John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

June 2010 Journal

John was up and out early this morning.  After his morning party with the squirrel, he set off on a big hike.  I decided to stay at the cow.  He was going to go up Dorr and Cadillac Mountains and then back down.  He will be gone for about 8 hours.  I did miscellaneous stuff at the cow.  Our internet is still down, so I headed to Desert Narrows Too to check emails and internet stuff.

Today we caught the bus and headed down to Bubble Pond to start are 3 mile hike along the east side of Eagle Lake on the carriage roads.  At the North end of Eagle Lake, I caught the bus back to the visitors center and John continued on and hiked the Breakneck Trail, another 3 miles.  We met up at the visitors center and headed home.  Our internet is still out, so we headed to our campgrounds sister park, Desert Narrows Too to use the internet and check emails. 

Another rain out.  That’s ok, we have stuff to catch up on.  Right now our internet has been down since last week and we should have it again later this week.

This morning we hung around the cow and worked on photos.  Then we headed on the bus to the Acadia NP visitors center.  From there we took the carriage roads down to Eagle lake almost a 3 mile hike.  We went past a few small lakes and ponds and saw some beaver lodges and dams.  We took the bus back into Bar Harbor and stopped at the brewery shop for some tastings.  Then we headed to the Dog and Pony for a couple beers.  It’s happy hour at Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant so we stopped in there for some cocktails and appetizers.  Back on the bus and to the cow.

We headed out for the bus.  John needed another big hike and I didn’t.  Together, we took the bus and John got off at the Bubbles Rock trailhead.  I continued on to Jordon Pond.  I enjoyed reading and relaxing on the lawn while overlooking Jordon Pond.  John headed for the Bubble Trails.  He ended up doing about 5 miles on strenuous up and down trails.  He met me at Jordon Pond House and we had popovers on the lawn overlooking the pond.  We caught the bus for home.  While grilling out, a local family came by selling homemade pies.  We got an apple pie for dessert.

I got up this morning to a party.  The cats were tag teaming me and John was fighting with the squirrels.  The grease and gallon jug did the trick for the big squirrels, but the little squirrel can jump over.  So John has been in and out, chasing the little squirrel away and repositioning the 4 plastic jugs on the feeder.  It’s only 730am and already what a morning.
We hopped on the bus and headed to Sand Beach.  I got off and had a nice few hours soaking up sun, listening to the surf and reading at the beach.  John continued on and got off the bus at the Gorham Mtn trailhead.  He was going to hike up to Beehive and then down to meet me at Sand Beach.  That is what he did, but he didn’t know he had to hike up Gorham, down to a valley then back up to Beehive.  He made it.  Together we hiked along the Ocean Path Trail down to Otter Point.  It’s almost low tide so we didn’t see the force of Thunder Hole, but we’ll plan to return another day at incoming tide.  This whole area is so scenic and beautiful. 
Tonight we wanted some mussels with dinner, so John headed out to harvest some.  We got about 50 and steamed some and grilled others.  Fresh seafood!  Great!

The free Island Explorer bus is running now and picks up at our campground.  We caught the 915am into Bar Harbor and transferred to the #7 bus to the Southwest Harbor area.  We got off at the Ship Harbor Trail and hiked the 1.2 mile path along the shore.  We walked up the road to the Wonderland Trail and hiked in and had our lunch overlooking a calm bay.  We finished our hike and caught the bus into Bernard and then back to Bar Harbor to our campground.  We regrouped and headed to Lunt’s Lobster Pound for Lobster and Happy Hour.  Back at the campground, John was like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.  He’s been fighting with the squirrels on the bird feeder.  He readjusted it and added grease to the pole.  We’ll see what happens.

This morning is rainy and cool.  Today is going to be a rain out.  We relaxed in the cow and did some reading.  I did some TCI stuff.

