John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

March 2012 Journal

Another project day.  John is working on the outside of the cow and I headed into Big Pine for groceries and stuff.  Our friend Duane is turning 50 and is having a red solo cup redneck B’day party tonight.  So John and I got dressed up in our best redneck attire.  We picked up Linda and Joe and headed over to Liz and Duane’s.  Craig and Debi and a bunch of other people we know were there.  We had a great time.
 30   Today is a project day.  We are going to be back on the road in a couple weeks and we always get the Cow and Big Red ready.  John is working on the outside and I’m going through the inside and getting rid of stuff we don’t need.  Later I continued to work on my journal, website and photos.  We headed up to the clubhouse for the last ice cream social of the season.  There was a jokers game going on so we got in for a couple games.  On our way back, Debi and Craig had a fire going so we stopped in for a while.

Today is domestic day.  We headed off to the laundry then on to pick up some groceries.  This afternoon I did more catch up on my journal, photos and website.  We got all our stuff done and tonight is movie night under the stars.  Tonight’s feature is “The Sitter”.

This morning Suzy, John and I got up and hung around the cow.  Suzy’s friends Jill and McKenzie got to Lazy Lakes around noon to pick up Suzy.  They are heading back to St. Petersburg and going to drop Suzy off at her friends in Ft. Myers.  We took a time out and hung around the cow.  I started working on my journal, photos and website.  I’m over a month behind.

Suzy, Ted, John and I headed down to Key West around noon to have lunch a couple drinks and meet up with Suzy’s friends Jill and McKenzie.  Suzy is taking the Key West Express back to Ft. Myers tonight at 6pm.  We started at JDL’s Pub to see if Gator was working.  He was and he wanted to have a shot with us, so we all had Bloody Mary’s and a shot.
We headed to Schooner Wharf to meet up with Jill and McKenzie.  We sat up on the roof overlooking the marina.  Michael McCloud was playing downstairs.  After a few drinks and a nice lunch, we all headed out and our next stop was Irish Kevin’s.  Then on to Ricks.  Our friend, Alfonse is playing.  We stayed for the rest of his show and then for some of Black and Skabuddah.
It is now after 6pm and Suzy’s boat has left.  She decided to stay another night and Jill and McKenzie will pick her up and drop her off in Ft. Myers.  You know what that means.  We are now having a Key West night.  So after Ricks we all headed to The Bull, The Whistle and The Garden of Eden.  We moved between the 3 floors and did lots of dancing.  We decided it was time to head home and walked back to the truck.  We got home around midnight.
26   John, Suzy and I headed to the clubhouse for Monday morning coffee and donuts.  After visiting with people we headed back to the cow.  Suzy and John did some reading and I had some TCI stuff to do.  At a little before 1pm we headed to the clubhouse for our weekly horseshoe tournament.
Partners were:  Suzy and Frisbee, John and Dale and Marty and I.  Ringers: John 3, Suzy 4, Sandy 7 including a 6 pack.  Marty and I ended up as ultimate winners.  We regrouped and kidnapped Debi and headed to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We had a great time.  Lee made Suzy some strong rum and cokes.   Ted, Suzy, John and I walked back.

