John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

January 2012 Journal

After coffee, John headed out with Larry to run more bait traps.  John got lots of bait yesterday, but for some reason, Larry just can’t get bait in his trap.  So they are going to try again.  I did some harmonica practice, and then worked on my journal for a few minutes.  I am way behind on my journal, pictures and website, but that’s good because it means were doing lots of stuff.  I had some TCI stuff to do, so John, Larry and TJ headed out fishing to the bridge around 1030am.  I got all my stuff done, plus updated my journal, pictures, website and Webshots.  Now I need to try to stay caught up.  When John got home, we regrouped and headed over to the clubhouse for the jokers tournament.  After a few games we took a break for pizza and then finished the tournament.  John and I were somewhere in the middle not the ultimate winner or loser.  After the tournament, we played 2 games of 10 person jokers.  OK, it’s time to head home.

This morning is an overcast and windy morning.  John and Larry headed out early to place the bait traps.  When he got back he started waxing Big Red, I worked on getting our tax stuff together and did some reading.  We couldn’t work to long, today is Monday and that’s horseshoes.  John and Gerald are partners and ended up ultimate winners.  John had 4 ringers today.  George was my partners and we did ok.  We won one game and lost two, but only by a ½ inch on one game and 2 points on another.  After shoes, we had a quick dinner and kidnapped Debbie and Larry and walked over to KOA for happy hour.  We stayed for bingo and John ended up winning one bingo pot.

This morning I did some TCI work and John washed Big Red.  Terri called to tell us jokers at 1pm, so we regrouped and headed up to the clubhouse.  We had a couple joker games going.  We had a nice dinner, and then headed back to the clubhouse for the Big Screen Concert tonight.  Ted is showing a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert then a Heart concert.  We stayed for the Skynyrd one, but headed home after that.

We had a great day yesterday and today we are grounding ourselves to the campground.  We took a walk up to the office to check out a rental for our friends coming down in March.  Then we had a nice afternoon just hanging around the cow and our campsite.  After a great steak dinner, we headed next door to Debbie and Craig’s to watch sunset, a few cocktails and a fire.  Gary, Maddie and TJ also stopped by.

Today is my birthday, so we are having a Key West Day.  I don’t want to be the designated driver so we are taking the bus down.  We headed out to US1 at around 1020am.  While we were at the bus stop, Kathi came by and was also heading to KW so she gave us a ride.
She dropped us by the wharf area and we walked along the wharf down to the Schooner Wharf Bar.  We wanted to see Michael McCloud a trop rock musician that plays there in the afternoons.  We haven’t gotten to see him since we’ve been down here.  After lunch, some drinks and a couple hours of music, we continued on the wharf past Conch Republic.  A guitar/harmonica player was playing and I wanted to stop and listen, so we got a cocktail, listened for a couple songs and then headed out.  We finished walking along the wharf, and then headed towards Duval.
We heard music at Hogs Breath so we stopped.  Bong Hits for Geezers was playing.  We have seen them before so we stayed until they took a break then headed back to Duval.  We moseyed on down to Smokin Tuna where Scott Kirby was playing.  We stayed to listen for a while, then walked on over to 801.  We had one drink then strolled on back and ended up at the Green Parrot.  We saw Art and Cheri, which are also at our campground.  Then we rounded the corner and stopped at Bobalu’s to listen to Moose for a while.
Casey, a friend from Chicago is in town and we want to see her.  So we decided to meet up at Smokin Tuna.  After Bobalu’s we headed there.  Howard Livingston is playing tonight at the Tuna, so it’s packed.  We saw Dave and our campground owner Joe there.  Casey came by and we enjoyed listening to Howard.  We couldn’t stay for the whole show.  Since we took the bus, we have to make sure to catch the last bus at 10pm home, so we grabbed a cab to take us to Sears to wait for the bus.  We didn’t have to wait long.  We got back home safe and had a great time and a great birthday!!  

26   After a walk around lake, we headed to Big Pine for some groceries.  OK, we did our domestic stuff, so now it’s time for the pool.  We had some pool time, but it’s a little overcast and windy this afternoon, so we headed back to our site and played a few games of cribbage.  We have to regroup and head over to Sue and Steve’s for a fish dinner.  They are frying up the fish we caught on the party boat the other day.  So everyone brought a dish, and once again we had a great dinner.  Afterwards we had some drinks, but couldn’t stay too long.  Tonight is movie night and the feature is “50/50”.

