John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

November 2012 Journal

We were out early and headed to the Mesa Swap Meet.  This is a huge place over 1600 vendor booths.  We picked up a few Christmas gifts and then went to Mirage sports bar for some off-track betting.  We stayed for a couple hours and then went to the Mesa Moose Lodge for a few cocktails and the Friday fish fry. 

   29   I headed to the clubhouse for the Thursday morning coffee, donuts and info get together.  John headed right to the tennis courts for the round robin.  After coffee, I went over to hang out at the tennis courts.  Then we headed to the grocery store and got some domestic stuff done.
28   While John was at the health club, I went to the Techie Class and learned about some new apps.  In the afternoon John did some reading and I practiced some apps I learned at the tech class.

This morning John and I headed over to the pickleball courts for the daily round robin.  After 2 games, I was done and we have our friend Jeff arriving soon.  So I headed back and got back just before Jeff arrived.  We visited for a while, and then walked over to the pickleball court to check on John.  He was just finishing up with his games.  We went back to the cow and listened to an harmonica CD “Harp Attach” that Jeff brought over.  He knew and played with some of these guys.  Then we headed to the courtyard to listen to the band Northstar.  We sat with our neighbors, Ron and Dorothy and Bob and Sandy.  After the music, Jeff had to head home.
26   After our health club workout, we did some domestic stuff and then some reading.  We took a walk around park to look at Christmas Lights and ran into Chief, Debra, Jerry, Becky, and others at the miniature golf course.  They were just finishing a tournament, so we all started another one. 

John is heading to pickleball again.  My knees are still recuperating from last week, so I practiced harmonica.  Today is football Sunday and we are hanging around the cow with heavy appetizers and watching football.

After morning coffee, I made a pistachio fruit salad for the potluck that we’re going to later.  Later, John headed to the health club and I wanted to get our Christmas stuff organized and our tree up.  We don’t have that much stuff any more so it doesn’t take a long time.
We relaxed for a while around the cow and then around 2pm we walked over to Ranchos courtyard for a going away potluck party for Bob and Liz.  Steve, Roman and Bob from Northstar were all set up and getting ready to play.  There were already tables of food and the jello shots were flowing.  We sat with Larry, Julie and Lou.  We did some line dancing and Steve brought me on stage for a few songs playing my harmonica.  When Northstar was done Curtis Knox started playing.  Curtis had me come up for one song.  The party started winding down around sunset at 6pm.  We wished Bob and Liz the best and said we may see them down the road.  

  23   Johns ready for more pickleball.  I wanted to get some domestic stuff done and then practice harmonica.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to Café Posada in Gilbert to see the Desert Island Band.  Mark (Crime Dog), Woody and Dan (Chili) were playing tonight.  We had seen them at the Club Agave Rendezvous weekend back in September.  John and Jean from Club Agave and Lou from the Arizona Parrothead Club was there.
  22   Happy Thanksgiving!!  We had a relaxing morning around the cow.  Then we headed up to Scottsdale to Maggiano’s for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were meeting Patti, Jeff and Nancy.  We had a nice relaxing meal and excellent food.  We ate too much but that’s ok.  We all even got to take some home.  Now we all made a stop at Talking Stick Casino for a little while then headed home.

We have a full day today.  John was at the health club by 930am and I attended a techie class on social networks.  Then we had to regroup and head a mile away to a sister park, Good Life RV Resort.  I joined in a jam session at 1pm.  The format is a little different than I’m used to, but it worked out fine.  Our friends Jim and Reba that just moved here recently from Chicago are meeting us at the Apache Junction Moose Lodge at 4pm for bar bingo.  We played some bingo and came close, but didn’t hit any tonight.  We had a great day.  This permanent vacation stuff is hard work.
20   Cool mornings down to around 50 degrees.  John needs more Pickleball and my knees are still sore from the other pickleball day.  So I decided to practice harmonica and John went for pickleball.  Today is around 80, so we headed to the pool for some swimming and sunning.  Larry and Suzy are back here for a week, so we visited with them.
Then we came home, regrouped and were back at the courtyard by 230pm.  Curtis is playing in the courtyard today and it will get packed.  We met some new friends, Judy, Neal, Bill and Laurie sat with us.  Later we met John and Eileen from Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory.  After music we headed home, were done for today.

