John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

October 2012 Journal

More and more stuff is happening at our RV resort.  Every Wednesday morning there is a 2 hour Computer Tech Class so we decided to check it out.  Today was about basic smart phone use and app tips and tricks.  After the class we had to do our health club workout.  Our neighbor Judy door handle had to be replaced, so John went to get another one and replaced it.  Now we have to relax and regroup for our Halloween Party tonight.
I am going as a parrothead and John is crazy man.  The band Northstar is playing at the party and there are snacks and goodies on each table.  We met Kim, Chief and Debra there.  Jennifer is our activity director and dressed up as a sheep.  One lady at our table was a bag lady and I loved her costume and plan on using it one day.  There were lots of great costumes and even Elvis showed up and sang a couple songs.
30   Today is golf day and we are trying a new course, Dreamland.  It’s only about 3 miles from us and is a medium 9 hole course.  We played 18 holes and we were going to stop for sushi, but Jeff called us and invited us over.  Patti had to work until 3pm, so Jeff, John and I had cocktails on their patio while Patti finished up work.  Then we all headed over to Bleachers for a little off-track betting.  Now time for dinner.  We checked out the tacos at Secreto’s Mexican restaurant and stopped for a nightcap and some tunes at Patti and Jeff’s.

Another health club morning.  Today is also domestic day, you must have these sometimes.  John is also making a new batch of salsa.  We hung around the cow later and did some reading and relaxing.

   28   Today is football and we can’t get the games we want on regular TV.  So we went to the sports room where they have the Sunday ticket and 3 big screen TV’s.
After football we headed to Fhilly’s Roadhouse for their Sunday Jam Night.  Sammy C, from the Northstar band told us about it.  Fhilly’s is out in Apache Junction about 10 miles from us.  When we were arriving, the full moon was rising over the mountains and saguaro cactus.  The place was packed because they were having the finals for the Fhilly’s Idol contest.  We found a table outside near the stage while the contest was finishing and the jam band was setting up.
I signed up for the jam and was the 4th jammer.  While we waited we ordered dinner and enjoyed the show.  There were a lot of people signed up, so each person only got to jam for 2 songs.  We had a good time and really liked the location out in the desert and being outside.  We will for sure head back here for Sunday jam.

 27   We headed up to Turf Paradise race track to meet Patti, Jeff and Jeff V and watch the races.  This is a small track but laid out nicely.  There are a couple tiki bars right near the finish line.  When the races were over, Jeff had to pick up his car and Patti and Jeff headed home.  Our friends, Jim and Reba from Chicago just moved here permanently and are not far from the track.  We stopped over to see their new place and have a couple cocktails. 
26   Health club morning.  Tomorrow we are heading to the race track, so I downloaded and printed the race selections.  We had an easy day hanging around the cow, doing some reading and picking our horses for tomorrow’s races.

After our coffee, donuts and info get together, John and I stopped to play some billiards.  John is still kicking my butt, but not by much.  Today he just squeaked by to win.  Football is tonight, so we finished up our football picks for the pools were in, and then headed to the pool.  We have music in the courtyard today.  Pretty much Monday through Friday we have music and happy hour in the courtyard from 3pm – 5pm.  The courtyard is right next to the pool, so you don’t need to go far.  The football game is not on regular TV, so we headed to the sports room where there is the ticket, to watch it on the big screen.

24   After our health club workout, we decided to have another practice session at mini golf.  Now we need a break, so we spent a few hours relaxing and reading at the cow.  At 5pm, we headed to the mini golf for the twilight tournament.  Our foursome was Chief, Debra, John and I.  Our team name was the Misfits and our player names were Chief, MsChf, Big Bass and Gypsy.  There were about 50 players and we had a shotgun start.  After 18 holes, the park had finger snacks, veggies and fruit trays and gave out prizes.  We didn’t win anything, but we had a good time.
23   Another rough day, we decided to play 18 holes of mini golf to get ready for tomorrows mini golf tournament.  Now it’s time to relax, so we headed to the Fiesta pool for some swimming and sunning.  It’s time to regroup because there is Music in the Courtyard today with a band called Northstar.  They are a really good band and will be playing at our Halloween Party next week.  I met Sammy the bass player and he told me about a Sunday jam session at Fhilly’s Roadhouse in Apache Junction.  He is the organizer and said to come check it out. 

This morning we headed to the health club for a workout.  Then we did some domestic stuff.  Our friend Jeff is off today, so we met him at Bleachers for a few cocktails and some off-track betting.  Our next stop is Fat Willy’s to watch the Monday night Bears football game.