After yesterday’s big day, we need a good breakfast.  So we headed to the Big Pine Restaurant.  Now were ready to go again.  We packed for a beach day and headed for Bahia Honda State Park.  After a nice nap, we took a walk along the beach and out to the old bridge.  Another short beach nap and it’s time to go.  We regrouped back at the cow, and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for dinner and jam night with Moose and Buzzard.  It was a little different than Tuesday jam night but very similar.  Some of the same people were there.  I played a few songs and then it was time to go.
24   Today our friends Paul, Chris, Steve, Mike and Maggie are leaving.  They are all really hung over from last night and the nights before.  We had to say our See you Laters and take some pictures before they left.  Now we are heading over to the clubhouse for today’s big event.
KeysStock Music Festival here at Lazy Lakes.  Doors open at 11am and music starts at noon until 7pm.  The line up is: Reverend Hambone, Monk Burris, CW Colt, The Doerfels, The Bubba System, Paul Cotton Band, Howard Livingston and MM24, and Blood Sweat and Tears.  We set up our chairs over on a front site Ted is using for the concert.  John, Suzy and I volunteered to be crew and help out.
John has to get the VIP/Band Members beer Keg set up.  Suzy and I are helping with the VIP seating area.  There are a lot of volunteers and its not hard work.  We met Mike and Jan (also volunteers), they now live in Key West but are part of the Milwaukee Area Parrothead Association.  Same as us.  After our volunteer shift was over, we headed back to our chairs.  We brought brats to grill; Ted has burgers to grill and lots of jello shots.
It’s a hot day and Joy and Suzy decided to go and float toward the stage in the lake.  We did lots of dancing, met a lot of people and had a great time.  When the concert was over, Lazy Lakes had their own after party at the pool until around 10pm.  Monk Burris played a few songs and I got up with him for a couple songs.
 23   After yesterday and last night, we all need a relaxing hang out at pool day.  So that’s what we did.  We did get motivated in the afternoon and decided to head to Mangrove Mama’s for appetizers and to listen to the band they have.  Well, the band was a really laid back bluegrass/country 3 piece band.  Not the kind most of us like, not to mention Mike and Maggie, spring breakers.
It wasn’t long when Mike, Maggie and Steve decided to take the bus back down to Key West.  This is their last vacation night.  Pretty soon Paul and Chris decided that was a good idea.  They tried to talk Suzy, John and I into it, but after last night and tomorrow we have another long party day, we declined.  So off the 5 of them went.  I said goodbye and have fun at the bus stop.  You can tell by the pictures that they had a great time.
22   Another Key West day.  This time we are meeting Paul and the gang at Ft. Zachery State Park for a beach day.  John and I headed down to meet the Key West Express Ferry from Ft. Myers and pick up our friend Suzy.  Then John, Suzy and I met the rest of the crew at Ft Zach.  We wanted to snorkel, but it was just way to windy.  The water is warm, so we did some swimming and soaked up some rays.
We took a walk around the old fort and then headed to Duval.  Yo Adrian is performing at Ricks this afternoon.  We love him and so did the rest of our group.  He actually thought Steve was Mike’s dad, so we all went along.  We had lots of shots and had a great time.  Next we headed to Smokin Tuna to see Scott Kirby.  We had some appetizers there because we had to eat.  Next the Red Garter, The Bull, The Whistle, The Garden of Eden.  We finally made it home around 230am.
21   Sandy and Rich left early this morning.  John and I had a domestic day, and Paul, Chris, Steve, Mike and Maggie headed back down to Key West for a wild and crazy day/night.
20   Everyone still wants a snorkeling day, but it’s been too windy.  So Paul, Chris, Steve, Mike, Maggie, John and I headed up to Bahia Honda State Park.  We relaxed on the beach, floated in the water and took a nice long walk to the old bridge and along the Atlantic side.  Rich and Sandy decided to stay one more day and wanted one last Key West day.  After we got back from the beach, we regrouped and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  We met Rich and Sandy when we got back and all had a going away shot together.
19   This morning Paul and Chris had to head back to Miami airport to pick up Mike and Maggie.  While they were gone, Rich, Sandy M, Steve, John and I headed up to the clubhouse for coffee and donuts.  Then we regrouped and headed up for horseshoes.  Paul, Chris, Mike and Maggie got back while the last few games were still going and Paul filled in for Marty.
After horseshoes, Paul, Chris, Steve, Mike and Maggie were ready for a Key West night.  Tonight is Sandy and Rich’s last night so they wanted to hang around the campground, pack and do their own thing.  John and I were going to hang around the campground, but since Paul and Chris had room in their car and they were driving, we decided to go too.
We started off at Ricks and Uncle Bobby was playing.  We had a great time there.  We did lots of shots, danced on stage, ran a conga line and just had fun.  We stopped at The Bull and a few other places before getting home around 330am.
18   Today is recuperation day.  We all headed to the pool for sun, naps and floating in the water.  Later in the afternoon, we all headed up to the bridge for some fishing.  Rich/John caught a huge mangrove and we caught a bunch more.
 17   Today is the St. Patty’s Day Bar Stroll and Chris’s birthday.  We had a van come to Lazy Lakes and pick us all up: Rich, Sandy, Paul, Chris, Steve, Ted, Craig, Debi, Larry, Corey, Reggie, John and I took the cab van down to the southernmost Beach Café.  We met up with Gary and Maddie so we started the crawl with 15.  The bars are:  Southernmost Beach Café, Southernmost Tiki Bar, Sweet Tea’s, McConnell’s Irish Pub, Cowboy Bills, Jack’s Seafood Shack, Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, The Bull and Whistle Pub, Ricks, and Schooner Wharf.  For the most part we all stayed together.  Even though 801 isn’t on the stroll list, we had to all stop there and get a shot.  We stayed a bit at Rick’s for Yo Adrian, but the place was packed.  We lost people along the way, finally around 11pm, Rich, Sandy, Paul, Chris, Steve, John and I grabbed a cab back to Lazy Lakes from Schooner Wharf and Franks magic bar.
16   Today our friends Paul, Chris and Steve are coming to visit for a little over a week.  So this morning we all had a domestic day.  John and I headed up to Big Pine for some grocery shopping.  We wanted to get back early to get some other things done, but there was a bad accident on US1 and we got stopped at MM24 for 3 hours.  Since we had groceries in the truck, we had lunch, read the paper and took a nap.  Paul, Chris and Steve were up at MM30.  We made it back; our friends arrived and got all set up in Linda and Joe’s rental fifth wheel.  Of course we all had to have a welcome shot.  We all headed over to Mangrove Mama’s for appetizers, drinks and to listen to The Reach Band.  Like always, we had quite a crowd from Lazy Lakes.  We had to be semi good because tomorrow is a big day.
15   We headed into Key West to shop for St. Patty’s day stuff.  Rich and Sandy wanted to go to the Mel Fisher Museum, so John and I headed over to Ricks and listened to Alfonso for a while.  Now we need to get to McConnell’s Pub to meet Rick to pick up all the shirts for the St. Patty’s Day Bar Stroll.  We had appetizers there and got the shirts.  We met up with Sandy and Rich at 801 for a couple drinks.  Now we want to make it to a full show of Dominique the cat man at Mallory Square.  The boys dropped off the shirts at the truck and we met up at Mallory.  We really enjoyed his show and got to visit with him for a while before the rain moved in.  We ended up walking over to Schooner Wharf to see Frank at the magic bar before heading home.
14   Today Rich had some projects to do, John cleaned up our back yard, Sandy M needed groceries and I needed a haircut.  So we all got our stuff done.  Now we got our appetizers prepared for tonight’s progressive dinner.  We are the first stop for appetizers.  John and I are the hosts and Sandy M, Rich, Gil, Betty, Tom, Sue, Debi and TJ are all participating with us.  Everyone came by around 6pm and we had lots of food.  Next was Patty and Pegs for soup and salad.  Then the clubhouse for our entrée of beef and potatoes, then on to Dale and Caroline’s for dessert.  We were all stuffed.  The progressive dinner was a great idea.
13   This morning we all took care of some domestic stuff.  When we finished we headed to the pool.  Rich and John had bait and were ready for some fishing.  Tonight is the last joker tournament of the season and I wanted to play.  So Sandy M came over and watched, I played and we ordered pizza.  When Rich and John got back, we had a couple cocktails in the back yard and called it a night.

