John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

June 2008 Journal

June   30  Left Grass Lake early and headed up to Mom’s
Had a relaxing day at the cow.  At about 3pm, we headed out to Blarneys Island with Sandy, Rich and Dave.  We got some rain again but that was fine.
  28  Today we spent the morning relaxing at the cow and then headed down to Sharon’s for Stacey’s Bridal Shower.  We helped to get things set up and then John went with John H, Gary and Kyle to the bar.  After the shower we headed back up to GL.  We got back around 11pm.  We sat by Dales fire for a bit and then went to GL bar.  Steve and Ida was having a wedding celebration.  At midnight, Steve and Ida decided to head to Blarneys on their houseboat.  There were 10 of us including Mike and Judy.  We were heading to Blarneys at midnight in the pouring rain.  What kooks we are.  We met our bartender friend Rob the Bog Boat Driver.  We did have a great time and closed Blarneys.  We ended up in bed at 3am.   27  We had a nice easy day at the campground.  We met Jim, Diane, Mark and Pam at Hickory Knoll for golf.  Afterwards we went to the Kross Inn for fish fry and cocktails.  We met Rob the bartender.  He also works for Lake County and is a Bog Boat Driver.  We got back about 1030pm and grounded ourselves.   23 – 26  We headed down to my Mom’s.  While we were there we saw 2 Giant Silk Moths.  After some research on the net, we found one was female and one was male.  On Thursday we headed back up to our cow and had a cookout.  Quite a few campers had already arrived for the weekend.
Today we spent just relaxing around the cow.
This afternoon we headed up to Lake Geneva with Jim and Diane.  There is a bar, Hemingways that’s celebrating their 1 year anniversary.  They have tropical bands all day and late into the night.  Mr. Myers, Mile Marker 24, South of Disorder, Barstool Soldiers and others were performing.  Mile Marker 24 was on stage when we arrived.  They have a outboard boat motor made into a margarita blender.  So they made some margaritas and passed them out.  Since this was Hemingways 1 year anniversary, they had an all you could eat pig roast for 5.00.  We had a great time and met a lot of people from the Milwaukee Parrothead Club of which Jim and Diane are members.  We also met Steve and Ida from our campground.  We headed back to the campground around 9pm to avoid any roadblocks.  When we got back we all walked over to Dale and Leannas and sat around the campfire.  Jim and Diane stayed over at the cow.   20  We were going to golf with Jim and Diane but the rain didn’t allow us to.  So we went out for Mexican Dinner instead. 
Today we met Reba and Chris for 9 holes of golf at Salt Creek GC.   16  This morning we had to level our cow.  We tried to jack it up, but that didn’t work.  So we hitched it up to Big Red and took care of it in a snap.  Then we were on our way to my Mom’s in Wood Dale for the week.  BTW, the Channel Blog was still there.   15  Today is another rainy morning.  I took a walk to the bathroom and saw The Bog was Back.  It looks like a smaller bog blocking the exit from our channel out to Grass Lake.  There is a small opening on the left, but I don’t know if that’s deep enough for a boat.  We’ll have to monitor it throughout the day and see what happens.  It turned out to be a nice day.  Rich and Sandy wanted to run their boat more, so off we went.  The chain is still under the no wake law.  When we left, our channel bog was still there.  We were able to get around it and went looking for the Big Bog.  Yes, it had blocked off the whole channel between Grass Lake and Lake Marie.  I found out it’s 10 acres large.  There were 3 Bog Boats out trying to break it apart.  They were not having much luck.  We stalled again and decided once we got the boat going to get away from the Bog.  We headed slowly down to the Port of Blarney and had some lunch.  Some houses were surrounded by water and most piers were under water or close to it.  Some people were sandbagging.  After our lunch, we headed back to the campground and found our Channel Bog had shifted.  We were still able to get in, but it’s starting to move into the channel, so it could block it completely if it gets to far in.  Yes, another day of….                                                  BEWARE OF THE BOG!!!!   14    We had a nice relaxing day at the campground.  Did some reading and worked on our tan.  Later in the afternoon the rain came again, so we headed to the bar with Rich and Sandy for a pizza and a couple drinks.  The rain cleared and we decided to go out in their boat to watch sunset.         Before we went out, we talked to one of the campers and they told us a bog the size of a football field had broken off and was floating in the lake.  When we headed out we looked for the bog and there it was on the South side of the channel.  Due to all the rain, it’s a no wake on the chain, so we just went outside our channel and hung out their.  It was a beautiful sunset with some leftover rain clouds to our North.        When we were heading in, we noticed The Bog had moved.  It was starting to close off the entrance to our channel.  After we got past it we stopped to look at it.  We realized, it was moving.  After about 4 minutes, the channel entrance was blocked.  Good thing we came in when we did.  We decided to watch it for a while and it kept moving.  It did open up a small area on the south, but then over about 30 minutes the south opening got a little larger.       We ended up with a problem however.  The boat stalled and we could not restart it.  It started drifting toward The Bog and the point where land once was but now it’s flooded.  We were almost on the golf cart path.  We had a tiny oar and used it to try to push us back into the channel.  Didn’t work to well.  Rich started throwing the anchor and trying to pull us into the channel.  We were in trouble.  We may be stranded here for a while.       We were going to call the bar to see if someone could come and tow us, but another boat was coming in and the bog had moved just enough for them to enter.  We threw out a tow rope and thought perfect.  Oh, oh.  To get the rope, they had to come to close to the shore so now they had to lift there motor because they were over land and to shallow.  We abandoned this try.  They got out and we tried a different way.  Finally, we were back in the channel and being towed in.  During all this, The Bog, had moved on and was no longer blocking the channel and was on the move in the lake again.  The moral of the story is                                   BEWARE OF THE BOG!!!!
  7 – 8  We’re back at the campground.  We helped Rich and Sandy get their boat in the water.  We were heading over to Blarneys, but when we got there it was closed because the weather was bad.  There were only a few nuts out on the lake and we were one of them.  We did stop at the port and then headed back to the campground.
2 – 6 
Right now were spending midweek at my Mom’s.
We headed out to meet Jim, Diane, Mark and Pam for golfing at Hickory Knoll.  Afterwards we stopped at Richards Lounge for drinks and appetizers.