John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

September 2009 Journal

 September    30   Today is our day before departure day.  We reorganized the basement and got Big Red and the Cow ready for the road tomorrow.  Then we needed a break, so we did some reading at the pool.
Today we are heading up to Daytona Beach to check it out.  It is very touristy as we expected.  So we headed back and relaxed by the pool and caught up on some reading.    28   This morning we hung around the cow.  Of course, in the hottest part of the day, we headed out fishing.  This time we tried out the causeway park between us and Ponce Inlet.  It’s easy parking, a nice pier and very close.  We didn’t keep any, but John caught 3 snappers and I caught a stingray.  What was very cool, is the dolphins we saw.  First one, then another.  Pretty soon, there were six and seven.  They were all around.  We had a couple right next to the pier.  After a few hours, we were hot so we headed back and went to the pool.    27   Today is Sunday and Football.  We relaxed in the morning and just did small projects, then we stayed around the cow for the first set of games.  We want to watch the Bears, but there not on regular TV, so we walked down to Boomerangs where they have the NFL ticket.  Afterwards, we stopped at the custard shop for a burger and then came home.    26   This morning we got up had coffee on the verandah and got packed up.  Were heading to Ponce Inlet for a day of fishing on the jetty.  We got our poles set up and took our net to catch bait.  No problem here.  The mullet were in the surf by the hundreds.  We would catch a net full and then use them for bait.  When we ran low, we took our net and caught some more.  We caught one, but were still learning the best rigging.  After 5 hours we were done for the day.  We came back and took a nice cool and relaxing swim.
We were up early again.  This time not to travel, but to see another space launch.  We were not right at the sight this time, but up by Daytona Beach.  We could see it right from our campsite.  Since this was a daytime launch and we were not right there, it was not quite as impressive.  However, it was still so cool to see.  It just takes over the sky.  Now we are working on our fishing equipment.  We are empting the tackle boxes, taking an inventory, checking the rods and reels and getting ready for our winter pastime of fishing.  We headed over to walmart to buy a couple reels and we ended up getting a great deal on new heavy duty saltwater poles and reels.  We got our setups all ready and now were hot and need a break.  So off to the pool for a dip.     24   We were up early to watch the space launch this morning but it was cancelled, so off we went to Ponce Inlet.  Ponce Inlet is south of Daytona Beach and at the end of the barrier island.  There is a great park there called Lighthouse Park.  Why?  Because the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and Museum is there.  First we walked out on the fishing jetty and met Harry and Bill.  Both fisherman and they gave us some good fishing tips.  On our way back, John blew out his flip flop.  He didn’t have any other shoes with him and we had just gotten started on our day.  So back to Big Red and his tool box.  After some flip flop surgery (major staples and nut and bolts) we were off again.  Now we moseyed through the park and along the sand outcrops.  We walked to the lighthouse and museum.  There is a small entry fee, but well worth it.  We saw a short movie on the history of the lighthouse and surrounding area.  Then we went through some of the old lightkeepers quarters and museum.  Next we climbed the 203 steps up to the top of the lighthouse.  This lighthouse was built in 1887 and is a National Historic Landmark.  Its 175 feet tall and is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and one of the tallest in the nation.  It is hot and humid, we like it this way, but after our walks and our lighthouse climb, we are both ready for a cold beer.  We stopped at Lighthouse Restaurant and sat at the waterfront bar for a couple cold ones.  OK, were done for the day.  We went back to the cow, had dinner and just relaxed.    23   Today we were up and out by 830am.  We have about 280 miles to Daytona Beach were we are staying for the next 8 nights.  We got in and all set up by 3pm.  We really need groceries so we headed to the store to stock up for while were here.  Now were done.  We took a short walk around the campground and then had a couple cocktails on our patio.    22   Today we headed out to Downtown Historic Savannah.  We walked around the riverwalk and then to the city market and back to the riverwalk.  We stopped for oysters and beer overlooking the Savannah River and then headed back to the cow.  We spent the afternoon relaxing and getting ready for our journey tomorrow.    21   This morning we headed out early to visit Ft Pulaski and Historic Downtown Savannah.  We got to the Fort a little after 9am.  We watched a short movie and educated ourselves on the Fort and the history of the area and the civil war.  Then we walked completely around the Fort to check out the damage done during the 2 day war.  We took a 1.5 mile hike out to the lighthouse.  Then there was a ranger led tour on the inside of the Fort that was starting, so we took that.  We finished up there around 1215pm.  Then we headed to Savannah to tour the city.  A motorist told us there was a problem with our tire.  So we pulled over and checked it out.  We don’t have any idea how he saw this.  It was on the passenger front inside.  It had a bulge almost as big as a 16’ softball.  It would have blown at any time.  We decided to call our Good Sam Emergency Road Service to check it out.  Then we started working on changing the tire.  They were there in less than 15 minutes and took over.  It was great.  We highly recommend the Good Sam ERS.  We had been planning on replacing the tires, so we headed to Walmart and got 4 new tires.  We stopped at Olive Garden for dinner and we were done.  We never made it to downtown Savannah.  