This morning we hung around the cow, watched the birds and worked on pictures.  We have a new bird at the feeder, the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.  We checked out low tide.  It’s at 210pm today, so we headed to Bar Harbor around 11am to do the Bar Island Hike.  This is a 2 mile round trip hike and you can only do it 1.5 hours before low tide and you better be back by 1 hour after low tide or you will be stuck on the island.  At low tide a sandbar opens up so you can hike the ½ mile out to the island.  We arrived about 3 hours before low tide so the pathway wasn’t open yet.  We saw a few people wading through the water and checked to see how deep it was.  We took off our gym shoes and started to walk over the sand.  It wasn’t really like soft sand.  It was more hard sand with broken mussel and clam shells and rocks with sharp crustaceans on them.  We made our way to the waters edge and then started to cross.  The water was COLD!  We had to go slow because of the broken shells, but wanted to run because the water was so cold.  We crossed one area, then walked on the sandbar a ways, then had to cross the water again.  We made it.
We put our shoes back on and headed out to investigate the island.  We went up to the summit, which is a beautiful view of Bar Harbor.  After more investigation, we headed back to the crossing.  It was just about low tide and what a difference.  The crossing was way above the water line and really wide.  Almost a block wide.  There were seagulls and crows browsing through the sea grass looking for a crab lunch and people going to and from the island.
After our hike, we moseyed through town and checked out some areas we haven’t been to.  I found a great ice cream shop.  Then we continued on.  We stopped at the Dog and Pony Bar for a beer and then ended up at the Black Friars Inn and Pub for a beer.  We had another great day.

This morning is bright, sunny and warm.  We are heading to Northeast Harbor for a 10am ranger cruise around the Cranberry Islands.  We boarded the Sea Princess.  We cruised around Bear Island and saw the lighthouse.  On our way to Little Cranberry Island we cruised past a couple tiny islands.  One of these was loaded with Grey and Harbor Seals.  They didn’t care that we were there.  We stopped at Little Cranberry and visited the Isleford Museum.  Back on the Sea Princess we cruised around Big Cranberry and on to Somes Sound.  We also saw Black Guillemots birds.  After our cruise, we headed up to Lower Hadlock Pond.  We did a 2 mile hike around the lake.  After a stop at the grocery store, we headed home to the cow.  We had a couple cocktails and relaxed outside. 

This morning was rainy but warm.  After the rain moved out, so did we.  Before we headed out the tide was down.  So John went and got us a ½ dozen mussels to go with dinner tonight.  It’s great being able to walk out and get mussels.  Then we went over to the Sieur de Monts area in the park.  We took to Jessup and Stratheden Trails.  It was about 2.5 miles on easy trails.  We did see a deer along the way.  Then we headed along Duck Brook Road to check out the carriage roads.  We headed back to the cow to do some laundry and lay by the pool.  Another big storm moved in.

Today is going to be a warm sunny day.  We are hanging around the cow and getting some sun at the pool.

Another hiking day.  We headed over to Jordon Pond for hiking.  It’s a beautiful sunny and warm day about 85 degrees.  We started out with the nature trail and the Jordon Pond loop.  This is an easy 4 mile hike around the pond.  Like always, John needed more.  Penobscot Mountain was calling him.  Not me though.  He was headed for another ladder trail (Jordon Cliff Trail) and back on the strenuous Penobscot Mountain Trail.  These were about 3 miles in addition to the 4 miles we just did.  This was also about a 1200 foot climb up and then back down.  NOT FOR ME!!
After our hike together, John headed out and I headed to the Jordon Pond House to investigate it.  The big thing here is sitting under the umbrellas on the lawn having their famous popovers.  I was planning to just walk around and visit the gift shop.
While I was in the gift shop, I ran into Sarah.  We had met her last night at the Lumberjack Show.  She is Bob Crowley from Survivors, cousin.  We talked for a few minutes and she invited me to lunch with them.  So Sarah, Peggy, Bob and I had popovers outside overlooking Jordon Pond.  It was great to get to know them and see them again.  Once again, we said our goodbyes.
I headed back to Red.  I knew I still had time before John came back.  I had brought my beach chair.  So I walked over to the pond, found a peaceful spot, set up my chair and did some reading.  When John got back, we headed back to the cow and to regroup.
Tonight we went to the Downeast Lobster Pound for a Lobster dinner.  For 16.00 you get a whole 1 lb lobster, corn on the cob, coleslaw and a bun.  We sat outside, overlooked the scenery and enjoyed our lobsters.  We will definitely be back here.  Another great day!!

