John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

January 2011 Journal

This morning we did a little reading outside then headed to the clubhouse for coffee and donuts.  We got back and did a few projects around the cow, then headed over to the clubhouse for our weekly horseshoe tournament.  John and I both ended up with 5 ringers each.  My partner was Jim and Johns partner was TJ.  The taco man was here again so we had dinner from him.  Went to regroup, then headed over to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  I won 1 game, so that’s always a good thing.

30   This morning John headed out early with TJ to check the bait traps.  This time we got lots of bait.  I did a few projects at the cow.  Today is the Big Pine Habitat for Humanity Music Fest.  So we headed over around 1pm.  TJ came with us.  There was CW Colt, The Doerfels, Howard Livingston, The No Slack Living Room Band and The Piper Road Spring Band.  We met up with George, Darlene, TJ and Joy at the fest.  We all headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for dinner and drinks.   
29   This morning we are relaxing and getting ready for our Saturday party.  Another keg and music with Adrianne and Bo.  Lazy Lakes is serving pulled pork sandwiches today.  We had a nice easy day, listening to music.  John had the fishing itch and Larry was already at the bridge so off he went.  I stayed and listened to music at the party.  John got back at dusk, he had caught 7 mangroves.  We had a quiet evening at the cow and watched a couple movies.

This morning we were up and over at the laundry early.  We regrouped and headed down to Key West to meet up with Kristie and Wes.  We also met Elaina and John.  We started at the Schooner Wharf listening to Michael McCloud.  Then we headed over to the Conch Republic.  We had lunch and more drinks, then moseyed on over to Mallory Square for sunset.  We saw a few performers and Dominique the cat man.  After sunset, we said our goodbyes and headed back to Lazy Lakes.  Kristie and Wes headed out for more Duval Street exploring.  When we got back, karaoke was in full force.  Craig and Debbie had gotten a keg so the party was on.  We had quite a crowd.  We grounded ourselves around 1230am, but some went on until 3am.   
27   This morning we had coffee and read the paper on our verandah.  We are hanging out in the campground today.  We took a walk around the lake and stopped at the clubhouse.  We were thinking about going to the pool for a bit, but we got back and made a few phone calls and worked on pictures and our website.  I also made rice and beans for tonight’s potluck rib dinner.  We headed over to the clubhouse around 530pm.  Everything for dinner was great.  Like always, we ate too much but that’s ok.  Afterwards a jokers game got going.

26   Overnight we had some big storms roll in.  We’re still getting some rain and a little more to come, but it should clear out soon.  John and Larry went to check on the bait traps and I did a little TCI stuff.  Some rain and cool weather moved in and we headed to the clubhouse for an afternoon jokers game.  After a few games, we headed over to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour.  We met Jim, one of the other campers up there.  They are from Lacrosse WI.  They are only down until Friday.  We were also talking to George.  He is renting a house for a few months down here.  Today is TJ’s birthday and Joy and TJ met us at Mangroves and we had appetizers and drinks.  We didn’t make it back for the first movie, but we did see the second one.  

  25   This morning we had coffee and read the paper on the verandah.  Larry stopped by and John and Larry discussed the modification of the bait traps and when and where they were going to put them out.  Pretty soon, off they went to place the bait traps.  In early afternoon, we are heading down to Key West today for some shopping then lunch at Hurricane Hole.  When we got back we regrouped, and headed off to the clubhouse.  Tonight is a jokers tournament.  The entry is 1.00 per person.  We had 12 people playing tonight.  Jim was the big winner, then Dale and Carolyn was the ultimate loser.  John and I finished in the middle.  We all played a couple more regular joker games and then headed home.

