John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

March 2011 Journal

Today is domestic day.  We are leaving soon and were getting all our laundry and grocery shopping done.  Getting Red all gassed up and ready to go and cleaning out our basement and repacking for the road.  We headed over to the clubhouse for the Thursday night potluck, tonight is lasagna.  The crowds are getting smaller.  Tonight after dinner we had a couple of small joker games and then headed back to the cow.

This morning we enjoyed coffee and read the paper on our patio.  We took a leisurely walk around the lake and then hung out at the cow for a while.  We are starting to wind down on our time here at Lazy Lakes.  It’s a beautiful warm and sunny day, so we headed to the pool to catch some rays and some reading.  Tonight is movie night and the feature is “Fair Game”.

This morning I had some TCI work and John did projects outside.  He finished Big Red up so Red is ready for the road.  We headed over to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday.  Like always it was packed and we had quite a few people from Lazy Lakes and others we know.  We got back and Craig and Debbie had a fire going outside, so we stopped by for a few cocktails.

Monday and donut day at the clubhouse.  I have some TCI work I need to get done and John started to get Big Red ready for the road.  We headed to horseshoes at 1pm.  John and Chuck were partners and Dale and I were partners.  John had 7 ringers and I had 3 ringers.  Dale and I finished at the Ultimate Winners!!!  After a quick regroup, we walked over to the KOA for happy hour.  We didn’t stay for bingo but came back and took a time out.  On our way back we saw TJ and he had caught a nurse shark on the bridge.

   27   For most of the day we worked around the cow.  John washed Red and we talked to some family and friends.  We headed over to Looe Key Tiki Bar around 5pm.  When we were at Looe Key on Taco Tuesday Moose was there and we said goodbye in case we didn’t see him before we left.  He said, hey, you have to come Sunday night for my jam night and bring your harp.  OK, whatever Moose says.  So we got there early, talked to Moose and watched the stage get set up.  Paul and Carrie who we met last year at Breezy Pines were also there.  Paul plays drums and guitar for Moose and other local bands.  We talked to them for a while.  Moose and his buzzard jam band started at around 7pm.
I had an idea how the jam band thing worked, but never really did one before.  So we had some drinks and got some food and I was patient.  Moose decides who and when people play and for how long.  You are invited up to the stage.  I waited and waited and then he was like, “let’s get that harp girl up here”.  So off I went.  I had a great time and was up for 4 or 5 songs.  Check out our youtube channel for some video clips. 
26   This morning we took a nice walk around the lake and then hung out at the cow for a while.  Today is Saturday and that means a party.  The Weedhawks are performing today and Ted is supplying roast pork and open bar.  People brought a dish.  Like always a keg was on ice and tapped, the sun was shining and everyone had a great time.

We have about 1 week left down here in the keys.  We are getting ready for the road and heading to Key West to pick up a few items and just mosey around.  We decided to stop at the KOA because it’s happy hour time.  Dale was already there.  We joined him for a couple cocktails, and then headed to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and appetizers.  We got back and walked to the clubhouse for the last Karaoke night of the season.  People are heading out and the groups are getting smaller.

After we finally got our taxes done, we headed to the pool.  It’s a great day for the pool, 83 and sunny.  Now were ready for Thursday potluck.  Tonight theme is bring your own meat to grill, so we brought some nice steaks.  I made a movie about our time at Lazy Lakes and played it during dinner.  If you want to see it you can go to our youtube channel.  After dinner we had a couple joker games then headed back to the cow.

   23   Today is a domestic day.  John is washing the outside of the cow and I headed to Big Pine for some grocery shopping.  We have a tax appointment this afternoon.  Well things didn’t work out with our tax appointment.  We ended up hanging around the cow and then headed to the movies.  Due to the time change there is only one movie not a double feature.  Tonight feature presentation is “The Tourist”.

This morning I finished up making a movie about Lazy Lakes and John worked on cleaning the roof of the cow.  I also had to update our journal and website.  We took a walk around the lake and showed a few people the movie I made.  At 5pm, John and Donnell came with us to Taco Tuesday and Jam night at Looe Key Tiki Bar.  There were quite a few friends there.  Ron, Karen, Craig, Debbie, John, Donnell, Joy, TJ, Mike, Liz, Nick, George and Darlene.  Ray West was there and playing lead guitar.  We saw Moose and he was going to play.  However we left before he got started. 

We headed to the clubhouse for Monday donuts and coffee.  Then we relaxed at the cow and headed to horseshoes at 1pm.  John and Sue were partners and me and Sue C were partners.  John had 4 ringers and I had 9 ringers including 2-6 packs.  That was my best yet.  We were on our way to KOA for happy hour and bingo when Ted picked us up and we ended up at Sugarloaf lodge Tiki Hut for a Sugarloaf punch.  After a punch, we all headed to the KOA for bingo.

