John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

January 2013 Journal

This morning, I headed out for laundry while John was in the kitchen making a new batch of salsa.  Then we did more projects around the cow and had a nice steak dinner.

We are in need of rv supplies, salsa supplies and groceries.  So after we got that done, John was up on the roof working doing some caulking.  We finished our projects and headed to Patti and Jeff’s.  Jeff was off today and Patti is off work early.  We all headed to Bleachers for happy hour and a little off-track betting.  Patti called Kathy and Pete and they are going to meet us at Lucky Lou’s for drinks and dinner. 

This morning we had frost on Big Red.  We really like it here, but we really don’t like the cold weather.  John headed out for pickleball and I did some more spring cleaning of cabinets.  When he got back, he started washing and waxing the back of the cow.  I was done with my projects and I did some reading.

More rain, clouds and cool weather today.  John decided to clean the roof since we’ve had so much rain.  I started the spring housecleaning inside with a few cabinets.  We did a few more projects and some reading.  We had a nice dinner and relaxed.

Happy B’day Sandy.  When I got up this morning, John had flavored coffee made, roses and mimosa’s waiting for me.  I had bought the daily racing form yesterday for today’s races, so I checked those out.  After talking to some family for birthday wishes, we headed out and over to Bleachers to meet Patti and Jeff.  Their friends Greg and Tanya also stopped by.  We did some betting, had appetizers and some drinks and of course a birthday shot.  Then we all went to Patti and Jeff’s, listened to Pandora, ordered pizza and hung out.  John and I headed home but made a stop at Goats Head for the Sunday blues jam.  There were already a bunch of musician’s there and it would have been quite a while before I could get up, so after a beer, we headed home.  I had a really great birthday.
26   Today is going to be a lazy cow day.  We are getting rain.  It’s actually nice, since it very rarely rains here.  This morning worked on the computer and listened and watched the rain.  I needed this in order to catch up on my journal, pictures and website.  John headed to the health club and since it was raining he drove.  When he got home, he brought me roses and ice cream for apple pie.  After hanging around the cow, working on our 2013 itinerary, we decided to head out.  We decided to go to the Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.  There was an OTB in the same parking lot, so we stopped there to get a racing form for tomorrow’s races.  We bet a couple races then headed over for dinner.  There was another person at our table that was also having a birthday.  We had a really good dinner.  The chef would squirt sake into your mouth periodically.  For our birthdays, they brought out these heads for us to put on, then sang and brought us a dessert.  On the way home, we stopped at the Duchess Bar for a nightcap and karaoke was starting up.  I sang a couple songs, then we headed home.
25   Today I headed out before John.  I went meet our friend Reba at Talking Stick Casino.  We had a good time we did some Blazing 7’s stalking, but didn’t get to play.  Our casino stalking is when someone is putting lots of money in a machine and not hitting, we watch and wait until they leave, then move in.  Today the person kept putting money in and finally started hitting and didn’t leave the machine.
We headed home early afternoon and I stopped to pick up some groceries.  John was out at pickleball early for the morning.  We had a relaxing afternoon and evening doing some outdoor reading until the rain sent us inside.

Today we have a few rain showers in the area.  So pickleball is out.  We headed to the health club instead.  Then we regrouped and around 1130 am headed to the clubhouse for the managers reception.  Due to the number of people in the park, they actually have 4 parties.  Ours was today at noon.  The managers reception is a party (yes, another party) they throw for all the people at the park.  There is food, wine and beer, good camping world prizes and entertainment with Jared Howe.  It was a safari theme.  They did a really nice job decorating the ballroom and setting everything up.  So after a big lunch with drinks, we needed to regroup for tonight.
Around 4pm we headed to First Round Draft in Gilbert to meet up with Patti and Jeff and see the Desert Island Band.  Today it was just Mark and Steve.  Sam Rainwater showed up and sat with us.  Patti and Jeff’s friends, Greg and Tanya also stopped by.  During the show, Sam told us that at 9pm, there was a jam session.  I try to always have my harps and mic in the truck, so I was prepared.  After the show Mark and Steve hung around for a while, and Mark decided to stay longer and join the jam session too.  It was hosted by Chuck E and he had me come up right at the beginning for a few songs.  Thanks for the opportunity Chuck E.  We had a great time.

 23   After breakfast with Katie, she headed out for work and we packed up and headed home.  It was nice to see Katie again, the last time we saw her was for her wedding.  We got home and hung around the cow, did some reading, had a nice dinner and evening.