John went to do his health club workout and I checked out the country store, library and upcoming activities at the clubhouse.  Then I did some projects around the cow and John was still ready to go, so he walked down to the Pickleball courts to join in a few games.  We headed to the courtyard around 3pm for karaoke.  I sang my signature karaoke song, “Wild Thing”.  There were lots of singers and we had a good time.  We came back, had dinner, and then walked back to the sports room for the Sunday night football game.  The Bears were getting creamed, so we headed home at halftime.

After a quick cup of coffee, we were at the Pickleball courts by 9am.  Everyday from 9am – Noon there is a round robin.  There is 4 courts and people just pair up and play foursomes.  We played until around 11am then made it back to the cow for the start of football.  After lunch and some football, we headed to Bleachers to meet up with Patti, Jeff and their friend Nancy.  We had a few cocktails, did some off-track betting, and watched some football.
Patti, Jeff and Nancy were heading home and we were heading to Goats Head Saloon for the Sunday Blues Jam.  I got to play the first set and that was it.  There is a lot more musician’s showing up.  We stayed around and listened to a couple more harp players and some good blues singers.  We really like Goats Head Jam and it’s close to home.

  17   This morning there is a patio sale in our park.  John headed to the health club for a while, and I took a walk around checking out the sales.  We really don’t need anything but it was nice to look and talk to people.  I am way behind on my journal and website, so I spent a little time trying to catch up.  Then John had his tennis lesson for an hour, so I did some harmonica practice.  We took a little time-out to do some reading, and then headed over to Patti and Jeff’s for some cocktails, snacks and a fire.  Their friend Nancy is in from LA, so we stayed for a couple hours then headed home.

Today is the Hobo Carnival.  John dressed up like a Hobo and he got 1000 extra hobo bucks.  It started at 11am and you got 1600 hobo bucks each to start.  There were all different kinds of games, 3 card 21, plinko, bags, basketball toss, and wheel of fortune.  Each game cost 20 hobo bucks to play.  Then you try to win more hobo bucks.  The 3 card 21 game was the best for us.  We were playing 10 hands at a time for 200 hobo bucks.  Once I won 6200 hobo bucks.  Then at 2pm there was an auction using your bucks.  John wanted a drill, but we only had 85,000 bucks and it went for 95,000.  At the end, Debra and Chief gave us their bucks and I got a led light for 136,000 hobo bucks.  I brought our camera, but I left the memory card in the computer at home, so I only got one picture of us from the internal memory.  After the carnival, we did some reading and took a time-out.
15   Thursday is coffee, donuts and info get together.  John left early for the round robin tennis get together.  I met him at the courts and played 1 game.  He stayed for a while longer and I headed back to practice harmonica.  Patti is out of town in Dubai and Jeff is off work today, so we headed to his house.  Then Jeff, John and I went to Lone Butte casino for some lunch, cocktails and gambling.  It’s still early, so we headed to Bleachers for some off-track betting, drinks and snacks.  We went back to Jeff’s and ordered pizza.  We had a good day and headed home.

   14   This morning there is a casino school class at our resort.  Joe gave us a lot of discounts coupons for Laughlin and golf in the area.  He gave us some pointers on slots and blackjack, so tomorrow we will try them out at the casino.  We stopped at the health club for our workout, then John wanted to practice his tennis serves, so we headed to the tennis courts for practice.  It’s time for a break, so we relaxed and did some reading.

   13   John and I headed to Sunland Springs for 18 holes of golf.  We golfed the Superstition Springs then the Four Peaks 9 hole courses.  We got to Osaka Japanese Restaurant about 230pm for sushi happy hour.  We had some sake and sushi, and then headed back to our resort.  There is music in the courtyard with Northstar.  I played with Sammy C at Philly’s Jam and him and Steve invited be up to play today.  The crowd really enjoyed it and I got a bunch of compliments.  After the band was done, a bunch of us hung out by the fire near the pool, then stopped at Larry and Julies for a beer.

After our workout at the health club, we headed to the store.  John is out of salsa and needs supplies for a new batch.  We got back and while John was in the kitchen making salsa, I practiced harmonica and did some reading.

