John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

February 2011 Journal

We set the alarm this morning so we could be out on the bridge by 730am fishing.  TJ rode with us and we met Larry and Jim out on the bridge.  Fish stopped by for a bit.  We had action but not a lot.  We ended up with 4 keeper mangroves and TJ caught a bonnet head shark.  We couldn’t stay too long because the horseshoe tournament was at 1pm.  We got the fish cleaned, then regrouped and made it to horseshoes.  John’s partner is Patti and my partner is Jerry.  John ended up with 3 ringers and I ended up with 4 ringers, including a 6 pack which is 2 shoes both ringers in one turn.  After horseshoes, regroup again and then we headed over to KOA.  Dale and Sally were heading over on their golf cart so we hitched a ride.  We had happy hour until 630pm with a bunch of people from Lazy Lakes, then some headed to Boondocks for dinner and some, including us, stayed for bingo.  There was the biggest crowd this season.  Even though we had about 15 people from Lazy Lakes, no one won but like always, we all had a good time.
27   After we took a walk around the lake, John, Larry and Jim went to put out their bait traps.  We hung around cow for a while in the morning.  Then we went down to the pool and Craig, George, Darlene, Ron, Karen, John and Linda was there.  We enjoyed the 81 degree sunny afternoon.
We headed back to the cow to regroup.  The Lazy Lakes staff is throwing a volunteer thank you dinner tonight.  So people at the park that volunteer their time helping or doing something for the park is being treated to a lasagna dinner tonight.  We think that was very nice to be invited.  The tables were set up and decorated nicely with a flower arrangement on each table.  We had cheese and crackers to munch on and Joe Cleghorn, the owner of Lazy Lakes gave a few words, thanking us and all the workampers and staff of Lazy Lakes.  Then the staff became our servers and served us a homemade meal of mushroom or red pepper soup, ceaser salad, lasagna with corn, bread and sides of garlic butter and pesto sauce.  For dessert we had ice cream sundaes with all the fixings.  It was a great dinner and we really appreciate that we were invited.  Thank you…
26   Today is party, party, party.  Yes, it’s Saturday and that means a Lazy Lakes party at noon until 4pm.  Ray West on guitar, flute and vocals, Moose on bass guitar and vocals and Rick on drums.  We enjoyed beer, burgers and music while lounging in and around the pool.  We could only stay until 3pm, and then we had to regroup to head out to another party.
Linda came down to Key West with us and we headed over to Ricks Bar to meet up with Darlene and George.  Fish, TJ, Joy, Liz and Mike also were in and out.  Yo Adrian is performing from 4pm until 8pm.  George set up a live internet feed so it could be broadcast out to family and friends.  We had a great time and when Yo Adrian finished it was time to head to another party.
Actually we have a choice of 3 parties.  We chose to walk over to the Studios of Key West Art Gallery.  There is an auction of locally painted bicycles with some of the proceeds going to a local charity.  The reason we headed over there was Howard Livingston and the MM24 band was performing.  We got there and the place was packed which was not surprising.  Howard had already started the show.  He sang one song then they took a break to do the auction.  The bicycles went for between 1,200 and 2,500 dollars each.  What was very surprising is as soon as the auction was over, 80% of the people left.  So Linda, John and I were right up front with only a few others there.  We had parked way far away, so John left and got Big Red and picked us up.  Another great day!!!!
25   This morning after coffee and reading the paper, we took a walk around the lake.  John was ready for a longer walk so we headed over to the race lap off Sugarloaf Blvd.  It was hot and a little too long for me.  I think about 4.5 miles.  I was done when we got back, so we hung around the cow and did some reading and had a time-out.

Today we have some friends from Chicago stopping by.  We took a walk around the lake then Mark and Heidi arrived.  We visited at the cow for a while, then walked around the lake and showed them the campground.  We had some boat drinks back at the cow.  They didn’t have a lot of time and even though we tried our best to corrupt them, they had to go.  We got some projects around the cow done and then headed over to the clubhouse for the Thursday night potluck.  Nels and Joanne are doing a shrimp dinner tonight.  Afterwards the “Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band” performed.  I play harmonica in the band.  Our band is growing in size and instruments.  We had a great time.
23   This morning we had a lazy morning around our campsite.  We headed off to the pool to soak up some rays, do some swimming and reading.  Tonight is movie night, but we ended up walking over to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and customer appreciation night.  We had quite a crowd from Lazy Lakes.  The “Weed Hawks” is performing.  We ended up closing the place and the Weed Hawks played longer than they were booked for.  We walked back home and ended up over at Ted’s for a nightcap looking out over the lake and the moon.  Gary stopped by and we left Ted and Gary and headed home after one cocktail.
22   This morning we had our coffee and read the paper on our veranda while enjoying the nature channel.  We took a walk around the lake and visited with people along the way.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and 85 degrees.  So off to the pool we went.  After a nice relaxing day, the crockpot was cooking dinner and we headed over to the clubhouse for Tuesday night Texas Holdem.  The first game we had 10 and the second game we had 4.  The 1st game – 1st place – Ron, 2nd – Sandy, 3rd – John, Gil, Floyd, Betty, Pat, Oscar, Sue, Nancy.  The 2nd game – 1st place – Sandy, 2nd – Ron, 3rd – Oscar, John.

