John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

March 2010 Journal

Today is our last day in the keys for a while.  We had to head to Key West today to return our modem to comcast.  After we got back, we decided to take a walk around the lake.  It would normally take about ½ to do, but everyone knows were leaving and we have to say our “See you laters”.

30   Today is domestic day.  We are doing laundry and some vacuuming.  John is empting and cleaning the storage areas.  Tonight is our last Tuesday potluck of meatloaf then Texas Holdem.  The meatloaf dinner was really good.  Walt and Fiona also made some Irish Coffee which was great.  The secret – brown sugar.  A shot of Irish Whiskey, 1 ½ teaspoons of brown sugar, fill the 8oz cup with coffee and add a little cool whip or half and half.  Very smooth.
After dinner we had Texas Holdem.  The first game we had 8 players – Karen, Ron, Sandy, Craig, George, Gerald, John and Darlene.  Gerald was 3rd with 10.00, John 2nd with 30.00 and Darlene was the winner with 40.00.  The second game we had seven players – Gerald, Karen, Craig, Sandy, Darlene, George and John.  Darlene was 3rd with 10.00, George 2nd with 25.00 and John the winner was 35.00.
During the time we were playing cards, we had an impromptu band playing.  The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band.  Carolyn on the washboard, Jerry on banjo, Fiona on guitar and vocals, Carlos on flute and guitar plus we had a bunch singing.  It was really fun.  Like us, in the next week or so there is a LOT of people heading out on the road.  After cards and the band, we had a couple cocktails and then headed back to the cow.

After a nice walk around the lake and a stop at the clubhouse for coffee and doughnuts, a rain storm blew in.  The wind is blowing and it’s pouring.  We are just relaxing and enjoying the storm.  The rain let up and we walked over to check out horseshoes.  We had 10 people which worked out fine.  Dale and I were partners and John and Carolyn were partners.  Both teams lost 3 games and won 1.  We had a short rain delay but that was fine.  John and I had 5 ringers each.  Tonight we are just hanging around the cow.

Another party day.  This morning is sunny and 74 already.  We took a walk around the lake then did a few projects.  Today is our last Sunday party but it’s starting a little later at 3pm until ???  Dave Aaron and the band are playing.  It’s not just a party but we are celebrating Joe’s retirement, Duane and Dave’s birthdays.  We had a great time like always.

Today should be a nice relaxing day.  We’ll we thought.  They are auctioning off 13 lots here today.  So we went over to the pool to soak up some rays and check out how the auction goes.  We got over to the clubhouse and pool and not just an auction, but another party.  In addition to coffee and brownies, there was a keg of beer and CW Colt was playing.  OK.  We’ll attend.  They ended up auctioning off one site for 95K.  After that the bids were too low, so Joe said forget it and just party.
We had a couple games of jokers and then had to hurry up and change to head over to Boondocks for Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 CD Release Party.  Carlos, Linda, John and I left at 5pm and the band wasn’t starting until 7pm.  When we got there all the tables were already gone, but we worked out chairs in the front.  Frisbee brought Joe over and Joe C and Dave came over.  Joe C owns Lazy Lakes.  Once again we had a good group.
Howard always auctions off the first margarita from his Johnson and the chance to make it.  All the proceeds go to Kids Camp.  Tonight was a record.  Joe C got it for $1,500.00.  He did a great job making it as you can see from the pics.  We got back to Lazy Lakes around 1130pm. 

   26   This morning we had to head to Big Pine for groceries.  When we got back John did some reading and I researched new cameras.  Mine is on the last leg.  After dinner we headed over to the clubhouse.  Tonight is movie night and the movie is ‘Blind side”.  There are a few sprinkles in the area so the movie is inside tonight.  We only had a single feature since it’s light later the movie starts later almost 8pm. 

This morning we got up and took a nice walk over to the KOA.  Last night the button to take photos on my camera fell off.  We were hoping to find it but no luck.  John was able to rig it up with a tac and some electrical tape, but I don’t know how long this will last.  Time to start checking out new ones.  We took it easy for a while.  Tonight is another party time.
We headed down to Key West with Debbie, George, Darlene and Frisbee.  Craig met us down there.  We headed to Rick’s to see “Yo Adrian”.  We were there for his whole set 4 hours with no breaks.  We had a great time.  It’s hard to explain his show.  It is definitely not for kids and a lot of adults would not like it either.  All of us however, loved it.  It’s part music, comedy, clean and dirty and everything in between.  We found out he will be up in Maine this summer so we are going to try to make it to another show.  He really liked the fact we were married for 31 years and that were gypsies.
After his show we headed across the street to Sloppy Joes.  Pete and Wayne were getting started.  They also have a unique show that’s not for everyone.  We had a great time and then it was time to head back to the cow.

