John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

November 2009 Journal

We got our fishing equipment out and ready.  Since we got to Lazy Lakes, we haven’t been fishing.  We checked out the tide report and found that low tide was at 5pm.  So we headed out about 230pm to fish off the bridge at Kemps channel.  The best fishing we heard is the few hours before either high or low tide.  Actually if the tide is at 5pm, at around 4pm to 6pm fishing is really bad.  Nothing bites.  We did catch 14 fish.  Mostly yellowtail snapper and one Pompano.  We cleaned them up and had them for dinner.

29   Sunday, Football day.  But now Sunday is also Lazy Lakes Party Day.  We will watch the games in the clubhouse while we enjoy the party.  Today there is a band and as always, free beer and food.  We played some horseshoes and enjoyed the music.

This morning is cool and sunny.  We took a walk around our lake and stopped at the rec center and visited with some other campers.  Then we hung around the cow.  We headed over to Boondocks at 5pm with Linda.  Linda is the manager at our campground.  Howard Livingston and MM24 are there tonight at 7pm.  It’s only 7 miles up the road, but Linda said we need to get there early.  She was right.  We got a front table.  We met a lot more people and some we already know.  We had a great time.  Of course, Howard got out the Johnson motor to make margaritas. 

Today we took a nice walk past the KOA and back about 3 miles.  We saw some Ibis birds.

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s been storming the last few days and is still overcast but warm today.  We took a walk around our lake and it was as calm as looking into a mirror.  We took some photos showing the reflections in the water.  We are having Thanksgiving potluck at the campground.  We decided to bring our pistachio fruit salad and rolls.  We could only find the rolls you had to bake.  Since we’ve had our cow in 2002, we have never used the oven.  But no big deal to heat rolls, right?  Yea Right!  So we got it started.  We’ll we have no cookware, so we lined the rack with foil, no problem.  We also don’t have a hot plate or mitts.  So we used our dish cloths.  We’ll one problem, they have a plastic scrubber on one end.  That melted.  The cutting board we used as a place to set the hot rack is also plastic, that started to melt.  Some rolls fell off the rack and started smoking in the oven.  About 1/3 got burned.  So anyway, it all worked out.  However, I don’t think we’ll be ever using the oven again.  We had a nice Thanksgiving and of course ate too much.  Afterward, we stayed around the rec center with a few people and had some wine.  Nice Day!

Overnight we have had lots of thunder, lightning and rain.  This morning our buddy Chip was knocking on our door at 645am to go for a walk.  We said it’s too early and to go away.  Then we got up and had our coffee and Chip was back with his small, small rowboat with a small outboard motor.  He wanted John to go out fishing with him.  Once again we said no thanks.  Half the time he takes his boat out, he has to get towed back in.  Today it’s still raining and we have some more big storms expected.  So no way.  We hope he makes it back.  We are going to take a drive and check out some fishing spots.

24   We had coffee on our verandah and then John and Chip headed out for a long walk.  They are walking to the burned out bridge which is 6 miles round trip.  Well about 30 minutes later I saw Chip and asked where John was.  Chip only made it 1 mile then got a ride back on a golf cart.  John went the whole 6 miles.  When he got back we helped Traci move her plants and then went to the pool.  John and Chip played some horseshoes.  There are quite a few characters here and we need to keep our distance.

This morning is laundry then we headed over to the pool.  We had an early dinner then took a walk to Mangrove Mama’s for happy hour.  We met George and Darlene there.  Their son, Dustin is the bartender.

John is washing Red today.  He is also repotting the plant.  I am working on some TCI stuff and then we have football.

I’m starting to feel better, still not 100% but better.  This morning we headed to Key West.  We stopped at Denny’s for breakfast.  I got a haircut and we did some grocery shopping.  When we got back we headed over to the pool.  Our buddy Chip joined us.  We took a walk over to the KOA for happy hour.  It’s about 1 mile each way.

I’m feeling much better.  We took a short walk around campground.  Then went to the pool to soak up some much needed rays.  We turned on some music and had sundowners at the cow, our buddies Chip and Mark stopped by.  Chip showed us some great card tricks.  After a while Mark left then we grounded ourselves.  If we didn’t, Chip would stay all night.

I’m still not feeling good.  I have a terrible cough, so I went to a doctor.  Hopefully the medicine she gave me will help.  John putted around the campsite and I took it easy.

16 – 18  
I’m doing better but still not great so I’m just taking it easy.  I am ready to start feeling better.  The question is when is that going to happen.  We did go to the pool to soak up some rays and maybe that will help my cold.

15   I’m starting to feel a little better but not 100% yet.  We hung around the cow until 1pm when we went over to the clubhouse.  Today the park is having it’s weekly Sunday Afternoon Party.  DJ Dwayne, sloppy joes and a keg.  Everyone just brings a dish.  John played horseshoes and I met lots of our new neighbors.  We had a good time and headed back to the cow around 6pm.  I’m still not feeling well, so I had a couch evening.

   12-14   I came down with a bad cold.  John did stuff around the cow and I did napped on the couch.

11   This morning is warm, but overcast with drizzle.  I am troubleshooting our internet connection.  We took a drive around our new area and then came back and John did some reading and I worked on photos and our website.

Today is a domestic day at our campground.  I did some laundry, bills and worked on pictures.  John organized and set everything up outside and in our storage area.

This morning Jim and Diane are heading home and we are “On the Road Again”.  We are moving 15 miles up the road to our winter campground.  We are hunkering down in Sugarloaf Key for the winter.  Mark is heading back to Ft. Myers on the 6pm ferry boat, so he helped us to make our move.  We got all set up and took a walk and met a few of the other campers.  Then we headed back to Key West and had dinner at the Half Shell Restaurant at the wharf.  Mark caught his boat, we stopped for groceries and now we are done.  We went back to the cow and relaxed.

