John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

November 2007 Journal

 John went out to play Pickleball and I worked on TCI stuff and had an appointment.  I was glad to stay in.  I was still sore and tired from the last few days.  Midday we got the rainstorm they had been predicting.  So it was a good excuse to stay in and relax.

29  Today is a full day.  At 9am we met for Pickleball for 2 hours.  Then came back to the cow, had lunch and went to practice chipping.  We had a 130pm tee off time with Walt and Dee for 18 holes.  So Walt golfed 9 holes and Dee golfed 13 holes.  John and I did all 18 walking.  When we were done we were right next to the cantina, so we stopped in and had a few drinks with Agnes, Adolf, John and Ellen.

28    Today is cool and kind of windy.  We called Walt and Dee for Pickleball.  So we played a couple hours with them and then stopped at the health club.  The afternoon it was very windy and we spent it working on computer stuff.  Then we headed over to the cantina.

Today we had a lazy day.  Did a little grocery shopping and then took a walk around campground.

  We went over to the chipping area and then had a noon tee off time.  We golfed nine holes with Garland and then John and I went on for the back nine. 

  This morning we started the laundry and went to the health club while it was washing.  Then we went to Garland and Barbs to work on their computer printer problem.  Later we headed over to the Cantina.  Agnes, Adolf and Imagene was there.  Garland and Barb came in and then John our neighbor.  We closed the bar again at 6pm and then came back and relaxed.

Today is domestic day, we did some cleaning and put up our Christmas decorations.

23  It’s a balmy 49 degrees this morning.  After coffee we headed over to play some tennis.  We headed out for some Christmas shopping and a stop at the swap meet.

   Happy Thanksgiving.  We are having Thanksgiving Dinner at our campground.  We went over to the ballroom to help setup and decorate.  The people that come here all the time have it together.  They have a lot of decorations to make it very festive.  Afterwards, we came back to the cow and watched some football.
We headed back to the ballroom around 230pm.  Our neighbor John went to Vegas to visit friends for Thanksgiving so he let us use his golf cart.  So we took our wine and pistachio fruit salad and off we went.  Cocktail hour is from 2-3pm and dinner is at 3pm.  John and I had wine.  Everyone else at our table had Sparkling Wine.  There were probably about 100 people there.  We had 19 at our table.
It worked like this.  The campground gave money to each table to buy a turkey and a ham.  Then someone from the table cooked them.  Each table had a host and hostess who talked to everyone at the table and suggested what they bring.  This way we wouldn’t end up with all desserts (which isn’t so bad) or all mashed potatoes.  So for our table of 19 we had more than enough food.  Turkey, ham, bread stuffing, cornbread stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and corn, rolls, vegetable tray, pistachio fruit salad, lime jello, and pecan, lemon meringue, dutch apple and pumpkin pies.  Since we had so much left over food, everyone was required to take a plate home with them.  After dinner, we helped clean up and then went back to the cow and had some wine on the verandah.

   21  Today we went to the health club and hung around the cow.

Easy day today.  I did some TCI stuff and bills.  Then we went grocery shopping and did some reading.

We golfed 18 holes and teed off at noon.  It was nice, not to hot around 80 and no one behind us.  We finished around 4pm.  I was ready to relax.  We signed up for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  We assumed it was a potluck and everyone brings something to share.  Joan and George are organizing our table so they stopped by to tell us about Thanksgiving Day.  We are going to have 18 people at our table.  The campground cooks the turkeys and hams, and everyone brings a dish to share with just the table your at.  So Joan asked if we could bring a jello salad of some kind.  We will go at 930am to help decorate and then cocktail hour is at 2pm and dinner is at 3pm. 

   18  We got up and had our coffee then headed over for tennis then the health club.  When we finished, it was time for football.  So we spent the afternoon watching football and reading.

This morning we headed out to the East Wetlands Park next to the Yuma Territorial Prison.  We went on 2 hour guided hike.  This area is being completely redone to set up local habitat for plants and animals to live and migrate to.  It’s right along the Colorado river.  We saw a variety of birds.  After lunch we walked over to the chipping and putting range and did some practicing.  Our neighbor John drove by and said to stop in at the cantina.  So we met him there and had some cocktails.  Since the campground is on an Indian Reservation, there are no taxes.  Also the campground keeps things very inexpensive.  A draft beer and glass of wine is a total of 2.00.  We found out our neighbor is also a Parrothead and he’s ready to have a parrothead party sometime.

16  This morning I decided to take a break from Pickleball and John went to meet Walt.  I did some computer projects and stayed around the cow.  Then we went over to Time Warner and picked up a cable modem for high speed internet.  We went to Best Buy to get a wireless router.  We came home and installed everything and then we were ready for some wine.

15  Pickleball this morning.  I also met with Carol Anderson and Gary Wright to get our golf handicaps set up in the computer.  Then we went to the health club, came back and had lunch.  Walt came with us to the swap meet.  We spent a couple hours there and bought a couple items.  When we got back to the cow, we relaxed and had dinner then headed over to the ballroom for Texas Holdem.  We didn’t win, but we had fun.

 This morning we headed out to Los Algodones Mexico.  It’s only about 1 mile from us if we were able to walk it and cross the Colorado, but there is no way to do that.  So driving is about 5 miles.  We parked on the US side and walked in.  You really don’t need your car in this town.  This way we avoid driving and parking hassles and having to get Mexican insurance.  The town is easy to walk around in.  In addition to restaurants, cantinas, and tourist shops, the town is loaded with pharmacies, dentists, opticians and doctors.  We bought a few items and stopped for a couple cocktails and some shrimp and fish tacos.  There was a line to cross the border back into the US but it wasn’t too bad, about a ½ hour.

