John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

September 2010 Journal

It’s a warm and sunny day.  We sat outside and had our coffee.  In the field behind us we saw a Sand-hill Crane.  They are migrating south just like us.  We took a nice walk around our campground.  Hollywood Casino Tunica RV Park is a very nice campground.  Today we took a walk to a couple other casinos within walking distance.  We went to Resort and played some slots, then over to Sam’s Town.  We headed back to Hollywood for a buffet dinner.  Since we put points on our card the first day, we got the buffet for free.  Well not really.  After dinner we were done.  We headed back to the cow to relax.

Up and on the road early again.  We had a 300 mile day and were at Hollywood Casino Tunica RV Park by 2pm.  We got all set up and then decided to check out the hotel and casino.  We had a good time.  We played for quite a while and held our own.  However, in the end the casino got us. 

“One the Road Again”!  We were up and out early this morning.  We said our see you later to Dan, Ann, Sandy and Rich.  Sandy made us up a care package with stuff for breakfast and lunch.   Even though we left around rush hour, we really had no traffic to speak of.  We checked into Quality Times RV Park in Mount Vernon IL.  We drove about 340 miles today. 

Today is our pre-departure day.  John packed up everything from outside and I headed to the store to pick up a few groceries and fill up Red with gas.  Rich never did make it to work.  When we got back, Sandy and Rich took us and Steve on their boat.  We did the loop on the chain.  We got back just before sunset and the sky was absolutely beautiful!  We took the Camel Cadillac to the point to check out the sunset.  It was like the sky was on fire.  We had a great time during our stay in Antioch and hope to see a lot of our friends somewhere on the road.

 26   This afternoon we headed to our friends, Jim and Diane’s to watch football.  We stayed for one game, said our see you later and headed out.  When we got back to the campground, a bunch was at the Hotel.  Matt is a hair stylist, so John got his hair cut.  I had my hair cut the other day.  Rich wanted to head to the island, so Sandy, Rich, John and I went with Steve on his boat.  Our plan was to go to the island for the last hour of the band then back to the campground.  Yea, right!  We made it to Blarneys for the band.  It was a cool day and the tent was up.  We stayed for a few more and just after dark, instead of heading back, we headed to gasoline alley.  We had a really good time there.  We played some darts and of course had some drinks.  We finally made is back around 2am.  Needless to say, I don’t think Rich will make it to work tomorrow.

25   This morning is sunny but a little windy and crispy cool. Chris, Matt and Ronnie came over.  We played some bags, took a golf cart ride and hung out.  Captain Quarters a bar a mile or so away is having an end of summer party with food and entertainment.  A bunch of us hopped in the Truckster and Sandy drove over.  We had some good food, drinks and hung around the fire.  Afterwards we headed back and there was a big crowd around Heidi and Marks fire.  The crowd was thinning and it was getting cold, so a few of us headed to Hotel California.

24   Today John finished waxing the cow.  I took care of laundry and then we went to pick up groceries.  Sandy and Rich brought their driving camper which they call The Truckster to the campground.  Sandy, Rich, Paul, Steve, Matt, Jim, Mark, Heidi, John and I all piled in and headed to the Thirsty Turtle for their Friday night Fish Boil.  It was very good, but not all you can eat and they don’t have the big cauldrons outside cooking up the food like Fitzgerald’s.  When we got back, Mark and Heidi got a fire going so we all hung out by the fire.

23   Today it’s going to be 87 and sunny in Chicago.  The normal high for this time of year is 73 so it’s great.  We are heading to the Arlington Park Racetrack to meet some family, Carol, Chris, John, Laurie, Stacey and Evan.  It turned out to be a perfect day.  We lost some races and won a few.  John hit a nice on at the end.  We ended up with exactly what we went with, which at the track is really good.  Later on we stopped at the Landings Bar for pizza and beer.

22   More waxing of the cow.  I had a TCI appointment today.  OK.  I think we are both DONE with the cleaning and working.  Whew, that was rough!

More waxing of the cow.  I did some shopping

Today John is cleaning the cow’s roof and outside.  I’m working on cleaning the inside.  It’s a perfect day for it since there are showers moving through.