   25   Today I have some TCI stuff I’m working on.  John and Larry headed out around noon for some fishing in a new area.  After I got my stuff done, I finished my book and worked on our photos and journal.  Tonight is potluck night and Floyd and Terri are cooking ribs.  As always, there was lot’s and lot’s of really good food.   

This morning we headed out early around 7am to Steve’s place.  We have a group of us going up to Marathon. Yes Marathon, we are crossing the 7 mile bridge.  We are taking the party boat, Marathon Lady, out fishing.  Floyd-Sonny-Russ-George-Gordon-Jerry-Steve, John and I went.  It was a beautiful morning to be out on a boat.  The boat holds 77 fishermen and there were only 36 so it wasn’t too crowded.  John and I both caught eels but those we had to throw back.  We caught over 70 fish between all of us.  So we are planning on having a group fish fry on the 26th.  It was only a half day trip but by the time they cleaned the fish and we got back, it was time to regroup.  We got ready to go and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday.  As always we had a group and today is Sally’s birthday.  We had our tacos and I got my mic and stuff set up to play with the jam band.  I feel much more confident playing my harmonica and with the band.  I still have a lot to learn, but I’m having lots of fun and starting to get compliments on my playing.
23   Domestic day.  We went and got our laundry started then walked to the clubhouse for Monday morning donuts and coffee.  After laundry we did a few small projects around the cow and worked on some computer stuff.  Today is horseshoes, so we headed to the clubhouse around 1230pm.  John and Walter are partners and John had 5 ringers today.  I am partners with Dale again.  I didn’t do well today; I only ended up with 2 ringers.  We had a nice dinner and decided to ground ourselves tonight and not go to the KOA or bingo. 

John and TJ headed out at 7am to go fishing on the bridge.  I did not want to get up that early, so I stayed home.  I did some reading, practiced my harmonica and then headed to the pool to soak up some rays.  When the boys got back around 3pm, they cleaned their catch and then we regrouped and headed over to the clubhouse for our Sunday party.  Today lots of people pitched in and got a keg of beer, we had lots of snacks and entertainment by Lou Renshaw.
  21   This morning we headed to Big Pine early to go the health fair.  This is the 3rd year we have attended this.  It’s a great program; you get all sorts of health tests done for free.  So after we finished up there, we stopped for lunch at the Chinese restaurant, picked up some groceries and headed home.  We relaxed for a couple hours because tonight is a big party at the KOA.  Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band are playing there.  Even though they don’t start until 7pm, we walked over at 5pm and Linda and Joe were already there.  You have to get there early to get tables or else you won’t get one.  We had a big group from Lazy Lakes and did lots of singing and dancing.
20   Another beautiful winter morning.  We sat outside had coffee and read the paper.  Then we both did a little computer stuff and took a walk around the lake.  We were only at the pool for about an hour when things were happening.  A jokers game was starting, but we declined.  Instead we went with Big John, Kathie, Maddie, Russ, Martin and Gil.  We are heading to a storage auction like the storage wars on TV.  Gil already bid and bought one this morning.  When he came back to the campground, a bunch of us wanted to go to the afternoon auction.  Gil did bid, but he let it go.  Now he wished he would have bid more.  When we got back, we had a quick dinner and then headed over to the clubhouse to set up for karaoke night.  It always starts off slow, but then more and more people come.
19   Today John is heading out with Ted in his collapsible boat.  They went off on the gulf side.  Right now it’s perfect, hardly no wind and sunny.  I made some fish dip then headed to the pool.  Shortly after I got there the clouds came in and it got windy, not really good pool weather.  So I headed back to the cow and did some reading.  John and Ted got back around 3pm.  We regrouped, then kidnapped Debbie and walked over to Mangrove Mama’s.  Ted showed up shortly after we got there and Craig came a little while later.  After some cocktails and appetizers, Craig and Debbie headed back to get everything set up for movie night.  John, Ted and I walked back and regrouped and headed to see the movie.  Tonight’s feature is “Cowboys and Aliens”.

We took our walk around the lake and then had to head into Big Pine for some groceries.  I got my Reuben casserole going in the crockpot for tonight’s German bratwurst camp dinner.  I need a haircut, so we stopped for that, picked up a few groceries, then headed back.  We went to the pool for a while, and then a game of jokers was starting so we joined in.  Afterwards, we regrouped at the cow and then headed back to the clubhouse for the camp dinner.  As always, there was lots of great food and we ate too much.

