John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

May 2008 Journal

16 – 31 
These last couple weeks we have been by my Mom’s during the week and then relaxing back at the campground on the weekends. 

15   We are going to be in the Chicago area until fall.  We have some family medical needs we must attend to.  Later in the summer we have our nieces wedding and another nieces catillion.  I will still be updating our site, but not as often.

14  We were on the road by 7am and ended up driving 550 miles and pulled into Grass Lake Campground at about 6pm.  We got all setup and then had a cocktail with Ken and Kim.

Today we became South Dakotans.  We changed our residency for mail and tax reasons.  There is a company that works with fulltime Rv’ers to handle mail.  Everything can be done remotely except for the Drivers License.  You must get that in person.  But in Madison, SD where we had to go, it was so easy.  We had our Drivers Licenses and truck plates in less than an hour.

We are taking a Time Out day today.  It is windy, wet and cool, so we are just working on the internet and relaxing.

We went from Thedford, Nebraska to Salem South Dakota today.  It was a good day to travel and we checked into Camp America.  It’s a very pretty campground.  We took a 2 mile walk down to a stream, along the way we saw various birds, rabbits and a pheasant.

  This morning when we got up we looked outside and there was snow.  We had a delay in leaving, John had to get on the roof and clean the snow off the slides.  We got on the road and off we went.  We got past Denver and almost to Nebraska, when the wind picked up and the rain started.  We took it slow.  We made it to North Platte and was going to stay there, but the wind seemed to have died down and so did the rain.
We were heading to Valentine, but only made it to Thedford, Nebraska.  We were glad we made it there.  Along the way it got very windy and rainy.  Then the rain turned to sleet and then to snow.  We set up in a blizzard.  We are staying at the Roadside Inn and RV.  Actually it worked out great.  The rate is 12.50/nt.  It includes full hookup, cable tv, wifi, entrance to the hot tub and continental breakfast in the morning.  We just relaxed in the cow and worked on photos and our journal.

We left Salina Utah early and drove to Golden Colorado.  We stayed at Chief Hosa Campground.  During our drive we saw a heard of Elks.  When we crossed the Vail Pass at 10,666 feet elevation, it was still winter up there.  There were feets of snow.  We drove 430 miles today.

As we were getting ready to leave AVI RV Park, we saw our friend John from Cocopah in Yuma.  He is heading to Moab for the summer.  We left AVI at 7am and drove about 400 miles to Salina Utah.  We went from arid desert to snow capped mountains and trees.  We camped overnight at Butch Cassidy Campground. 

Tomorrow we are heading out.  We changed our residency to South Dakota, so we have to go get our Drivers Licenses and plates for Big Red.  We did our day prior preparations.

We are catching up on cleaning Big Red and the Cow.  Also working on our photos and journal.

Our Parrothead friends are leaving today.  We took Jim and Diane to the Vegas airport and then hung out at the cow.

It’s the last day of Phins.  We had a buffet breakfast and then headed out for a hike.  We walked along the Colorado River.  The song writers fest was going on at the pool.  So we spent the afternoon there listening to music.  It was hot and we needed to cool off, so we brought our Bubba Kegs to the pool.  The tiki hut bar will fill them with margaritas.  We went for the buffet dinner and then out to the pool for the farewell party.  It was a perfect evening.  We found lounge chairs and enjoyed the music.  Ron Bell, Mike Broward, John Reno.

We all joined the Parrothead Slot tournament.  None of us made the finals, but between us Diane had the best score. Then we headed out on the lawn for the Cheeseburger in Paradise Buffet. We walked around and checked out the Mini Marts.  At the pool, they had the Flip Flop contest.  It was all about the bribe.  Even though the Tiki Hut Flip Flops were the best, they won because of their bribe to the judges.  They had a tray with 6 different shots.  The afternoon pool entertainment is John Reno, Jim Hoehm, Brent Burns, Bob Karwin, Lauren Adams, and Alonzo.  Garratt Wilkin and The Parrotheads is tonights entertainment. Of course that parrot Billy Clyde showed up.

We headed out to Christmas Pass to hike Grapevine Canyon.  They have petroglyphs down in the canyon.  John and Jim hiked up into the mountain and Diane and I hiked in the wash.  We saw a huge Jackrabbit and lots of lizards.  There were still quite a few plants blooming.  After our hike we headed to the pool.  Later we played some craps and blackjack then went for a buffet dinner.  We met at our Video Poker bar and had a couple cocktails.  Then we headed into the convention center where Stars on the Water is playing tonight.  They played until about 1230am.  Then we headed back to our Video Bar.  We ended up back at the cow at 3am.

    Today is the official start of “Phins to the West”  We went to register and get all our passes and other parrothead items.  Now, you are not supposed to bring alcohol into the pool area.  However, our parrothead items included a flask and a Bubby Keg.  Now what else are we supposed to do with theses?  We headed over to the pool party at noon with entertainers, Matt Wahl, John Reno and Tony Baloney.