Another beautiful, warm, sunny morning.  I did some TCI stuff in the morning and then we headed off to the pool in the afternoon.  We walked over to Mangrove Mamas with Debbie and Mark for happy hour and Carlos met us over there.  Then we all headed to the KOA to see Dave Aaron and the band play tonight.  We had a crowd.  We did lots of dancing and yes, even some drinking.

Today is bright and sunny and heading to 75 degrees.  We have a few projects this morning and then a pool afternoon.  After soaking up some rays at the pool, we had a cocktail in our yard and did some reading.  We headed over to the clubhouse around 545pm for the Tuesday potluck.  Tonight’s theme is appetizer and dessert potluck.  We brought BBQ little smokie’s in the crockpot.  I really liked the theme.  There were some great appetizers and lots of desserts including birthday cake for Ester.
Then we played 2 games of Texas Holdem.  The first game we had 8 players – last to winner – Sandy, Dale, John, Ron, Karen, Nate, Ron and George.  George took home 40.00, Ron 30.00 and Nate 10.00.  The second game was 7 players – George, Craig, John, Nate, Ron, Karen and Sandy.  I took home 40.00 and Karen took home 30.00.  Sorry boys, the girls are better Texas Holdem players.

This morning we are having some rain.  I worked on some indoor stuff and helped our neighbor with some computer issues.  John washed, waxed and buffed Big Red, so he’s looking good.  We took a walk around and lake and relaxed this evening.

Even though it’s Sunday we are not having a party today because of our Big Party yesterday.  So John and I headed into Key West for some shopping and then back to the cow.  We took a nice walk around the lake and most everything was quite.  Just a nice relaxing day.

Today is another BIG Party.  Our campground has been written up in the Miami Herald as a New Music Venue down in the Florida Keys.  John and I are helping with setup and stage security again.
The entire concert day will be broadcast live on  Scroll to the bottom to access it.  You may see us periodically on the broadcast.
Here is the deal on today.
Concert in the Park”     1pm – 9pm     Lazy Lakes RV Resort   Sunny and 75 degrees

1p – 2p            Chris Cook – www.chriscookmusic.comA mix between Marvin Gaye, Delbert McClinton and the Allman Brothers with a little Merle Haggard for country flavor

215p – 315p    Dave Aaron – – Talented singer/songwriter that sounds like Kenny Chesney mixed with George Strait

330p – 430p    CW Colt – – Caribbean Country Blues Master

445p – 545p    Horse Pistols – Country meets a loud guitar and they party

6p – 7p            Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 – – 2009 Trop Rock Entertainer and album of the year

715p – 815p    Paul Cotton of Poco – www.paulcotton.comMulti Platinum recording artist performing his hit songs “Heart of the Night” and “Crazy Love”

I will update again soon on the rest of the day with pictures.
OK – Here’s the update—

John and I started out around 11am helping to setup and get things organized.  We were planning on helping again with stage security so we had our security shirts on.  However around 1230pm we were having a beer and Joe told us that if we were going to work security we couldn’t drink.  Well, ok we quit.  We changed our shirts and got another beer.
We are still helping, but now the bands are starting.  We have our chairs set up in the 2nd row right behind Linda.  It was a great day.  The weather was beautiful sunny and around 80 degrees with a slight breeze.
Joe had made some sangria for the band members and asked us to get him a glass and ourselves also.  Debbie and I went to get them.  Great sangria.  John didn’t want his and so Debbie and I shared it.  We took lots of pictures and I did a lot of dancing.  Debbie, Judy and I were dancing away, but then Debbie needed a break.  Too much sangria and beer.
Once Howard came on and broke out the Johnson, we added margaritas to that list.  After Paul Cotton from Poco, the party was over (we thought).  Linda told us to stop at the clubhouse for a private party.  Joe had a reggae musician with steel drums playing and a bunch of campers were already there.  We partied some more and when the music was over, we all headed back to our cows around midnight.