Today is rainy and cold, we hung around cow this morning.  I worked on photos.  I’m behind on photos and my journal.  The other day when we were at the grocery store, we saw that there was a blood drive today at “Maine’s Lumberjack Show”.  We haven’t given since the keys, so we decided to go.
We called for an appointment and talked to Timber Tina (Tina Scheer).  She is the founder and owner of the Lumberjack Show.  She was also on the show, Survivor Panama.  Unfortunately she was voted off first, but still had a great experience.  She told us to come down around 3pm, this way we could meet her and also Bob.
Bob Crowley won Survivor Gabon.  For giving blood, we got tickets to the show.  It doesn’t open until Saturday but tonight is an After Hours for the Chamber of Commerce.  Tina told us if we wanted to stay that was fine.  So after our blood donation we met up with Bob Crowley, his wife Peggy and cousin Sarah.  They are all so nice.  Bob had all his Survivor stuff with him, so we talked for quite a while and he told us all about Survivor and the whole process and his experiences.  We got pictures of the idol he made and of the tree mail and maps they got.  He kept them all.
It was time to head into the show.  We said our goodbyes and nice to meet you and headed in.  You can see Tina loves doing this.  She is from Hayward Wisconsin and has been doing lumberjack stuff since she was 7 years old.  She started this show 16 years ago and loves it.  We watched the log chopping and sawing.  Tree climbing and ax throwing.  Tina got Bob up there for the ax throwing and also the log rolling.  We had a great time and were so excited to meet two people from Survivor.   

Today we headed down towards Pierce Head area.  We hiked the easy Friends Path and Carriage Roads to Long Pond.  There are over 45 miles of Carriage roads throughout the park.  Most of them you can hike, bike, ride horses and carriages on them, but no motorized vehicles.  So after walking around the pond, we headed over to hike Day Mountain.  On the way we stopped at Seal Harbor.  There is a very scenic small beach here.  We relaxed and took in the view.  We continued on and too the scenic route to the Champlain Monument parking area.
This is a .9 mile hike up to an elevation of 583 feet.  The good thing is we’re not starting at sea level.  The parking area is up higher.  Day Mountain Trail is considered a moderate hike.  It wasn’t too bad.  Real beautiful views.  I didn’t want to hike down the path so once on top; we took a break, took some pictures and hiked back down the carriage road.  This is a little longer, 1.6 miles, but real easy walking.  Were glad we did. More beautiful scenery.  We also saw a doe deer lounging right along the road.  She didn’t mind us taking her photo.  Since we had to drive through Bar Harbor to get back home, we stopped at the Irish Pub for happy hour and had a couple pints and some appetizers.

Today is Magic and Gypsies 12th B’Day.  They were waiting for their gourmet breakfast and toys.  After their party, we headed out to the park.
Today John is hiking up Cadillac Mountain on the Cadillac North Ridge Trail.  I dropped him off and drove up to the summit of Cadillac Mtn.  It’s the highest point, 1532 feet, along the northeast Atlantic seaboard.  It’s also the first place in the US to see the sunrise most of the year.  I took my time driving the 3.5 mile up to the summit.  I stopped at various pullouts for pictures and to enjoy the view.  We had our hiking lunch, bananas, apples and granola bars up on the summit.  We did the hiking trails at the summit together and then John headed down the Cadillac South Ridge Trail about 3.5 miles.
I was going to meet him by the Black woods Campground.  I had a 14 mile drive to get there and just took my time and investigated.  Once I got there I did some reading and waited for John.  He was late!  I waited and waited and waited.  Now I was getting mad and worried.  He can’t call me because we have to cell service and our walkie talkies weren’t communicating.  After 4 hours not 2 hours, he got me on the walkie talkies and he found me.  He ended up taking a wrong trail and instead of a 3.5 mile hike down, it was a 6 mile hike down.  I wasn’t happy to have waited so long, but I’m glad he made it back.

