of the Harley Davidson restaurant, Yes, I don’t believe it.   It’s Elvis!!!  Patti and Jeff got to have their photo taken.  So Elvis showed up in Vegas.   We finally made it to the MGM and got in the concert.  I am a star.  During the video clip they play, there I was on the big Trinitrons.  Parrothead Sandy made it to the big screen.       After the concert, we decided to head downtown to see the Fremont Light Experience.  Well the concert ended around 1045pm.  We caught The Deuce Bus for downtown around 1110pm.  For 5 dollars you can buy a 24 hour pass for unlimited travel on any bus.  Well, Saturday night on the Vegas strip is a disaster.  The last light show is at midnight.  We thought no problem, but it was 1145pm and we still had a ways to go.  We got off the bus at 1158pm.  Walked 1 block and perfect timing, the show started.         After the show, we decided to do some gambling so we went to the 4 Queens.  John and I played a 5.00 craps table and did pretty good.  Patti and Jeff were on the slots.  Now we were hungry.  We wanted a buffet, but ended up at the coffee shop in the Golden Gate which was the first hotel built in Vegas.  By the end of our meal, we were all so tired.         We walked over to the transportation center to caught our busses.  Patti and Jeff needed The Deuce for the strip and John and I needed the 107 Boulder Hwy.  Well at 230 in the morning the busses all run graveyard shift.  Patti and Jeff’s bus wouldn’t be for 20 minutes, so they left to grab a cab back to the Mirage.        John and I had just missed our bus and the next one was at 320am.  OK, so what to we do.  The Deuce strip bus showed up so we hopped on that hoping to get to Flamingo Rd and the 202.  We thought that bus might run more often.  Well we were wrong.  We waited on Flamingo for about 45 minutes and finally got back to the cow at 430am.     26  Today we got up and cleaned Big Red and the Cow.  Then we went to the grocery store and took it easy the rest of the day.  We caught the 9pm shuttle to the strip to meet up with Patti and Jeff.  They were supposed to get in around 10pm, but the plane was late.  They finally got to the Mirage and all checked in by 1145pm.  We walked over to Harrah’s and did some gambling on mostly slots.  We ended up catching the 202 back to our campground and got to bed around 3am.     25  This morning I spent a few hours returning emails.  Then in the afternoon we went to the pool.  We need to get some downtime, because this weekend will be a Buffett Party.
    24  We caught the Sam’s Town shuttle to downtown Vegas.  We got down there around 1pm.  We found some 3.00 craps and blackjack tables so we played a bit and both did ok.  I found a dollar Blazing Seven slot that I liked at the California Hotel, so I played a while and did ok.  We went for a buffet at the Plaza and then back to the California Hotel to catch the shuttle back.  I had to play a little more at my slot.  It was very good to me.  We stopped at Sam’s Town to check out my nickel Blazing Sevens and I decided to play.  Even nickels I did ok on.   Today was a good day.  We got back to the cow around 1030pm.     21 – 23  We took a few days this week to take is easy, read, hang around the pool, do some domestic stuff, work on the website, and work on photos. 
   Happy Buffett Day!!  This morning were taking it easy because we have a big day ahead of us.  We are heading over to Margaritaville at the Flamingo Hotel.  They are having a pre concert street party.  Then the concert is at the MGM. Our seats are Section U6 row S.  We took the Sam’s Town Shuttle to Bill’s Casino and then walked next door to the Flamingo and over to Margaritaville.  The street between Margaritaville and O’Shea’s was closed down for the street party.  It started at 1130am.  We got there around 2pm.          The band, Tommy Rocker and Conched Out was playing.  There were Cheeseburgers in Paradise and Lone Shark Lager available.  They had complimentary size Margaritaville Shrimp and Margaritas.  O’Shea’s was having a great special on draft beer, so we would walk over there.  We met Charlie, Denise and Steve.  They are brothers and sister.  Charlie is living up in Washington and thinks he knows our friend Mark.  We hung around together for a while and then they had to get their stuff for the concert.         The street party ended at 6pm and John and I headed over to the MGM for the concert.  Like always, the place was packed.  Jimmy did a total of 26 songs with 2 encores.  After the concert we caught the bus back to our campground.  We got back about midnight.
    19  This morning we worked on our football pool.  So far, spending more time on it hasn’t been working.  We relaxed and got some sun, then headed over to Hooters to pick up our Jimmy Buffett concert tickets from the Kathy with the Arizona Parrotheads.  We did a little gambling got back to the cow around 930pm.