13  Pickleball this morning.  We saw Bob and Garland and played some one on one.  Then John and I went to the health club.  We came back and had breakfast then John washed Big Red.  Later we went over and practiced putting and chipping.  We came back and did some reading and relaxed. 

We needed to do laundry so we drove to the recreation center and started the laundry and then worked out at the health club.  They was a craft fair so we checked that out after laundry.  However, we live in a cow, so we try not to buy to much.  We had to head into Yuma to pick up a few items.

This morning we met Dee and Walt for Pickleball and than ran into Barb and Garland.  We stopped by B&G’s place for a while and then back to the cow.  We spent the afternoon watching football.

Today we had a 745am tee time for 18 holes.  Walt and Dee golfed 9 holes with us.  John and I did much better than the last time we played, but we still have to practice some more.  We got in trouble again.  Our pull carts were to close to the green.  Then Dee got in trouble because her shorts were to short.  But everything worked out fine.  While we were playing, there was no other golfers around.  That was very nice.  We finished up around noon and went back to the cow and had lunch.  In the afternoon, we did some reading. 

9   This morning is cool and overcast.  John decided to clean the outside of the cow and I’m working on miscellaneous stuff inside.  We had to go to the post office to pick up a delivery and then came back and went over to the driving range.  We met Walt and Dee over there.  Afterwards, we walked over to the cantina for a couple cocktails. 

Ok, up again for Pickleball.  We met Walt and Dee and then Garland and Barb came to learn how to play.  Afterwards we came back and relaxed.  Did some reading and just took it easy.  We headed out around 6pm to play some Texas Hold Em.  The buy in is 5.00 and you get 4900.00 in chips.  There are 8 people to a table and you draw chips to see which table your at.  John and I cannot be at the same table.  The first hour is 25.00 small ante and 50.00 large ante.  Then the second hour is goes up to 50.00 small ante and 100.00 large ante.  At the end of 2 hours the top money winner wins 25.00 and the second highest wins 15.00.  Neither one of us won money, but I did come in 4th at our table.  Maybe next week one of us will win. 

Once again we got going early to meet Dee and Walt for Pickleball.  Then John and I went to the health club and back to the cow for lunch.  We had some shopping to do so we headed off to the store.  We bought some outside lights for the cow and came back and put them up.  Then we relaxed and read for a while.

We had to get up and going by 730am this morning.  Dee and Walt are having Pickleball Lessons at 8am.  We met Bob and Nancy at Pickleball.  The 6 of us rotated in and out.  We played until about 1030am.  Then John and I stopped at the health club for about 45 minutes.  We came back and relaxed and then went to meet Dee and Walt at the Cantina for lunch.  We walked over to the pool for some swimming and reading for a few hours.  We went out for a walk at sunset.  So far every evening we have had just beautiful sunsets.

We headed out for tennis this morning but the court was taken, so we went to the health club instead.  After our workout, the court was open so we played a while.  We came back and had lunch and then hung around the cow for a while.  We went to the pool in the afternoon and ran into Dee and Walt. 

We went to the health club this morning and then came back and worked on bills and hung around the cow.  Later in the afternoon, we took a walk around the golf course and looked for balls to use on the chipping range.

    This morning we got up and got going.  We had a 9am tee time.  So we checked in and they still had the summer rates.  So for 18 holes with a cart it was 15.00 per person.  But, only the back nine was open so we played it twice.  We got a cart since we weren’t familiar with the course.  Even though I like a cart for 18 holes, next time we’ll walk it.  They have the 90 degree rule which is a pain.  You have to drive on the road and then enter the fairway where your ball is and then exit the same way, so even if you duff it, you have to exit and then reenter.  Considering it was windy and we didn’t know the course we did ok.  We have 3 months to practice.
After golf we were ready for lunch so we came back, had lunch and read for a while.  Later in the afternoon we took a drive to downtown Yuma.  Not really much there.  We stopped at the Paradise Casino to check it out.  There are actually two casinos, one in Arizona and than you go out one door and into another and now you’re in the California casino.  We checked it out but didn’t play.  We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple items, came back, had dinner and watched TV.

 We headed out to play tennis this morning but the tennis courts were occupied.  So we went to the health club while we waited.  We worked out for awhile and then checked the courts.  The people were finishing up so we walked over.  We didn’t know what they were playing so we asked.
It was Pickleball.  A combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton.  It’s played with a large whiffleball and paddles about twice the size of ping pong paddles.  You play on a tennis court, but the lines are drawn about half the size.  It’s now an Olympic sport.  Walt and Dee were their names.  They have a house in San Felipe Mexico, but travel around for Pickleball tournaments.  They showed us how to play and we practiced with them for awhile.  They were done and now we played tennis for a while.  We went back to the cow, had lunch, read the paper and worked on the computer.  We went to the pool in the afternoon and then back for dinner.  After dinner we went for a walk about sunset. 

Beautiful morning.  We got up and had coffee out on our verandah with the kids.  Then we got going and started laundry.  While the laundry was doing its thing, we went to the health club.  Very nice health club.  Lots of machines, weights, bikes, and treadmills.  They also have 2 TV’s.  After our laundry and workout, we went back and had lunch.  We hung around the cow for a while and then went to get our golf punch card for 20 rounds of 18 holes.  We had dinner and took a 2 mile walk around the campground.