John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

July 2009 Journal

July    31    Another rainy day.  We are going to see the movie Harry Potter this afternoon.  Then out for Dinner at the New China Buffet.  It was still early and the weather was now perfect.  So we went over to the New River Trail at Galax and did a 3 mile hike.  We made a quick Walmart stop and then back to the cow.  Even though we had rain, it worked out to be a great day.
Another rainy day off and on.  Jessica went to visit at the boats and waterslide.  John and I played some checkers, putt putt and then went out on the paddleboats.  After dinner we went down to Karaoke.  I sang a couple songs and Jessica got up for the Chicken Dance.    29   John, Jessica and I are on workamper pool duty again.  Another rainy day.  Jessica went down to the waterslide to visit her friends. I was doing computer work and John was on for breaks and lunches.     28   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!     Jessica, John and I are on workamping today.  Jessica and I are on until 1030am and John until 330pm.  After Jessica and I got off we went into town to pick up some stuff for Johns B’Day dinner.  We got back and decorated the cow.  Jessica went over to the waterslide and came back with John when he got lunch.  John opened his presents.  We had a Cheeseburger cookout and cheesecake for dessert.    27   Today we are off to Hillsville to give blood.  John and I gave and Jessica waited in the car.  She didn’t even like being that close to needles.  Then we headed over to the New River Trail at Shot Tower to do some hiking.  We hiked to Foster Falls and walked around the campground and old village there.  We hiked back for a 3 mile round trip.  I was done but Jessica and John continued on.  I picked them up at Austinville about 3.5 miles more down the trail.  So I ended the day with 3 miles and John and Jessica ended with 6.5 miles.  We were tired, so we headed back to the cow, had some dinner and relaxed.    26   This morning John and Jessica had another golf tournament.  John won today so he’s still down overall but working his way back.  Jessica went to visit at the waterslide for a while.  John and I headed to Walmart for a few groceries.  We got back and just relaxed around the cow.
This morning we headed over to do laundry early.  Someone called in sick for the waterslide and Diane came to ask if Jessica would work all day.  Off she went.  I finished laundry and then John and I relaxed at the cow.  We checked out the Motorcycle games at 2pm and then to the waterslide for the rubber duck races.  We bought a duck to enter, but it didn’t win.  We were getting ready to head down to listen to the band and there was a huge downpour.  It didn’t last long but they did close the waterslide so Jessica got off work early around 5pm.  Jessica had a new friend Cara our neighbor.  So Cara, Bret and Jessica hung out until 6pm when Bret was picked up.           Then Cara and Jessica used our neighbor’s golf cart and drove around the park a little.  We went to listen to the band.  Jessica and Cara came down to the band too.  There were a lot more people tonight.  The band “Thunder Band” was great.  The lead singer “Turtle” was crazy.  We did a bunch of dancing and had a great time.  Just as they were finishing up around 10pm, the sky was filled with lighting.  We thought we were in for a big storm, but just lighting.    24   Today is a warm and sunny morning.  John and Jessica had another putt putt golf tournament this morning.  Jessica won again.  Pretty soon John is going to be broke.  We are going to take a lazy day around the campground.  Maybe go to the pool.  Jessica went to visit her friends at the waterslide and boats.  One of the girls went home sick, so they asked if Jessica would work the waterslide.  She was on from 2pm until 6pm.  We had dinner and then headed over to the pavilions.  This weekend is Thunder on the Mountain Charity Bike Rally here at the campground.  The bikers are bringing in 1 band each night.  All the proceeds go to St. Judes.  There weren’t many here tonight but the band was good.  They played until 10pm and then we walked back to the cow.    23   Today is a hiking and sightseeing day.  We headed out to Mt. Pilot just south of Mt. Airy (Mayberry).  John, Jessica and I did various hikes for about 2 miles.  We hiked around Mt. Pilot and to some overlooks.  Then John and Jessica headed out for another 2 mile hike.   I did not want to go, it was basically a mile down and then a mile up.  Jessica had gotten blisters on her heels from previous hikes, so I let her use my hiking boots to see if that helped.  This brochure advised to allow 2 hours for this hike.  I was doing to reading and waiting for them.  I was going to hike in to meet them.  However, after only 50 minutes, they were back.  They made great time.  Jessica lead the way for the most part.            Now, were off to Mt. Airy, better known as Mayberry.  This is where Andy Griffith was born and grew up.  The show, “The Andy Griffith Show” is based on this town.  We have already been through Main Street and saw Snappy’s Diner and Floyds Barber Shop.  Now we are heading to Wally’s Garage and the Courthouse.  Just as we were pulling up, the squad car was pulling away.  I was bummed.  I had to wait.  So we went next door to the courthouse.  We took some picture and tried the door.  It was open.  No one was there, we were able to walk in and just walk around, take pictures and relax.  We walked back to Wally’s, took some pictures and got an old fashioned bottle of root beer and did some sittin on the rockin chairs out front.  We walked back over to the courthouse and did our relaxin there.  John sat in Barney’s chair, Jessica took up residence in Otis’s cell and I Sheriff Sandy, sat at the desk with my feet up.  When we saw the squad car pull up we moseyed on over and took some photos and then headed to the Andy Griffith Museum and Playhouse.  We met Emmett Forest and friend of Andy’s from childhood.  He has been collecting memorabilia on Andy since he first got into show biz.  It’s a great little museum.  It was really nice to meet Emmett.             Now we were ready to head back to the cow.  