After yesterday, today is a cow day.  We took a walk around and found that everyone made it home yesterday ok.  We are just relaxing around the cow today.

Today we have our Key West St. Patty’s Day Bar Stroll.  There were 14 of us.  What a group, John, Sandy, Liz, Duane, Craig, Debbie, Ted, Joy, TJ, Tina, Bryan, John, Donnell and Nick.  Craig drove down and 13 of us headed to the bus stop for the 1015am bus.  We changed buses and ended up at the Southernmost Café where we met up with Craig and the starting place for the stroll.  We stopped at Ricks for a while to see Yo Adrian and did crawl across Duval.  After that some of us got separated.  Liz, Duane, Nick, John and I stopped at Finnegan’s Wake for heavy appetizers, then grabbed a cab to Sears to catch the bus.  We missed one by 5 minutes and had to wait 1 ½ hours.  We went to Wendy’s for some burgers and got the bus.  Everyone made it back and we all had a great time.
18   This morning I had a TCI appointment.  Then we headed to the pool to soak up some rays and do some reading.  After dinner we headed to the clubhouse for Karaoke.  As always everyone had a great time.
17   Happy St. Patty’s Day.  We took a nice stroll around the lake.  We are going to be hitting the road soon, so we have lots of projects around the cow to get done.  While I did laundry John greased the bearings on the cow.  We regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for our Thursday night potluck.  Since its St. Patty’s Day, there were lots of Irish dishes.  Tonight was also another performance from The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band.
16   This morning we hung around cow.  Ron asked us to go golfing at Key West Golf Course with him and Floyd.  So off we went.  The course is challenging and very beautiful.  Lots of wildlife.  All sorts of birds, big iguanas and turtles.  When we got back we were done, so we didn’t make it to movie night.
15   Domestic day today.  We got our laundry and grocery shopping done and did some projects around the cow.  We headed over to the clubhouse for soup and jokers.

In addition to donuts at the clubhouse, there is also a blood drive here today.  So we gave and enjoyed our donuts and were back at 1pm for horseshoes.  John and Jim were partners and me and Dale were partners.  John and I both had 2 ringers each.  We regrouped and headed to happy hour and bingo at the KOA.

This morning we headed out early for fishing on the bridge.  TJ came with us and neighbor John met us up there.  I was playing my harmonica and a lady that was also fishing came over and asked if I wanted to jam.  Rita and Tim are from the Rockford area.  Rita got her guitar and we jammed on the bridge while we were fishing.  It was time for happy hour so neighbor John, TJ, John and I headed to the KOA.  We couldn’t stay to long.  We had to get back, clean our catch and tonight we are the scoop masters for the Ice Cream Social.
12   This morning is another cool morning only 63 degrees.  I know, I know, it may not be cool to you, but we have to get out our long pants and sweaters.  Its ok today is going to be 76 and sunny.  We have our normal Saturday party today with Ray West performing.  Today we are also having a wedding at Lazy Lakes at the point.  John and Donnell are tying the knot at 1130am.  So it should be another great day here at Lazy Lakes.  We wish them love and prosperity.
11   This morning is a cooler and windy.  We took our walk around the lake to check out what’s going on and visit with people along the way.  It’s the perfect day for some reading around the cow, practicing harmonica and playing cribbage.  Tonight TJ is coming over for dinner.  When we were all out fishing, he caught a Bonnet Head Shark, and that’s what were grilling up for dinner.  Now it’s time for karaoke.  Like always karaoke was a great time.
10   Another beautiful day.  We took a walk around the lake and visited with people along the way.  When we got back I worked on our pics, journal and website.  John got our fishing stuff together.  A big storm is coming in, but John and TJ want to try to get fishing in for a while.  We headed out around noon and stopped to pick up some chum.  The North sky was getting really dark and you could see the front coming.  We just got a pole each baited and in the water when the wind started.  I said forget it, I knew it was going to be bad.  I grabbed a few pole and ran for the truck.  John and TJ were shortly behind me.  Just as I got there, the wind and rain started coming down.  Well, that’s the end of fishing day.
We got back, played some cribbage, did some reading and just hung around.  After dinner we headed to the clubhouse for movie night.  Now that the fronts past, it’s much cooler but the rain is gone.  We had movie night outside and we had 2 good movies.  The feature was “Faster” and the second show was “Paycheck’.  I recommend both.
9   This morning we got the cow back together, worked on some bills, then headed to the pool.  Floyd is BBQ Turkeys for tonight’s potluck.  So we spent the afternoon off and on between the pool and playing jokers.  We regrouped back at the cow and headed to the clubhouse for the Thanksgiving Turkey Potluck.
I brought a fruit salad.  After a great dinner, Fiona Molloy is performing for us tonight.  She has stayed at Lazy Lakes a lot.  She performs at Finnegan’s Wake down in Key West.  She is a Irish Folk Singer.  We all had a great time.  She has an instrument called and “Ugly Stick”.  So a few people got up and played that.  She had a lot of audience participation.  John was up for the Unicorn Song.  I made a couple videos and they are on our youtube site at RVGypsy.
8   Today is major spring cow cleaning.  We washed all the carpets, ceiling, walls and cabinets.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s so nice when were done.  We headed to Big Pine for more supplies and then regrouped for Texas Holdem tonight.  We played two games, the 1st game, 1st place – Ron, 2nd Sandy, 3rd Gil, John, Karen, Oscar.  2nd game, 1st place – Sandy, 2nd John, 3rd Ron, Oscar, Gil, Karen.

