John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

August 2010 Journal

We finally made it to the library to use their wifi internet connection.  I was able to get all caught up on uploading our photos.  We stopped for a few groceries and then just relaxed around the cow.

30   We were going to head up to the library today, but got sidetracked.  Steve was having electrical problems with his boat.  John and Steve worked on it and I found info on the internet.  Sandy was still at the campground and she helped start and troubleshoot issues once we got it going.  Steve decided to take the boat out for a test, so Sandy, John and I went with Steve.  When we got back, Steve and John had a couple more electrical modifications.  We ended up at Sandy’s place and Sandy, Steve, Anne, Carol, John and I played some texas holdem.

Today we got up late and headed to Dockers North for brunch with Rich and Sandy.  Then we visited with people at the campground and relaxed around the cow the rest of the day.

Dennis came over around 2pm, then Dennis, John and I went out on Mark and Cindy’s boat.  We met up with other people from the campground at the sandbar on Channel Lake.  When we got back, we had beef sandwiches at Mark and Cindy’s then Sandy, Paul, Crissy and I headed over to Dry Dock to see Jim Lund’s Band, “Rumor has it”.

John and I headed out to Spring Valley for 18 hole of golf.  Later in the evening we sat by the fire over at Mark and Heidi’s.  Mark and Cindy made a shot ski and we all tested it out.  Then we headed to Mark and Cindy’s and played some giant jenga.

Today John washed Big Red and we lounged around the campground.  We headed over to the Landings Bar for a couple cocktails later in the evening.

Today is domestic day.  I had a TCI appointment in the morning then we did our laundry and grocery shopping.

This morning we headed to the RV shop to pick up more parts for the grey drain valve project.  John has everything he needs so this afternoon he finished up the project and it’s done!  Our neighbors Rich and Sandy are still up, so we took a golf cart ride around the park and relaxed.

Today we are grounding ourselves.  We hung around cow and did some reading.

This weekend is Parrothead Weekend at Blarneys Island.  Early afternoon we enjoyed music and cocktails on our patio with friends.  Later, our neighbors, Mark and Cindy offered to drop Sandy, Rich, John and I off at Blarneys Island.  We all ended up taking a boat ride up to Lake Marie and swimming on the sandbar.  We took a boat ride back through Channel Lake and then back to Grass Lake.  We all went to Blarneys and had a great time.  Lots of dancing and at Blarneys, drinking too.  When we got back, Mark and Cindy got a fire going and we played giant jenga outside at their RV.

Today we headed over to Stacey and Ed’s for Evans 1st B’Day party.  We had a great time and got to visit with a lot of family and friends that we might have not seen while in Chicago.

John, Kim and I headed out early to meet up with Mark and golf 18 holes at Spring Valley Golf Course.  It was a nice day.  Very few people out on the course.  Afterwards we stopped at the golf bar for a couple drinks.  Back at the campground after dinner the rain came and we grounded ourselves.

This morning was another beautiful morning.  Perfect temp, slight breeze and a few clouds.  We sat outside enjoying our coffee and I was practicing my harmonica.  Later in the day we headed to Antioch Concert in the Park with Kim and Rich.  The Booze Brothers were playing.  They had auditioned for Americas got Talent but didn’t get through.  I went up and played my harmonica along with the band.  Then Rich went to JJ Blinkers to get a nun habit.  So off I went to hassle the band with the nun habit.  People wanted their picture with me.  We all stopped at Limerick for a nightcap then headed back to the campground.

Today we had a nice lazy day at the cow.  We did a lot of reading, took a walk and then had a couple cocktails with friends.

We headed out for some miscellaneous shopping today.  I got a new harmonica book and some floating jigs for fishing down in the keys.  John was on a mission.  He is still working on our grey water drain.  He’s waiting for a part to come in, but he needs some other plumbing supplies and we just can’t find them.  We made a bunch of stops and he got some items but still needs others.

Today is a perfect day.  Low humidity, warm, slight breeze.  We lounged around the cow and did some reading.

This morning we enjoyed coffee on the patio and read the paper.  Rich, Sandy, Steve, Jim and Kim wanted to go for breakfast to the Port of Blarney.  We didn’t make it for breakfast but did for lunch.  We spent the rest of the day lounging at the cow.

This morning was slow going.  Stacey, Ed and Kathy stayed over last night.  After some breakfast and a couple naps, we were going again.  We are heading over to Jim and Diane’s for a pay off the mortgage party.

