John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

November 2011 Journal

We had a domestic morning of laundry and stuff.  John went to retrieve our bait traps and get our bait set up for fishing.  After lunch we headed out with Floyd for some bridge fishing.  John and Floyd did pretty good with the mangrove snappers.  I caught a couple fish, but no keepers.  We got back, got the fish cleaned, had dinner and headed up to the clubhouse for movie night.  Tonight’s first movie is the “Searchers” with John Wayne.  The feature is “30 minutes or less”.  We stayed for the first movie and then headed back to the cow.

   29   Another rough day.  After coffee and the paper on our patio, we headed to the clubhouse for Turkey Soup made with the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  Chuck and Terri both made big pots.  Some people brought bread and butter; we brought crackers and leftover rum balls.  After lunch we had enough people so we started an afternoon of jokers with 8 of us.  We quit around 430pm so we could regroup and head to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday.  First John had to go run his bait traps for fishing tomorrow.  As always, Looe Key was crowded and the jam band was playing.  We weren’t going to stay that long tonight, so I didn’t get up to play.  It is a little cool and we all had our long sleeves on.  I think its about 69 degrees and tonight it’s getting down to 62 degrees.  I know, we are all wimps and lovin it!!!

   28   This morning we had a few rain showers around.  So we hung around the cow and did some computer work.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, so we headed to the pool for some R&R, Rays and Relaxing.  After the pool, we regrouped, kidnapped Debbie and walked over to the KOA for happy hour.

Today is the Toys for Tots Bike Run.  Our friends, Craig, Debbie, Fish, Art, Chari and Martin were riding in it.  John and I took a walk up to US 1 to see them as they passed by.  Today is also Sunday so we watched the first football games at the cow.  We headed up to Boondocks to watch the second games and meet up with Craig, Debbie, Art, Chari and Martin.  After a bit, John and I went over to Looe Key Tiki Bar for the games and Craig and Debbie met us there.  Ray West was playing.  We had good music, good football, good drinks and good friends.
26   This morning after coffee, we took a walk around lake and ended up walking to the bridge to check on how the fishing was.  Then we relaxed at the cow and did some reading.  Later we walked up to the clubhouse to watch sunset and Craig, Debbie, Judy and Fred were playing pool.  So we hung out with them for a while.

Today we are having a domestic day.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We took a walk around the lake to check out what’s going on.  We ran into Terri and Floyd cooking the turkeys on the big grill at the clubhouse.  They suggested a few games of Jokers.  So we got some players together.  We broke when the turkeys were ready to come off.  We had to go back and get our scallop potatoes and rum balls.  We came back and had some wine and visited with people at the Thanksgiving potluck.  After a great and overfilling dinner, John was ready for horseshoes.  We all got everything cleaned up and put away and then had a few more games of jokers.
23   After coffee and reading the paper we worked on our football picks.  We took a walk around lake and then I made fish dip with the fish we caught yesterday.  I also made rum balls for tomorrows Thanksgiving potluck.  Then I did some reading and John needed a hike and headed to the burned out bridge.  Tonight in movie night the first show was Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke” and the feature is “Super 8”.

This morning Floyd, TJ, John and I headed out for fishing at 7am.  We caught a couple but not a lot.  We headed back, got the fish and equipment cleaned and then headed to the clubhouse for a couple hours of Jokers.  We started with 6 of us and ended up with 8.  Tonight is taco Tuesday and Jam Night at Looe Key Tiki Bar.  After jokers, we regrouped and headed over there.  We had quite a few people from Lazy Lakes.  Looe Key was packed.  So we had to slowly find tables together.  I got up and played my harmonica and then Sally came up with her tambourine.  Vicki wanted to join in, so she borrowed Sally’s tambourine and got up for a few songs.
21   After coffee, we took a walk around the lake.  We found out Marty was out fishing on the bridge, so we walked over to see how he was doing.  Eric was on his way back and Frank and Marty were still there.  They had a few Jacks and Mangroves.  Later in the afternoon John, Debbie and I walked over to KOA for happy hour.

It’s a beautiful morning.  Party cloudy with a slight wind.  The temperature is around 75.  We enjoyed coffee while reading the paper outside.  I also did some harmonica practice.  We took a walk around lake and checked out what was going on.  Today is Sunday and we are planning on relaxing in the cow and watching football.  We have some appetizers and plan on noshing and just hanging out today.

