John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

February 2012 Journal

Rich was on a mission today to find his man purse.  So he headed back to Key West early to retrace our journey from yesterday.  He ended up at Schooner Wharf having a couple cocktails and listening to Michael McCloud.  Sandy, John and I are having a recuperation day.  We stayed around the cow and relaxed.  Rich brought lunch back and we all had a relaxing afternoon and evening.  I was doing some clean up on pictures and figured out where the man purse might be.  I made some calls and found it at Virgilio’s Martini Bar.

28   After breakfast around noon, we headed down to Key West to visit the Botanical Gardens, and then Southernmost Café for happy hour.  We were thinking of heading back up to Looe Key Tiki Bar for jam night but decided to do a Key West night.
So we headed over to Mallory Square to try to catch Dominique the cat man.  Its past sunset and we missed his show, but it takes him time to break it down.  He was still there and Sandy and Rich set it up for us to meet him at Schooner Wharf Bar around 9pm.  So off we went.  Frank and Serge was at the Magic Bar doing card magic.  Another guy was making stuff with balloons.  So we made dick hat with a dingle.
After Dominique arrived, we had a couple cocktails and then headed out to Duval.  First we stopped at Conch Republic for a drink, but they were closing so we took it to go.  Our next stop was Smokin Tuna and Tall Paul was playing.  Our balloon dick hat proved to be a lot of fun.  Everyone liked it.  We stayed for a couple drinks, and then Smokin Tuna was closing so we had to move on.
Next we stopped at Virgilio’s Martini Bar.  We wanted to check it out but didn’t stay long just a few minutes.  All of a sudden, Rich realized he had left his man purse somewhere but couldn’t remember where.  So Rich and Dominique headed back to try and find it.  Sandy, John and I continued on to get the truck, then pick up Rich.  It didn’t work out that way though.  When we got in front of Bourbon Street bar, they liked our balloon dick hat and were having an underwear party.  They wanted our picture so we got one too.
We made it to 801 bar and decided to have a cocktail.  Well, we ended up staying here a while, had lots of fun and Rich ended up meeting us back here.  He never found his man purse.  We all finally made it back to Big Red and made it home around 230am.   

