John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

July 2008 Journal

July   12 – 31  During this time we have been to my Mom’s and then also up to see my Dad.  We have done a little golfing and did go to the Lake County Fair to see the band “Pirates over 40”.  They are a Buffett tribute band.     11   Mitch and John headed to Itasca Fest around 7pm I headed over there around 930pm.  Craig, Stella, Carl, Sue, Chris, Matt, Jim, Dennis were all there.  The band, Dave Mason was very good.  We met up with Mitchell’s friend Frank.  We ended up back at Chris’s and got home around 2am.   10  We are down in Wood Dale and went to Itasca with Mitch.  The band South of Disorder a Buffett band is playing.  Chris, Matt, Jim and Reba and a few others came up.  About 8pm, the police came up on stage and advised everyone to take shelter.  A big storm was coming in.  We got some pizza and went into the community center.  Dennis showed up a short time later.  They ended up canceling the fest due to the weather so we went to Chris’s.  Diane and Bill were there and we stayed until about 11pm.

 6  We headed out golfing 9 holes at Carrilion with Jim, Diane, Mark and Pam.  Then we went over to Jim and Diane’s for a cookout.     5  We are back up at the campground.  We went out on the Chain with Sandy and Rich over to Harbor Club and then to our nieces for my sister in laws birthday party. 
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We are at my Mom’s