We stopped at a little produce market and got some tomatoes, lettuce, corn on the cob, monster drink, chips, individual homemade fried apple pie, and garlic.  Hum boy, what a combination.  When we got back to the cow, Jessica had about an hour to visit with her friends.  Then we had dinner and we were all done.     22   This morning is cloudy but not bad temps.  I went for a haircut and Jessica went to visit the people on the boats and waterslide.  We played some putt putt and went out on the paddleboats.  Then we all headed to the New River Valley Fair.  We walked around a bit and got to see the different farm animals.  There was a cow dress up contest.  The winner was a Caribbean cow in a grass skirt with the theme song, Cheeseburger in Paradise.  We went to the safari comedy show and had some healthy snacks of corn dogs and funnel cakes.  We were going to stay for a band, but the rain was coming and we decided to head back to the cow and watch a movie.    21   John and I had a morning staff meeting we had to attend.  After that John, Jessica and I headed out.  We were on our way to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway today.  We stopped in Fancy Gap at Lakeview restaurant for breakfast.  Then we hopped on the Blueridge Parkway.  Our first stop was Groundhog Lookout.  We walked around and went up in the lookout tower.  Jessica spotted a Mama and baby deer.  Now were headin on up the parkway.  Our next stop was Castle Gorge lookout.  We parked here and went for a hike.  From here to just past the Saddle Overlook is about 2 miles.  I went one way and John and Jessica did the round trip and came and picked me up at Saddle.  Then we drive into Floyd and walked around.  We stopped at Nancy’s Candy Store for some homemade fudge, then to the Floyd Country Store where we found Jessica’s Crème Soda.  She was in heaven.  She bought up all 8 bottles they had.  We came home and relaxed for a bit and had dinner.     20   Well, this morning it’s raining and we are on workamping again.  Bryan and Diane are back tomorrow.  YEAH!  This is too much work for us.  Jessica stayed with the cats and John and I went out for the pools.  Even though it’s raining, we have to open the boats, pools and waterslide.  At 1030am, I was done and John was on break.  We all had sandwiches and hid in the cow out of the rain.  John was supposed to be on for breaks and lunches until 4pm, but at 1115am, they decided to close the waterslide and boats due to the rain, so John was off early.  We went into Hillsville and picked up some movies and came back to the cow and watched 3:10 to Yuma.  After the movie, the rain had stopped and the sun was out, so we went for a game of putt putt golf.    19   John, Jessica and I are on the workamping again.  Bryan and Diane come back Tuesday so we have today and tomorrow.  This morning is sunny with a just a couple clouds.  It’s nice when Jessica helps us, we get everything and more done.  I worked on some TCI stuff throughout the day, John filled in for breaks and lunches on the boats and waterslide, and Jessica visited with the people running the boats and waterslide.  We had a nice dinner and then just had a couch TV night.     18   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!      It’s Christmas in July weekend at LakeridgeJohn, Jessica and I are on the workamping today.  Jessica and I are on until 1030am and John is on until 330pm.  After finishing up getting the pools and waterslide ready to go, Santa and Mrs. Claus were in the café.  We went and had our photo with them.  Jessica visited with the people running the waterslide and boats.  I did some reading and then worked on a computer problem.  John and Jessica were down for the rubber duck races, but I was still fighting with my computer and missed them.  John and Jessica made dinner and I did dishes.  We headed to Hillsville for their monthly downtown festival.  Jessica found her dream car at the antique car show, a 1965 Blue Chevy Impala.  We all did some dancing and the band ended around 930pm.   We headed back to the cow, watched a few minutes of TV and we were all done.    17   This morning we awoke to thunder rumbling in the distance.  It’s our morning workamper day and I’m on until 1030am and John until 330pm.  Jessica is coming to help us out today.  We all had to take a break because the lightning drove us inside for a few minutes.  We finished up the pools in the rain, and just as 10am time to open everything was approaching, the sun started to come out and the rain ended.  John was on for breaks and lunches until 4pm.  Jessica and I were done at 1030am.  Jessica was tired,  so she took a nap and I did a little TCI stuff.  Then Jessie went down to visit at the waterslide.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to Galax for the BBQ Championships.  We walked around town and then went to listen to The Showtime Band and The Land of Oz Band.  Both were great.  We stayed until around 11pm and headed back to the cow.    16   This morning we were up and on the road by 7am.  Our Niece Jessica is coming to stay with us for a few weeks vacation.  She is flying into Charlotte NC which is about 2 hours.  It was perfect timing.  Her plane was on time and we were back on the road in less than ½ hour.  We stopped to pick up some supplies and then on to the campground.  We took a long walk around and Jessica met quite a few of the other workampers.  Then we took a nice golf cart ride around.  After dinner, we headed down to the café.  Jim and Jackie were doing karaoke again.  I sang one song, Willie Nelson, On the road again.  Jessica and I got up and did the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey.  It was very crowded and a lot of people were singing.  We stayed until 930pm and then headed back to the cow.    15   Today was a workamper day.  I was going to be on until 1030am and John until 330pm, but someone didn’t show up so we both ended up on until 5pm.  We picked up some groceries and just hung out at the cow.    14   This morning we got up, packed and checked out.  We stopped for coffees and headed over to Craig and Stella’s condo.  We chatted for a while, and then we headed back to our cow.  We made a couple stops and got back around 4pm.