We were going to head out tomorrow, but decided to stay one extra day.    20   We took a nice walk out to where the Savannah River meets the Atlantic Ocean.  This is only a couple blocks from our campground.  We were walking on the beach and we saw 2 hard shell stingrays out of the water on the beach.  At first they looked dead, but then we saw movement.  One slowly made it’s way back in the water.  The other one didn’t move so we think it was dead.  Then we continued on and saw people swimming, sunning and fishing.  We headed inland to check out the Tybee Lighthouse.  We walked around and then back to our campground.  It’s Sunday and we are having a football afternoon in the cow.    19   We headed out early this morning.  We want to go 400 miles today to Savannah GA.  We were in our site and all set up by 4pm.  We are staying at Rivers End Campground on Tybee Island.  We went for a walk down to the beach and did a little investigating.  Then we drove down to the south end and walked along the beach to watch the sun set.  We walked around town and found Bernie’s Oyster House where we stopped for a few drinks and listen to music.  The Samuel Adams Band was playing and there were a few harmonica players in the audience.  One was very good and got on stage for a while.  His name is Gordon Hill.  We found out he has given away over 4000 harmonicas.  There were a few service men in the audience and he gave them one.  I had asked for his card and he gave me one.  Now I have something new to learn.  His website is      18   We got on the road early and headed out on the PA Turnpike.  We were going to take some round about roads to get around Washington DC, but since it was midday, we decided to try to take the bypass around DC.  It worked out fine.  We were going to stop near Richmond VA for the night, but we were moving along well, so we ended up in Enfield North Carolina at the KOA.  We got all set up and just relaxed.  We drove almost 400 miles today.    17   This morning was cloudy and cool.  We headed up to Johnstown, PA.  Today we are scattering my Mom’s ashes.  She wanted to be here because back in August of 1964 her fiancé crashed his charter plane 10 miles west of Johnstown.  She was supposed to be on the trip with him.  The sun did come out for a while.  We first stopped at “Natures Window”  the RT 56 Conemaugh Gap Scenic Overlook.  This is the deepest gap east of the Mississippi.  We sent some of her ashes off in the wind.  Then we headed for Laurel Ridge State Park.  There is a 70 mile trail here.  After my research, this is the area the plane crashed.  We hiked in about 2.5 miles to a clearing on the top of the ridge.  We had a nice picnic with Mom and then sent my Mom out on the wind.  We hiked back and then made our way back to our campground.    16   We had a nice easy day today.  We were up and having coffee outside looking at the lake, the ranger came by with our newspaper.  So we read for a while then got ready to hit the road.  We were on the road by 1030am.  We were heading to Somerset Pa.  We got to Woodland Campground and were all set up by 230pm.  Woodland is fine for our 2 night stay, but it’s mostly old seasonal trailers with a few nightly sites.  We were on a hill with a beautiful view.    15   We were up and out by 8am this morning.  We said our so longs to Steve and Willa, and Denny and Lisa.  We went to get our new tires installed on the cow.  We were on the road by 9am.  We drove from Hillsville Virginia to Weston West Virginia.  We stayed overnight at Stonewall Jackson State Park.  We got set up and took a nice long walk around the campground and resort.  We saw a fawn during our walk.  We got back and relaxed outside.  Our campsite is on the end and we are right on the lake, so the view is very pretty.     14   This is the day before our departure day.  Since we are Workampers we get free laundry and discounted propane.  We are finishing up all laundry, rugs, rags etc and getting our propane topped off.  We completed our day before checklist and are ready to roll.  Tonight we are going out to the Mexican Restaurant in Hillsville with Steve, Willa, Denny and Lisa.    13   Our last Workamper day.  We were done early and went around to a few other Workampers and took pictures.  We came back and started getting things together.  I worked on a Workamper movie for Steve and Willa.  I emailed it to the other Workampers.  Then it’s Sunday so that means Football!!  We relaxed in the afternoon and watched the games.  Click HERE if you want to see a short movie on how hard we all worked.    12   Another workamper day.  Now I say day, but we really only worked for 1 ½ hours.  Our workamper friends Jim and Jackie headed out today.  They are the ones that did the karaoke at the park.  We did some grocery shopping to get ready to travel and then headed to Hillsville for the monthly downtown car show and concert.  We have been to all 5.  So that means that it’s really time to hit the road.    11   Today is a workamper day.  Both the pools were really easy this morning.  There hasn’t really been anyone in them, so it didn’t take long.  We worked on getting laundry done and starting to pack Big Red.  Then we just moseyed around the campground.  We had our last fire.  Denny, Jim, Steve, Willa, John and I enjoyed sitting around the fire with a few cocktails.    10   This morning we were up and out early.  A bunch of us workampers decided to go to Fancy Gap for breakfast.  Denny, Lisa, Jackie, Jim, Bill, Alice, Francis, Marvin, Richard, Shelly, Judy, Jim, Greg, Loretta, John and I all went.  Afterwards, Lisa, John and I headed on the Blue Ridge Parkway towards Galax to go to Walmart.  We saw a flock of wild turkeys along the way.  We were still back early and I went around and helped a few workampers get their business cards designed and printed.  BTW, did I say we were official retired again?  Well, now were not.  The pools will be open this weekend and Bryan and Diane are away for a couple weeks.  So John and I are getting the pools cleaned and open Friday to Sunday.
