John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

December 2007 Journal

December     31   We went to Andreas for breakfast and there were 10 of us.  Afterwards, we went to reserve a quad for later this afternoon.  Then we headed over to the tennis courts.  There were 10 of us switching off playing doubles in pickleball.  We played for a couple hours.        Then we headed over to W&D to pick up the quads.  Walt and Dee each had their own quad and John and I shared one.  We rode over to the quad rental place to pick up another one.  The four of us went out riding for about 3 hours.  There was a while when we lost Dee and then John, but we all found each other.  After our ride we went back to the hotel for to relax a bit and get ready for New Years Eve.      We went over to W&D at 6pm for dinner.  They had made up huge shrimp cocktails and a big platter of steamed clams.  After dinner Walt showed us his karaoke machine and then they followed us to the hotel.  Walt drove to town.  We went to Fandangos for New Years.  Jim, Bob, Joe and Fred were in the band.  They called themselves the Baja Bums.  They played 60’s and 70’s music.  Excellent!!  One of the other people there came on the dance floor with a set of bagpipes and played a few tunes.  We had champagne at midnight and headed home soon after that.
    We went to Juanita’s for breakfast again.  Then we headed over to the tennis courts to meet up with W&D.  Dee was playing tennis and Walt, Ron, John and I played pickleball.  We had some good games.  Afterwards, we headed over to W&D’s to go out on a Quad ride.        Walt stayed back and let John and I each have a quad which was great.  Dee and Carryn shared one.  We went over and met a bunch of other people.  Dee, Carryn, Jim, Patricia, Francine, Ron, John and I went out.  We went up into the foothills.  We were gone almost 3 hours.  We stopped at various places to investigate and also to dig up some choya cactus and elephant cactus to plant in their gardens.       After our ride we went back to the hotel to shower and relax a bit.  Later that evening we went to Jims house for pizza.  We met Bob, Mary Lou and Marvin and Beverly.
    29       We got up and went to the little restaurant Juanita’s next door to our hotel for breakfast.  Then John played in a tennis tournament with the people from El Dorado Ranch.  He didn’t come in first place, but he did pretty well.      Then we took a drive past town and ended up stopping at a little bar, Fandangos for a couple drinks.  We headed back toward the hotel and stopped at Jimmy V’s.  We met W&D at Andreas for dinner.  Francine and Ron were there so they joined us.  We headed over to Juanito’s for drinks and to listen to the band.  Chuck, another W&D friend was there.  He had held a table for us, and it was lucky he did because the place was packed.  There was a 2 man band.  The lead keyboard member used to play keyboards with the Doobie Brothers.     28     We set our alarm and was on the road by 630am for San Felipe Mexico, we made a stop for coffees.  We crossed the boarder at San Luis, Arizona.  Going into Mexico is nothing.  You just drive in.  We had about a 200 mile trip.  We wanted to catch the toll road but couldn’t find it.  So off we went, we found our way with a couple stops to double check that we were going in the right direction.  When we were on Route 5 heading south.  We had a mountain range to our left (west) and desert and then the sea to our right (east).      We checked into the Baja Palms Hotel.  It is a very basic but clean motel.  Our friends Walt and Dee live in Palos Verde’s South section of El Dorado Ranch.  The Baja Palms is the best place to stay when visiting the El Dorado Ranch area.  Otherwise we would have to stay in town which is a little drive.       After checking in we went over to Jimmy V’s restaurant for lunch and to meet up with Walt and Dee.  After lunch, we went back to Walt and Dee’s house.  We met Carryn their neighbor.  W&D took us on a little tour of El Dorado Ranch.  We drove around the golf course and then down to the beach.  The tide was out and we met Raphele.  He gives Ultra Light rights from the beach.  Then we went up by the pool area and had a Margarita.  Then we went back to their house and John and I left.  We took a drive to downtown San Felipe and walked around.  We got some coffees and walked a ways down the street.  We turned in toward the beach.  We stopped to check out the shrimp boat.  These were huge shrimp.  We continued on.  We walked by a little place that was grilling shrimp wrapped in bacon and stopped for a few.  We went back to W&D for cocktails and munchies.  We met Jim.     27  We got up early, had coffee and headed up to the laundry and health club.  When we got back we got ready to go and headed out to buy our Mexican auto insurance for tomorrow.  We had a few more stops and then back to the cow and pack up Big Red.
Today we have a lot of miscellaneous stuff going on.  I have some TCI things to take care of and we are working on getting Mexico set up and also Laughlin.      25  MERRY CHRISTMAS J !!!  Santa and Santa Cat came to the cow last night.  We had our Bush Christmas morning with the kids.  We talked to family and friends and then went over to the clubhouse at 2pm for Christmas Dinner.  We were at the table with Garland and Barb and others.  We had 14 people at our table.  Like always, we ate to much and had lots of leftovers.  We got back around 530pm.    24  I sent John off to the health club this morning so I could wrap his presents.  This afternoon, we sat outside and read and listened to Christmas music.  Our neighbor John came by and we had some holiday cheer.
The days are starting to get longer now.  Our neighbor John has had some computer issues, so I went over and helped to fix the problems.  Of course, we have afternoon football, so we had some spiked eggnog and watched football.  Unbelievable, our Bears pounded Green Bay.  But anything can happen in football. 
