John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

October 2008 Journal

October   31   We’re trying our luck at fishing again.  We went down by the dam.  We started off slow, but we ended up getting a bass, crappie and northern.  It was also a warm sunny and windy day, so we did get some nice sun.  Our campground is having a Halloween Party by the community fire tonight with burgers, hot dogs and a DJ.  We went over at 6pm when it started and met a bunch more people.  We stayed until about 730pm when it started winding down.
We tried our luck at fishing today.  We did catch some baby bluegills to use as bait.  Well, that’s all we caught.  At least we caught something.   29   This is a cold morning the temperatures about 34 degrees.  After coffee, we started getting all our fishing stuff out and organized.  We worked on it pretty much the whole morning.  I caught a few little bluegills off our pier and we’re going to use them as bait for the big bass.  We went over to the floating pier to fish.  I did get a nice size fish on the line and brought it to the surface, but then it got away.  That’s it.  We’ll try again tomorrow.   28   Today is our exploration day.  We headed out and toward the town of Crystal River.  We stopped at a few preserves and hiking areas to check them out.  On our way to the Chamber of Commerce, we parked in front of the Crystal River Coastal Heritage Museum.  The lady inside was very knowledgeable and we learned quite a bit about the area and its history.  Then we went over to the Chamber to get area information.  Here too, the lady was very knowledgeable and loaded us down with info.  She did give us directions to this little overpass and said to check it out for Manatees.  So off we went.  She was right.  We saw 7 manatees including 1 baby.  The people fishing there said they were hanging around all day.  We headed over to Dunnellon for groceries and fishing licences.    27  We were up and on the road by 830am.  We have a short drive today.  We are about 30 miles west of Ocala Florida.  Luckily the people that was on our site left yesterday, so we can move right in.  We are on site #1.  From our cow, we can see the lake.  There are herons all over and we even saw a little gator sunning himself on one of the piers.  We took a nice walk around the campground and met a lot of our neighbors.      26  We only have 160 miles to our destination in Florida, so we’re spending a day here in Lake Park, Georgia.  We did some errands and then just watched football.    25  We headed out early this morning around 715am.  We ended up in Lake Park Georgia about 490 miles.  We got in and set up by 530pm.  We’re staying at Eagles Roost RV Resort.  It’s a very pretty campground with Spanish Moss trees.  The sites are a little narrow and the first site we had we could not open our slides so we had to move to another one.    24  This morning we are hunkered down in the cow.  We expected this because of the weather.  It’s been really raining most of the night and it’s expected most of today.  So were just reading and working on the computer.  The afternoon the rain cleared out and we headed over to the Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry.  We visited the Grand Ole Opry Museum. 
We were up and on the road by 715am.  We want to be as much ahead of this cold front that’s bringing rain and wind.  We’re heading to Nashville Tennessee today about 230 miles.  We had a little rain on the road but no problems.  We got to Two Rivers Campground around noon and got all set up.  It’s a nice campground about 20 minutes outside of downtown Nashville and only 1 mile from the Grand Ole Opry.       We headed out to downtown to the Music District which is right around 2nd and Broadway.  As we walked down Broadway even at 4pm every bar, big or small, had live music.  We stopped at the Wildhorse Saloon for a beer.  This is a huge place, 3 levels.  It was nice but to big for us.  Our next stop was The Stage.  This was more our type of place, smaller and more comfortable.  The band was good.  We stayed for one and then moseyed on.  Our last stop was at Legends.  Another small place.  We really liked the band.  It was Buck McCoy and his Band.  We stayed for a few until the band was done.  We met 2 couples one from Rhode Island and the other from Australia.  We were ready for dinner and stopped at Shoneys right down from our campground.      22  We were up and ready to go at 815am this morning.  We said goodbye to Kenny and Dan.  Then Sandy stopped by and had made us breakfast.  We are on the road again and made it through the I294 construction and on to I57.  Our destination is Mt. Vernon Illinois about 330 miles.  Everything went great except for the last 8 miles there was terrible traffic.  It worked out fine and we got to Quality Times Campground in Mt. Vernon around 430pm.  We got all set up and had some dinner and relaxed.     21  We finished up our projects at Mitchell’s and headed back up to the lake.  We got back to the cow and found the water was off.  It was going to get windy, rainy and cold, so we decided to head out tomorrow morning.  We saw Danny and Kenny.  Sandy and Rich also stopped by.     20  Today was the day to finish projects up for Mom.  We got Mitch going on the computer at the library and went though the mail and made some phone calls.  I stopped at All Seasons Travel to say Hi to everyone.   We headed to Yue-Sun Japanese Steak House for dinner.      19  We got up and packed the truck to head to Mitchell’s.  We said our goodbyes, because we don’t know when were hitting the road.  We stopped at Mitch’s to drop stuff off and pick up Mitch, but he wasn’t feeling well.  Then we headed to Laurie and Johns to watch football and visit with the family before we head to Florida.     18  Today were just hanging out.  We headed over to the Dry Dock Bar to see Jim Lund’s band – Off the Rocker.  There were a lot of people from our campground.     17  After doing some projects at the cow.  We went over to Grass Lake Landings Bar for a couple drinks with VO, Dan, and Annie.  For most people this weekend is the last one.  We talked to Mike and Judy and then headed back to the cow.  Tonight were going to meet Jim and Diane for dinner at Las Palmas.     16  Today is a nice lazy day.  We did a little more cleaning and just hung around the cow.     15  Were heading up to see my Dad this afternoon.  It will probably be the last time we see him for a while.
8 – 14  
I’ve been fighting a bad cold and the weather was cool and raining, so it was a great time to chill out in the cow and work on computer stuff and just be lazy.        The weekend of the 10th is the last weekend up here for a lot of people.  On the 11th there was a End of Season Halloween Party.  In the morning a bunch a people worked on decorating the Haunted Trailer and building a hayride wagon.  We all started to get dressed up in our costumes.  Our buddy VO was in the bar and a bunch dressed as VO, so we had a group of VO’s in the bar.  We had to hurry back for the trick or treaters.  As always the kids costumes were very cute.  But you also have the adults.  After the kids went on the hayride they headed back across from us to visit the Haunted Trailer.  John was a goon that hide in the shower and jumped out at everyone.  Later people headed up to the bar for costume karaoke.       On Sunday we headed out to the Sandbar Bar and Grill with Rich and Sandy in their boat.  It was a warm and bright sunny day.   They have a sandy picnic area right on the water.  We spent the afternoon there and headed back around sunset.

   1 – 7   This week we finished up my Moms house and got it on the market.  We know it’s a terrible time to sell a house but maybe it will be the perfect house for someone.  Things are starting to wind down at Grass Lake Campground.  Our block at the campground had a party on Saturday Oct 4th.  Even though we say it’s our block, everyone is always invited.  We closed off the street with picnic tables and everyone brought a dish.  We had tons of food and drinks.  When the sun started setting, we had a bonfire in the road and lots of music.  The party went on well into the night.