John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

February 2009 Journal

Today is pre-departure preparation.  We have been here 4 months.  Lake Rousseau RV Park is a very nice park.  Great people and beautiful scenery.  If you like fishing, canoeing, hiking it’s great!

27   We’re winding down and getting ready to head out on Sunday.  Today is going to be 80, so were going to the pool. 

Today is a beautiful warm and sunny day.  We headed off to the pool to soak up some rays.

We went for a 1.5 mile walk.  In the evening we played Texas Holdem.  John ended up being the winner!!

Today John cleaned out Big Red and other than that we were bums.  We just relaxed and did some reading.

This morning we headed to a new hiking area in Yankeetown.  They just opened the WGP Withlacoochee Gulf Preserve.  It has about 3 miles of trails, some on an elevated platform over the swamp.  There are noseeums, so bring bug spray.  The tide was out and we saw lots of animal tracks.  While we were taking in the scenery, the tide shifted and you could really see the tide coming in quickly.  There is a 30 foot high Observation Deck overlooking the swamp and you can see out to the Gulf of Mexico.

We leave a week from today.  John is getting the outside ready.  He’s greasing the bearings on the trailer tires.  I went through the inside and dusted and vacuumed everything.  We have a hamburger cookout at the community campfire later this afternoon.  Due to the fire ban, we can’t have a campfire.  There were quite a few people that came to the cookout.  There was 3 Florida Folk Singers.  A husband and wife team and a solo singer. 

It’s a cool morning.  It got down to 32 last night.  We’re hoping it’s the last time.  We’re ready for some warm weather.  We went to the Eco walk and did the 2 mile trail.  We saw a bunch of Army’s (Armadillos), birds and also some wild cows.  We had them walking almost right up to us.  One had a set of horns we didn’t want to even get close to.

19 – 20 
We’ve been here almost 4 months now.  Time goes by quickly.  We are getting project around the cow done.  When we move we like to have everything clean and working well so we can start enjoying our new area.  We are scheduled to head out next weekend. 

We checked out and drove back to Crystal River.  On the way we stopped for lunch at a Chinese Buffet.  We haven’t had Chinese in a long time and it was good. 

This morning we got up and headed out to Orlando.  It’s our 30th wedding anniversary.  We haven’t visited the Orlando Margaritaville yet and need to add that to our list.  This will be our 5th Margaritaville.  So we drove over to Orlando and stopped at TGI Fridays for lunch.  Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we took a walk over to Universal and the City Walk.  It’s about a 1.5 mile walk each way.  We checked out what was there and any specials and happy hours.  Then we checked into our hotel the Holiday Inn at Universal Studios.  They upgraded to a suite.  Later in the afternoon, we walked back over to Universal and made it to Happy Hour at the Lone Palm Airport outside bar at Margaritaville.  They had the Parrotvision going and a guitarist playing.  After happy hour, we walked over to Pat O’Brien’s and had Hurricanes.  They have a piano player.  He was very good and got the crowd going.  Then we headed back to the hotel.

This morning we did a couple domestic things.  John washed and waxed Big Red and I did some laundry.  It’s a perfect sunny warm day around 70 so we headed to the pool for a few hours.

We took it easy this morning and then headed over to the rec center for the monthly Texas Holdem Tournament.  I have been doing well in the past, but not today.  I was out early.  John made it to the final table.  They were looking for dealers to fill in on the final tables, so I volunteered.

Happy Valentines Day!!  We have not been to Ozello and heard it was a pretty area.  We also hear about a good seafood restaurant there, Peck’s Old Port Cove.  So we went for lunch and it was casual and very good food.  We had a Cajun platter of fish, shrimp and scallops.

This morning is a nice warm and sunny morning.  We had our coffee and then headed over to the pool early.  There were only a couple other people there.  We spent most of the day there just reading and soaking up rays.

This morning we have a little rain, but nice warm temps.  The water heater did not leak overnight which is a great thing.  We are hoping the water heater project is done.
When I checked our morning email.  I found out our good friend Pam had passed away.  It was just 5 months ago she was diagnosed with two brain tumors.  Once again, this reminds us, Life is short.  It can be gone in an instant.  Every day should be cherished.  We will miss Pam.  But we will remember all the great times we had with her.