The morning is very cool.  So not good for sitting outside on the verandah for morning coffee.  So instead, we relaxed inside, read the paper and our books and worked on the computer.  Since we had our Christmas menu meeting yesterday, we now know what we have to shop for.  So the stupid’s we are, we went out grocery shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year.  Actually not to bad.  We got back and decided to head down to the cantina.  We told our neighbor John and he decided to come to.  There were quite a few people.  Once again, we closed the cantina.  At 630pm, the three of us headed back.     21  Today was cool and very windy.  This morning I had some TCI work and John was troubleshooting a plumbing problem.  At 11am, we went to meet Barb, Garland and the other people that will be at our Christmas dinner table.  Barb is organizing our menu so we don’t have duplicate items.  Like with any holiday, it looks like we will have a great variety of food and more than enough of it.  John went over to the health club for a while.  The afternoon I spent on TCI stuff and John did projects around the cow.    20  We went and had the propane refilled.  The nights are cold and we don’t want to run out and not have any heat.  We got back and headed up to the pro shop.  We had a 1pm tee off.  We golfed 18 holes with another twosome, Jerry and Neil.    19  This morning I have TCI stuff.  In the afternoon we had to do some grocery shopping.    18  Nice morning and very little wind.  After coffee and some reading, John and I went to play some one on one Pickleball.  Then we came back to the cow and relaxed for a while then went grocery shopping.  We had some cocktails on the veranda at sunset.    17  This morning we headed out for laundry.  While it was doing it’s thing, we went to the health club and played horseshoes.  There is so much to do here and not enough time.  This was our first time playing shoes here.  There are about 8 pits.  We had lunch and then I headed out to do some Christmas shopping.    16   Today is a catch up day.  We’re staying in and watching football and catching up on emails, phone calls, our journal and website.  I also have some TCI stuff to do.
This morning we headed over to Ironwood Golf Course to play with Garland and John.  It’s a 9 hole par 3 similar to Addison Golf Course.  Afterwards, John and I stopped for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant.  We came back and sat outside and did some reading.  Our neighbor John corrupted us to go to the cantina for a while, so off we went.  We got back, had dinner and grounded ourselves.    14  We went and played Pickleball with Dee, Barb and Garland and then went to the health club for a while.  We decided to go to Christmas Dinner here at the campground and we’re sitting with Garland and Barb.   13  John and I went to practice putting and then at 1pm, we teed off with Walt and Dee.  They played 9 holes and we played 18 holes.  We weren’t sure if we would get 18 in before sunset, but it worked out fine.   12  I had a TCI appointment this morning and then got some items ready to be shipped.  John played Pickleball with John at noon.  Later we went to ship stuff and grocery shopping.   11  Worked around the cow in the morning then played Pickleball at noon with Walt and Dee.  They picked up Pickleball paddles and balls for us, so now we have our own equipment.   Afterwards we went to the cantina and John showed up.  We ended up there way to long.  Walt went home and then John and Dee came back to the cow for a while.   10  We left Patti and Jeff’s early this morning and headed for the windshield repair guy.  After we took care of that we started heading back to Yuma.  We made a stop at Harrahs casino in Maricopa but didn’t have any luck.  We got back to Yuma, stopped for lunch and then went back to the cow.  We took it easy the rest of the day.    9  Once again we’re being bad.  The four of us headed over to the casino which is only about 2 miles from Patti and Jeffs.  Then we went for lunch to a pizza place.  After that we needed a walk, so we went to Mill Street which is in the AZ University area.  We walked and stopped at a few shops and also a few bars.  Then we made a quick stop at Costco.  We were looking for a spiked Eggnog that Patti and Jeff had.  They were all out.  We were done.  We headed back to their house and we were all grounded.    8   Jeff had to work, so after coffee and relaxing in the morning, Patti, John and I headed to the new Margaritaville that just opened.  It was about a 30 mile drive.  It’s in a new shopping mall that’s right next door to where the Super Bowl will be this year.  We had some Boat Drinks and appetizers and did a little shopping at the Margaritaville store and then headed back to Patti’s.  The three of us took naps and relaxed so we could start again when Jeff got home.  Jeff, Patti, John and I headed out around 6pm to the Arizona Parrothead Club Christmas Party.  It was at some Parrottheads home and the AZPHC supplied the meat.  Everyone brought something.  There was at least 50 people at the party.  There was food, music and raffles.  In the beginning of May, there is Phins to the West in Laughlin, NV.  It is a huge PH get together which we may go to.  A lot of PH’s we met were planning on going to PTW.    7   We left the cow around 1pm and drove approximately 200 miles to Phoenix to visit Patti and Jeff.  We got to their new condo and had a few drinks and then headed out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant they like. 
   Today is domestic day.    3-5   John has been doing cow projects and I have some TCI things to work on.  We have been at the health club and also playing tennis.
Last nights play was excellent.  I love going to small playhouses.  The play lasted about 2 ½ hours with a 15 minute intermission.  Today we worked on stuff around the cow.  John was troubleshooting an outside electrical problem and off and on we watched football.  It was a cool and windy day.    1   This morning we had coffee and read the newspaper.  We got ready to go and left about 930am to donate blood.  We went to Country RV Resort.  Afterwards we went to Walmart for groceries and then back to the cow and had a late lunch early dinner.  Garland and Barb invited us over for margaritas at 4pm.  So we went over there until around 530pm and then headed out.  We have tickets to the play Here’s Love, a Christmas play about the movie “Miracle on 34th St”.  It’s at a little playhouse in downtown Yuma.