John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

December 2012 Journal

 This morning John and I headed over to the pickleball courts and played a few games.  Our friends Al and Marion are leaving on New Years Day, so we wanted to play a couple games with them.  Afterwards, John headed to the health club.
We had a relaxing afternoon, before heading over to Patti and Jeff’s.  We had some champagne before heading to dinner.  The Italian place we were going to was packed, so we went to Arriba’s Mexican Cantina.  Now over to CK’s Tavern for New Years Eve.  We got there after the band; the Dickerson’s, had started and took a booth in the back.  Some people left, so we moved tables.  We had a great time and Jeff and John had a good time playing with the party favors.  We had our champagne toast at midnight, finished our drinks and headed back to Patti and Jeff’s around 1230am.  We stayed up for a while, then we were done.  

30   This morning John headed out for a little pickleball.  I practiced and worked with my harmonica.  I also listened to some Elton John since we are going to see an Elton John tribute band tonight at Wild Horse Pass Casino.
Patti and Jeff were going with us, but last night they partied too much, so we stopped by their house to pick up the tickets, then headed over to Wild Horse Pass.  We did a little gambling, but got into the venue early to get good seats.  Terry Davis and his 9 piece band called the Piano Man were really good and we are so glad we went.  After the concert, we headed home; tomorrow night will be another party night.

29   We had a relaxing morning at the cow.  In the afternoon we did a little shopping and relaxed at the cow in the evening.

John headed out early for some pickleball.  I decided to hang around the cow and practice harmonica.  Patti and Jeff came by in the afternoon and we headed to the courtyard for music and lunch.  Ron and Dorothy were already there so we joined them.  Bob and Jeanette came by.  As the sun was setting it was getting cool, so we headed back to the cow for a while, and then Patti and Jeff headed home.

First we headed to the health club and then we went to the pickleball courts.  Al and Marion were there and we played a couple games with them.  We also played a few games with other players.  When we got back, Patti and Jeff had called and were heading to Bleachers for some off-track betting.  We headed over to meet them.  We stopped by their house afterwards for a few drinks and some tunes before heading home.

This morning we got up and the four of us headed to the Village Inn for breakfast.  Then to Turf Paradise racetrack to bet on the ponies.  When the races were over, Jim and Reba headed home and so did we.  
25   Merry Christmas!!  John, Magic and I celebrated Christmas morning.  We opened our presents and coffee and croissants.  We headed out and over to Jim and Reba’s house.  Cindy was also there.  While the turkey was cooking, we enjoyed cocktails on the patio.  Like always, dinner was great and way too much food.  Jeff, Jenn and Alyssa stopped by and we played a few games of Trouble.  Then Cindy, Jeff, Jenn and Alyssa headed home and we were staying over at Jim and Reba’s.  So we enjoyed some cocktails and pie while watching the Christmas Story.  We are so glad Jim and Reba were here during out stay.
24   This morning we headed to the grocery store for some pudding shot supplies.  While I was making pudding shots, John headed out for some pickleball games.  Our neighbors, Bob and Sandy invited us over for a Christmas Eve party.  Ron, Dorothy, Bob, and Jeanette were also there.  We brought pudding shots and some other appetizers, but we really didn’t need anything.  Bob and Sandy had lots of great appetizers and some hot spiked cider.  Patti and Jeff came over while the party was still going on and we all had a great time.  Patti and Jeff stopped by our place for a nightcap before heading home.
23   Today we are having a football day and just hanging around the cow.

The mornings are cold.  Around 43 degrees.  We are having our coffee inside.  We headed to the pickleball court around 9am for a few games of round robin with the other pickleball players.  John also played a couple games of tennis.  The afternoon we relaxed and did some reading.  We headed over to Patti and Jeff’s around 530pm for a couple drinks, then dinner at Panda Garden.  We stopped at CK’s Tavern to check it out for New Years.  We had a couple drinks and listened to the band and then headed home.

John is on a roll today with the health club and then pickleball.  I had some domestic stuff to get done.  We did some reading before heading to the courtyard for music with Anthony and Dayle.  We had a big group, Bob, Sandy, Ron, Dorothy, Bob, Gail, Ron and Ann.
20   I headed to the clubhouse this morning for coffee, donuts and info get together.  John headed to the tennis round robin.  When I got back, I practiced harmonica, updated photos and worked on my journal.  We both headed out to do some shopping for the holidays and groceries.  We had a nice relaxing evening at home.