This morning we headed up to the Mt. Desert Island Visitors Center.  After we got some good area info, we stopped at the store and headed back to the cow.  We regrouped and then headed to Bar Harbor.  We walked to the wharf area and then to the Shore Trail.  This is a beautiful 1 mile trail along the coast in Bar Harbor.  We walked back through the town and then stopped at the Bar Harbor Brewery for their free daily beer tastings.  We sampled 5 different beers and 2 types of sodas.  We continued on through the town and back to Big Red.
It’s still early but we’re having some drizzle so not a good time for a hike.  We took a drive down to the small seaside village of Northeast Harbor.  There’s not much in the town, but the harbor area is beautiful.  We headed back via Sargent Drive.  This is a drive along the coast of the only fjord, Somes Sound, east of the Mississippi.  It is just so picturesque and peaceful.  This whole area is just beautiful.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  We got back, had dinner and relaxed in the cow.  We’re having a little drizzle and it’s about 50 degrees, but going down to around 44 degrees tonight.

This morning we were up early.  We headed out to Acadia National Park.  We stopped at the visitor’s center to get a park pass and info on hiking and visiting the park.  They had a short movie starting so we went to watch it.  Now we reviewed our maps and we headed down the park loop road.  Right now it’s clear with a few low clouds on the horizon.  We stopped at a couple overlooks and then stopped at the Nature Center at Sieur de Monts Springs.
We went through the nature center then decided to take a short hike.  Yea right!  I chose the Kane Path because it was along the waters edge at The Tarn.  It’s considered an easy path.  There were some rocks to climb but not bad at all.  Then I chose the Ladders Trail.  In Mesa Verde we did ladder trails and they were ok, so I thought this one would be the same.  Well I was way wrong.  I say I chose it, because John didn’t want to be blamed for picking this trail.  I figured it was only .4 miles.  It was really steep, lots of steep runged ladders and lots of rock stairs.  I kept wishing it to be done.  We saw a young guy and asked him how much farther.  Not too far.  He said we probably picked one of the hardest trails in the whole park.  Lucky me!  OK, so we finally made it to the top of the trail.
Now we had to get back to the visitors center and only moderate and strenuous paths back.  We could go back down the ladder trail, but NO WAY!  I chose the Schiff Path (Moderate) along the ridge.  Actually not to bad and beautiful views sometimes.  That’s another thing.  It was perfectly clear when we started and we thought the views would be spectacular at the top.  Before we even finished the ladder trail, the clouds came in big time and we were hiking in a cloud.  Anyway, I decided on the Strenuous Kurt Diederich’s Climb Trail down.  It too wasn’t too bad.
We finally got to the bottom and on the way down, guess what – it started to clear up again.  We took the Wild Gardens Trail back to the parking area.  We made it.  Or should I say I made it.  John loves these kinds of trails.  We continued on the 27 mile park loop trail.  We made a couple stops to check them out for future days.  We headed back to the cow.  I was done!

On the road again!  We were up early and on the road by 6am.  We have about 300 miles today from Littleton MA to Bar Harbor ME.  We made great time and we were all set up by around 2pm.  We have a really nice site.  Lots of space.  We are not right on the water but can see it from our site.
We took a walk around the campground and noticed the tide was out.  The tides here are huge.  John walked down to the waters edge to see if he could see any clam holes.  He didn’t find clams, but he did find mussels.  We walked back up to the cow and steamed one to check it out.  Perfect!
So we got our old clothes, old sandals, our beach shovel and a bucket and walked back down to the shore.  We had to muck through the mud and we were muddy, but we got all the mussels we could want.  Today we harvested about 100 mussels.  That should do for a great dinner.  We rinsed them off a couple times, and then had to rinse ourselves off.  We got back, took showers and started dinner.
We steamed some mussels in the microwave and cooked others on the grill.  Both ways were good.  We had a hot water wash to rinse them in once you take them out of the shell to get rid of any sand and grit.  Then we had cocktail sauce, horseradish and melted butter.  We ate them all while having a cocktail.  Another rough day.  So far, we really like Maine!