This morning after coffee, I made fish dip with our catch from the other day.  John got our outside Christmas lights set up.  It’s sunny and warm so we headed to the pool to soak up some rays, do some reading, take a nap and do some swimming.  After a couple hours we headed home to have dinner and get ready for tonight.  Craig and Debbie gave us a ride over to the KOA around 515pm.  Tonight Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band are playing at 7pm.  We have about 12 of us from Lazy Lakes going.  If we don’t get there early we won’t get a good table.  So off we went.  We had a great time.  We did lots of dancing and had lots of fun.
18   After our morning coffee and newspaper outside, we did some reading and then decided to head to Key West for some supplies.  We got back and regrouped for dinner.  Tonight John and I are going to dinner with Craig and Debbie at a new restaurant that just opened down the road.  It’s Zaza’s Pizza and Italian.  We got there at a good time.  It started really getting packed.  Zaza’s is a little pricey, but the food was very good and so was the atmosphere. 

This morning is very hot and humid.  We were outside for a bit, but then some sprinkles came and sent us inside.  We did some reading for a while.  Then the sun came out and it cleared up.  We checked the tide report and decided to head out for some fishing.  It started out slow, but then we ended up with some Crevalle Jacks and Mangrove Snappers.  We got back, got the fish all cleaned then regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for 2 few games of 8 person jokers.

This morning TJ came over and John, TJ and I played around with Lazy Lakes Karaoke machine.  We need to see how it works and then need to start doing karaoke again.  It took a couple hours, but we think we have it all figured out and ready to go.  Now we headed up for a few groceries and then back to Lazy Lakes.  Debbie stopped by while we were playing cribbage and we all had a cocktail.  Now people were over by Frisbee so we stopped by and visited with him and Bruce and Vicki.  We meant to make it to movie night, but didn’t.

This morning after reading the paper, having coffee and working on football pics for next week, we headed to do laundry.  While it was washing we visited with people at the clubhouse.  After laundry, TJ has his canoe ready to go, so John and TJ took it out on the lake for a test run.  It worked out great.  Now we are doing some computer stuff.  At 3pm we headed to the clubhouse for jokers.  Jokers is a card and marble game.  We have 2 newbie’s, Eric and Lisa.  After showing them the basics, we had a couple games with 8 of us.  We decided to stay in tonight and have one more night of time-out.  I finished up my journal, pictures and updated our website so it’s all up to date.  
 14   Today we headed into Key West this morning, picked up a few things and headed back.  I am working on my journal and making photo discs for Candy and Traci and Jim and Diane.  Even though it’s KOA night, we are taking a time-out tonight.

   13   This morning we had coffee outside and read the paper.  We are grounding ourselves today.  We watched football, I worked on catching up on our photos and we just hung out.

Today we relaxed at Lazy Lakes.  We downloaded Jim and Diane’s photos and they had to pack for their flight later.  We headed out and stopped at Geiger Key for lunch and a couple cocktails.  We headed into Key West to drop off Jim and Diane at the airport.  We tried to corrupt them to stay, but it didn’t work.  John and I stopped for a few groceries and then headed home.  We took a time out when we got home.

We headed out early around 930am to Key West.  TJ is heading down with us today.  We stopped at the grocery store to pick up some supplies for the Boat Races Roof Party Craig is throwing at the Eco Discovery Center where he works.  This is the second day of racing.  After unpacking the truck, setting up our chairs and helping with the food, Debbie, TJ, Diane, Jim, John and I took a walk around the boat staging area.  We met up with our friend Steve.  His boss has a boat, Global Warming # 47 in the race and Steve and Ida are helping with all different stuff.  There was a bunch more people that Craig had invited to the party.  Sally and her family, Liz and Duane, Daniel, Martin, Delis, Douglas and some we didn’t know.  The races and the food were great.  One boat did do a roll over and 2 people had to be rescued and one was airlifted to a Miami hospital.  After the races, we got the roof cleaned off and the food put away. Today is Veterans Day and there is a parade starting.  A bunch of us Craig, Debbie, Joy, Douglas, Jim, Diane, John and I walked to 801 and watched the Veterans Day Parade.  After the parade, we all went to the La Concha rooftop to watch sunset and moonrise.  Now we are off to Ricks.  Tonight is the Superboat parade and setup on Duval.  We got to Ricks and Craig and Debbie had already gotten a few tables.  Fred and Judy were also there.  Uncle Bobby was playing when we arrived.  Yo Adrian came on later.  The street got packed as the boats came down Duval.  John and I took a walk see Steve and Ida.  They are helping with the beads and tattoos at the boat Global Warming.  On the way home we stopped for a sandwich at Miami Subs and then we were all done. Thanks Craig for a great day at the races.
10   This morning Jim and Diane are having a domestic morning and John and I are hanging around the cow and working on football pics.  We headed to the pool and Diane and Jim met us there.  John and Jim played a few games of horseshoes, Diane read by the pool, and I took a nap at the pool.
We regrouped and walked over to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and appetizers.  We ended up having dinner there and Craig and Debbie stopped by.  We met up with Jennifer the blood drive lady.  Her mom, Judy and sister Ashley both work at Mangroves.  After being at Mangroves for a few hours we headed back and were done.  We are heading out early tomorrow.