27   After coffee and donuts at the clubhouse, we hung around the campsite until 1pm which is time for horseshoes.  John and Sandy M were partners, Rich and Steve and Pat and I partners.  Rich had 2 ringers, Sandy M 3, John 5 and I had 6 ringers.  John and Sandy M were ultimate losers.  While I was finishing up my last game, John and Rich headed to the bridge for some fishing.  It was slow, but John landed a grouper and had a jack but it broke the line.  When we got back, we had a nice dinner then some after dinner cocktails.  TJ, Craig and Debi and Ted stopped by.  We grounded ourselves around 1030pm.
26   We had an easy morning.  We have our Sunday Party today at 4pm.  Kenny and Afterthawt are playing.  I played a few songs on harmonica with the band.  Early afternoon Sandy and Rich went up to Big Pine to visit a friend then got to the party around 730pm.  Afterwards we all grounded ourselves.
 25   We had a relaxing morning.  This afternoon and tonight we are having a Key West day.  We know were not going to want a designated driver, so we are taking the bus down and we’ll take a cab home.  When we were walking to the bus stop.  Caroline and Dale stopped and picked us and gave us a ride to Key West by the wharf area.  We started our day at JDL’s Pub.  Our buddy, Gator, from 801 is part owner.  He wasn’t working today, so we will have to come back another time.  Then we stopped at Turtle Kraals for oysters and drinks.  Then on to Schooner Wharf.  Michael McCloud was playing and Capt Carl Peachy was playing with him.  After a couple hours, we moved on to Sloppy Joes.  We met up with Rob from Blarneys Island and Nick Norman was performing.  After a while, we moved on then to 801, Smokin Tuna, Capt Tony’s Saloon, then back to Schooner Wharf and the magic bar.
24   For lunch we cooked up the fish and spider crabs from last nights outing.  John headed over to George and Darlene to help them move their pontoon boat.  Sandy and I did some grocery shopping.  Later in the afternoon, we picked up Linda at 5pm and headed to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the MM24 band.  Rich and Sandy saw Rob which is part owner of Blarneys Island in Antioch IL.  He lives down here in the winter.  We are going to try to meet Rob at Sloppy Joes tomorrow to see Nick Norman and his band.
23   After getting some domestic stuff done this morning, we headed to the pool for a while.  We had an easy dinner and then Rich, Sandy, Ted, TJ, John and I headed to Boca Chica Channel for some night fishing under the bridge.  I caught a really nice mangrove snapper and a few little ones.  Rich started catching spider crabs along the rocks.  While we were fishing, TJ and I thought we saw a plane crash into the water, but dismissed it as a firework or something.  Come to find out later, it was a small plane that did crash.
22   John and I had to head into Key West this morning to pick up the keg for our potluck party tonight.  For lunch, we grilled up the Stone Crab Claws we bought last night.  We had a wonderful lunch.  Now we are ready for some quality pool time.  We soaked up some sun, did some swimming and relaxed.  After regrouping, we headed to the clubhouse for the potluck dinner tonight.  After dinner I did get in on 2 games of jokers.  Another full day.
21   This morning John, Rich and TJ headed out to run some crab traps.  Then Rich, Sandy, John and I headed up to Bahia Honda State Park for a beach day.  After soaking up some sun, we took a nice walk around the park, up to the old US1 bridge and though the butterfly garden.  We strolled back in knee deep water along the beach.  We headed home to regroup and then headed up to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and jam night.  Craig and Debi were there too.  Ray West, Moose and all the regulars were also there.  Someone was selling Stone Crab Claws so we bought a big bag to cook up.
20   John, Rich and TJ headed out for fishing at 530am.  Sandy and I slept in and headed to the clubhouse for donuts at 9am.  We took a walk around the campground and met the boys at fish cleaning station.  We had a nice brunch lunch and headed up to play horseshoes at 1pm. We were going to have a quiet evening and ended up have a party at our campsite.  We went next door to Debi and Craig’s to watch a beautiful sunset.
19   We all had a nice relaxing morning.  We made fish dip and salsa then headed to the pool for a bit.  The Sugarloaf Fire Department has it’s annual fish fry and music.  We got there around 3pm right before Howard Livingston went on stage.  Afterwards, we had our own fish fry at the cow.
18   Rich and John were up and out by 615am for more fishing.  Sandy and I headed up to the Big Pine Flea Market and to pick up a few groceries.  After relaxing a bit, we headed over to the KOA around 5pm to get our table for Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band.  We had lots of Lazy Lakes people and had a great time. 
17   This morning John and Rich were up and out for fishing by 7am.  Sandy and I walked on over a little later.  We stayed for a while then walked back and Sandy made sandwiches and I started a crockpot for tomorrow.  We walked over to the pool and enjoyed the water and rays.  Shortly the boys joined us and we had sandwiches in the shade.  We regrouped, kidnapped Debi and walked over to Mangrove Mama’s for appetizers, happy hour and the Reach Band.  As always we ended up with quite a crowd and had a great time.
 16   We all relaxed in the back yard before heading down to Key West.  We started at Schooner Wharf and listened to Michael McCloud.  We saw Eric and his Mom and also Lee the bartender from the KOA.  Then we headed to Ricks to see Yo Adrian.  We couldn’t stay too long because we want to get to Mallory Square to find Dominique the cat man and watch sunset.  Now we headed over by Hogs Breath to have burgers and the little joint outside on Duval.  We stopped at the Hog and listened to Jen for a bit.  Jen and I both were at Looe Key for jam night.  Then we moseyed on down Duval and ended up at The Bull.  Sally Foster was playing and we had a great time.  We saw Lee there too.  He’s making the rounds.  We walked back to Big Red and headed home.  We had a nice Key West day. 
15   This morning I got our potluck going for today’s party and John and Larry went out to check their bait traps.  Our friends Sandy and Rich are due in later today.  We helped decorate for tonight’s Mardi Gras festivities.  It’s a beautiful day so we headed to the pool to relax.
Just as we were heading over to the clubhouse for the parade, Sandy and Rich arrived.  We got them in there rig and then we got dressed in our Mardi Gras costumes and headed over for the parade.  There were lots of great costumes and we had a great time in the parade.  Now we took a few minutes and regrouped then we had our potluck dinner and drinks.
After dinner there was a Dixieland Band.  We stayed at the clubhouse for a while, then Sandy, Rich, John and I walked around the campground, out to the point to check out the stars and then around the lake.  We sat in the back yard and had a nightcap then headed to bed.
 14   We had a nice easy morning.  Took a walk around the lake.  John and Larry ran their bait traps and then we headed to the pool to soak up some rays.  We regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for a jokers tournament and pizza tonight.