This morning we read the paper outside, and then took a walk around the lake.  We stopped by the clubhouse because Monday mornings are donut day.  So we had coffee and a donut and visited with people, then headed back to the cow for a bit.
We stopped by to wish Sally a happy birthday then on to horseshoes.  The taco man is coming by today so we had some tacos off his cart.  John and Sue were partners and Jim and I were partners for horseshoes.  John ended up with 5 ringers and I got 7 ringers including a 6 pack!!!  We headed back to the cow to regroup then back to the clubhouse.
Normally on Monday nights we head to KOA for happy hour then bingo.  But tonight a lot of people are staying here and we are having an impromptu birthday party for Sally.  The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band performed.  We had quite a group of band members tonight.  Charlie and Jerry are the leaders of the band and at one point or another we had:  Sandy, Carolyn, Ray, Sally, Debbie, Marsha, Karen, Ted and Russ.  I think that’s all, but there could have been more.  As always, we had a great time.  Check out the videos.
23   It’s a cool, windy but sunny morning.  We lounged around the cow and worked on miscellaneous projects.  Today is football and the Bears – Packers game is at 3pm.  We headed to the clubhouse to watch the game.  We were hoping for the Bears to head to the Super Bowl, but not this year.  We headed back to the cow and watched the second game at home.

We were up and out early this morning.  Two weeks ago we pre-registered for the Health Fair today at Big Pine Key.  This health fair is great.  You get so many medical tests done and it only costs 5.00.  For fulltime RV’ers like us it’s really helpful since we don’t have a regular doctor anywhere and were always moving.  After we were done there we made a quick stop at the Big Pine Flea Market and then back to Lazy Lakes.  Our weekly parties are now on Saturday at Noon, so we got back just in time.  Today the Weed Hawks is playing.  They are a husband wife team playing guitar, fiddle, harmonica, keyboards and with vocals.  They play a lot of bluegrass but have a large variety of music.  During the party a jokers game got going.  After the party, the wind was blowing and the temperature is dropping.  We decided to ground ourselves tonight.
21   This morning we have some showers moving through.  We had planned on going out fishing early, so we got up and checked the weather channel.  They should be gone soon.  So we headed out and met Larry at the KOA bridge.  The tides were right, but the fishing was slow.  I caught a couple small groupers, Larry ended up catching 1 mangrove snapper and John caught 3 mangroves.  I left at around 1030am to head back to the cow.  John and Larry stayed until around 2pm.  We had a relaxing afternoon around the cow.  We visited with our neighbor Fish, Bruce, Vickie and Debbie.  It was time to head over to the clubhouse.  Duane and Liz are doing Karaoke tonight.  We had quite a crowd and always a great time.  Make sure to check our video page for Karaoke videos.
20   This morning we hung around the cow for a while, and then headed to Big Pine to pick up some groceries.  When we got back I headed to the pool and John and Larry went to check their bait traps.  John met me at the pool and we hung out for a while.  Liz and Duane came by for a swim and Debbie stopped by.
Back at the cow to regroup and make dirty rice and red beans for the potluck tonight.  We are having Greek Kabobs.  I know beans and rice aren’t with the Greek theme, but they work.  We headed over to the clubhouse a little before 6pm.  As always there was so much great food.
After dinner was over the entertainment started.  Charlie and Jerry had set everything up for the “Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band”.  What a group!  Now I’m part of it.  I am very honored.  Who would have thought this could ever happen.  Tonight’s band members are Carolyn on wash tub bass, Joan on washboards, Sandy on harmonica, Jerry on banjo and vocals and Charlie on guitar and vocals.  We had a great time!!  Mike made a video so take a look and tell us what you think.  After the band finished, we had a few joker games and then headed back to the cow.
19   Another warm and sunny morning in paradise.  John is teaching Larry how to build a bait trap and I have a TCI appointment.  Later we headed to the pool for some reading and sun.  There were quite a few people there.  It’s a perfect January day, sunny and 80 degrees.  John and Larry went to put in their bait traps.
We headed down to Key West to attend the Key West Parrothead Club monthly meeting.  It’s at Cheeseburger and we’ve never been there.  We got there early and had a couple cocktails and appetizers overlooking Duval St.  The parrotheads started arriving and we met some we already knew and made some new friends.  Then we headed to Lazy Gecko to listen to Zac.  We met Eric and Kim from New Jersey.  Then we headed to the Bull and Dawn Wilder was playing.  She changed into various costumes and did songs from different decades.  One costume was Janis Joplin.  We met a group of parrotheads from the Tampa area and they are also down for the sailboat race week.
18   Today we had a FULL day.  The tides are right, so we were up and out by 730am heading to our fishing bridge at the KOA.  Marty was already there when we got there.  We stayed until around 1030am and had caught our limit of 5 mangrove snappers each.  We made a stop on the way back to pick up our bait trap.  It’s been out a few days.  We had a lot of bait, but it was all dead.  We left it there during and after the rains we’ve been having and the fresh water killed them.  After getting our catch filleted and our equipment cleaned, we regrouped and headed to the clubhouse.
Since we had the bad rains on Monday, horseshoes were rescheduled to today.  Carolyn and I were partners and Floyd and John were partners.  I ended up with only two ringers, but John had 6 ringers today.  Floyd and John were the “Ultimate Winners”.  Now, after horseshoes, we stopped by Floyds to review our Texas Holdem rules and chip denominations.  We got home, had a quick dinner and headed back to the clubhouse.
We our largest group ever for Texas Holdem.  The first game we had 11 players.  First place went to Floyd, 2nd place to Betty, 3rd place to John.  Then the rest were:
Jim – George – Sandy – Oscar – Nancy – Gil – Phyllis – Larry.  Our second game we had 7 players.  First place went to Oscar, 2nd place to Gil, 3rd place to Floyd.  Then the rest were: Jim – John – George – Sandy.     