This morning we were up and at the clubhouse for donuts.  The bloodmobile is here and we are not eligible to give yet.  Rich ended up donating.  After a quick lunch, we all headed down to the clubhouse for horseshoes.  Partners were:  John and Sue C, Rich and Sandy M, Gerald and Sandy B.  Rich and Sandy M finished at ultimate losers and Gerald and I finished as ultimate winners.  Ringers:  Rich 3, Sandy M 3, John 7 and I had 6.  We headed over to Mangroves for appetizers and Ted gave us a lift to KOA so we wouldn’t miss bingo.

   11   Today is Sunday and that means party at the clubhouse.  Today’s party starts at noon with CW Colt performing.  We hung out at the pool, had cocktails and listened to some great music.  Then we headed back to our backyard for cocktails.  Sandy and Rich prepared a great shish kabob dinner.  We had Rich, Sandy, Ted, Gary, Maddie, John and I for dinner.  Ted brought over Mai Tai’s and Gary had Pandora on his smartphone.  We all had a great time, ate too much, and drank too much.  But that’s ok.  We had a few showers move in around 1015pm which made the party end which was probably a good thing.
10   This morning we all got started late due to last night.  We did make it to Big Pine Key and Strike Zone Charters on the 130pm departure to Looe Key Reef for snorkeling.  It’s been really windy the last few days and today is better, but the sea is still a little choppy.  The temperature is perfect and we made 2 snorkeling stops.  In addition to some beautiful coral formations and lots of colorful fish, we saw some huge parrotfish, a stone crab and Rich saw a 7 foot pregnant reef shark.  Sandy got chilled so she didn’t go in the water on the 2nd stop.  When we got back to the dock, we were all ready for dinner.  We headed over to Looe Key Tiki Bar for a bite to eat.  After dinner, we were all done and grounded ourselves for the rest of the night.
 9   Today we headed to the pool for a while.  I played a couple games of jokers and then we headed to the grocery store.  We were going to have an early evening since we are going snorkeling tomorrow, but it didn’t work out that way.  We ended up having an impromptu party at our campsite and had a late night.