 Another beautiful morning.  We headed to the clubhouse early to start laundry.  You know it’s very hard doing laundry.  While it was doing its thing, today is Monday and that means donut day.  We had donuts and coffee and visited with other people.  John headed back to the cow to work on some other projects and I finished up laundry.  We had a quick lunch, then back over to the clubhouse for the Monday horseshoe tournament.  John’s partner was Pat and my partner was Joanne.  John ended up with 2 ringers and I only had one.  We had a nice grilled dinner and relaxed around the cow.

20   This morning we were up and out early.  Jim and Diane have an early flight out of Key West.  We all had some coffee and bagels sitting outside and enjoying the nature channel.  We dropped them off at the Key West Airport then headed to pick up a few groceries and back to the cow.  There are a couple different parties going on today but we decided to ground ourselves.  We stayed around the cow, did some reading and some other projects.

John and Jim headed out fishing early.  Diane got some packing done.  Diane and I headed to the clubhouse around noon for our Saturday party.  Today the “Weed Hawks” are performing.  John and Jim got back and joined us.  Towards the end of the party, John and Donnell got out some Tequila and stuff for margaritas.  We had a group move outside by the pool.  After a while, we were ready for dinner.  We regrouped and walked over to Mangrove Mamas.  CW Colt was playing and we had a nice dinner and music.
18   It’s a beautiful day and we are heading down to Key West.  Our first stop was the Botanic Gardens on Stock Island.  We took our time and really enjoyed it.  Now we need lunch and we have had El Siboney recommended by a few different people.  We will definitely go back there.  Now we need a walk, so we continued on to Duval and stopped at Bogart’s Irish Pub.  Moving on to 801 Bourbon we enjoyed some cocktails and met Gator the bartender.  We also met Victoria and Cathy.  We continued on and our next stop was The Bull.  We only stayed a short time and then on to La Concha Hotel for rooftop sunset.  Alfonso was playing and we met Linda and Darcy.  They had stopped in to check out Lazy Lakes before.  After a beautiful sunset, we started our walk back to Big Red.  We had a hike and along the way stopped at Wingmasters for a snack.  When we got back to Lazy Lakes, Karaoke was going strong.  We headed on over to the clubhouse and joined in.
17   After some breakfast outside, we headed over to the clubhouse.  Diane and I got some sun and enjoyed the pool.  John and Jim played a few games of horseshoes.  We listened to some music and relaxed at the cow for a while, then decided to take a walk over to the KOA for happy hour.  We stopped to see Mark and Raul the Cuban Cigar maker.  John and Jim got a few cigars and Mark came over to the KOA with us.  We couldn’t stay to long, because tonight is potluck.  We got back and regrouped and headed over to the clubhouse.  The theme tonight is soup and carrot cake cook-off.  I brought split pea soup and Jim and Diane brought garlic bread.  Like always, we ate way too much but everything was so good.  Tonight is the full moon, so we took a walk out to the point and ran into Ted.  We enjoyed to moon and tiki hut for a while.  Then it was time to ground ourselves.