   11   We had a football day today.  We watch the first games at the cow, then headed to the sports room for the second and night game.  Chief stopped by for a while. 

Every so often we have to have a domestic day.  After we got our projects done, John headed to his tennis lesson and I did some reading. 

Today we had our health club workout, then some tennis practice.  A little relaxing, then to the courtyard for some music in the park.

We went to coffee, donuts and info get together.  John left early to hook up with the round robin tennis practice.  I headed home afterward and practiced harmonica.  Then we had a time-out afternoon and evening. 

We picked up our friend Chief and headed to Awhatukee Lakes Country Club for 18 holes of golf.  We met Chief’s friend Billy.  After our round, Chief, John and I stopped at Patti and Jeff’s for a cocktail and took Jeff to Bleachers for some Off-Track betting and appetizers while Patti was working.  We had kidnapped Chief, so we didn’t want to keep him out too long, so we headed home around 5pm.
6   We had a busy morning; we played 18 holes of miniature golf, and then visited the library.  Then we played 3 games of 8 ball billiards.  Now it’s time for a little relaxing, then off to the pool and music in the courtyard with Curtis.  Another rough day.

Our park is starting their County Store which is every other Monday morning.  Outside vendors or people in the park can rent tables and sell various items.  On our way to the health club we took a walk around to check things out.  We really don’t need much, but it’s fun to look.  We did our health club workout and now we need to get some domestic stuff done.  Later we relaxed at the cow, did some reading and practiced harmonica.

This morning John is at the health club.  I am practicing harmonica.  We headed out around 1pm to meet up with Patti and Jeff at the Lebanese Fest.  We had a good time, had some drinks, some Lebanese food, and watched traditional dancers including belly dancers.  People smoking from hookahs.  Chopper Johns Bar is pretty close to the fest, so we headed there for their Sunday jam night.  I got to play a few songs on harmonica.  Now it’s time to head home.
 3   We had a very relaxing day around the cow.  I got caught up on our journal, photos and website and did some harmonica practice.  John did a few projects and some reading. 

We have a full day today.  We started with our every other day health club workout.  They are working on setting up for the Tropical Pool Party later today, so we helped with that.  Now we headed home to regroup, do a couple things around the cow and head back to the clubhouse for the “Just Us Band” music in the courtyard.  They are playing from noon until 2pm.
We met Chief, Debra and Kim while hanging out in the courtyard.  Debra had made a cooler full of jello shots.  The pool party starts at 230pm and there is already a crowd waiting to enter the pool area.  We have a cooler of beer, and the bar starts happy hour at 3pm.  The pool area was decorated very nice.  Cal –Am has a department that comes in and does all the decorations for the parties.
There were beach balls in the pool.  We thought Sharky would have a good time, so we brought him with us.  There were about 10 or 15 of the big pump water guns.  The Road Runner band started at 3pm and played until 6pm.  There were lots of games.  John and I entered the water balloon toss and won.  We got some Rips frozen cocktail.  These are like kids frozen pushups but with alcohol.  Next we entered the spoon game.  We had 5 of us on our team.  We had to thread the spoon and rope though our shirts and back and the winners had the most thread left.  We came in second and only lost by 2 feet.
I led the locomotion around and into the pool.  I also took a noodle and used it as a bat to play ball with the beach balls.  I entered another game with Rose.  We had 5 people on our team and it was in the pool.  We had to put a person on the raft, get them to the other side and back and then change people.  We had to do this 3 times.  I wasn’t hard until you got to the deep water where you couldn’t stand, and then you had to swim, push the person and compete against the other team.  We met a lot of wild and crazy people and had a great time.  We hung around for a while afterwards.
Thanks to Jennifer our activity director (she’s the one with her clothes on in the pool), and all the activity people for making it a fun day.
1   We headed up to the clubhouse for our Thursday morning coffee, donuts and info get together.  More and more people are arriving, so there are more and more activities going on.  After doing some domestic stuff, we headed up to Fort McDowell casino today.  We were looking for the automated crap game, they didn’t have it, and so we played some slots and headed to Casino Arizona.  We played the automated crap game for a while.  We left a few bucks ahead.  Tonight is Thursday night football, so we stopped at Fat Willy’s, had a couple drinks and a pizza and watched the game.