Today was a laid back relaxing day.  John did a few projects around the cow and I went to get my hair cut.  Some big storms came in so John did some reading and I played around on the computer.  Our compadres Diane and Bryan was heading out today and won’t be back for a couple weeks.  They stopped by to say see you later and gave us a bottle of Parrot Bay Rum.  The workampers are slowly heading out.  It was great to meet all of them and we may meet up again somewhere down the road.    8   Today we did one of our last big projects before we head out.  We cleaned and greased all the screens and windows.  Steve and Willa is having a Steak Potluck for all the workampers tonight.  They are supplying the steaks and baked potatoes and everyone brings a dish.  We made garlic bread and banana cream pie.  We were all stuffed after dinner.  We took some pictures, swapped business cards and said our so longs to some that are heading out in the morning.    7   We are officially retired workampers.  We headed to the Hillsville Flea Market at Gun Show.  It’s the largest Flea Market on the East Coast.  There are over 600 gun dealers.  The Flea Market stretches 2 miles by 1 mile.  We got a few things.  You know we live in a cow, so we really don’t need much.  Then we came back and John did some reading and I worked on trying to get my website working again.    6   Today is our last workamper day at Lakeridge.  We are on the waterslide with Jake again.  It was a steady day but not crazy.     5   Workamper day.  Both of us are on the waterslide today.  It was a nice day and steady.  We had a good time.  Afterwards, we came back had a quick dinner and off to Karoke.  It’s the last night for it.  The café was packed.  Steve and Willa and their family also came for a while.  I got the workampers that were there together and we all sang “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson.     4  Today last year is when my Mom passed away.  The year has gone quick and last summer was a very difficult one with both my Mom and Dad being sick.  However, today we are in Hillsville Virginia with a sunny morning.  John is working the waterslide and I will be later in the afternoon.  Most of the day there was nobody at the waterslide.  Later in the afternoon it did pick up.  Most of the campers so far are here for the Flea Market in Hillsville.  After we got off, we had a fire and cocktails.     3   Workamper day for John.  The Labor Day weekend is here and it will be in the mid 70’s.  We are expecting 72 check in’s today.  I am going to work on getting my computer back in order.  I still have programs I have to add.  Labor Day Weekend is the big Gun show and Flea Market in Hillsville.  Since we got here we heard it was big, but didn’t realize just how big.  The last few days when I have been through Hillsville, the main road that runs to the highway is being transformed.  From the stoplight to the location of the future bypass is about 5 miles.  There are vendor stands everywhere along this route.  In every front yard, parking lot or piece of ground and back a half a mile or so.  I heard over the weekend to drive this 5 miles will take at least 2 hours.     2   Workamper day for both of us.  We were on in the morning to clean the pools and waterslide.  John was going to work until 4pm to fill in for breaks and lunches, but it was cool and no kids were in the park so he got off early.  I worked on my computer getting programs reloaded and data back in.  I have lost some info, but that’s ok.  I helped our neighbors Lisa and Denny with how to use a program, photoshop elements.    1   Workamper day for both of us.  The mornings are getting cooler and we had to wear a sweater for a while.  The waterslide is closed today and the pools were really easy because very few kids, families and campers are in the park this week.  This weekend should be busy.  I was off early and since I’m without a computer did some reading.  I did head into Galax early afternoon because my computer is ready.  I looked over Jeff’s shoulder as he reloaded Vista and set it up.  I spent the evening working to download my original programs.