Today is a Key West Day.  We headed out for lunch to Hogfish Restaurant on Stock Island.  Now that were all full, we continued on to Ft. Zachary for some sun, beach and swimming.  John and Jim took a short hike over to the Fort.  We had to drop off Dennis at the airport because he was heading home.  Jim, Diane, John and I decided to have a Key West afternoon.  We went to Schooner Wharf and listened to some Michael McCloud.  We walked along the wharf and we were looking for a good happy hour with music.  We ended up at Two Friends Restaurant.  They didn’t have music we thought, then Ray West appeared and it turned out great.  We had some cocktails and appetizers and music.  The Key West Parrothead Club was having their monthly meeting tonight at Bagatelles.  We met George and Darlene and a few other parrothead we know.  Of course, we had more cocktails and enjoyed the party.  We headed out again and back toward the truck.  We made a stop at BoBo’s Fish Shack for dinner.  We were all done so we headed back to our cows.
15   John and Jim were out fishing at 7am this morning.  After they got back we all had some lunch, then John, Jim and Dennis headed over to Sugarloaf Blvd for a hike.  Diane and I headed to the pool.  Later we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam night.  As always it was crowded and we had a great time.
14   John and Jim had the fishing itch and they headed out around 730am for some fishing on the KOA bridge.  Diane, Dennis and I headed over to the clubhouse around 830am for coffee and donuts and to visit with people.  We walked over to the bridge to see how Jim and John were doing.  They had a few and almost out of bait.  They packed up and then we went out to place the bait traps.  We had to get back and regroup.  We made it over for horseshoes at 1pm.  Dennis was hanging out at the pool, Diane went back and forth between the pool and horseshoe viewing and John, Jim and I played horseshoes.  Today is Jim’s birthday and also Valentines Day.  So we headed over to Boondocks for dinner.  Afterwards we played a round of mini-golf at the Boondocks mini-golf course.
13   Today is Big Pine day.  Our first stop was the Big Pine Flea Market.  John and Jim needed salsa and guacamole supplies.  We were all hungry so we went to No Name Pub.  It was packed, but was got seated quickly.  After some appetizers and a great pizza, we took a walk over the bridge and then went searching for the Key Deer.  We went to the Blue Hole and saw the resident gator.  We also saw a large Iguana and right by our truck was a female Key Deer.  We headed down to the end of the road and took another hike.  We saw a buck on this hike.  OK, were done with our hikes, we made a quick grocery stop, and then back to Lazy Lakes.  We had a quick dinner then to the clubhouse for the ice cream social.  We were tired, so we headed over to Jim and Diane’s and watched the movie “Red”.
12   This morning Jim and Diane moseyed over and we all had breakfast outside while watching the nature channel.  We enjoyed a few minutes of the Saturday party with Lou Renshaw performing.  We had to head out to pick up Dennis at the Key West airport.  Since were already down in Key West we all went exploring.  First we started at the Eco-Discovery Center.  We really enjoy this and always learn something new about the keys.  Then we headed over to Cheeseburger for a few cocktails.  Onward to Ricks to meet George and Darlene.  Liz and Mike were also there.  Yo Adrian was performing.  We have seen him a bunch of times, but Jim, Diane and Dennis have never seen him.  It’s a unique act and not for everyone.  We were done when we left Ricks, so we headed back to the cow.  Dennis is staying at the cow with us.
11   This morning John, Jim, TJ and Larry headed out early for fishing on the bridge.  I moseyed over to see Diane and then we walked around the lake and investigated stuff.  After breakfast, we decided to walk to the bridge and check out to see how the boys were doing.  They had 6 snappers and were almost out of bait.  We all went to check on the bait traps and then headed back to the cow.  George the goliath grouper was out while they were cleaning the fish, so he got fed.  We had a nice lunch, then after a couple cocktails we regrouped and headed to Hurricane Hole for Happy Hour.  We picked up Darlene on the way.  We met George there.  After some appetizers and cocktails, we headed to the Glyn Archer Center for the John Prine Concert.  Doc Holiday was the opening singer.  Later John and Doc teamed up on stage for the encore.  Paul Cotton from “Poco” and his wife were sitting right in front of us.  Paul played at a Lazy Lakes Concert last year.
10   This morning I got our Crockpot Chicken Alfredo going for potluck tonight.  I made some fish dip and then we took a walk around the lake and got Linda’s fiver stocked for Jim and Diane.  They are flying in this afternoon and staying in their own cow.  We got our projects done, and then headed down to Key West.  After a quick stop, we headed for Smathers Beach to soak up some rays while we waited for Jim and Diane.  After they got in, we headed back to the campground and they got set up in their fiver.  Tonight is chicken potluck so we headed over at about 6pm.  As always, there was quite a crowd and a lot of food.  Since Valentines Day is coming, the park brought in Ray West and his band for music during and after dinner.
9   This morning we are finishing up cleaning the cow and laundry.  John and Larry headed out to place the bait traps.  We headed up to Big Pine for grocery shopping.  We had some music in our yard and Fish and Ray stopped by.  The boys had a cigar while we had cocktails and listened to an artist Fish know, Kevin Welsh.  We headed over to the clubhouse a little before 8pm for movie night.  Craig had a short movie about old Key West.  Then the main feature was “You Again”, with Betty White.  It was a nice evening and we had another good crowd.