Every day is getting nicer.  Today John is still working on the rig.  I did laundry and had to go pick up some RV supplies for John.  Later we took a walk around the lake to check out how tomorrows BIG Party is coming together.  Tonight is movie night, so after dinner we headed down to the clubhouse.  Since it’s light later now, the movie has to start later.  We had quite a crowd about 20 people.  It was still inside since we are all wimps and get chilled easily.  Craig got “Avatar” for tonight’s viewing.  It’s long about 3 hours, but it was really good.  I heard it’s out in theaters in 3D.  It would be very cool to see again in 3D.

Nice day.  I am working on the inside of the cow and some TCI stuff and John is still washing, waxing and buffing out the outside of the rig.  It’s great it’s light later.  We had some cocktails outside with our new neighbor Carlos.  Carlos has a bird that’s very friendly, his name is Sunshine.  I introduced Magic and Gypsy to him. Then we all went and visited with Tammi.  It started to get dark and saw Craig and Debbie and George and Darlene and ended up at Craig and Debbie’s with a fire in their back yard. 

This morning is a cool 60 degrees and rainy morning.  I am working on some TCI and computer stuff and John is whipping up a batch of his salsa.  The rain let up around 1pm and John started washing the rig.

Pretty soon we will be hitting the road again.  John is going to do lots of cleanup and maintenance on the cow.  He wants to clean and seal the roof, wash, wax and buff out the whole outside and empty and clean the basement.  I am going to work on the inside and some TCI stuff.  Tonight we have a pork loin potluck dinner and then Texas Holdem.  The pork loin was excellent and like always way too much food.  Since people are heading out, we didn’t get a card game going, but we did get 10 to play jokers.  Girls against the guys.  We whipped them both games.

Another beautiful morning.  I finished up our journal, website and photos and John is starting projects on the cow.  Today is horseshoes.  I was paired up with Big John and John was paired up with Mark.  I ended up with 6 ringers today and John had 4.  My team was the ultimate winners.  We were the only team that won all 3 of our games.  After horseshoes we got back to the cow and contemplated going to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We decided to ground ourselves and have a quite evening at home

Today is our Sunday party.  I’m really surprised I feel good this morning after yesterday.  Even though I feel good, I’m am going to stick with water today.  We laid in the sun, had sloppy joes and listened to country bluegrass. 

We are ready to go!!  Today is the Key West St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl.  We are leaving at 945am with Liz and Duane and 2 others so 6 total.  We are taking the bus round trip.  Liz has a bottle of Pirates Choice Rum and jello shots for us.  Already were in trouble and we haven’t even left yet.  We start at the Southernmost Hotel Tiki Bar and get drinks there and 12 other bars along Duval until we get back to Schooner Wharf.
Liz, Duane, Ron, Gracey, John and I headed out to the bus stop by Mangrove Mamas at 945am.  The bus worked great and we got to the Southernmost Hotel by 1130am.  There was already quite a crowd.  We made up our rum and cokes and got our free beer and took in the other characters.  We started our stroll.  We met Angelo along the way, he was an Irish Joker today.  We met him back at our big Lazy Lakes party.
There was the snake man with his staff stick full of Irish whiskey.  In addition to our rum and cokes and beers, we had various jello shots, Irish whiskey, butterscotch and banana shots, and other alcohol.  At Ricks we did our crawl on Duval and continued on to Schooner Wharf.  It was early but we were pretty much done.  We lost Ron and Gracey and decided to go to Outback for dinner then catch our bus.  We met Liz and Duane’s friend Nick at Outback and he gave us a ride back to our campground.  We were home by 9pm.  It was a really great day!  

Now this is what the keys weather should be like.  We were going to go to the pool, but decided to head up to Marathon to visit with our friend Stella and family from Chicago.  We got to their condo, CocoPlum.  Nice condos, right on a nice beach with pool, hot tub and tennis courts.  After a little walk and a few beers, we all headed to Island Fish Company restaurant for a late lunch.  It was really nice.  We had a table outside right by the water.  After lunch the rain was coming so we sat by the pool under an overhang and watched the lighting, listened to the surf, visited and had a few cocktails.  We didn’t stay late, they had to get on the road early and we have a big day tomorrow with the Key West St. Patty’s Day Crawl.

