John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

April 2009 Journal

Well today is our pre-departure day.  We will get all our stuff packed up and ready to hit the road early tomorrow.  The bikers are piling into the campground today.  Bike week starts tomorrow and our campground is oversold.
Shell man brought a couple shells for our trip but most of them stayed in the shell garden for the next campers.  Panama City Beach was very nice.  We had a great time and it worked out perfect that we were here for Spring Break, Kenny Chesney, see our friends Jim and Diane and Parrothead Rendezvous.  We would recommend this area and our campground Raccoon River.

29   Today we are starting to close up shop.  We are leaving Friday morning and need to get some pre-departure things done.  It was a beautiful day, so we took our last beach walk. 

Today I worked on my TCI stuff in the morning.  Then off to the beach we went.  We built our beach chairs and relaxed under the sun, listening to the surf.

While I did laundry, John cleaned Big Red.  We had free Putt Putt tokens so off we went to Pirate golf.  John ended with a hole in one on 18.  John got another free token and gave it to a newlywed couple.  A little grocery shopping and then some reading.

We’re moving slow this morning.  We stayed out late and I think today is going to be a lazy day.

John needed his beach walk.  So off we went.  I did my 3 miles, but John was heading to the pier which would be 8 miles.  He didn’t make it all the way.  He was looking for our friends Jim and Diane at their condo, but they already went home.  After dinner we headed to Barefoot Beach Club for sunset.  Then to Calypso to see our friend Gene Mitchell play. 

Another beach day.  We walked East today and stopped at Bikini Beach Tiki Bar.

This morning is sunny and warm.  John is still working on fan repair.  We headed to the beach in the afternoon.

We are still hanging around the cow.  John is working on the bathroom fan and I’m researching for our upcoming trip to Virginia.

Today is a time out day.  John is doing some reading and I am working on our photos, journal and our website from last week.

This morning we lounged around the cow and campground with Jim and Diane.  We headed out around 1pm to take them to the airport.  We tried to get them to just stay, but it didn’t work.  We stopped at Hogs Breath Saloon in Destin for lunch.  After we dropped them off, we headed home to ground ourselves.

This is the last day for Rendezvous.  We met a lot of great parrotheads and had a great time.  The bands end around 5pm.  The activities are scheduled on the beach and patio stage today, but some strong storms are expected and the wind is up.  Howard Livingston started inside Barefoot Beach Club at 830am.  We got there around 930am.  We found a table and set up shop there.  We started with coffee, and then soon after, we had buckets of beer and buckets of rum punches.  Gene Mitchell came on around 11am.  We saw him at Calypso a couple times before today.  We stayed until around 130pm then headed over to get Jim and Diane checked out.  After getting back to the cow and reorganized, we headed to Dustys Oyster House for dinner.

Rendezvous starts early at 8am today but we won’t make it then.  We got there around 1030am.  Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef was playing on the beach stage.  At 230pm Sunny Jim & John Frinzi came on.  There is a full day line up and activities.  Once again we got there and we set up in the sand by the beach stage.  Our chairs, cooler and towels for Mr. Parrot and Sharky.  There was constantly something going on, in addition to the bands on stage.  There was a toilet paper and plunger game.  We missed that but I can imagine its fun.  We taught people the Butt Drop game.  We learned it in Marana Arizona from the Hot Air Ballooners.  Lunch was included.  Cheeseburgers of course!  There was also a Cheeseburger Cake.  Then there was the Carmen Miranda game.  John and Jim participated as judges in the Boat Drink contest.  Diane and I participated in the parrothead hat parade and conga lines.  We had the nightly sunset ritual with the cannons, conch blowing, poem and toast.  At 8pm Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 came on and as always, he brought his Johnson boat motor blender and made margaritas for the crowd.  We stayed until around 1045pm.

Today is the start of Rendezvous 09.  It’s the 4th annual Parrothead Party hosted by the Panama City Parrothead Club (pcphc).  They are expecting around 400 parrotheads.  What a party this will be!!  We got over to Jim and Di’s around noon.  Then we checked into Rendezvous at the Legacy condos to get our badges and goody bags.  The first band Steven Youngblood started at 2pm.  We found ourselves a place in the sand where we set up our chairs, towels, and cooler.  We had a great view of both the patio stage and beach stage.  Steven Youngblood started on the patio stage and at 430pm, Brent Burns came on the beach stage.  There were ongoing activities.  A limbo and hula hoop that Sharky and I did.  At around 711pm, there was the nightly sundown celebration.  This was the poem to the day and the sun and then the conch blowing with a toast.  Also the cannons were blown off.  At 8pm Jimmy Parrish & the Ocean Waves Band came on the beach stage.  We stayed until around 930pm.

