John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

September 2012 Journal

Today we had a time-out day and watched football.

29   Another rough day.  We headed to the pool to soak up some rays, relax in the pool and do some reading.  We are meeting more people everyday.  We headed home to regroup and drive next door to our sister park, Mesa Regal RV Resort.  We got there for happy hour and some music poolside.  Chief, Debbie and Jim (the people we had met earlier at our pool) met us here.  At 7pm we all went to the auditorium to see Bill Garvin and his band perform.  They are an Eric Clapton Tribute band.  They put on a great show.  We headed back around 930pm.
28   We haven’t been to the pool in a few days, so we need some pool time.  After the pool we regrouped and headed to our friends Patti and Jeff’s late afternoon.  After a couple cocktails we all headed to Wild Horse Pass Casino.  We had a great dinner at Ling and Louie’s Asian restaurant.  Then we moved into the Ovation Showroom to see the DSB Band from Los Angeles.  They are a Journey Tribute Band.  It was a great show and we met some other friends, James and Laurie. After the show we stayed around for a little gambling and then headed home.
27   Our park is having a Whine and smelly cheese party this afternoon.  It’s also a going away party for Camille the current activity director.  We had a good time, there was a 2 person band, wine, beer and cheese and veggies, all complimentary.  When the party ended, we headed over to a sports bar a mile away, Fat Willy’s for Thursday night football.

Today we took another time out day.

We need a couple time out days, so today we relaxed at cow and did some reading.

We are heading home today.  However, we have some vouchers and chips from a few casinos so we have to turn them in.  We walked along the Riverwalk to the Pioneer, then back to the Regency and then to the Riverside casinos.  Since we have a 3 ½ hour drive home, it’s time to leave.  We got on the road around 4pm.  We all had a great time in Laughlin.    

This morning we met at the sports book at the Aquarius for football, keno and horse racing.  I found one of my .05 Sizzling 7 machines I like and it liked me too, giving me the jackpot.  It not much on nickels, but it’s always nice.  I’m on a mission today.
We are heading across the river to Bullhead City and to Lazy Harrys bar for their Sunday open jam.  John and I went here last month when we were here and I got to jam on my harmonica.  We had another great time their and met some friends we had made before.  Today, Ray and the band Littletown are hosting the jam.  I got to play a few times.  Another harp guy, Tim was here and he gave me some good tips and then we did dueling harps on stage.  After the jam, we took a walk out to the Veterans Memorial park and met some people we had met at the drag show the other night.
Now we crossed back to the Laughlin side and stopped at Harrah’s, River Palms and Pioneer casinos.  We dropped off the car and did a little more gambling at our hotel the Aquarius. 

 22   We got up and had to hurry to the Riverside Casino to catch the 1030am USS Riverside Riverboat ride we wanted to do.  We got some cocktails before departing and then took a nice leisurely boat ride up the Colorado River to the Davis Dam, then back down to just past Harrah’s Casino Resort.  Along the way there were narrations about the history of Laughlin and the Colorado River.  Our ride was about 1 ½ hours.
Since we are at the Riverside, we did some gambling here.  There was some crazy group that came thru the casino for some initiation thing.  Now we all needed a nap at the pool.  So we spent a couple hours relaxing so we would be ready for tonight.
We walked down to the Golden Nugget Casino Resort and to the Saltgrass Steak house for Patti’s B’day dinner.  It was a very good meal.  Now more gambling.  As we were walking back along the Riverwalk it was very late and the critters were out.  There are cats, rabbits, raccoons and skunks that like to hang out along the rivers edge and Riverwalk at night.  Tonight the skunks, 6 that I saw liked the area right next to the walkway.  So you had to be really careful not to get sprayed.  We all made it back ok, and had another great day in Laughlin.

  21   We were up and out early.  Today we are heading to Laughlin for the weekend to celebrate Patti’s birthday.  John and I left Big Red at Patti and Jeff’s and went in their car.  It’s about a 3 ½ hour drive.  We made a stop in Wikieup, saw the post office and had to get a picture with Jeff.  We got to Laughlin and got all checked in at the Aquarius Resort.  After a quick unpack, we headed to the pool for a couple hours.  The Aquarius has a really nice pool area on the 3rd floor between the two towers.
Now we are ready for some adventures.  We walked along the river walk down to the Pioneer Casino.  Of course we had to do some gambling along the way.  We do have a few things on the agenda tonight.  We headed to the Tropicana for karaoke.  John, Patti and Jeff wouldn’t sing, but I sang my signature song, “Wild Thing” by the Troggs.  Now we went back to the Regency for the Drag Show.  Drag shows are always fun.  Somehow Patti ended up on stage.  We all ended up back at Aquarius and stopped at McDonalds around 1am.