19   Today we are heading to Laurie and Johns for a football party.  We were up and out early.  Even though we didn’t do well on football we had a great time.  We did football pools for each quarter and John won 2 pools which was nice.  We got to see everyone again before we head back out on the road next week.  

18   Today is the End of Season Party here at the campground.  The bad thing right now is the weather.  It’s going to be 64 degrees which isn’t bad, but we have some big rain showers moving in.  Well at first the party was going to be moved to tomorrow, but everyone was cooking stuff for today.  So then the idea was to have food set up in a couple trailers and people could go from trailer to trailer.  Well it ended up people started mingling outside around 2pm.  Pretty soon appetizers were out.  It still looked like rain so food was inside.  Then we started moving food out.  Jim, Diane and Mark came by.  Chris and Matt were supposed to, but I told them it was cancelled so they didn’t make it.  It ended up working out.  After people ate, Kim had organized “Minute to win it” games.  Team C, my team won overall.  There was lightning up North, but it stayed there.  At 930pm Stiez’s bar had fireworks which we could see from the campground.  Sandy, Rich and a bunch were headed to the island at 1030pm.  We had an early morning so we grounded ourselves.  It was better that way, they ended up getting back around 2am.

Today is a laid back day at the campground.  We relaxed outside with coffee while visiting with our neighbors.  Tonight Sandy, Rich, Paul, Steve, John and I headed to Fitzgerald’s Fish Boil in Genoa City WI.  Everyone told us how good it was and they were right.  It was like eating lobster.  For 13.00 cash or check, no credit cards, you have all you can eat boiled cod fish, potatoes, coleslaw, onions, rye bread and apple slice and coffee for dessert.  They also have fish and chicken or fish, chicken and ribs for a few dollars more.  You couldn’t even tell from the outside that it’s a restaurant.  It looks like somebody’s house.  In the back yard is where in cauldrons they boil up the food under a wood fire and grill up the chicken and ribs.  They have a small bar.  Be prepared to wait.  We were all stuffed when we left.  We stopped at Hotel California for a little bit and then we were done!

16   This morning we have some thunderstorms moving through.  Hopefully it will clear up since we are golfing later with Reba.  We headed out around 10am to our sister-in-laws, Ada’s.  We had quite a crowd for a weekday morning.  We stayed until around 130p then headed to Portillo’s for lunch with Laurie, John, Stacey and Evan.  After lunch we headed to Salt Creek Golf Course.  We met Reba and golfed 9 holes.  It was perfect timing.  We finished up, had a cocktail at the golf bar, and then headed to Crossroads Bar and Restaurant to meet up with Jim.  Chris and Matt showed up a little later and we all had drinks and appetizers.  We had another great day and got to visit with family and friends.

   15   Another time out day.  I am working on our journal, updates and website.  John is researching his football picks for this weekend, making a new batch of salsa and greasing the slide outs on the cow.  I finally was able to get my adventure update on its way.  It was supposed to be for 2nd quarter, but it worked out to be for both 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Tonight we hung around the cow.  Survivor is starting tonight, can’t miss that!

Today is a time out day for us.  We are hanging around the cow and doing miscellaneous stuff.  I worked on photos, football picks, and our researched our trip ideas for the upcoming fall season.  John is starting to do maintenance stuff on the cow.

Today is a domestic day.  In addition to getting our laundry and grocery shopping done, we had to go by the RV store and the Halloween store to work on our costumes.  We have everything we need for the Fantasy Fest Parade in Key West on Halloween.  We are on the Lazy Lakes RV Resort Float.  We’ll give you the whole scoop next month.  Tonight is Monday Night Football.  It’s not on antenna TV which we have at this campground.  We headed over to Captains Quarters for 1st half of football game.  Kenny, Dan and Tom were there.  Kenny told us to stop by their place for the second half.  We watched a little of the second game and Kenny, Tom and John played some ship, captain and crew dice game.

Football Day!!  Even though it’s a sunny and warm day, we are lounging today and watching football.  Anne stopped by and watched the games with us.  We are both confident with our picks.  However, at the end of the day with still two more games to be played, John and I are both in the gutter with our football pool.  I guess we didn’t do to well on picking our teams.  There is only one way to go.  Hopefully we’ll get out of the gutter next week.