This morning Rich and John headed out early to run their bait traps.  We all relaxed in the morning, did some reading and domestic stuff.  Early afternoon we headed down to Key West.  Of course we had to stop at Schooner Wharf and listen to Michael McCloud.  For dinner we headed to Turtle Krawls for oysters and appetizers.  From there we headed over to Mallory Square to see Dominique the Cat Man.  After Dominique’s show he invited over to his house.  He needed to break down his show and regroup at home so he needed an hour or so.  We stopped at the Bull for a cocktail and then walked to his house.  We were able to visit with him and his cats and he showed us lots of pictures of when he was getting started over in France.
7   Another rough day.  We spent a few hours at the pool soaking up some sun, reading and floating in the pool.  Later in the afternoon we headed up to Big Pine Key.  First we stopped at the Blue Hole.  The 2 resident alligators were right at the viewing platform which was very cool.  Normally they are over on the other side of the lake.  Then on to No Name Pub for pizza and cocktails.  Ken which lives just a couple blocks from No Name stopped by for a couple drinks.  After dinner we went to the Curve Bar for a nightcap and jam night.  Ray West hosts this jam night and we haven’t been here for that.  A few regulars from Looe Key were there.  I played a couple songs.
6   This morning is still windy and cool.  I have a couple hours of TCI stuff to do.  Rich, Sandy and John are just chillin out.   We all headed to the pool in the afternoon.  A joker game was going on and they needed a sit in player, so I played a couple games.  We all headed over to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.

This morning John and I had a domestic morning and headed to the clubhouse for donuts and coffee.  We met Sandy down there.  It’s a cool around 65 degrees and windy morning.  We headed down for horseshoes at 1pm.  I was teamed up with Jerry, John and Sue C was partners, Sandy M and Sandy C were partners and Rich and Walter were partners.  For ringers, Rich – 4, Sandy – 2,   John – 7, and I had 5.  We had 24 people for horseshoes so it took a long time.  Rich needed a little break so he met us later at the KOA.  After regrouping, John, Sandy and I kidnapped Debi and headed to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and appetizers then to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We didn’t win, but we had a good time.  We all grounded ourselves when we got back.

   4   We were all up and out by 8am this morning.  We headed up to Big Pine to meet up with Rich and Sandy’s friend Ken.  Ken has a commercial fishing boat which he fishes for crab and lobster.  It’s a nice warm morning with some wind.  There is a big front expected around noon with major winds and rain.  We tried the backwaters, but it was already way to windy, so we headed for the lee shore of the island near No Name Pub.  We caught a couple small yellowtails, but we saw the front coming and bearing down on us.  We decided it was time to head in and were glad we did.  Right before we entered the channel, the temperature dropped, the wind started roaring and the rain came.  We got in and got the boat tied up.  Ken needed to do some wind prep on the boat so we said our thank you for a nice morning and headed out.  We all needed a nice warm shower so we headed back to Lazy Lakes and had a lazy afternoon and evening.
3   This morning Rich headed up to Big Pine to meet up with his buddy Ken and help with pulling crab and lobster traps.  John went to check on our bait trap.  I worked on our pics and journal and Sandy was working on some of her stuff.  We picked up Linda and Joe at 3pm and headed down to Bayview Park in Key West to the Conchfest.  The Bubba System and Howard Livingston and the MM24 band are performing there today.  We met a lot of people we knew, but it wasn’t really too crowded.  Rich went with Craig and Debi to Boondocks to see the Elton John Tribute band.  When we got back, Ted got us to stop by for a cocktail.  We couldn’t stay too long because we have to be up early tomorrow for fishing.
2   This morning we hung around the campsite.  In the afternoon, Rich, TJ and John headed to the bridge for some fishing.  Rich and TJ brought their snorkel stuff and spear gun to try that.  Spear fishing didn’t work to well, but bridge fishing worked out great.  Sandy and I headed to pick up some groceries then met them at the bridge.  They had 14 fish between the three of them.  When we got back we had the pasta dinner I had made for yesterday.  After a couple cocktails, we grounded ourselves.
1   Today we are having another Key West day.  This time we need to go down and pick up Rich’s man purse from Virgilio’s Martini Bar.  They don’t open until later in the day so we are starting at Ft Zach for the beach and some sun.  We visited the Fort and then headed to Alonso’s Oyster Bar for appetizers and martinis.  Then stopped in at Ricks to watch Yo Adrian.  We headed on to Smokin Tuna then to Virgilio’s to pick up the man purse, then to Hotel LaConcha for sunset.  Onward to The Whistle Bar at the Bull then to Schooner Wharf for another late night/early morning.  We got back around 3am.