20   We had a domestic day today.  John finished waxing Big Red, I did some laundry and then we headed out to get some supplies for our upcoming weekend trip back to Laughlin with Patti and Jeff for Patti’s birthday.  We got our football picks all done, and then headed to the clubhouse for Thursday night Texas Holdem.  This time I came in 2nd place. 

Today we hung around the cow; John washed and started to wax Big Red.  I practiced harmonica and did some reading.

Yesterday John got some potting soil and miracle grow, so today he repotted the few plants we have and travel with.  Then we headed over to the health club and the pool for a little workout and then some relaxing in the pool and soak up some rays.  Patti and Jeff invited us to Bleachers, this bar by their house for Taco Tuesday and Off-track horse betting.  Jeff was off today and Patti gets off early so we met them at around 3pm.  We had a good time, cashed a couple tickets, and headed home around 630pm.

This morning John worked on some projects and I worked on making reservations for our upcoming Laughlin weekend for Patti’s birthday month.  Even though John and I came here from Laughlin, we really like it and think that Patti and Jeff will too.  It’s about a 3 ½ hour drive so not too bad.  After that, we did some shopping and just hung around the cow.

Once we were all up, we headed out for a nice breakfast.  Now it’s off to Lone Butte Casino.  It’s Sunday so that means football.  The casino is loaded with TV’s.  We had some cocktails, watched some football, did some gambling and then went to dinner at the casino.  Patti and Jeff go to this casino all the time since it’s close to their house.  They had some great deals on dinner and drinks.  Thanks guys!!!

We relaxed and hung around the cow in the morning.  John did some reading and I practiced harmonica.  Then we headed over to Patti and Jeff’s to hang out at their pool and go to dinner.  We went Italian and it was really good.  They invited us to stay over so we all had a few nightcaps on their patio and listened to some music.  Patti’s birthday is coming up next week and we told her she is in her birthday month, so anything goes.  Pretty soon we were all talking about a weekend trip to Laughlin this weekend.

Today ended up to be another project day.  John was on a mission to stop the sewer drain valve from leaking.  It took a lot of work, but he thinks it’s fixed now.

We went up to the clubhouse for the Thursday morning coffee, donuts and info get-together.  We have been working on projects all week and today the only project we are working on is our football picks.  Late morning we headed over to the Pickleball courts for some practice and a couple games.  Sometimes we just don’t think.  We had a good time and a hard workout, but that’s because we were playing in the middle of the day in 100 degree weather.  Next time it will be around or just after sunset under the lights when it’s much cooler.
We were ready for the pool, but got sidetracked for a while when we found out there was an ice cream social going on.  Ice cream is always good!!  So we made it to the pool.  We got some sun, relaxed in the water and then ready to regroup.  Texas Holdem is tonight, but we are not going to that.  Instead we headed to Fat Willy’s Bar about a mile away for Thursday night football.  The Chicago Bears is playing the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay.  We really liked Fat Willy’s and will go back.

   12   We worked on projects all day.  John painted the I-Beam on the truck and worked on our trailers drain valves.  I took care of bills and organized stuff in the trailer.  We took a time out tonight.

We had a domestic morning and then headed to the health club and pool.  Our park has a really big and nice health club.  After getting healthy, we moved over to the pool and hot tub.  We have 3 pools at our park.  We will probably spend most of the time at the closest one.  It’s next to the health club and clubhouse.  Also when the patio opens, it will be close to the bar and restaurant.  After the pool, we checked the activity board in the clubhouse and decided to play a game of billiards.  It’s rough having all these activities available.  You just don’t know what to do first.

Today we did projects around the cow.  They were able to fix our microwave, so we picked that up and then got it back installed above the stove.  Since we’ve been traveling all summer, we have put off some major projects with the truck and trailer.  We are going to get them all done in the next few days. 

This morning we got up and packed, then headed over for breakfast.  We said goodbyes to our parrothead friends and headed home.  Our friends Patti and Jeff wanted us to meet them at the casino, but my laptop was dead, so I wanted to troubleshoot that and try to fix it.  We had the football games on while I was taking apart the laptop.  I narrowed it down to a power supply problem.  John checked the AC adapter and it wasn’t getting any power.  My battery wouldn’t take a charge.  So I went and bought a new A/C adapter hoping it would work and it did.  We watched the rest of the games and even though we felt really good with our football picks, we did lousy.  That’s ok, there’s always next week.