We were going to head out fishing early this morning, but overnight we got a huge rainstorm.  It’s still raining.  So we decided to get our laundry done.  We got it going then headed to the clubhouse for Monday morning donuts.  Marty had checked his rain gage and it’s at 4.5 inches so far and it’s still pouring.  We got our laundry done and the sun is trying to pop out.  Horseshoes has been rescheduled until tomorrow because the pits are overflowing.  The sun did come out and it’s about 75 degrees, so perfect pool weather.  There was a jokers game starting up.  John was ready to play.  I needed some sun and pool time so I didn’t play.  After they were done and I had a few hours of sun and reading, we headed back to the cow for dinner.  The rain is back, so we drove over to KOA for happy hour and bingo instead of walking like we usually do.  As always on Mondays, we had quite a Lazy Lakes crowd at KOA.  John and I didn’t win at bingo tonight, but we had fun.

John had the fishing itch and now he had more bait, so off he went before 7am.  I slept in and worked on our journal and website and read the paper.  The Bears are playing today so we are hanging around the cow to watch football.  We headed over to the clubhouse to watch the Bears game.  A few people came in and out so at halftime we walked over to the KOA.  We met Conrad and watched the 2nd half with him.  We headed back to our campground and watched the 2nd game at the cow.

   15   This morning we hung around the cow until noon.  Then we headed over to the clubhouse.  Our Sunday party is now on Saturday at 1130am – 4pm.  Today Lou Renshaw is playing and we have the keg on ice.  Lazy Lakes is cooking up hot dogs.  We had a great time, but when it was time for Lou Renshaw to quit, we wanted more until football starts, so we took up a collection to hear more music.  When he was finally done and football was starting we headed back and hung out at the cow watching some good playoff games.
14   This morning is still cool and windy, but getting better.  After coffee and reading the paper we headed out for a walk around the lake.  Whenever we take a walk, you always get sidetracked, stop and talk to people and see what’s going on.  When we got back, John was getting the fishing itch, but we have no bait.  So we headed to pick up some chum.  It comes frozen and he had to saw it into 3 blocks.  Two blocks will go in our freezer and one block in the bait trap.   We put the bait trap in and then headed back.  After we regrouped, we walked over to the KOA for happy hour.  We saw Maddie and Tammy there.  From there, we walked over to Carlos and Marks and visited with them for a bit.  Then we headed back.  Tonight Duane is doing Karaoke at 7pm.  We started out with a small group, but then it grew.  We had a great time and it was over to fast.
13   This morning is windy and cold.  We are hanging around the cow today.  John is making chili for the chili potluck cook-off tonight.  Dale and Sally gave us a “Kick Ass Chili Mix”, so this is their entry as well.  We headed over to the clubhouse around 530pm.  There are a few clouds in sky so it should make for a beautiful sunset.  Perfect timing.  The sun had fallen behind some clouds and the rest of the clouds were streaming with multi-colors.  We had quite a group for the chili cook-off.  We had tables set up with 11 crockpots of chili.  We had a couple more tables with all the condiments and desserts.  I had brought condiments, sour cream, cheese, jalapeños, crackers and onions.  Like always there was way too much food.  Crockpot #1, Gary and Maddie won 1st place.  After dinner, some people played pool, some visited and about 12 of us got 2 joker games going.