John headed out to run his bait traps and then we headed up to Big Pine for some grocery shopping.  We made it back in time for horseshoes.  John and Maddie were partners and TJ and I were partners.  John and I both ended up with 3 ringers each.  We decided to ground ourselves tonight and not go to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We had a good dinner and then relaxed at the cow.

This morning is cool, around 59 degrees and very windy, 20 mph winds.  We are going to get some domestic stuff done this morning.  Later today is our Sunday Party and Ray West is performing today.  It’s still very cool, but the wind has died down.  The party was great and Joy got her fire pit and we started a fire.  We had a bunch that hung around after Ray finished playing.
11   We have our friends, Sandy and Rich that are coming to visit us.  So we are getting the cow and Big Red all cleaned up inside and out.  John also got our backyard all organized.  It sounds like that would take a long time, but it really only takes a few hours.  Terri called us for a joker’s game in the afternoon.  After a few games, we headed back and had a nice dinner.  There was a party going on next door at Fish’s, so we got a cocktail and headed over there for a couple hours.  Tonight it’s cold around 65 and very windy, so we had to put on sweaters, socks and shoes, and I even put my jeans on.  I know were winter wimps, but that’s ok, somebody has to do it.

   10   This morning after reading the paper and enjoying coffee outside, we headed up to Big Pine to give blood.  We stopped for a couple groceries and headed back.  I started work on a blog for Lazy Lakes and John and TJ headed out for a couple hours of fishing.  After dinner, we headed up to the clubhouse for the Ice Cream Social and to get Karaoke set up.  There wasn’t a big crowd for either function, be we had a lot of fun and people sang some new songs.

I did some TCI stuff this morning and John did some outside projects.  Later we headed into Key West for some supplies.  We got our stuff and stopped at Hurricane Hole for dinner and drinks.  When we got home, we regrouped and headed over to the clubhouse for movie night.  Tonight’s feature is “The Elephant in the living room”.  A documentary about people keeping exotic animals as pets.

This morning we took a walk around the lake and then headed into Big Pine to pick up some supplies.  We stopped at the Big Pine Restaurant for lunch and took a walk around the Key Deer Refuge.  We saw quite a few key deer including some bucks.  We got our supplies and then headed home.  We regrouped and headed over to the clubhouse for the shrimp boil dinner.  Nels and Joanne are celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary and they are hosting the shrimp boil.  Another couple was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and they supplied wine for everyone.  We had a great dinner!  A jokers game got started so we joined in for 3 games of 10 man jokers.

This morning there were still a few showers in the area.  After they passed, we took a walk around the lake.  The wind has stopped and the lake is like a mirror, reflecting the palm trees, tiki hut and clouds.  It’s a hot day and muggy so we turned on the AC.  We are heading to the pool to soak up some rays, cool down in the pool and do some reading.  Today we broke the record high of 84 degrees.  It got up to 86 degrees.  A few clouds and a sprinkle or two were nice sitting by the pool.  After some sun, we joined in a couple joker games.  We couldn’t stay too long, tonight is taco Tuesday and jam night.  As always, we had quite a crowd of friends up there.  I did a lot of playing with my harmonica and quite a few solos.  I’m getting better, but I still need to practice.