Even though we were up late last night, we were up early this morning.  We get breakfast at the hotel, so we headed over there.  We met a lot of friends that we partied with last night.  We have to get an early start on breakfast because the music starts early.  We got back to the room and changed into our swimsuits and headed to the pool.  The Trop Rock Rendezvous Party is poolside from 930am until 5pm.  Here is today’s music line up:

Desert Island Band – Poolside – 930a-1045a
Sam Rainwater – Poolside – 11a-130p
Ray Cody – Poolside – 145p-315p
Brent Burns – Poolside – 315p-4p
Rob Mehl – Poolside – 4p-445p
John Carpino – Bar – 530p-630p
Brent Burns – Ballroom – 645p-845p
Fabulous Flaming Tiki Heads – Ballroom – 9p-1p

Our friends Patti and Jeff came to the party around 730pm while Brent Burns was playing.  We partied with them for a while, and then they had to head home.  They live in the Phoenix area so we will be seeing them.  Chili is the harp player for the Tiki Heads.  They were playing some blues and I asked if I could play a song.  So the Tiki Heads and Chili said sure.  So I got to play as a guest harp player.
7   Today we are taking a short weekend vacation to the Best Western Dobson Ranch Inn for the Club Agave – Arizona Parrothead Trop Rock Rendezvous party.  Even though it’s only 10 miles from our RV Park, we wanted to party and not have to drive back and forth each day.  We got checked in to a poolside room.  We went to the ballroom to get the scoop and check things out.
We met Pete, Kathy, Jean, John and others from Club Agave.  The Boat Drunks were there setting up all their equipment and doing a sound check.  After listening to their sound check for a while, we headed to the bar where the Desert Island Band is playing.  Crime dog is on bongos, Woody on Guitar, Steve on Bass and Suzy on Steel Drums.  Sam Rainwater joined in on Ukulele for a couple songs.  They played from 4pm to 545p.
Now we all headed back to the ballroom.  Club Agave did a great job decorating.  Tomorrow is the big college football game between Arizona State Univ and Illinois State Univ.  So there are a lot of Illinois fans that came for both the parrothead party and the big game.  Up at 6pm until 745pm in the ballroom is Rob Mehl.  Then the Boat Drunks came on from 8p until midnight.  We have seen the Boat Drunks quite a few times.  Howie Golub is the harmonica player for them and he gave me some good suggestions for my harmonica playing.  We had a great time, did a lot of dancing and met a bunch of fun parrotheads.

6   This morning after coffee, we took a long walk around our RV Park.  We stopped at the clubhouse for the weekly coffee, donuts and info session.  We got back and were going to use the microwave and no heat.  So we worked on troubleshooting that.  RV microwaves are much more expensive than regular ones, so we found a place that may be able to repair it.  After uninstalling it from over the range, we dropped it off.
We needed groceries so we got those and had a quick and easy dinner.  Tonight we headed over to the clubhouse and signed up for Texas Holdem.  There were 7 of us, Janet, Pattie, Wayne, Bonnie, Marv, John and me.  John came in 3rd and won a little.  We had a good time and met some new people.

Today we were up and out as the sun was rising.  We are traveling from Laughlin NV to Mesa AZ.  We wanted an early start before it got to hot.  We got to Val Vista Village RV Resort where we will be for the next 5 months or so.  We got all set up and take a time out.

This is our pre-departure day.  We are pretty organized for tomorrow and Big Red has a problem with his A/C.  He doesn’t like the really hot weather, so we got him an A/C charge.  Now Red is cool once more.  We headed to the Riverside Casino for the breakfast buffet, then a little video poker.  We took a time out in the afternoon and did our pre-departure day stuff.  Then a little more video poker later in the afternoon.  We got home early so we could hit the road early.  We had a good time in Laughlin.

Today we had another gambling day.  We headed to Harrah’s and then to the River Palms ended up at the Pioneer.  We played some video poker, but then switched to blackjack and craps and did ok.

I found an open jam at Lazy Harrys in Bullhead City today.  I haven’t had the opportunity to jam in a few months and I’m ready.  We headed over to Lazy Harrys Bar.  It’s right along the Colorado River with boat access.  The Mohave Green Band is hosting it.  I checked in with Rich and waited until they called me up.  I played a couple songs; Roadhouse Blues was one of them.
There was another harmonica player in the house.  He got up and played a couple songs also.  Santa Claus was also there and got up and sang a couple songs.  After a while, the band called me back up.  I thought for only one song, but they wanted me to stay and I played about 4 songs.  I had a great time and felt really comfortable.  The crowd seemed to really enjoy it also.  Thanks to Rich on drums, Mark on lead guitar and Jeff on bass for the opportunity to play.  When the jam was over at 6pm, we headed to the AVI Casino for their annual Labor Day weekend fireworks.  It was packed and they put on a great show. 

1   Today we are taking a time-out day and hanging around the cow.  It’s still hot, yes a dry heat, but 107 is hot no matter how you put it.