Nice warm morning.  A little overcast and a few showers but really comfortable.  After coffee, we headed to Big Pine Key to give blood.  The blood mobile had an accident, so that will have to wait until another day.  We stopped at the bait shack for bait.  We checked our trap, but only had 1 pinfish.  We will have to try another location.  We went to the east end of Niles Channel.  It’s very shallow there.  We caught some mangrove snappers, John caught a really big one.  I caught a couple pompano jacks and John also caught another pelican.  It was a little windy, but warm about 82 and sunny so a very nice day.  After dinner we went to the clubhouse for the weekly ice cream social then played some jokers.

Ahhhh!  The mornings are getting much nicer.  It’s about 71 this morning with a little overcast and a few sprinkles.  But it’s great that it’s getting so nice in the mornings.  After laundry we took a 2 mile walk to the Bow Channel Bridge, the KOA and then back.  We got caught in the rain so we got some coffee and relaxed at the KOA.  We had a phone appointment for our taxes, so after that we did some reading and dinner.
Now we are heading over to the KOA tonight.  There are about 15 people from our campground going over.  Dave Aaron and the band are doing a live CD recording tonight.  It was pretty cool.  They did 2 takes, so we had the same CD recording back to back.  Even though we have seen them a few times before, I never really met the rest of the boys in the band, just Dave.  Wally is the harmonica player, Scott is on keyboards and Kenny is on drums.  After the music was over we talked with them a while and then headed back to our campground.  Linda and Joe gave us a ride in their new 57 Chevy golf cart.

   9   Today I think we are going to have a very full day.  Some friends from Chicago are down and staying in Marathon and may head on down to Key West today.  We have some other friends that are driving to Key West from Ft. Myers for a one night stay.  So we will probably end up down in KW today.  However, tonight is pizza party night and Texas Holdem.  Since I’m kinda the organizer for TH we should be there.  Who knows what will actually happen?????
We ended up driving down to Key West to meet up with our friends Kenny and Kim and Kim’s sister Debbi.  We started at Ricks.  Alfonso was playing and then CW Colt.  There was a cruise ship in port and spring break is starting so the streets and bars were much more crowded than usual for a Tuesday afternoon.  After some cocktails and music, we all walked on over to Schooner Wharf.  We stayed for a couple more cocktails then John and I had to head back.
We got back perfect timing for our pizza party and then Texas Holdem.  Tonight we had George, Nate, Ron, Jerry, Oscar, Patrick, John and myself.  John and I didn’t do so well this week.  Neither one of us won anything.  The 1st game Patrick won, Nate came in second and Jerry came in 3rd.  The second game we had only 6 players, 2 payouts, 1st was Oscar and 2nd was Patrick.

   8   Now this is what Florida Keys weather should be.  It’s sunny with a slight breeze and 68 degrees this morning.  We had coffee on our patio and then walked over to the clubhouse for coffee and doughnuts.  Today is horseshoe tournament day.  I was paired up with Mary Lou and John was with Carolyn.  I ended up with 3 ringers and John had 1 ringer.  We played another game and then headed back to the cow.  We decided to ground ourselves tonight.

Bright sunny morning.  Still a bit cool, but getting warmer every day.  Today is our Sunday party.  Chicken wire is playing.  It turned out to be a sunny and warm day.  We sat by the pool and listened to music.  John played some horseshoes.

Another sunny and cool morning.  The weather is supposed to break soon.  We all can’t wait.  We headed out for fishing today.  Our trap didn’t have any pinfish, so we went to the marina and got some shrimp.  We fished on the side of the Bow Channel Bridge.  We caught some and a couple keepers.  We had some pesky pelicans pestering us while we were fishing.  Later we headed into Big Pine for grocery shopping and then jokers tonight.  Another full day.

