John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

August 2009 Journal

August    23 – 31   Well, I got in a fight with my computer.  I got the blue screen of death.  I tried everything including online chats with HP.  Bottom line, nothing worked.  Not even the restore disks I purchased when we got the computer.  AND…  it’s 1 month out of warranty.  So I took it to Twin County Computers for repair.  The campground uses this company for all it’s computer challenges.  It ended up I had to get a new hard drive and memory.  Luckily, I had a backup of my data only a couple weeks old.  So I have been using Johns computer.  Both of us are getting the cow ready to hit the road. 
16 – 22  
Since most of the kids that man the waterslide is back in school, we have been filling in.  When we have been off, we have been doing our fall cleaning of the cow, inside and out.  You might think a cow doesn’t take that long to keep clean, but when we do it, it’s complete.  John is washing and hand waxing the outside.  He also is completing any repairs as he comes across them.  I am going through the inside.  Part of our semi annual cleaning is we go through every drawer, cabinet and closet.  We clean it and discard stuff we haven’t used.  I also wash the rugs and take all the screens out for cleaning.  Once were done with the fall cleaning, we can be on our way and not think about the major stuff until the spring.  We are in a pattern of afternoon storms.  We have gone down to the pool and putt putt and put some time in there as well.       10 – 16   We miss Jessica!  For the last week, we have been hanging around the cow and working on projects.  I’m starting to go through the inside and clean and get rid of stuff we don’t use.  John is working on the roof and outside of the cow, cleaning, caulking and hand waxing.  We have had our workamping hours increased because the kids are going back to school and they need staff for the boats and waterslide.  We have been playing checkers and putt putt and also went to karoke on Saturday.    9   Today Jessica is heading home.  This morning John was still helping Denny with the tow dolly lights.  Jessica and I worked on burning a photo CD and also a movie of her stay.  While I was finishing it up, Jessica went out and said her goodbyes to everyone.  We really enjoyed having Jessica here.  She made lots of friends and everyone enjoyed having her here and will miss her.  We left at noon and headed to Charlotte airport.  We stopped for lunch and then went to drop off Jessica.  We headed back to the cow.    8   This morning our neighbor Denny is working on a wiring problem with his tow dolly.  John and Denny worked for quite a while on the problem and had to put it off until tomorrow.  Jessica went to visit friends at the waterslide for a while.  Then our neighbor, Lisa, Jessica and I headed to the pool.  We all came back around 4pm to get ready for the luau.  Jessica and her friend Cara went down to help Richard decorate for the party.  Lisa, Denny, John and I headed over around 5pm.  Everyone brought a dish and the campground supplied the meat, soda’s and plates.  After the luau, Jessica took a walk around the campground with Brett, one of the guys that work the waterslide.  We listened to some music outside and then we were all tired and went to bed by 10pm.    7   Another workamper day for Jessica.  I helped our neighbor Jackie with some computer issues and John and Jessica played putt putt.  John won 4.00 today and sent Jessica off to work while he had breakfast.  So as of now, John is 2.00 up.  Jessica left for work and John and I did some reading and then went grocery shopping.  We had a nice cookout and then just hung around the cow.    6    I got up and did laundry, John made a batch of salsa and Jessica, the workaholic that she is, went to work at the waterslide.  By the time the work week is over, she will have over 40 hours.  We are sure glad she’s here, because if she wasn’t working, we would be.  Jessica was tired after work, so we had dinner and then just hung around the cow.  John wanted to cut our grass, so our neighbor Denny and John were going to get the lawnmower.  Before he new what was happening, Denny had John in a chair outside cutting his hair.  Actually, it was more than cutting.  More like shaving.  It will grow back.
Another workamper morning for all of us.  Jessica and I were going to be on until 1030am and then go to the pool.  John was to be on until 330pm.  Well 2 people called in sick, so Jessica and I had to change our plans.  Some big storms came in mid afternoon.  So the three of us worked until around 5pm.  It was raining and we didn’t want to cook, so we went into Hillsville to Pizza Hut for the buffet.    4   Workamper morning.  Jessica, John and I headed down to vacume and clean the pools and waterslide.  One of the waterslide girls called in sick, so Jessica had to work all day on the slide.  I was off at 1030am and worked on my TCI stuff.  John got off at 430pm and Jessica got off at 6pm.  More rain was on the way.  We had dinner and relaxed at the cow.    3   We headed out early this morning on our way to Claytor Lake State Park.  We did about 2 miles of hiking trails, walked down to the beach and over to the visitors center.  Jessica saw 4 deer real close up.  After our hikes, we headed to Floyd.  We plan to have lunch and then go to the Country Store to get Jessica some more cream soda.  We ate lunch at the Mexican Restaurant and then when we got to the Country Store, it was CLOSED.          Jessica was really bummed out.  That’s the only place we’ve found that sells cream soda.  We stopped at Food Lion for a few groceries, and took a look for cream soda and they had some.  Now everything is good.  We got back to the campground and Jessica headed down to the waterslide to visit.     2   We woke up this morning and it’s still raining and overcast.  Also much cooler.  The power just came on around 730am.  We just hung around the cow and did computer stuff and reading.  Jessica was going to visit her friends at the waterslide, but they decided to keep it closed today.      1   Jessica is working the waterslide today.  It’s a warm and sunny day so it will be busy.  John and I had our coffee on the verandah.  We decided to go play putt putt, so we asked our neighbors Denny and Lisa if they wanted to go.  We all decided to change into our suits and partake in the waterslide, paddleboats and putt putt.  The waterslide was busy and Jessica was working the top.  After our golf game, we came back and perfect timing.              The sky was getting darker.  Then it happened.  Rain and lots of it again.  They closed the slide, but Jessica got stuck down in the office during the downpour.  We also had tornado warnings and there was a tornado just a few miles away.  The power went out around 6pm.  The rain let up and we got to grill burgers around 7pm.  We read inside for a little while and Jessica was ready for bed.  We were going to go to bed also, but our neighbors Steve, Willa, Jim and Jackie were outside over by Steve and Willa’s.  So we went on over, had a couple cocktails and chatted.  The power company told Steve it should be on by 10pm.  He was hoping.  There was a lot of ice cream that needed to stay frozen.  We all retired around 1030pm.  The power was still off.