   17   Today John headed to set his bait trap and get ready for fishing today.  TJ came with us and we picked Floyd up at noon.  A much better time than 7am.  There were quite a few Lazy Lakers on the bridge and we all did pretty well.  We couldn’t stay too late because tonight is a joker’s tournament.  We got back with no time to spare.  We made it right on time to jokers.  I almost won ultimate loser, but Eric ended up winning that title.  John won ultimate winner.  Chuck had ordered pizza for the tournament, so halfway though, we took a break, had pizza and then had a few more games.  We had 6 – 4 person games total.  After the tournament, a few people played a few more games, but we had a long day and headed home.

This morning we walked around the lake to be at the clubhouse around 9am for coffee and donuts.  After visiting with people we headed back to the cow and John worked on another batch of salsa.  We headed over for horseshoes.  Today my partner was Dale and John’s partner was Jim.  I had 3 ringers and John had 2 ringers.  After horseshoes we regrouped and walked on over to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  Its season now and the groups are much larger.  We didn’t win at bingo but we had a good time.  Debbie and Craig were going to have a fire, so we were going to walk back and head over to their place.  We walked back with Ted and he ended up corrupting us over at his place for Mai Ties.  Before we knew it, it was a party with Maddie, Gary, Ted, Gil, TJ, John and I.  We stayed too long, but that’s ok.  When we finally made it to Craig and Debbie’s, everyone was in bed.

We headed into Big Pine and had breakfast at the Big Pine restaurant.  We had to pick up some groceries.  Shortly after we got back, Terri called us about a jokers/marbles game.  So we headed to the clubhouse and played a few games.  We headed back to the cow, had a nice dinner and watched football.

Today we hung around the cow and watched the football playoff games.

Overnight we had some thunderstorms move through and got some rain.  It’s a little overcast this morning but still nice and warm.  As I’m writing this it’s 70 degrees.  A nice warm winter morning.  John wanted some more fishing and I decided to hang around the cow.  John, Big John, Larry and Russ went fishing and they all got their limits.  After cleaning the fish and dinner, we regrouped and headed up to the clubhouse for karaoke.  I am the karaoke organizer.  We had a big group this week and as always had a great time.
12   This morning we took a walk around the lake and visited at the clubhouse.  John needs a haircut and I’m his barber so we took care of that.  We headed over to the Sugarloaf Lodge tennis courts to play some pickleball.  When we got back, it’s a little overcast and we hear thunder somewhere around us.  We had a couple cocktails then a nice dinner.  Tonight is movie night so we headed to the clubhouse around 730pm.  Tonight’s feature is Brad Pitt in “Moneyball”.

This morning John was up early.  John and TJ are on an adventure day today.  They loaded TJ’s canoe into Big Red and we drove over to the KOA.  They launched from there around 730am.  I am relaxing at the cow today.  I finished up my soup for tonight’s soup and salad potluck dinner.  I also got stuff ready for the Minute to Win It games after dinner.  Caroline got all the supplies and I set up the games and will organize them tonight.  I got my pictures, journal and website all caught up.  I am worried about the boys.  There is a front coming in with wind and rain.  They knew it would arrive in the afternoon, but it’s around 2pm and I haven’t heard from them yet and I hear the thunder.
Well they made it back just minutes before the wind and rain really kicked in.  They had a good time, but it was a lot more paddling than expected due to the winds.  Now it’s time to relax a bit, and then head over to the clubhouse for soup and salad potluck.  We’re bringing a crockpot of chicken soup.
After dinner I got some Minute to Win It games together.  We all had a great time and the minute to win it games worked out great.  We did Stack Attack, This Blows, Stick the Landing, Reindeer Nose Dive, Butt Drop Relay, and Face the Cookie.
10   Today is a laundry day.  While the laundry is laundering, we hung out at the pool to get some rays.  After we worked our butts off on laundry, we got back, and I made fish dip with the fish we caught yesterday.  I started working on my soup for tomorrow’s potluck.  Then we regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for a few games of jokers.
We had to quit by 430pm so we could get ready and head over to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  We had about 12 of us from Lazy Lakes there tonight.  Sally, Debbie and Kathi got up and played the tambourine.  I got my mic and stand set up and played my harmonica.  I really enjoy playing with the jam band.  You never know who is going to show up, what kind of instruments and what kind of music is going to be played.  So it’s great practice for me.
9   We were up and out early this morning by 7am to pick up Floyd and head to the bridge for some fishing.  The weather has been warmer so the water is warming up.  Last time we went fishing, I was the only one to catch one fish out of 11 poles and 5 hours of fishing.  Today was much better.  I got 2 keepers, John got 4 keepers and Floyd got 4 keepers.  Plus we were only out there about 4 hours.  We couldn’t stay out too long.  Today is Monday and that means horseshoe tournament at 1pm.  Today we had a big group for horseshoes, 20 players.  I ended up with 2 ringers and John had 3 ringers.  OK, time to regroup again.  We kidnapped our neighbor Debbie and walked over to the KOA for happy hour.  We brought our dabbers and stayed for bingo.  John ended up splitting one of the bingo pots, so that worked out good.  Another rough day!!!