Sunny and 54 degrees.  Hey the low is only supposed to be 67 what is the 54 degrees about?  Since we put our trap out yesterday, we decided to head out fishing today.  We went and got our bait from our trap.  We had 8 pinfish.  It doesn’t sound like much, but for the 1st time, it is good.  Good too, since if you buy 8 pinfish at the bait store it would be 8.00.  We tried in the canal by the marina on Cudjoe Key.  Nice, sunny, sheltered from the wind, but no fish.  Then we moved to the bridge at Bow Channel.  It is still under repair, so we fished on the side.  Actually I like that area, it’s sheltered from the wind, place to put your bait and catch in the water.  We caught 2 Mangrove Snapper keepers.  We went to clean them and then put the guts back in our fish trap to catch bait for tomorrow.
After we got back, we took a walk to the clubhouse.  I think it got up to 62 today.  It’s actually pretty nice in the sun and sheltered from the wind.  I enjoyed some sun while John and Jim played a game of horseshoes.  We came back and did some reading, had dinner and got ready for Friday night at the movies.  Tonight Craig has “Couple Retreat” and Street Kings or something like that.  While we were waiting for people, Craig had a Jeff Dunham Comedy that was really entertaining.

Sunny and 59 degrees.  We decided to have an investigative day.  We headed over to Cudjoe Key to check out some fishing areas.  Then we decided to go get Johns fish trap he built and try to catch some pinfish.  We dropped it in the water and will back tomorrow to see.  We headed down to Geiger Key.  They have a nice walking beach it is sheltered from the wind, the sun was out and it was really nice.  We took a nice walk.  Then we stopped at the campground on Geiger.  We checked it out and had a cocktail in the outside bar.  They have entertainment Thursday’s through Sunday, but we just haven’t made it yet.
Now we headed on to the American Legion on Stock Island.  When we were visiting John’s cousin Cathy in South Carolina, we went to the American Legion where she goes often and they gave us a license plate to pass on along our journey.  So now it’s at the Southernmost American Legion.  Karen the bartender gave us one of there license plates to pass along somewhere.  We’ll have to see where it ends up.
Now we headed to Key West.  We parked over on Fleming and Grinnell and walked on down to Duvall.  We made our way to the wharf area and stopped at Alonzo’s Oyster Bar for happy hour.  Big John and Kathy recommended it for happy hour.  All drinks, even top shelf are half off and appetizers too.  So I had a key lime martini with grey goose.  John had a beer and we got some onion rings and spinach oysters.  We had a couple more drinks and Big John and Kathy came to say hi.  They were there with some friends.  We had a full day and headed back to our cow.

Today is sunny but temps are going down.  We took a walk around the lake.  We headed down the road to one of the trails John wanted to investigate.  It was short and there wasn’t much there.  We headed back and stopped to play a game of horseshoes.  It was sunny and windy, but if you were sheltered from the wind it was really warm.  We decided to go to the pool.  We got some sun, did some reading until the clouds and rain moved in.  We went back to the cow and did a little more reading, then had dinner and headed over to the clubhouse.  There is a jokers tournament tonight.  Even though I think I’m pretty good at jokers, Ron and I were the ultimate losers tonight.  This is twice out of three tournaments that I was an ultimate loser.  Hey, that’s ok, I still doubled my money since losers won something.

This morning is sunny and much warmer.  We took a nice walk around the lake and then a storm came in so we hunkered down in the cow for a little while then the sun came back out and it is nice and warm, so we took another walk over to the KOA bridge.  John found some trails to investigate.  We had a couple cocktails on our verandah and then got ready for the Mexican Potluck.  I made a beef, rice and beans dish in the crockpot with tortillas.  Like always we ate too much, but everything was so good.
Afterwards we got our Texas Holdem game going.  1st game was Pat, Ron, John Nate, me, George and Oscar.  George came in 2nd and Oscar came in 1st.  It’s pretty cool that Oscar plays.  He’s legally blind and can’t see.  We set up a big light behind him.  This way he can see his cards.  He sets his chips up in order and we told him the values.  We called out the flop, turn and river cards.  The second game we had Nate, me, Gerald, Pat, John and Oscar.  John came in 2nd and Oscar won again.

This morning is bright and sunny but cool, again.  We are ready like everyone else down here for some normal hot and dry weather.  We have another cold front coming this week, and then it should start to get back to normal.  Campers are starting to head “on the road again”.  Lou, Rebecca and Ted are leaving this morning.  John did his 6.5 mile hike to the burned out bridge and back and I did some TCI stuff.  We had our weekly horseshoe tournament at 1pm.  John ended up with 2 ringers and I had 3 ringers today.  After horseshoes we decided to stay around the cow.  We had a nice Mahi Mahi grilled dinner and just relaxed.  You know, you have to take a party break sometimes