John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

August 2008 Journal

We’re at Mom’s and heading to Ady’s 15th B’Day Catillion this afternoon

19 – 21 
We’re at Mom’s.

Got things at cow organized.  Then headed over to Mom’s.  Mitch and Frank went to Dirty Nellies to see Dave Urich.

Gave Blood, went to Breakfast, went to see Dad then went to Matty Gras, met Jim and Diane and saw Pirates over 40.

Today we are hanging around the campground.  We need a time out day.

12 – 15 
We headed down to stay at my Mom’s

Went up to see Dad

Went to Blarneys with Rich and Sandy.  Saw Mile Marker 24.  Sandy and Rich won a trip to the Bahamas.

This morning we are catching up on bills and computer stuff.  This afternoon there are 2 parties at the campground.  One at the bar for Anthony and Chrisy congratulating them on being pregnant.  The other is by Dale and Leannes for Dave and Daniell celebrating their wedding.  Both parties worked out great and it was a perfect day.

We went golfing 18 holes with Mark and Pam at Chapel Hill in McHenry.  I ended up with a 100 and John had 125.  Then we had a few drinks in the bar and their Fish Fry.  When we got back we grounded ourselves.

We are heading back to Antioch this morning.  John did some varnishing of the inside wood and I went grocery shopping.  We headed up to Antioch for the Thursday concert.  Legends were playing and they played beach music and oldies.  We met Rich and Sandy then went to Anastasha a bar Sandy’s son Brandon works at.  We met Cindy this lady from Minneapolis on business.

John and Mitch went out and played some tennis

Carol and Chris Berg gave us tickets to the Cubs Game.  We decided to give them to Mitch.  So Mitch and his friend Frank went.  The game was great, lots of runs and the Cubbies WON!

We headed back to Mom’s this morning.

 Dennis came over and we ended up at Blarneys Island with Rich and Sandy

We had a nice down day.  We hung around the cow and read

1   This morning we got up and did projects around the cow.  I worked on computer stuff and John worked on outdoors projects.  Later in the afternoon we golfed at Hickory Knoll