Our room was at the base of the ski hill and a very pretty area.  We got up early to take a walk around the area and get some coffees.  Stopped to see Craig and Stella at a promo talk then went to the pool.  Everyone decided to head to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, so we took 2 cars and 13 of us headed out.  It was in Charlottesville, VA and it took about an hour each way.  We saw a short movie about Thomas Jefferson and then took a shuttle up to his home.  Monticello means Little Mountain in Spanish and his home is built up high on a mountain.  The tour was very interesting and after going through the house we toured the grounds and walked back down to the visitor’s center.  On the way, we walked past the cemetery where Thomas Jefferson is buried.  We stopped for custard on the way back and then hung around the condo.  Stella made lasagna dinner and we ended up back in our room around midnight.    12   We left for Massanutten Resort near Harrisonburg Virginia.  We were on our way to visit our good friends Craig and Stella.  They are on vacation with their 2 kids Alex and Nicole and 5 other family members and friends.  Ed and Teresa, George, Dorothy and James and 2 other of the kids friends.  We started our journey in Fancy Gap at the mile marker 200 of the Blue Ridge Parkway for breakfast at Lakeview Restaurant.  We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway about 130 miles.  We stopped for a couple small hikes and a bunch of overlooks.  After 130 miles on the parkway, we still had 110 miles to go, so we got on the highway to get up to Massanutten.  We got a pizza at the resort for dinner and after getting checked in, went to Craig and Stella’s condo and hung out and visited with everyone.    11   Today we are have a nice lazy day at the campground.  We did some reading, played 18 holes of putt putt golf and just hung around.  It was a very nice day.    10   Today was a really good day.  We got right to work on cleaning the inside of the cow.  You wouldn’t think this takes long, but when we do a big cleaning, we go through cabinets and get rid of stuff.     9   We are spending today working around the cow.  John cut the grass and is cleaning the inside of Big Red.  I worked on some bills and did laundry.    8   Today is a workamper day for both of us.  I was supposed to be on until 1030am and John until 330pm, but a few people called in sick, so I was on until 5pm and John until 6pm.  We had dinner and we were done!!    7   Today is a workamper day for both of us.  I was on until 1030am and then working on TCI stuff and John is on until 330pm.    6   Today we are just hanging around the cow.  John cleaned and waxed Big Red and then we picked up a few groceries.    5   It has been raining off and on overnight.  This morning is also rain showers.  We are both on the waterslide today.  And as you know if you are using the waterslide, you are going to get wet, so a little rain doesn’t matter.  It’s a holiday weekend so it should still be busy.    4   Today John was going to be manning the boats starting at noon, but one of the waterslide girls called in, so he headed to the waterslide at 10am and I headed to the boats at noon.  It was busy all day.  But it was a beautiful sunny and warm day so that was to be expected.  We got off at 6pm and came back to the cow and grilled out.  After we ate, we relaxed and had a cocktail outside, then walked down to the café.  There was a singer for entertainment tonight and the place was packed.  We didn’t stay, but took a little walk and then back to the cow.  It started to drizzle so we went inside.  We both fell asleep on our couch and chair.    3   John is ready for a BIG hike.  So we headed out early to the Blue Ridge Parkway MM 176, Rocky Knob.  I dropped John off at the bottom of the gorge.  Then I drove back up to the parkway to the Saddle Overlook and read my book, planned other hikes and enjoyed the scenery.  I knew John would have to pass me on his hike, so we had a light lunch and off he went.  I checked out the Rocky Knob Visitors Center and did some more reading and enjoyed the scenery.  Then I headed back down in the gorge to pick him up.  When he was done, it took 6.5 hours and he walked 10.8 miles.  Now for John, 10.8 miles is easy, however, on this hike he had a 2000 foot elevation change twice.  So it was much more difficult.  We were going to go back to the cow and cook, but decided to stop in Floyd at the Blue Ridge Diner.  The town of Floyd was getting ready for the Friday Night Bluegrass at the Country Store.  After dinner, we stopped at the country store to pick up some homemade raspberry squares for dessert and headed back to the cow.
   2   I had workamping until 1030am and John is on until 330pm.  I worked on some TCI stuff.  The campground is starting to fill up for the upcoming Holiday weekend.   Tonight is karoke at the cafe.  Jim and Jackie our neighbors run it on Thursday nights.  I did a few songs.    1   We haven’t had our semi annual teeth cleaning in a while.  We found a dentist in Hillsville that will do just the cleaning and not all the x-rays and new patient stuff.  So this morning we were the first patients.  We decided to take care of a bunch of things that need to be done.  Dentist, oil change and grocery shopping.