Today we are grounding ourselves and watching football in the cow.  Goats Head Saloon does have their Sunday Blues Jam at 5pm, so we headed over their, had dinner and I got to jam with Boomer on Bass, Mike on Guitar, John on Drums, and Lee on keyboards and Bill managing the sound.  We had a great time and I love the opportunity to play.
20   John is in the kitchen this morning making a new batch of salsa.  He was out grilling up his veggies at 7am.  Now that that’s done, we headed to the health club, then the pool for a while.  Today Jimmy Buffett is playing in Vegas and the concert is broadcast on radio Margaritaville.  So we call and corrupted Patti and Jeff to come over.  Then we headed to the store for some margarita supplies and munchies.  We set up our blender and enjoyed the concert.
19   John is out of salsa.  Oh no!!  So this morning we headed out to the market for salsa supplies.  That was rough, so when we got back we headed to the salt water pool at the Fiesta area in our park.  We met more people including Chris and Lisa.  Tonight we hung around the cow.

This morning is coffee, donuts and information get together.  We signed up for the twilight mini golf tournament next week.  We are heading to the pool for some sun and also the daily afternoon music in the courtyard.  We saw Debra and Chief and they joined us in the courtyard.  When the music was over, we met up with Jim, Mary, Bill and Sam by the fire pit at the pool.  We decided to head up to the sports room.  There are big screen TV’s with the sports package so we get all the games.  John and I relaxed in the lounge chairs, had a few beers and watched the Thursday night football game.   
 17   Today is our 6 year Gypsy Anniversary.  We left Antioch this morning 6 years ago to start our gypsy adventure.  So far, it has been much better than we imagined.  We have been so many cool places, done so many different things, met so many great people, and learned to appreciate life so much more.  We also realize we have just touched the tip of the rainbow and have so much more to do.  So wherever life takes us, that’s where we’ll be.  You only go around once in life, so slow down and appreciate every day.
This morning we took a walk and ended up in the billiards room.  John has been kicking my but in billiards, but when your king on top, there’s only one way to go.  After a few domestic projects, we relaxed at our campsite and did some reading.  Tonight we headed to a Osaka a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi for dinner.  We had happy hour of beer and sake specials and a variety of different types of sushi.

When we settle in at a place for a few months, we try to get caught up on things.  Today after a workout at the health club, we headed to downtown Mesa to the health fair to give blood.  Now on to get new glasses for both of us.  We did some grocery shopping and then had a nice steak dinner at home.

This morning we got our golf clubs out and organized.  We haven’t golfed in a little over a year.  Today we headed out to Sunland Springs Golf Course.  First we went to the driving range to do a little practice.  Then we headed out for 18 holes.  The first 9 was on the Four Peaks Course and the second nine was on the San Tan Course.  Considering we haven’t golfed in a while, we both did ok.  It was a hot day around 99 degrees, but we had a cart which worked out great.  This is a very pretty course.  The mountains are out to the North and East of us.  There were a few small water hazards, but nothing bad.  We will definitely come back to golf here.
After golf we were both ready for some AC and a couple cocktails.  We headed to Fat Willy’s on Greenfield.  We got there for happy hour and had burgers for dinner. 

After a workout at the health club, we are grounding ourselves today.  We are watching football and I’m getting caught up with our journal, photos and website.

We met Patti and Jeff at Greek Fest in North Phoenix this afternoon.  We listened to some good Greek music and watched the kids doing their dances.  Then after a few cocktails and some good Greek food we were ready to leave.  We decided to meet at the Casino Arizona which is on the way home.  We did a little gambling and had a couple cocktails.  We headed home just around sunset and had a relaxing evening.
12   Other than a workout at our health club, we took a time out day and did some reading. 