We headed up to the clubhouse for our Monday morning donuts and coffee.  There was quite a crowd this morning.  Back to our spring cleaning.  We go through every drawer and cabinet, clean and toss what we don’t use.  Once again, after a couple hours, it was time for horseshoes.
John and Jerry were partners and Sue and I were partners.  I ended up with 3 ringers and John had 8 ringers.  John and Jerry ended up being Ultimate Winners today.
Ted had told us about the Sugarloaf Punches at Sugarloaf Tiki Bar and we agreed to go have some with him.  Actually, we all had two each, but one would have been more than enough.  So Ted, TJ, John and I headed over there.  Craig and Debbie were already there.  After a couple punches, we headed back to Lazy Lakes.  Ted, Craig and Debbie headed over to the KOA for bingo.
We decided to stay at the campground.  We made some drinks and headed to Joy and TJ’s, then to Jerry and Sh
6   Today we are starting our spring cow cleaning.  We headed up to Big Pine for breakfast and some supplies.  Then we started empting our closet, cleaning and getting rid of stuff.  After a few hours, we were done for today.  We started work on our summer RV itinerary and did some reading.

Today we are heading to Key West ALL day for Conchfest.  Joe Cleghorn the owner of Lazy Lakes is one of the sponsors and supplying the music.  CW Colt, The Doerfuls are playing.  The headliners are Cowboy Troy of Big and Rich and Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.
Joe asked us to help backstage with security.  Linda is riding down with us and we are leaving at 10am.  The fest goes until 11pm so it should be a great day.  It’s going to be sunny and 78 degrees with a 10 mph wind.  We got there and helped get tents and banners set up.  We did a beer run then we were back at the fest.  A lot of people from Lazy Lakes were there.
We walked around the fest, spent time backstage meeting and visiting with the musicians.  We already know CW Colt, Howard Livingston, Mark from the Horse Pistols and Cowboy Troy.  Linda bid on the first margarita and got it for 1800.00  We had a great day.  But then we found out it wasn’t over.
Cowboy Troy was heading to Cowboy Bills to play there around midnight.  Joe Cleghorn and Cowboy Troy had a section reserved for Lazy Lakes.  So after the fest was over, we packed stuff up and then Linda, Joe, Ted, John and I headed over there.  There was already a big group.  Spring break is starting and the place was packed.  We had our own area and had heavy appetizers and drinks.  We stayed until around 1230am.  We had a long day and it was time to go.

 4   We have a cool front coming in.  So it’s very windy and only 75 today.  We are heading to Key West for some supplies.  We decided to ground ourselves tonight.  We had a nice steak dinner and key lime pie for dessert.

Today is a domestic day.  We got laundry done, and then got our tax stuff organized.  We are lounging around the cow this afternoon.  Tonight is Italian potluck.  I made chicken alfredo in the crockpot.  After dinner Carolyn and I organized the Lazy Lakes version of Minute to Win It.  We gave each table a card and that was their number.  We played 4 games: Rapid Fire, Noodling Around, Stack Attack and Face the Cookie.  We had small trophies for 1st place.  Everyone had a great time.  After the games were over, we enjoyed some cocktails and visited.
2   This morning we actually have some clouds and a few sprinkles.  We took a walk around the lake then headed up to Big Pine to pick up some supplies.  We headed to the pool for a bit, then regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for movie night.  The main feature was “Due Date” and the second feature was “The Big Easy”.  Both were good movies.

This morning we enjoyed coffee and the paper outside overlooking the mangroves.  It’s sunny and about 75 degrees.  Today the forecast is sunny and 82.  We took a walk around the lake, then came back and did some miscellaneous projects at the cow.
Larry is leaving tomorrow and wants to go fishing around 2pm.  I do not want to fish in the middle of a hot day on the bridge, so I opted for some pool time.  John, TJ, and Larry headed out.  I headed to the pool.  After enough sun, swimming and reading, I headed back to the cow to work on my journal and photos.  I am so far behind right now, but that’s ok.  I’ll catch up sometime.
John got back from fishing, just as I was heading out for the jokers tournament tonight.  He decided to just get the fish cleaned and then he was taking a time out.  We had 12 at the tournament.  I didn’t win or lose, I ended up somewhere in the middle.  I stayed for a couple more joker games then headed home.