The mornings are still cold, so we hung around for a while, and then walked over to the pickleball courts.  After a few round robin games, we headed back.  John headed out to do some Christmas shopping and I did some reading and practice on harmonica.  Tonight we signed up for the steak fry dinner.  A band, Fall River, is performing during dinner.  We sat with Bob, Sandy, Ron, Dorothy, Bob and Gail.  Dinner was really good.  
 18   This morning John set the alarm to be sure and make it to the tennis courts by 8am.  He is carpooling with others to another park for a tennis competition.  I went Christmas shopping and stopped at the casino.  We were both back by around 1pm.  We had lunch and then headed to the music in the courtyard.  Curtis Knox is performing and you have to get there early to get a set.  He brought me up as a guest harp player for Stormy Monday.  Thanks Curtis!
17   Today we headed to the health club for a while.  Then I did some projects around the cow and practiced my harmonica.  John headed to tennis league practice at 1pm.

After breakfast at the hotel, we came home, watched football and had a couch day.

Another cool, windy and rainy morning.  John and I are DONE with this dreary cool weather.  We are ready for the sunny warm stuff to return.  That’s ok.  Last night we were able to get 4 seats for tonight’s Parrothead Christmas Lights Party Bus Trip.  So today we are getting stuff done then heading to pick up Patti and go to Dobson Ranch where the party starts.  Jeff is meeting us there after work.
We got checked in to the hotel and headed to the bar to meet up with the rest of the parrotheads.  Jeff made it with about 15 minutes to spare.  Unfortunately, it’s still raining.  We all got on the bus, including coolers and headed out.  Our first stop was a neighborhood cul-de-sac where almost every house was decorated.  There were big parties going on in the garages that were also set up as living rooms with tiki bars.  Next was the Mormon Church.  After walking around the grounds and getting some pictures, we were back on the bus and stopped at another neighborhood, Val Vista Lakes.  They have a small stream with waterfalls and a gazebo on a hill all decorated.
When we got back the party moved back to the bar for some holiday cocktails and music.

14   This morning was cool, windy and rainy.  We hung around the cow for a while, and then headed to the health club for a workout.  It’s sunny but still cool outside only 56 degrees.  I know that’s not bad, but we are wimps now and 56 is very cool for us.  We headed to Patti and Jeff’s later in the afternoon to pick up Patti and go to Café Posada to see the Desert Island Band.  Jeff is meeting us there when he gets off work.  The Desert Island Band and guests were great.  Mark, Woody and Steve plus Dan (Chili) and Susan King.  Ray Cody stopped by and sang a few, so we had a full house.  Even Santa and Mrs Claus stopped by.
 13   Another brisk morning.  I headed over to the clubhouse for coffee, donuts and info.  John headed over to the tennis courts for the round robin.  I got back and am way behind on my journal, so I worked on that, my football picks, and practiced harmonica.  John got back and still wanted more, now pickleball.  My leg is still bothering me so I didn’t want to play.  He headed to the courts and played for a while.  That was fine; I was able to get all caught up on my journal, photos and website.  It’s a little cooler here than were accustomed too, so we headed out to get some sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt.  We got back, had a nice dinner and then relaxed in the cow.

John is on a mission.  First he played almost 3 hours of tennis, and then he had a pickleball tournament this afternoon.  I decided to do a little Christmas shopping and then stopped at the casino for a little while.  I got back and practiced my harmonica and then went next door for drinks with Bob, Sandy, Ron, Dorothy, Jack and Ann.  John finally made it back from pickleball and joined us for cocktails.  Our neighbor Bob said the party never stops here.  It’s like a Frat Party for seniors. 

This morning we both headed to the health club for a while.  We saw Al on the way back and then headed to meet Al and Marion at the pickleball courts for a few games.  We thought we were getting to the courtyard early at 230pm to see Northstar, but it was already packed.  We sat with Sybil and Marv from Wisconsin.  We did some dancing and also line dancing.  John tried the Cuban Shuffle but then gave up.  There was a special guest today.  Santa was in the house.  He passed out candy to everyone and then was letting loose on the dance floor.

   10   John went to play some pickleball.  We headed out then for some Christmas, grocery and salsa supplies shopping.  I did some reading and John was in the kitchen making a new batch of salsa.
9   We got some domestic stuff done this morning, and then headed over to Patti and Jeff’s.  We had cocktails on the patio then headed to Bleachers for snacks and some off-track betting and watch football.  We went back to Patti and Jeff’s for a fire and some spiked eggnog.  We hung around to watch Amazing Race and got pizza.