18 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I heard about free or discounted mammograms and checked it out.  In Vegas, there is Valley Hospitals that does them for 50.00 in October.  So off I go.   We got back and took Sam’s Town shuttle to Harrah’s.  Walked along the strip and gambled at Casino Royale, and Slots a Fun.   We took the shuttle from the Riviera back to Sam’s Town.

    17  Today is our 1 year anniversary on the road.  We are in Vegas.  It’s hard to believe we’ve already been RV Gypsies a year now.   It’s about 80 degrees and we’re hanging out at the pool.

   16  We got up at 6am and were on the road by 630am.  We always make sure to follow our checklist.  It makes our departures and arrivals go very smoothly.  We drove about 450 miles to Vegas.  We got in, got all set up, had lunch and relaxed for a while.  We headed out for a walk over to Nevada Palace and Sam’s Town.  We have been looking forward to the dollar blackjack and craps tables at Nevada Palace.  However, when we walked in, everything had changed.  They no longer have any table games, just slots.  So we went across the street to Longhorn and found a 2 dollar blackjack table.  We played for a while and then walked over to Sam’s Town for some nickel slot machines.
     15  Today is domestic day and departure preparation day.  We plan on leaving Moab tomorrow and are heading for Vegas.  We stopped at A&E’s around 630pm and visited with them and Teresa for a while.      14  We went to the Rio Sports Club to watch football.  Since it’s a club you have to buy a temporary membership for 4.00.  Angie met us there for a little while.  After the Bears lost, we headed back to the cow and I worked on burning movie DVD’s.  At 630pm we headed out to Fiesta Mexicana to meet Angie and Eva, Barbara and John, Michelle and Tim, and Teresa for dinner.       13  We got going really early this morning at 630am.  It was great since it was Saturday we didn’t have the morning Denver traffic.  As we started our climb into the mountains the sun was just coming up behind us and reflecting off the Aspen trees which were full bloom in the fall colors.  It was beautiful.  John commented to watch for wildlife and we also saw a sign.  Normally you don’t see any, but right along side the road, we saw 10 bighorn sheep grazing.  They didn’t care at all about the traffic speeding by.  We made it to Moab early and was all set up by 3pm.  We ended our day at 55,410 for a total 376 miles.  Tonight were heading over to visit with Angie.  Eva is up seeing Jason.  At Angie’s we also saw John the Beermister.       12  Today we headed out of Avoca Iowa at around 730am.  Our mileage read 54,483.  We want to go at least to Sterling Colorado.  Maybe we’ll stop before or after, but that’s our goal.  Traveling through Nebraska is great.  You can make good time.  It’s very flat and easy driving.  We made it to Hudson Colorado.  We ended the day at 55, 034.  Today we went 551 miles.  We are staying at Pepper Pod Campground.  The rate is 25.00       11        We got up at 630am and were ready to go by 730am.  We said our goodbyes to Anne and Dan.  Sandy and Rich told us they were going to make us breakfast.  So after we were already to go, we went over to their cow.  Sandy was still sleeping and Rich was gone.  Sandy did make us egg McMuffins and also a care package for dinner.  Rich was no where to be found.  We kept trying to call him but he didn’t answer his phone.  We ended up leaving at 815am.  Later we found out he had gone home to shower and planned to be back by 9am.        We started our journey at 54, 023.  We ended up in Avoca Iowa.  We went 460 miles today.  John drove the first 4 hours and I drove the last 4 hours.  We stayed at the Parkway Café and Campground.  We got the Passport America rate for 13.00 for water and electric.  It was 2 miles off the highway and worked out fine.       10  We got Big Red all gased up.  Then we went to the grocery store to get items for when were traveling the next 5 days.  We plan on keeping the Cow hooked up to Big Red.     When we got home, we did our departure preparations.  Then we relaxed for a while, had dinner and went over to the bar.  We visited with the people at the bar.  Then Rich and Sandy came by.  We stayed until about 830pm and then headed back to the cow.       5 – 9  Visited with famly and friends.     4  We slept in today.  John is doing outside projects and I’m working on cleaning the inside of the cow.  We’re going golfing with Jim and Diane to Carillon this afternoon.  After golf we went to Abel’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner and drinks.  Then we headed over to Jim and Di’s to watch the Cubs Game.  We stayed until midnight and then decided to head home and listen to the rest on the radio.  The Cubbies lost, but we still have Saturday.      3     Today is the Chicago Cubs Playoff Game!!!!  GO CUBS!!!!  Then we took a walk down to the point for sunset.  We went over to the bar for a cocktail and stayed to watch some of the Cubs game.  They closed up so we went back to the cow and listened on wgn radio.   1 – 2   We are spending time with family.