   8   Today we are working around the cow.  I also have some TCI stuff to do.  We worked around the cow and our campsite.  We headed over to the clubhouse around 630pm for Texas Holdem.  The first game – Nancy was 1st place, Gil was 2nd, and I was 3rd then John Bush, Floyd, Donnell, Ron, John and Oscar.  The second game Ron was 1st place, Gil was 2nd, Oscar was 3rd then Floyd, Sandy, John.

This morning I did some TCI work.  Then we headed over to the clubhouse for our Monday Horseshoe Tournament.  Floyd and I were partners and John and Mike were partners.  I ended up with 4 ringers and John had 3 ringers.  I don’t know what happened, but Floyd and I ended up as the ultimate losers.  After horseshoes, George, Darlene, Joy and TJ were at the pool, so we hung out for a while then headed back to the cow.  We are taking a time-out tonight and not going to the KOA happy hour or bingo.

John was up and out early with Floyd and Larry this morning.  They headed over to the bridge for some fishing.  I worked on our photos and videos from last night, and then headed up to the flea market on Big Pine.  They were still fishing when I got back.  I relaxed around the cow and did some reading.  We headed over to the clubhouse around 6pm for the Lazy Lakes Superbowl Party.

Another beautiful February day.  We sat outside and read our paper and enjoyed the 75 degree temps and sunshine.  I updated our photos, videos and website.  We headed over to the clubhouse and pool around noon.  CW Colt is playing poolside for this afternoon’s party.  We have pulled pork sandwiches and of course another keg of beer.  I did some swimming and soaked up rays.  John got some horseshoe games going.
After this party was over at 4pm, we headed back to the cow to regroup and head over to the KOA.  Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band are playing there tonight.  They don’t start until 7pm, but we got there at 530pm and luckily, Linda and Joe was already there and holding a few tables.  It filled up quick.  As always, we had great music and a great time.
During every show, Howard makes margaritas in his 1955 Johnson outboard motor.  He auctions off the first margarita and to help make them to the highest bidder.  Any money collected, goes to Care Camp.  This is for kids with cancer.  Before tonight the highest bidder paid 4,000 for this.  Tonight there was even international bidding with people bidding from the phone.  When the bidding ended, it’s a record that will be very hard to break.  The margarita went for $8,800.00.  I have a video of the bidding on our website under Movies.
4   This morning John is chomping at the bit again.  Larry and John headed out early to chum and place their bait traps.  Then John stopped by Jim’s to help him build his own bait trap.  I did some TCI stuff and other stuff at the cow.  John headed out to the bridge for fishing, and I headed to the pool for some sun.  We had a nice steak dinner, and then headed to the clubhouse for karaoke.  Each week we are getting more and more singers.  We have some great talent here at Lazy (Crazy) Lakes.  You have to check out the videos! 
3   After our walk around the lake, we headed to Key West and TJ came with us.  We made some grocery stops then to the liquor store to pick up a half barrel of beer.  Tonight is potluck dinner and people sign up to host and organize it each week.  We are not that responsible, so we decided to supply the beer this week.  If anything is left, I’m sure we’ll finish it tomorrow night at karaoke.  We got back and worked around the cow a little, then headed over to the clubhouse around 530pm.  We had about 70 people for spaghetti dinner.  As always, we ate too much but it was great.  Tonight we had another performance of the “Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band”.  We have some new instruments tonight, tambourines, spoons and kazoos.  The “Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band” is growing.  Make sure to check out our videos!  After our performances, we got a jokers game going.
2   This morning we headed up to Big Pine to pick up some supplies.  We stopped for lunch at Big Pine Restaurant.  When we got back, John was on a mission to clean the inside of Big Red.  I was on another pool mission.  We both finished our chores then headed over to the clubhouse for movie night.  Tonight’s features are “The Social Network” and “Missing”.  It was a beautiful and warm evening for movies under the stars.

   1   We started out early today for fishing.  John and I headed over to the bridge and Floyd, Jim and Larry was also headed over.  We had action off and on.  By around 1130am I was done and ready for the pool.  Jim had already left.  So I left John, Floyd and Larry at the bridge and I walked back and headed to the pool.  There were quite a few people there, so I enjoyed the water and sun and did some reading.  John and the boys didn’t get back until around 330pm.  They had there mangroves, some mackerel and a jack.  Later we headed over to Parrotdise on Little Torch Key for happy hour.  Duane, Liz, Craig and Debbie also came over.  After some drinks and appetizers outside overlooking the water, we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar.  Tonight is taco Tuesday and Jam night.  We met quite a few people from Lazy Lakes, George and Darlene and a lot of other people we know.  We had a great time as always.