Fall is definitely on its way in.  It’s an overcast, rainy and cool morning.  We are heading go Granny’s for breakfast with Sandy, Rich, Paul, Crissy and Steve.  After breakfast we hung around the campground for a while.  It’s a warm sunny day and Blarney’s Island was calling.  John and I went in Ron and Rita’s pontoon boat with their girls and also Kim and Steve.  Paul, Crissy, Sandy, Rich, Suzy and Huddy also all headed out.  As always with Blarneys, we danced, drank a little too much, stayed a little too long, but had a great time.  Paul and Crissy had a fire when we got back.

10   John continued to work on Red cleaning the inside today.  I lounged around the cow.  Later we headed over to our Stacey and Ed’s and visited with family.  As always, we had a great time and it’s great to see everyone.  Soon we’ll be on the road again.

9   John is washing and waxing Red today.  I am doing some TCI stuff.  During the week we are catching up on all our domestic stuff, because the weekends are party hardy!!!  Tonight is the football season opener.  We watched the game over at Kenny and Kim’s.

We are starting to research our costumes for the Fantasy Fest Parade in Key West this Halloween.  We made a few stops to check out stuff but wasn’t to productive today.  We’ll try again another day. 

Today we need a timeout day from the weekend.  I am working on some TCI stuff and John is doing some reading.  It’s a windy and pleasantly warm fall day.

6   Our friends Jim and Diane came over to the campground.  Mark was also supposed to come, but he’s missing somewhere.  It was a nice afternoon.  We had appetizers and various people from the campground stopped by to visit for a while. 

This morning we slept in since we got home late last night.  Quite a few campers headed out to the chain today for a boat salsa poker run.  John and I stayed at the campground.
Today a bunch of people at the campground is having a Mexican Fiesta Party.  Sam and others cooked up beef and pork fajitas.  Everyone brought a dish.  Huddy and Susy had a cooler full of jello shots.  The corn bags were out and the music was playing.  We got a lot of people going on the butt drop game.  Johns sister Kate, her boyfriend Kirk and a few of their friends stopped by.  We took a golf cart ride around the park and hunkered down under the awning with some cocktails and music, while a few showers passed by. 

4   This morning is a cold morning.  It got down to 47 degrees last night.  We got our little heater out this morning and as I’m writing this I have the heater cranking.  Right now, it’s a cold but bright and sunny morning.  It is going to get warmer, this is just a temporary cold spell.  You know, if it lasted to long, we would have to hit the road.  We’re here for another 3 weeks, so hopefully it will be warmer.  I know, I know.  We are now winter wimps, but YES, we are proud of it.

We headed out early afternoon to our friends Bill and Diane’s house.  They are having a cookout and a lot of great friends we haven’t seen yet will be there.  It was a beautiful afternoon and evening. 

We had lots of good food and drinks.  Most of our group  go back to the Lodi Wisconsin days and Woodlake Trails Campground. 

3   This morning I did a little TCI work and then we headed out for laundry and grocery shopping.  When we got back, there was already a party going over at Heidi and Marks place.  The temperature is dropping and the wind is a blowing.  It’s getting cold!!!!!!  They got a fire going and I had to go in and put on jeans and a sweater.  After a bit, another sweater.  Then we all moved to Hotel California (Sandy and Rich’s place).  Luckily they have a big park model.  We had 15 people in there.  We ordered a bunch of pizza’s and chicken.  Of course we all had to have some shots.  After a while a few souls headed back out to the fire.  When we left Hotel California we headed for our cow.

I was up and out early again.  I had another TCI appointment in Northbrook.  John hung out at the cow.  Later we headed over to the Landings for half prices pizza and beer.  It was pretty crowded and we watched the Bears football game.  When we got back to the cow, the rain was pouring down and we noticed Sandy and Rich were up.  We stopped over at their place for a while.

I had to set the alarm today.  I have a few clients that heard I’m back in town, so I have a few consulting appointments.  I am heading downtown Chicago today and John is doing some miscellaneous things around the cow.