Today is our domestic and pre-departure day.

Today is overcast, damp and cool.  We wanted to go to Boston today so we headed out.  We drove 20 miles to the metra station and then took the metra to downtown Boston at Boston Commons Park.  We saw a film shoot for “What’s your number”.  It was the scene at the W Hotel.  We walked through the park and also through the Public Gardens.  We saw the swan boats and then headed to Cheers.  We had a couple beers and some appetizers.  John was sitting in Frasier’s place at the bar.  Luckily Frasier wasn’t there.  We continued on and walked to the wharf and Faneuil Hall area.  We took the metra back and just as we got to Big Red, it started to rain. 

Today John needed a long walk and I needed to relax.  I found an 11 mile trail, the Nashua River Trail.  I dropped him off at one end and picked him up on the other.  I did a little shopping and reading. 

We are heading to Salem today to learn about my ancestor, Rebecca Nurse.  She was hung in 1692 at the age of 71 years old in Salem for practicing witchcraft.  She was later found innocent, but that didn’t help her any.  I have copies of the trials and a lot of the history behind Salem and Rebecca Nurse from my uncle the genealogist.  So last night we read through them and reviewed all the information.  It really made our day here much better.
We headed to the visitors center first.  Always a good place to start.  A ranger gave us a lot of good info and suggestions on what to see.  We first walked over to the Witch Trials Memorial.  When a witch was hung, their bodies were not allowed to be buried in a cemetery.  So this memorial is just outside the cemetery.  It has 20 stone benches with a name on each bench for each person.  Of the 20 people, 19 were hung and 1 was smashed to death with stones.  Each bench has an inscription on it.
After walking through the memorial and the cemetery, we headed to the wharf area.  The Maritime Natl Historic Site is here.  We watched a short movie on how Salem was one of the busiest ports in the 13 colonies.  We walked around the port area and then down the street to the House of the Seven Gables.  From here we moseyed through the streets and through Salem Commons Park on our way to the Salem Witch Museum.  The tour we took depicted what happened during the witch trials and how it all got started.  After the tour, we walked around the mall area and then it was time to head home. 

After coffee, we headed out early to Minuteman National Historic Site located in Concord and on to Lexington.  This area is where the battle between the British and the Revolutionaries took place on April 19, 1775.  We started off at the North Bridge area and visitors center.  We met a ranger there, David, who told us all about the area and the history of the Battle Road.  He told us about the militia and the minutemen.  So we left the North Bridge area and headed to the Minuteman Visitors Center.  We decided to make a change of plans.
We stopped at Hartwell Tavern for a tour and talk.  Hartwell Tavern is along the Battle Road which back in 1775 stretched from Boston to Concord about 15 miles.  At Harwell, a lady dressed in for the 1775 period, showed us the house and explained the history behind it.  After years of being along this road, the Hartwell decided on making a room in the house a tavern.  When people would travel this road, they could stop here for an ale and water their horses before continuing on.  We went out back and reviewed their garden.  It was more a medicine garden.  It had herbs to stop bleeding, make you vomit and all sorts of remedies.  Then a man dressed in period revolutionary war attire did a musket shooting demonstration and explained about the militia and the minutemen.  If you were a man between 16 and 60 you were required to own a gun and fight if the call came out.  If you volunteered to be a minuteman you agreed to be available in a minute.  That meant where ever you were you always had your gun, shot and powder with you.  If you were farming, it was on the plow, if you were in church it was next to you.  If you heard the call, you were on your way in less than 1 minute.  When they demonstrated the musket shooting, they explained how the musket was loaded and fired.  They could reload in about 15 seconds.  It had a range of about 100 yards.
After the demonstration, John headed down the Battle Road for 2 miles to meet me at the visitors center.  I met up with him and we walked the Battle Road to Fiske Hill and back to the visitor’s center.  They had a great talk and movie about everything we’ve learned today.
John still needed to walk, so I drove down to Merriam’s Corner and he walked there on the Battle Road Trail which was about 4 miles.  I ended the day with about 4 miles and John had about 8 miles.  We were done with Minuteman Natl Historic Park.  We headed back to the cow and after dinner read my uncles genealogy research from this area.  Come to find out relative, Henry Bemis fought at Lexington that day on April 19, 1775.  He is actually died in Littleton MA which is the town our campsite is in.