9   This morning John, Jim and TJ headed out again for fishing at 7am.  I worked on my journal and cleaned up some photos.  Diane came by and after coffee and breakfast; we took a walk around the lake and visited with people at the clubhouse.  The boys got back around noon and after cleaning the 10 mangrove snappers they caught, we headed back to the cow.
More friends, Steve, Ida and Ida’s brother Jim, are on their way down to Key West for the Super Power Boat Races.  They stopped by Lazy Lakes for a while and we had a few cocktails.  Clarabelle joined us outside for a bit.  After they headed out, we started getting stuff together for dinner.
John is grilling some fish, TJ is frying up some fish and I’m making rice and beans to go with it.  Debbie and Craig stopped by but they had already eaten and its movie night and Craig has to get down there to set it up.  For dinner we had our neighbor Michelle, TJ, Jim, Diane, John and I.  We had so much great food.  After dinner we had a nightcap then we all called it a night.  The movie had already started and we decided to ground ourselves.  Another rough day!

8   John, Jim and TJ headed out at 7am for fishing.  I got up and made some fish dip and Diane came over and we had breakfast.  We made up sandwiches for later and the boys got back around 1030am and had caught 7 nice mangrove snappers.
We headed out to Bahia Honda for a beach day around noon.  We lounged on the beach, and then had our sandwiches we had brought.  John, Jim and I took a walk out to the bridge.  I saw a pretty good size shark in the water from the bridge.  After having a little more beach lounging we headed back to Lazy Lakes.
We regrouped and headed out to Taco Tuesday and Jam Night at Looe Key Tiki Bar.  As always there were other Lazy Lakes people and others we know.  After some tacos and a couple beers I got up and started to jam on my harmonica with the band.  They had me do a couple solos and I think I did ok.  There was another harmonica player that showed up and wanted to play.  We decided to head home.  We had a long day and the boys are going fishing again tomorrow.

7   John and Jim headed out early around 7am to go fish off the bridge.  I got caught up on a few things and Diane came over around 930am for coffee and breakfast.  The boys got back from fishing and caught 3 big mangrove snappers.  Perfect for fish dip.  We needed a few groceries and so we headed to Big Pine.  We stopped for lunch at Galley Grill so we could eat before shopping.
We got back and then Debbie walked with us over to KOA for happy hour.  Dave Herzog is playing steel drums at KOA tonight.  We ended up getting a limbo going and had a lot of fun.  After a while we headed back to Jim and Diane’s 5ver and ordered a couple pizza’s and watched football.

 Today Jim and Diane check out of their hotel and come to Lazy Lakes.  They are renting Linda’s 5ver for the week.  We picked them up at 11am and headed to Smokin Tuna to see Howard Livingston.  It was packed.  We had a couple bloody mary’s and then walked over to the Conch Republic for lunch and drinks.  The Calypso Nuts were playing the steel drums.  After lunch we started back towards Big Red and ended up stopping at the Island Dog for another cocktail.  We saw Rick and Sherri and talked to them for a few minutes.  We headed back to the truck and heard the superboat parade starting on Duval.  The Superboat Races start tomorrow and the boats are starting to arrive.  We decided it was time to head back.  When we got back, Craig had made homemade seafood gumbo, so we stopped by and had a beer and some gumbo.  Now we are really done.  Jim and Diane got all set up in the 5ver and we grounded ourselves.  
 5   Linda, Traci, Candy, John and I left at around 11am.  We had to drop Candy and Traci off at the airport.  Then we picked up J&D and headed to the Casa.  After setting up our chairs we walked over to the pool bar and listened to Bob Karwin and then Jim Hoehn.  Rick our MAPA president is in the dunk tank and then Howard was in the dunk tank.  Linda relaxed by our chairs and kept watch.  Jim and Diane were ready to explore and Linda wanted to stay at the Casa.  So John, Jim, Diane and I headed out.  We stopped at the Southernmost Café for happy hour.  After some appetizers and drinks, we walked down Duval.  We stopped at 801 and saw our friend Gator.  He is opening a new bar soon, so we’ll have to check it out.  We continued on to Overboard and had a couple happy hour cocktails there.  Jonathon was setting up to play but we were on a mission.  We had to get back to the Casa.  Jimmy and the Parrots were on stage when we got back and then the Coral Reefers were on.  It was packed.  Everyone was hoping Jimmy Buffett would show up again but he didn’t.  We had a great time.  We were ready to head out, so we dropped off Jim and Diane and headed back to Lazy Lakes.
4   Today is the MOTM Street Party.  There is a real strong rumor that since this is the 20th annual MOTM, Jimmy Buffet is going to show up.  Because of this, Candy, Traci, Linda, John and I left Lazy Lakes at 10am to secure a good place up front for the Street Concert.  Jim and Diane met us at the street party.  The concert starts at 1pm but we were there by 1030am luckily.  We brought 3 chairs and found a place in the second row of people.  It started getting packed.  After a while, forget going to the bathroom because you may not get back.
At 1pm the Young Rebel Goombas started.  Then Mr. Myers which is Todd Donnelly.  We have seen him many times in Chicago and this is his first time performing for MOTM.  By now it’s confirmed that Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers are going to play.
When Jimmy came on it was great!  They played almost an hour and with the area we had set up on the street we were pretty much right in front of the stage.  It was wonderful.
After the street concert, we headed to the La Concha Rooftop.  Linda saw Darlene, George, Joy and TJ.  Joy and TJ came up to the rooftop.  From here we headed to Margaritaville for appetizers and cocktails.  When I took a bathroom break I saw the musician’s apartment and knocked.  The Boat Drunks are performing at Margaritaville tonight and were lounging in the apartment.  I let myself in, said Hi and got a picture.  We were done.  Linda, Traci, Candy, John and I headed home and Jim and Diane stayed at Margaritaville for a while longer.