12   This morning is chilly and very windy.  We are at our high for the day of 62 and winds up to 25 mph.  I have a consulting appointment this morning.  In the afternoon we headed up to Big Pine to pick up supplies for the chili cook-off tomorrow night.  John started working on his chili and we had a time out evening at the cow.

This morning we set the alarm and were up early to head out fishing.  We picked Floyd up at his cow and headed to the KOA Bridge.  Fog is very rare in the keys and again this morning it’s foggy.  Fishing was slow but we were still catching them.  After 4 hours, we needed more bait and I was ready for the pool.  So John dropped me at the campground and picked up more bait for him and Floyd.  I headed to the pool.  Today is a nice day, sunny and around 80.  John and Floyd ended up limiting out on snappers and headed back.  We had a jokers game starting at 3pm, so we were ready.  After a couple hours of jokers, the fog was rolling in again and we were ready for a nice steak dinner.  After dinner we hung around the cow and relaxed.
10   This morning we got our crockpot going.  Since we have a lot going on Monday afternoons, we’ve been getting dinner all done in the crockpot.  After hanging around the cow a bit, we headed over to the clubhouse for Monday horseshoe tournament.  Partners are done by a random draw.  John and I ended up as partners today.  John ended up with 5 ringers today and I had 6.  After shoes, we regrouped, had a quick dinner and walked over to the KOA for happy hour.  Mondays is Lazy Lakes day at the KOA, so we get the happy hour rates all night.  Some headed to Boondocks for wings, but we stayed to play bingo.  We had more Lazy Lakes people come for bingo.  Tonight I finally won a game.  We had 5 winners at our table tonight.  It’s a nice evening and John and I walked back after bingo.

This morning is sunny and warm with a slight breeze.  We sat outside and read the newspaper.  John is making another batch of salsa this morning.  We watched the first football playoff game then headed to the clubhouse for our Sunday party.  Today Ray West and his band are playing.  We really like him.  They play lots of 70’s music.  Ray also plays the flute, so some Jethro Tull is mixed in.  As always, we had quite a crowd, keg of beer, good music, dancing and lots of food.  After the party we headed over to Debbie and Craig’s for a fire and some music. 
 8   This morning we headed to Big Pine Key to register for the health fair coming up in a couple weeks.  We are always looking for health fairs.  It’s a great way to get so much medical stuff done.  For 5.00 we get a lot of tests.  When we go in two weeks, we will probably be there for 4 hours or so.  Afterwards we headed to the Cracked Egg café for breakfast.  Then over to the flea market for some vegetables and used books, then a few groceries.  On the way back we headed down to mile marker 14, Shark Key.  This is where the Cuban refuge boat is.  We stopped and got a couple photos.  It’s hard to believe 19 people crossed the ocean from Cuba to here in this boat.  When we got back to the cow, we took it easy and watched the football playoff games.