This morning John was up and out again and walking to the burned out bridge and back.  I did my thing and when he got back we sat outside and had coffee and read the paper.  John is on a mission this morning to make a new batch of salsa.  Later this afternoon is our first Lazy Lake party and we are bringing homemade salsa and chips.  Bo Foder and Pete are performing.  Both Bo and Pete are really good guitar players.  Everyone brings a snack, so we had music, drinks and good food.  John played a few games of horseshoes.  Toward the end of their show, they asked me to join them and play my harmonica for a few songs.  That was great!!!
 7   This morning John was up and out by 630am to walk to the burned out bridge and back about a 6.5 mile walk.  I got up and worked on our photos and journal until he got back.  The temperatures are starting to get warmer, so we had coffee outside and read the paper.  We headed into Big Pine this morning to pre-register for the health fair coming up in two weeks.  After we took care of that we stopped at the grocery store and flea market to pick up a few items and John needed supplies for a new batch of salsa.  When we got back, John headed over to Big John’s and Kathy’s to show Big John how to build a bait trap.  I moseyed on over.  Kathy got a chromatic harmonica the other day and their dog, Lil Boy loves to sing while she plays.  I gave her some harmonica pointers and we had a fun time with Lil Boy singing.  The bait trap done.  We headed back and there was a marble game going on.  One just ended and some players dropped out, so we joined in for a few games.  After a nice day, we walked back to the cow and had a nice dinner then a relaxing evening.

This morning John, Floyd, Jerry and I headed out to the bridge for fishing at 7am.  Big John and Larry were already there when we got there.  Between all of us we had 11 poles.  The boys had 3 bets going but they had to be keeper fish.  Who caught the first fish, biggest fish and most fish.  I decided not to participate in the bet.  So after being out until 11am, I had caught 1 keeper mangrove and John had a couple groupers but had to throw them back.  If I would have participated, I would have won all 3 bets.
After we cleaned my fish, we regrouped and decided to play jokers.  It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful sunset so we got a cocktail and headed to the clubhouse to watch it.  We ended up talking to Craig and Debbie and went to their deck for sunset.  We had a full day and ended up grounding ourselves tonight.
5   This morning is still cool but less windy.  After breakfast and coffee, we took a walk around the lake and visited with people.  I got caught up on some bills and John, Larry, TJ and Big John headed out to get chum and place the bait traps for tomorrow.  This afternoon we headed into Key West.  John has a dentist appointment and we want to stop at home depot to get stuff for Big John.  John is going to going to show Big John how to make a bait trap in the next couple days.

This morning we did not sit outside and have coffee.  It’s only 53 degrees and windy so we have our little space heater cranking and enjoying our coffee inside.  That’s ok, it is January.  By later this week, it will be back to the mid 70’s.  We got our socks and shoes on and took a walk around the lake.  We did play a couple games of horseshoes.  In the sun with the wind blocked is still really nice.  We headed into Big Pine for a few groceries.  Came home, had a nice dinner and then headed over to the clubhouse for movie night.  Tonight’s feature is “Dolphin Tale”.  It is a true story and a really good movie.  We did have the movie inside of the clubhouse tonight because of the cold weather.

Today is a much cooler and windy day.  We had coffee outside then took a walk around the lake.  At the clubhouse we ended up playing 5 games of horseshoes.  After horseshoes, we came home and regrouped then headed back to the clubhouse for a few games of jokers.  It’s only 61 degrees and windy so we are all dressed warm and have the heater at the clubhouse on.  After jokers, we headed home and just relaxed in the cow.  We did get our space heater going.  The temperature is going down to 48 degrees and windy tonight.

This morning we enjoyed our coffee outside, read the paper and I practiced my harmonica.  We headed over to the clubhouse just before 1pm for horseshoes.  John and I ended up being partners again.  Both of us ended up with 3 ringers each.  Tonight we are taking a time out, so after horseshoes we headed back, had a nice dinner and relaxed.

Happy New Year!!  We have to start the year off right, so after relaxing in the morning and recuperating from last night, we had to head off to another party.  We are joker’s wild marble players as you know.  Today Floyd and Terri are hosting a marbles day for all the marble players.  They are grilling prime ribs and everyone is bringing a dish and a bottle of red wine.  Of course we have to have multiple games of marbles.