It’s a raining day and that perfect.  We need a domestic day.  We headed to Walmart to get an oil change for red and some grocery shopping.  When we got back, I worked on photos and my journal and John did some reading.  I am way behind on my website.

We were up and out early on the road by 7am.  We have about 225 miles today but we have to navigate out of NYC.  That was a real pita (pain in the a**).  We made it out and over the George Washington Bridge.  Now onward, we thought.  Around Norwalk CT, traffic stopped.  We went about 1 mile in 2.5 hours.  A semi had overturned and closed I95.  OK, we made it past and then it was smooth sailing.  We checked into the Minuteman Campground in Littleton Massachusetts, about 30 miles NW of Boston.  We have a really pretty wooded campsite.  After we got set up, we had dinner and took a timeout.

Today we are visiting Lady Liberty.  The Statue of Liberty!  We got our tickets the other day.  We are so glad we did.  You can get tickets for the ferry for 12.00pp.  Tickets to visit the pedestal and crown are free.  The ferry takes you to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  There are very few same day tickets to visit the pedestal.  Crown tickets you have to get about 4 months in advance.  When my Dad took my brother and I here when I was 10, we got to go to the crown, so that was very cool.  Also, for same day ferry tickets you have wait in a line 1 -2 hours long just to get on the ferry.  So for us it turned out great.  We got our pedestal tickets the other day, so we had no line, maybe 5 minutes.
We got on the ferry and headed to Liberty Island.  If you are just visiting the pedestal you can take an elevator.  If you are visiting the crown, you must walk up all the stairs.  They want to make sure your ok to do this.  Today the elevator is out so we walked up the 192 stair.  From here, if you were going to the crown you would climb a winding staircase another 162 stairs.  Once you leave the base, there are no restrooms or water along the way.  Also, there is no air conditioning and the crown temperature is about 20 degrees warmer than outside.  Before you head up to the pedestal or crown, you walk through a museum that tells you all about the history of the Statue.  When we got to the top of the pedestal, we walked around outside and took in the view of the Statue, Ellis Island and the NYC skyline.  It’s a perfect day to visit Lady Liberty.  A few clouds, about 83 degrees and a slight breeze.  After some taking in the view and some photos, we headed down to the lower pedestal.  We also took in the view and got some photos.
We walked around Liberty Island and then back to our ferry boat for the trip over to Ellis Island.  Back in 1892 is when all immigrants had to pass through Ellis Island on their way to coming to America.  When we got to Ellis Island, we went to the visitors center to learn about the history.  Then we went to the 30 minute movie depicting how it was and the procedures all immigrants went through.  After walking around the island a bit, we hopped back on our ferry for Battery Park.
While walking through the park on our way to the metro, we ran into Selma.  We were told, she is the resident turkey in Battery Park for about 3 years now.  It was hot and almost happy hour time, so we stopped at TGIF Fridays for a couple cocktails and than caught the metro for home.  We had another great day in NYC.  Our time here has been busy but that’s what the “Big Apple” is all about.