We got up and had coffee as normal.  But now we have to work on the water heater.  John started troubleshooting the problem and I did some internet research.  We narrowed it down to a back Check Valve.  We found this was located on the back of the water heater but we could only access it through a small opening in the kitchen cabinets.  We got it off and headed out to the hardware store.  At the sixth store we finally got the part.  We went to RV parts shops and hardware stores.  They finally had it at Gist RV in Inverness.  We got back and got it installed, but the old washer was no good, and it was leaking badly inside the kitchen cabinet.  So out we went again.  Back to 2 hardware stores.  We got back and installed the washer.  It seems to be working.  We wanted to play Texas Holdem tonight, but the game starts at 7pm and it’s 655pm.  So we are taking hot showers and just relaxing.  What a day.

This morning was a beautiful morning.  We had coffee on the patio.  Today were having a pool day.  Also our mail came today.  It’s been almost 2 months and all our tax stuff was there.  We looked over our mail at the pool.  We went over early and so by 3pm we had had enough sun.
So I did some laundry then started getting our tax stuff together.  John started work on our water heater.  It started really dripping from the pressure relief valve.  We went up to the hardware store in Inglis and they had a replacement.  We got back and John installed it and it seems to work fine.  BUT….  You know there is always the X Factor.  Now we did not get any flow to the hot water faucets.  Well it’s getting dark and we can’t work on it today, so that is for tomorrow.

Today is going to be a warm sunny day.  We did a little grocery shopping and then headed to the pool.  There were a few people there, but for the most part the pool was ours. 

We still have bait left and we decided to head over to Inglis locks.  We have been there before, but not for fishing.  We tried our luck down by the spillway, but didn’t have any.  The days are getting longer and warmer, so we went back to the cow, sat outside, listened to some tunes and had some wine.

We headed over to Crystal River State Park this morning.  There is a 9 mile loop trail John has been wanting to hike.  I hiked in about 2 miles then turned around and met John back at big red.  John did the whole 9 mile loop.  We saw lots of birds, armadillos and raccoons.  We were surprised raccoons were out during the day.  When I was walking back, I had a family of 5 cross my path about 4 feet in front of me.  They were just as surprised as I was.  We looked at each other a minute, then they crossed and two of them climbed a tree right next to the path.  John also saw more raccoons while he was hiking.
We decided to stop at Crackers for a cocktail and look out over Kings Bay.

Today is a much nicer day.  Sunny and 63 degrees.  We headed over to the lake at the barge canal to do some Bass fishing.  We caught some rays and 1 bass.  We didn’t cook tonight because there is a Pizza Party at the rec center.

Another cold and windy day for Florida.  We are winter wimps now and just don’t like the cold weather.  So we just relaxed and read in the cow.

Today is windy and cold and we are just staying in.  We are just working on different stuff in the cow.  Tonight is Texas Holdem.  There were 12 of us and I finished 3rd.

John and I got up early and took a walk over to the Rod and Reel for coffee.  We walked back and went to get Jim and Marion.  Then we all walked back over to the Rod and Reel for breakfast.  Afterwards, it was time for us to head back to the cow.  We were going to stop and visit some other friends, but they weren’t home. 

We got up early and headed out to Anna Maria Island to see our friend Jim and his Mom. We checked in at the Sea Isle Motel.  This is a small island motel.  The rooms are efficiencies and are very clean.  There is a small courtyard and pool.  After visiting with Marion and Jim, we all headed over to the Anna Maria Island Pier for lunch.  Afterwards, we dropped Marion off and headed over to the old city jail and then to the Moose Lodge.  Jim, John and I had a few cocktails and watched sunset.  Then we headed back to the motel and Marion’s house.  The four of us walked over to the Rod and Reel Pier.  We had a couple drinks in the downstairs bar and then went upstairs for dinner.  For such a small restaurant the food was excellent. 

We did a little clothes and grocery shopping.  Then came back and fished outside the cow in our lake.  We didn’t get anything.  Then we stayed in and watched the Super Bowl.