We headed over to the clubhouse for our Thursday morning coffee, donuts and information get-together.  We went to the Fiesta pool which was all remodeled and is a salt water pool.  It just opened today.  After a swim, some reading and soaking up some rays, we headed home to regroup.  Oktoberfest is at our sister park, Tower point (about 1 mile away) starts at 4pm.  We got there around 330pm and found a nice table outside.  There is a German band inside and a couple (Summer Breeze) that plays 60’s music outside in the courtyard.  There is free beer, wine and a buffet of German food.  I saw Boomer from Goats Head Saloon working with the caterers and after talking with him, he works for Cal Am and caters all the parks.  We saw Larry and Sue and ended up sitting with them and others for a while.  The music is over and the tappers are gone, so we left also.  There is a football game on tonight so we stopped at the Duchess Bar on the way home.  We met a couple Bill and Chris and talked to them and watched the game.
10   This morning we had to drop our friends Jim and Diane off at the airport.  It was great to have them visit and we will see them down the road somewhere.  We got back and went for a workout at the health club.  Now that we did our workout, we have to relax.  So we went to the pool which is right next to the health club.  We enjoyed some sun and float in the pool.  Larry and Sue were there and we talked to them for a while.  After some reading we headed home to regroup and then back to the clubhouse for music in the courtyard and happy hour.  Larry and Sue were already there and we joined them.  Road Runner a husband and wife band was playing.  Most bands here play 60’s music.  Road Runner added some 70’s which we all enjoyed. 
 9   We have a big day today.  In May, John and I went with Patti and Jeff on the Dolly Steamboat.  We really enjoyed it and wanted to take Jim and Diane.  So after coffee, baileys, and breakfast snacks, we headed to the Apache Trail.  We made a stop at a scenic overlook then on to the Dolly Steamboat.  We had a nice table right in front.  It’s a perfect day, not to hot, a light breeze and a few small clouds.  We got some drinks and popcorn while enjoying the 2 hour steamboat ride.  We went past the dam and kept our eyes open for wildlife.  The boat captain pointed out big horn sheep in a few different places and Diane saw a great blue heron.  After our ride, we drove on a couple miles to Tortilla Flats Saloon.  We bellied up to the bar and sat on the saddles.  The Sherriff took care of us.  Now we started back and stopped at the Goldmine Mammoth Saloon.  Dan was the cowboy bartender and he told us his story about trying to be a monk in Armenia.  We are ready for a good dinner and stopped at RA for Sushi.  It was happy hour and they had both drink and sushi specials.  We had a really good dinner and then headed back to the cow.
8   Jim and Diane are heading back here for a couple more days.  We picked them up at the local car rental place and headed back to the campground.  We hung out for a while at the campground, and then headed to Margaritaville in Glendale.  We were there shortly after it opened a few years ago.  Jim and Diane haven’t been to this one yet.  We had some margaritas while sitting outside by the fountains with some mist to keep us cool.  We took a walk around the bar to check it out, and then headed back to our area.  We stopped at Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  We really enjoyed it and John and I will definitely go back.
 7   Patti and Jeff came over and we went to hang out at the pool.  We had a bunch of snacks and a cooler of cocktails.  We got a cabana and enjoyed the afternoon while visiting with others at the pool.  Tonight is the open blues jam at Goats Head Saloon.  We had come here in May and it’s not too far from our park.  Patti, Jeff, John and I headed out for Goats Head late afternoon and watched some of the football game there.  The band was getting set up and I went to talk to them.  Bill the host, sound guy and some vocals, Lee on keyboard, and Boomer on bass and vocals were there.  We moved to a table and ordered food when the jam started.  After a couple songs, they invited me up and I played 4 or 5 songs.  Patti wasn’t feeling well, so they headed home.  We stayed for a while longer then we headed home too.

6   Around noon, we headed to the pool for a couple hours.  We are all relaxed and went to Patti and Jeff’s for a couple cocktails.  Now we went to Oregano’s for some really good Chicago style deep dish pizza.  YUMM!!!

This morning Jim, Diane, John and I had coffee and breakfast snacks outside.  We took a walk to the clubhouse and checked out the library.  Jim and Diane are heading to Tucson for a few nights to attend their nieces wedding.  We dropped them off at a local car rental to pick up their vehicle.  When we got back, we hung around the cow, did some reading, and then walked to the clubhouse to play some billiards.  We talked to Wendy, Bill, Chief and Debra and they are all heading to downtown Mesa tonight for Motorcycles on Main.  This is a once a month street party in downtown Mesa.  The main street is closed down, bikers line their bikes on the street, and there are vendors and a couple bands.  We walked around and checked out the bikes.  At one of the beer gardens a band, The Detonators, was playing some good blues and I wanted to join them.  On their break, I talked to the bass player, Pat and he told me no problem.  We went to get my harmonica stuff out of the truck.  Leon the lead guy and vocals got me set up with my mic and I was able to join them during their last set.  I got some nice compliments from a few people in the crowd. 
4   Our friends, Jim and Diane are arriving at the Phoenix airport this morning and we went to pick them up.  We all got back and hung out for a while at our campsite.  One of their old friends, Jeff, lives in this area for another week or so and he came over and we hung out at the cow for a while.  Then we all headed to the pool for drinks, snacks, and sun.  We set up our stuff under one of the cabanas.  This way we have sun for us and shade for our snacks and drinks.   After the pool, Jeff headed home.  Diane took a time out and John, Jim and I walked over to our miniature golf course in the park and played 18 holes.  We are all ready for some dinner, so we headed over to Fat Willies for dinner and the end of the Thursday night football game.

3   We took a walk this morning over to the clubhouse.  I brought my book list and found a couple more books at the library.  Then we stopped at the billiards room and played a few games.  We have some friends coming to visit so we have to get some projects done around the cow.  After our projects we had a nice dinner and hung out at our campsite.

John is in the kitchen this morning making salsa.  I headed to take care of laundry.  We finished our projects, and then headed to the pool.  We did some reading, visited with people at the pool and soaked up some rays.  Today is happy hour and music in the courtyard with Summer Breeze.  The courtyard is right next to the pool, so we were able to lounge and enjoy the live music.  They also have food specials so we got a couple hot dogs and beers.  When the music was over at 5pm, we headed home.

This morning John was working on the sewer valve again.  He’s still not happy with how it’s working.   John needs to make a new batch of salsa, so we headed to the store for salsa supplies.  We need some pool time, so we headed there for a couple hours.  Now we went next door to our sister park, Mesa Regal for music and happy hour.  Patti the bartender was at the bar and she corrupted us.  We watched some football, but they were going to close, so we headed to the Duchess Bar which is across the street from our park, to watch the Bears Dallas football game.