This morning we are working on projects.  John is washing the outside of the cow and I’m doing laundry.  While the laundry was washing, I stopped at the clubhouse for Monday morning donuts and coffee and to visit with friends.  We got our projects done; now it’s time to head up for the horseshoe tournament.  John and Jim are partners this week and ended up being the ultimate winners.  John had 10 ringers this week.  Sue and I were partners and I ended up with 6 ringers.  We regrouped, had a quick dinner and kidnapped Debi and Larry and walked over to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We didn’t win at bingo tonight, but maybe next week.  We rode back with TJ and ended up at Craig and Debi’s sitting around the fire.

Overnight some showers moved in and everything outside is wet, so we had to read the paper inside this morning.  John is on another salsa mission.  So he’s in the kitchen and outside grilling up peppers for his salsa.  It’s still damp and overcast with showers in the area, so we are hanging around the cow until later this afternoon.  We have a Superbowl party at the campground later today.  Martin is grilling up ribs, everyone is bringing a dish and I made up strip cards to bet on the quarters.  The clubhouse was packed; we had a great Superbowl party.  We ended up doing ok on a couple pools and we had a great time and lots of food and fun.

John needs salsa supplies, so we headed up to the Big Pine Flea Market.  It was packed!  We stopped at Winn Dixie for a few groceries and the key deer must have had the same idea.  The deer and the chickens were in the parking lot.  We got back and John cleaned the inside of Big Red and I did some reading and practiced my harmonica.
We decided to head over to Mangrove Mamas for drinks, dinner and listen to the band.  Nate Meyers which we have never seen was playing.  We really liked him and want to see him again.  He would on the spot lay down backing tracks to songs then play.  He also had an extra guitar that was made with a Castro Oil Can.  When he played it, it sounded just like steel drums.
After a while at Mangroves, we walked on over to the KOA.  The Reach Band is performing there tonight.  We got there just as they were starting.  There was a bunch of people from Lazy Lakes that already had tables, so we joined in.  We did lots of dancing and had a great time.  Ted, Robin, John and I walked home after the band and stopped at Ted’s for a margarita.  OK, were done.  Another rough day in the Keys.

3   We had a nice easy morning.  Took a walk around the lake and got our fishing stuff ready.  We picked Floyd up at noon, got some chum and headed to the bridge.  Big John, Marty and TJ stopped by to see how we were doing and pretty soon Walter showed up to do some fishing.  Floyd caught 5, John 4 and I caught 1.  After a few hours I was ready for a shower, so I walked back and regrouped.  John and Floyd were still out there a hour or so longer.  When John got back, we had dinner, then headed to the clubhouse for some joker games and tonight is the ice cream social.

This morning we took a walk around the lake and visited with people along the way.  We stopped at the clubhouse to see what was going on.  John and Larry decided to head out to run their bait traps and I stayed a while longer at the clubhouse.  I have some more TCI stuff to do, and John is making fish dip.  When we finished our projects, we did some reading outside and then walked up to Mangrove Mama’s to meet up with Floyd, Terri, Karen, Jim, Lorraine, Walter, Char and Jerry.  We had some drinks, food and a good time.  We couldn’t stay too long, tonight is movie night and we had to get back by 8pm.  Tonight’s feature is “Driver”.

   1   This morning I had another TCI appointment and John finished buffing out Big Red.  Now we need to head out.  We stopped at the RV store for a new patio mat, then onward to pick up some groceries.  When we got back I got stuff ready for the Minute to Win It games were playing tonight after the Mexican potluck.  We headed over to the clubhouse around 530pm.  Steve and Sue contributed a keg of beer and once again we had tons of food.  After dinner, I got everyone going on the Minute to Win It teams.  Tonight the games we played were:  Candelier, Rapid Fire, Noodling Around, Yank Me, Nose Dive and Defying Gravity.  The Kingfishers came in 1st, 2nd was Brain Dead, and tied for 3rd were the No See Ums and Campers Express.  We all had a great time!!!