This morning we did some domestic stuff then we headed over to the Stades around noon.  We went golfing 18 holes.  Putt Putt 18 holes at Pirate Golf.  Then we headed back to their place and did a beach walk to Barefoot to check out the upcoming Rendezvous party.  We met a few parrotheads and checked out the beach stage.  We were ready for dinner and went to the Marriott for the Sushi Happy Hour.  The sun was down and we grounded ourselves early.

John did his beach walk to Jim and Di’s which was 3.4 miles.  I drove over.  Then we met John on the beach.  We had some ceviche and crackers at Jim and Di’s.  Then decided to head down to the east end of Panama City Beach and check out Spinnakers and Club La Vela.  Now that spring break is pretty much over nothing was going on at either place.  We stopped at Coyote Ugly for a cocktail.  We went back to Jim and Di’s and had some cocktails on the balcony and then ended up at Breakers Restaurant for dinner.

We headed over to Jim and Di’s around 10am.  After just hanging out for a while, we went for a beach walk down to Sharky’s.  We had some cocktails and lunch and then moseyed on back to Jim and Di’s.  It was very windy.  We decided to go to Jim and Di’s pool.  After a few hours soaking up some rays, we went to Buddy’s fish market and got some Mahi Mahi for dinner.  We made a quick grocery store stop and then back to the cow.  John made ceviche for tomorrow and then we had a great grilled mahi dinner.  We made some blended drinks for dessert and walked down to the beach to watch the sunset.  Now we’re all done.

We were going to go out fishing but there are some big storms on our doorstep.  We started on a little walk and stopped at Calypso for lunch.  We were going to head on, but there was thunder, lighting, pouring rain so we moved to the bar and watched the Cubs home opener.  We were there for hours and it was time to go.  But the rain was still pouring down and we had walked.  The bartenders gave us rain gear.  Industrial size garbage bags.  We made our ponchos and headed out into the rain.  We went to Lynn’s Buffet for dinner.

After coffee and bagels on the veranda, we headed to the beach for some sun.  Diane and I made beach chairs and the boys headed on a beach walk.  They went to Sharky’s which is about 3 miles each way.  We headed back after a couple hours and made some lunch and waited for the boys.  Jim and Diane got checked into their condo and then we met them at Barefoot Beach Club for dinner.

Our friends, Jim and Diane came into Ft Walton Beach airport today.  We picked them up and then headed back to Panama City Beach.  We made a stop at Margaritaville for drinks and to enjoy the gulf view.  We then headed to the cow.  After a little relaxing, we walked to the beach and down to Harpoon Harrys to watch sunset.  Gene Mitchell was playing at Calypso.  He is also playing at Rendezvous later this week.  We drove over and there and only a few other people were there.  We saw Bill and Suzy and Terri and Leanne from the PCB parrothead club.  We had some drinks and appetizers.  Gene finished up around 1030pm and then the bar was closing and we were pretty much done too.

We had a domestic day today.  Our friends Jim and Diane are arriving tomorrow so we got things organized.

It’s a beautiful warm and sunny day.  We headed over to the beach to soak up some rays.

We haven’t made it to St Andrews State Park yet, so today is the day.  We went to the park and took a nice walk.  There were a lot of people fishing, both on the shore and the pier.  A few said they normally do pretty well, but not today.  After our adventure we stopped at Barefoot Beach Club for a couple cocktails.

John finished up waxing and cleaning Big Red.  I worked on cleaning inside the cow. 

This week is going to be a little cooler.  We worked on pictures and our website then were bums again and hung around the cow and read.

Today I did some TCI work and John washed and waxed Big Red.  Then we hung around cow and did some reading.

Today is a beautiful warm and sunny day.  We haven’t had a beach day in a while, so off we went.  Since it’s Saturday and nice, the beach was crowded.  There are still some breakers, but most of the college spring breakers are gone. Now the family breakers are here.

  The rain finally ended.  Over the last 10 days we had 14 inches of rain.  John cleaned the outside of the cow.  I worked on computer stuff and had a TCI appointment.  Tonight the Panama City Parrotheads are having there monthly phlocking at Harpoon Harry’s.  We met a lot of great parrotheads.  They normally have around 100 parrotheads at every phlocking.  They also had free food and a band.  We had a great time, did lots of dancing.  At sunset they blew the conch horn as the sun was setting.
Around 9pm we headed over to Calypso.  Gene Mitchell which is also a pcph was playing.  He is one of the entertainers at the upcoming Rendezvous. 

Once again it’s raining.  Not just drizzling but downpours.  We have had 5.5 inches of rain in just the last 24 hours.  We have had a lot of rain the last week.  It should be ending by tomorrow night.

The rain is back, so we are doing some indoors spring cleaning.