 3   After regrouping this morning, Linda, Candy, Traci, John and I headed out to the Casa Marina for the start of MOTM.  This is a multi-day parrothead party throughout Key West.  Technically is starts today, but it’s already been going on all week.
After getting registered, we scoped out an area on the beach and set up our lawn chairs.  We took a walk around the Casa to check out the pool bar music and Mini Mart.  John and I left Candy, Traci and Linda to go pick up our friends Jim and Diane at the airport.
We got them all checked in at their hotel and then we all headed back to the Casa.  I met Ann Ballard the mom of a friend of my sister-in law.  I have talked to her on Facebook but we had never met.  We chatted for a while and then she was on a mission to find some other people.
Today’s music at the Casa is another great lineup.  Tall Paul and Crawdaddy, Scot Kirby, Jerry Diaz and Hannas Reef, the Boat Drunks, Homemade Wine and Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  They had 3 special guests Robert Greenich from the Coral Reefer Band, Thom Shepard and Craig Cates the Mayor of Key West. 
Thom Shepard sang the Djibouti song. 
Candy, Traci, Linda, John and I are now ready to head back to Lazy Lakes.  Jim and Diane are just starting their vacation and ready to go out more.  We dropped them off at the Irish Bar and headed home. 

 2   This morning I had some domestic stuff to get done.  Candy, Traci, Linda, John and I headed back to Key West in the afternoon and started at Hogs Breath Saloon.  It’s the KW (Key West) PH (Parrothead) Club Welcome to the Island Party.  We met up with Todd and Debra.  Rob Mehl was playing.  We saw Howard and Cyndi Livingston and George and Darlene at the Hog.
Then we moseyed on down to Schooner Wharf.  The Midwest PH Club had a music potluck starting.  Linda, Todd, Debra, Candy, Traci, John and I found a table and relaxed and listened to some great music.  Todd and Debra took a walk for a while and then Candy and Traci walked for a while.  The music lineup we saw was great.  Homemade Wine (from Townsend TN) – Scott Curso, John Frinzi, Jambo Joe Bones with Dave Herzog, Rob Mehl, John Reno, Capt Nick, Capt Josh, Sunny Jim, Sam Rainwater and a few others.  We were done and were starting early tomorrow and we headed home.

1   We all enjoyed coffee outside and read the paper.  Today we are heading to Key West and to Ft. Zachery Taylor State Park.  We set up a nice place on the beach, did some snorkeling and caught some rays.  Then we took a nice walk around the park and over to the Fort.  We checked out inside and the view from up on the top of the Fort.
Now were thirsty and headed to Ricks to see our friend Dave Herzog on the steel drums.  We found a table outside and could people watch and listen to the music.  While Dave was playing, Barb Herzog visited with us.  MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) the annual Jimmy Buffett Parrothead Party is starting today in Key West so lots of parrotheads are starting to arrive.  Also lots of the bars are having Trop Rock artists playing.
After a while at Ricks, we headed to Smokin Tuna to see Scott Kirby.  He is a trop rock musician and also part owner of Smokin Tuna.
Then we moseyed down Duval and made a stop at the Garden of Eden on the rooftop at The Bull.  We continued on down Duval to 801.  We had a great day and it’s time to head home.  We were all hungry and ended up at IHOP for a late dinner.