We slept in this morning.  Then we got our cow all cleaned and did some grocery shopping.  Stacey, Ed and Kathy came over around 530pm.  Tonight we are going with them and also meeting Mike over at Blarneys Island to see Sister Hazel Band.  As we were getting ready to board the shuttle boat the dark clouds came and the rain started.  When we got to Blarneys the sky was on fire with lighting and they rain was pouring down.  That’s ok, when you at Blarneys your transported to the keys so we weathered a tropical storm.  The bands were good.  Rich and Paul showed up and John and I took a boat ride back to the campground around 130am.  Stacey, Ed, Kathy and Mike stayed on the island.  They took the shuttle boat back and got back around 230am.

Today is a hot and humid day.  We are doing some indoor projects then some laundry.  Tonight is the concert in the park in Antioch.  Melloncamp was playing and Rich stopped by.

We headed out early this morning for a 9am tee off time at Spring Valley Golf Course.  After our 18 holes we headed to Port of Blarney for a couple beers and lunch.  Today is .50 beer and .50 taco day.  We saw Tom, Dan and Anne up there.  Later we hung around the campground.

Today we are working on projects.  John is still working on the grey drain valve.  But like most projects, there is always the X factor.  We headed to the RV supply store and the part he needs is on order and we should have it sometime next week.  OK, that project is now on hold.

This morning we had some thunderstorms move through so we slept in.  We got up and had coffee outside and chatted with our neighbor Sandy.  Before we knew it, it was already after noon.  We had breakfast then John went to work on our grey drain valve.  It’s a hot and humid day and after getting the valve off we took a ride to the RV supply store.  When we got back, John was replacing the valve and found another crack.  This will need more work.  He put it back together so we can take showers and he was done for the day. 

This morning we slept in a while since we were out late last night.  We headed over to Laurie and Johns for the family party for Evan, our grand nephew’s 1st Birthday.  I would say all the immediate family was there.  That’s close to 30 people.  We had a great time. 

This morning after coffee we got ready for our Parrothead Party in Waukesha Wi.  We headed over to Jim and Diane’s house.  Our buddy Mark doesn’t know were in town, so we surprised him at Jim and Di’s.  We all headed up to Waukesha.  We got there just as Jim Hoehn was starting to play.  It was a perfect day for a party.  Some drinks, dancing and just parrothead madness.  At around 5pm the Pirates over 40 band came on.  We have seen these guys lots of times and their always lots of fun.  More parrothead madness.  The bands finished around 830pm and we said our goodbye to our MAPA (Milwaukee Area Parrothead Assoc.) friends and headed back to Jim and Di’s.  John and I should have headed back to the campground right away.  But we didn’t.  A couple more cocktails and it was already really late.  We ended up home around 2am. 

Today we stayed around the campground.  John was working on the grey drain valve and I was catching up on some reading.  Later we went on some golf cart rides and sat around Heidi and Marks fire for a while.

We heard there is a new 18 hole Frisbee Golf Course in Antioch.  We headed over to check it out and play 18.  The front nine was fine.  Most holes were along the tree line but pretty open.  However, the back nine was a different story.  The 10th hole was fine.  Then we had to enter the woods.  Narrow winding holes with really high growth on both sides.  The worst part was the mosquitoes.  They were dive bombing us in swarms.  I didn’t care about my score; I just hurried to get out of there.  After we finished golf.  We headed back to the cow to have dinner and regroup.  Tonight we went to the Antioch Bandshell for Concert in the Park.  There is an antique car show then the Fairlanes played at 730pm.  We brought some wine and our chairs and enjoyed the evening.  Elvis even made an appearance.  When we got back the Landings Bar at our campground was still open so we stopped in for a nightcap.

John and I are golfing 18 holes today at Spring Valley, just over the border in Salem Wi.  They have a great deal on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 18 holes with cart for 20.00 per person.  It was hot and we had a few showers but it was a really nice day.  Hardly anyone was on the course.  We had lunch and a couple beers afterward and them made a stop at port of blarney for a couple beers.  Today is .50 draft beer and .50 tacos.  We met our neighbor Huddy up there and hung out for a little while.

This morning is warm and rainy.  John is making salsa.  I caught up on some reading.

We had to readjust the cow today it had settled and was not level.  John worked on some outside projects; I updated our journal and worked on photos. 

Today we had a cow day.  We stopped at the bar to see Judy P and walked around the campground.