We all went to Camilla’s for breakfast.  Then we came back to our campground for a while to exchange photos.  We went to pick up Jim and Diane’s car and then parked at the BW and started walking to the Blue Heaven for the songwriters showcase.
Howard Livingston, Sunny Jim, Jerry Diaz, Jim Hoen and more were there.  About 6pm we headed over to the Green Parrott to see Bill Wharton the Sauce Boss.  He is just great.  We stayed for the whole show and even got a few bowls of his gumbo.  It was windy and a little rain.  We were on the outskirts of Hurricane Ida.  We walked back to the BW and we were done. 

Mark, John and I stopped at Denny’s for breakfast.  Today is Beach day at the Casa.  We set up our chairs on the beach and listened to The Sunny Jim Band and Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band.
We took a walk down to Margaritaville and had drinks and appetizers.  We met Sherry and Rick and others from the MAPA at Willy T’s.  We went to Captain Tonys for a cocktail and then headed back to the Casa to see Little Feat.  It was a great concert.  We headed back and we were done.

After a late night we got going a little later.  We headed over to Jim and Diane’s and walked down Duval and stopped at an Irish Pub for a beer.  Then we continued on to Duval and Fleming outside of Margaritaville where the Street party is playing.  Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef were playing when we got there, Then Howard Livingston and MM24.  Jim and Diane headed back to the hotel for a while and Mark, John and I stayed at the street party.
We headed to the Bottle cap lounge and met Jim and Diane there.  We saw Tall Paul and Crawdaddy.  Then on to Green Parrot to see Bill Wharton the Sauce Boss.  We stayed for the first set and then stopped for hot dogs. We got home around 1am

Today is the start of MOTM – Meetings of the Minds.  This is the biggest Parrothead Party in the country.  The main events are held at the Casa Marina Resort.  We hung out on beach enjoying the music.  We set up our chairs on the beach by the main stage.  We could here the music from the other stage, but we got to watch and hear the sound checks for tonight’s big show on the main stage.
We had Nadirah Shakoor walk by.  She is with the Coral Reefer Band.  She stopped to say Hi to Jim.  Jim did security at a special function at Alpine Valley this summer and escorted her and other Coral Reefers to the function.  She autographed his shirt and had to head on.  We also saw Robert Greenidge, Michael Utley and others.
We headed out around 3pm and took the shuttle to Westin Docks to catch the Fury Sunset Cruise for the Great Lakes Region Parrotheads.  We met a lot of people from MAPA, Milwaukee Area Parrothead Association.  Matt Wahl played guitar and harmonica.  Afterward we stopped at Sloppy Joes for a cocktail and then took the shuttle back to Casa for The Boat Drunks and Club Trini Bands.  Club Trini is made up of mostly Coral Reefers.

Since we had bait, John and Mark did some morning fishing and I explored the campground.  I met some other parrotheads.  Jim and Diane were driving down from Miami and we met them at the Key West airport so they could drop off their car.
We drove to there hotel, the Best Western Hibiscus on Simonton.  It’s a nice hotel, free parking (so that’s where we parked Big Red), a nice pool and big rooms.
We walked over to the Casa Marina Resort.  Today there are a few bands and we want to check them out.  Then we took a shuttle to the Conch Republic Seafood Company.  They had a band playing, parrothead drink specials and a parrothead welcome party.  When we left there, we took a long walk down Duval.  We stopped at Ricks for a few drinks.  Jim and Diane decided to head back to the hotel.  Mark, John and I continued on Duval.  We stopped at 801 Bourbon.  John and I have been here a few times.  They have good drink specials, and it’s a great people watching gay bar.  Tonight they have a Drag Queen Show and they offered us free tickets, so we headed up.  It was fun and we had a good time.  Mark really enjoyed it.  We ended up getting back to the campground around 2am.

We headed out early this morning to Ramrod Key and Looe Key Diving and Tiki Bar.  We were heading out on their Looe Key Reef Trip.  John and I went snorkeling and Mark was teamed up with Jody and went Scuba Diving.  We could not dive since we haven’t in the last 2 years.  We had a great day.  The water was as clear and calm as glass and the sun was out so the visibility was great.  We had 3 different stops on the reef with about an hour water time at each stop.  The last stop was at Shark Alley.  Mark and John both saw sharks.  I did see one on the way in.
When we got back we headed over to the Tiki Bar for a couple cocktails and taco’s.  We headed back to the campground and stopped for bait.  We all went out fishing for a while.  After a bit, I headed back and John and Mark was still fishing.  They caught a few, but no keepers.

On the road again – we don’t have far to travel today.  We were out of Breezy Pines at mile marker 30 by 8am.  We were setup and on our site by 10am at mile marker 5, Boyd’s Campground.
We left to go pick up our friend Mark.  He is taking the ferry from Ft. Myers to Key West.  We met Kat and DJ Jeff at the pier and dropped them at their condo.  Then we headed to the wharf area and walked around.  We saw some huge Tarpon right at the docks.  Then we stopped in at Schooner Wharf to listen to Michael McCloud.  We went down to Duval to just see what we could find.  I have been wanting a tattoo but decided against it.  I did get a palm tree henna tattoo.  Hennas last about 2 weeks.
We stopped at Cowboy Bills for a while and then decided to try to make it to Mallory Square for sunset.  We went to Sunset Pier and made it just as the sun was disappearing below the horizon.  They had a small band and the full moon was rising.   We headed back to Boyd’s and took a walk over to Hogfish Bar and Grill for dinner.  After dinner we sat outside for a while.

1   Today is our day before departure and football.  So we are packing everything up, then enjoying football.