   8   John had to set the clock last night so he could get up early and head over to the new pickleball courts by 8am for the tournament he’s in this morning.  I am still fighting with my computer.  There is a big RV Show at the Univ of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale where the Arizona Cardinals play.  So we headed there to walk around and get ideas on new rigs if we ever decide to get a new one.  Jim and Reba were heading to Jeff and Jenn’s house in Tempe, so we headed over there to meet Jenn and Alisa and to see Jeff who we haven’t seen in years.  Cindy was also there so it was great to see everyone.  Jim, Reba, Cindy, John and I headed out to Sorrento’s Mexican for dinner.

I started chili in the crockpot for the tennis potluck later.  I’m having trouble with my computer locking up and outlook not opening so I’m troubleshooting that.  John was going to the health club, but decided on some pickleball instead.  He wanted to practice for tomorrow’s tournament and try out his Christmas present his new tennis court shoes.  While I was troubleshooting my computer, I also did some reading and practiced harmonica with my new Christmas present, my green bullet mic.  John also did some reading later and then we headed to Ranchos pool courtyard for the tennis potluck.  Once the sun went down, it started getting cooler and soon everyone was heading home.

I got up late so I missed the coffee, donuts and info get together.  John headed to the tennis courts and I decided to work on some projects.  After tennis, we headed out for some Christmas shopping.  We got stuff we wanted and we made a deal that we both get to start using one gift each right now.  So we are going to wrap the empty boxes and put those under the tree with the other presents.  We made a stop at Arizona Casino for a while, but couldn’t stay too long.  We got back, got our cooler with drinks and our chairs and headed over to sit with Ron and Dorothy and watch our parks Christmas parade.  We had the chance to be in it with the tennis club or line dancers but then we would miss the rest, so we watched it instead.
 5   We were up and out early.  John to the health club and I went to the techie class.  Today we were covering GPS and new apps.  We regrouped and headed over to the new racquet club area.  Today is the grand opening of the new tennis and pickleball courts.  The park had lunch of hot dogs, potato salad and beans and open bar of beer and wine.  Before we ate, Al, Marion, John and I checked out the pickleball courts and played a couple games.  Then we had lunch and cocktails and hung out with Rose for a while.
 4   I had more TCI stuff to do, so John headed to pickleball.  Starting today in our park there is a jam over at Fiesta.  We headed over there to check it out.  Like at Good Life, it’s not really my format.  So I decided to watch and not participate.  There were a few people playing that had heard me playing with Northstar and had me get up with them when it was their turn.  It ended up working out good.  It ended at 330pm and the music in the courtyard with Curtis started at 3pm, so when we made it to the courtyard, it was already packed. 

This morning John headed over to the pickleball courts and I had some TCI stuff to do.  In the afternoon, we headed to the courtyard for some music.  We sat with Bob, Sandy, Ron and Dorothy.  They were going to the line dancing class tonight and John said he would go.  It was pretty crowded.  We did 3 different line dances.  The electric slide (which I already knew), Black Velvet and the new wave, Gangnam.  John did ok on each one but wants to put them all together.

After a health club workout, we headed to the sports room to watch football.
We met Millie and Ed Sprinkle.  Ed played for the Bears 12 years from 1944 to 1955.  Before the Butkus “legend” there was Ed “the claw’ Sprinkle, who was voted to the NFL’s ALL DECADE TEAM OF THE 1940’s.  Sprinkle may have been the first player to achieve fame strictly from his pass rushing ability. Labeled “The Meanest Man in Football,” Sprinkle was extremely quick but also had the ability to overpower opposing linemen.
During his career he was voted to four Pro Bowls and was selected for several all-league teams. 
At 89 years old, Sprinkle is the third oldest living Chicago Bears player, behind John W. Siegal, 94, and Frank Maznicki, 92. He is the last living member of the 1946 NFL Championship team. He wears his ring every day.
We ended up watching the 2nd games in the cow and had another relaxing day.
1   This morning John was up and out to the Pickleball courts early. I headed over there around 1030am. Everyday there is a pickleball round robin from 8am until Noon. We took a lunch break, and then John went to give Big Red a much needed bath. I did some computer stuff and then some reading. We had a nice dinner and hung around the cow.