This morning is cooler due to a front that moved in last night.  We are heading to Key West to do some shopping.  On the way to/from KW we saw a small boat that looked out of place.  Yesterday on the way to where we started our hike we saw a lot of border patrol agents and a couple camera people but nothing was going on.  Then we were talking to some friends and found out that the boat belonged to 19 Cuban refugees that came ashore.  Later, we decided to walk on over to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and appetizers.  Our neighbor Fish stopped by for a cocktail.  Ted was there, then Liz and Duane, then Joy and TJ with their friends Fizz and Twinkee.  There was a 2 piece band playing and we all had a great time.  Joy and TJ walked back with us.  We headed over to their place for a fire.  Along the way we added Craig and Debbie, Fish, Jerry and Char.  Jerry brought out his guitar and I got out my harmonica and we practiced a bit.
 6   This morning is a beautiful sunny and warm morning.  We had coffee outside on our verandah while watching the nature channel.  We got some domestic stuff done around the cow, and then we took a walk around the lake.  We were going to head to the pool, but the clouds came in so we headed off to the end of Sugarloaf Blvd at MM 17.5 to take a hike.  We hiked about 3 miles on a path that leads through the mangroves.  We saw a good size land crab and a baby raccoon.  When we got back we regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for our Thursday night potluck.  Tonight’s theme is Mexican.  As always there was so much great food.  We have a cold front passing bringing wind, rain and cold.  After dinner some people played pool, some visited and we played 9 person jokers. 

John started a fire drill at 730am and got me up to head out fishing early.  We like to fish from low to high tide and today the tides are right early in the day.  We met Floyd and Jerry on the bridge.  We did very well.  We got our 5 mangrove snappers per person so we limited out.  We headed back to clean our catch.  It’s still early in the day and it’s sunny and warm.  We headed to the pool to soak up some rays and do some reading.  After a few hours we headed back to the cow and had a great fish dinner.  Then we headed to the clubhouse for movie night under the stars.  Tonight’s features are:  “Dinner for Schmucks” and “Traffic”.
4   This morning we are doing laundry and cleaning the cow.  Chuck called us for a joker’s game, so we headed over to the clubhouse.  When we finished it was about 30 minutes before sunset, so we hurried over to our spot where we put out our bait trap.  Since we were out and hadn’t had dinner, we headed over to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday.  We met Maddie and Gary there.  We also saw Paul, Carrie and Kit from Breezy Pines and our friend Dustin.  We had tacos and a few cocktails.  Looe Key has Tuesday night jam session.  So there are different musicians that play off and on.  The music is always great. 

Another beautiful morning in the Florida Keys.  We had coffee on the verandah, read the paper and I practiced harmonica.  We took a nice walk around the lake and ran into lots of people along the way.  We got back, regrouped and headed to the clubhouse around 1230pm.  Today is our first weekly Monday Horseshoe Tournament.  I was partners with Mike and John was partners with Dale.  John ended up with 4 ringers and I got 5 ringers.  Afterwards, we had a quick dinner and walked over to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We had a good sized group from Lazy Lakes.  John and Craig each won 1 game.
2   This morning is sunny and warm.  Our temps are getting up to 78 today.  This morning I worked on updating our photos, journal and website.  Today is Sunday and the last day for regular season football.  It’s also our Sunday Party.  The Dave Aaron Band is playing here this afternoon.  Another Party!!!  We had more people at our Sunday Party.  As Lazy Lakes fills up, more and more people will be attending.  As always Dave, Kenny, Ed and Bo were great.  I got up and helped on tambourine for a song.  After the party, we headed over to Debbie and Craig’s for the post-party party.  We had a good fire going, music and friends.
1   HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Today we are grounded.  We hung around the cow, did some reading and had a great steak dinner.  We watched a movie and just hung out.  You know, you can’t party everyday.  Well, you can, but sometimes you just have to ground yourself.