The metro in NYC is the only way to go.  No driving or parking headaches.  We headed to our Grove St metra station to 33rd St.  Then we made a transfer to the B Subway to 110th St which is the start of Harlem and Central Park North.  Central Park stretches from 110th St on the north to 59th St on the south.  It also goes from 5th Ave on the east to 7th Ave on the west.  Central park is huge!
Today is our Central Park day.  We started at the North end at 110th and 7th and walked through the paths and trails up to the Great Hill then over to the Discovery Center and down to the Conservatory Garden.  We went through the East Meadow and then strolled along the west side of the reservoir.  This reservoir is 1.58 miles around.  We walked through the Pinetum area and the Great Lawn down to the Delacorta Theater where we overlooked the pond and the Belvedere Castle.  John needed to visit the men’s room, so I waited near the theater.  I asked if there was a play today and was told only rehearsal for Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice which is starting on Monday.  So while I was waiting I saw a familiar face.  So I snapped a photo.  It was Al Pacino.  He is playing the
role of Shylock in the play.  After doing some checking, I found out he lives in East Harlem.  So on we went.  We walked through the Ramble and over the Bow Bridge.  Here we saw people out in the rowboats you can rent.  We continued through the Bethesda Terrace and the Mall area.  There were quite a few people playing instruments.  Small bands to people on violins playing classical music.   We walked by the Dairy area and Wolman Rink and exited the park at 59th and 5th.
We hopped on the subway at 59th and 6th, made our transfer and got back to our station in Jersey City and walked back to the cow.  Another great NYC day!

We were up and out for the 930 am ferry boat from our campgrounds harbor to Pier 11 near the South Street Seaport.  We had to cruise around the southern tip of Manhattan so we got to see the Statue of Liberty.  We walked over to the South Street Seaport and got some pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge.  We continued on in the Fulton Street Market area.  This used to be the place for fish and all sorts of seafood fresh from the boats.  Now it’s more shops and restaurants.  We continued on Water St. past Wall Street and down to Battery Park.
We were going to visit the Statue of Liberty today but we changed our plans.  We could purchase tickets for the ferry out to Liberty and Ellis Islands and then stand in a two hour line to get on the ferry.  Also, all the tickets to go into the Statue were gone for the day.  That’s ok, it worked out fine.  We were able to get advanced tickets for Friday at 11am.  Since we bought advance tickets, we don’t have to stand in the humongous line on Friday; we can go right through security and board the ferry.  We strolled through Battery Park which is huge.  Not as large as Central Park, but still big.
We walked around the tip and back up to the financial district.  This is where the World Trade Center twin towers were.  We walked around the area and saw where the WTC had been.  There is construction of a new tower and various buildings including a 911 Memorial that’s being erected on the site.  We stopped for lunch and then we headed to the train line and back to the cow.  A little relaxing and reading the rest of the day.

   1  Today we headed out early from Atlantic City and headed for New York City (Jersey City).  We got to Liberty Harbor RV Park.  This is the closest RV park to NYC.  It really is just a parking lot with sites set up.  Only water and electric.  It’s also pretty expensive.  But, when you’re visiting NYC it’s the best place to stay.  From our campsite we can see the Statue of Liberty.  Red gets to watch her all the time.  After we got set up, we decided to head into the city.
We took the metra train to the 33rd St station.  We met a girl from South Korea that’s now living in NYC.  She helped us with the Metro and showed us Korean Town and 5th Ave.  We walked along 5th Ave.  We walked by the Empire State building and then on to Rockefeller Center.  When I was ten, my dad took us to NYC and I got to ice skate on the Rockefeller Center ice rink.  During the summer, it’s a restaurant and bar.
We decided to check out to see if we could get tickets to see David Letterman, so we walked over to the Ed Sullivan Theater.  No luck, Letterman is off until next week.  We walked on down to Central Park and walked through a small section of the south part.  We are going to come back for another whole day in the park.
We continued down Broadway and to Times Square.  We were ready for a cocktail, something to eat and sit for a while.  We stopped at TGIF Fridays for happy hour.  When we left, Times Square was really bustling.  This is where the ball drops for New Years Eve.  We took to metra back and just relaxed at the cow.  We had a full day.