This morning John headed to pickleball and I had some TCI stuff to do.  Once in a while I still do some ARC and Trams consulting.  Around noon, we were on the road again to Tucson.  It’s only about 2 hours from Mesa.  Johns sister Katie was there on business and we decided to drive down to see her.  We got checked into the hotel, and then headed to the pool for some reading and rays.  When Katie got back from work she came by the room and we had some cocktails and visited for a while.  We were all ready for dinner and headed to Cattletown for a nice steak dinner.  Next we went to Nimbus Brewing Co to meet up with Katie’s co-workers, Tim, Valeria, Bruce, Mark and Evangeline.  We had a good time and closed the place.
21   This morning I had some more TCI stuff to do, and I needed a haircut.  John headed to the health club, then to pickleball.  In the afternoon, we were ready for some reading and rays, so we headed to the pool.  It’s a beautiful day and all the pools are packed.  At Fiesta pool, we found two chairs and a nice spot.  After a few hours, we headed back, had dinner and hung around the cow. 

This morning I had some TCI stuff to do and John headed to pickleball.  Around 11am we were ready for the day.  We went for lunch to a local restaurant, Christine’s, it was really good food, big portions and reasonably priced.  Then we headed to Lone Butte Casino.  I wanted some slot time and John wanted happy hour and to watch the football playoffs.
We were going to meet Patti and Jeff at Bleachers, but we ended up at the casino to long and they were already home.  We went to their house for a while.  Jeff started a fire and we listened to Pandora on the patio.  We watched some of the second playoff game, then we headed home.

This morning we hung around the cow, then John went to the health club and I practiced harmonica.  It’s a beautiful day, so we headed to the pool.  It was crowded but we found some chairs.  The pool is heated perfect and the hot tub was really nice.  We did some reading, took a nap and soaked up some rays.  Another rough day.

I headed out early to the laundry.  I wanted to time it right, so when my clothes were drying, I could attend the Tai Chi class.  John went over to pickleball and we met back at the cow.  Now it’s pool time, for some reading and rays.
We regrouped and headed to Monsterland Restaurant to meet Patti and Jeff for dinner.  It had to be an early dinner, because tonight we are going to the Mesa Arts Center to see the “Fab 4”, a Beatles tribute band.  They just got done playing in Vegas and are heading to Japan.  Patti and Gavin (George Harrison) were neighbors back in Chicago.  So Gavin got Patti and Jeff 4 tickets including back stage passes for us.  We had great seats about 5th row.  It was a great show and afterwards, we got to meet them.
17  While John was at the health club, then pickleball, I practiced on harmonica and then headed to the store for some supplies for the block party today.  Dorothy down the street from us is the unofficial block organizer.  For years, she puts together a block party then an end of season dinner for all the 8th street residents.  The park brought in the party wagon which will supply tables and chairs for free for your party.  Everyone brought snacks and drinks of course.  We got to meet the neighbors on our street we haven’t met yet and hang out for a while.
It ended early and there is still music in the courtyard so we headed there.  We met Cindy and Fred from Canada and their friends.  So we hung out at the fire by the pool for a while and then headed back to ground ourselves.

Another cold morning.  A little warmer, but not much.  John headed to pickleball and I decided to stay in work on my journal, photos, website and practice harmonica.  The afternoon got colder and a little windy, so we were wimps and headed inside to have a lazy afternoon and evening.

We are DONE with this cold weather.  Still a few more days until it starts to warm up.
I am making our pudding shots this morning for Beth’s birthday party at the Fiesta clubhouse tonight and John headed to the health club.  We both did some reading and then I practiced on my harmonica.
At 5pm, we headed over to Fiesta clubhouse to help Bill set up for Beth’s birthday party.  There were lots of people helping, so it didn’t take long.  We went home and got our stuff for the party, beer, snacks, harmonica and pudding shots.  All you need, right?
Northstar is playing which the band members are Steve Stairs, Roman and Sammy C.  After the break, they had Curtis Knox come up to sing a few songs.  On his last song, they had me come up with my harmonicas and we all played, Kansas City.  Sweet Home Chicago was next and they gave me a nice solo for each song.  I stayed up for background during the next couple songs which were the last of the evening.  Thanks guys for the opportunity to play.
We had a great time.  Happy Birthday Beth and thank you Beth and Bill for inviting us.
14   In the middle of the night, the park brought in 3 huge electric generator trucks.  One is just two doors down from us.  That’s good, because now we have power.  It’s record cold of 21 this morning.  John is crazy and went to play some pickleball.  There were a few other crazy’s there as well.  I went to the store to shop for more pudding shot supplies.  When we both got back, we had no water.  A pipe in the park had frozen and burst.  That’s ok, we were heading to Patti and Jeff’s and then to Wild Horse Pass Casino.  After some gambling, we went to Ling and Louie’s in the casino for dinner.  We headed home and the water, electric and heat is all fine. 

We were going to have an easy day and watch football.  John headed to the health club first.  While he was gone we lost power.  So we still had an easy day, just did lots of reading.  We found out there was a major electrical problem in the park and the power wouldn’t be back on until after 9pm.  The park offered dinner and entertainment to everyone without power, so we headed over and enjoyed that.  It’s still really cold, below freezing at night, but we still have heat so that’s ok.  We got back, did some reading and went to bed early.

It’s a cold morning here in the desert.  We hung out at the cow and then headed to Bleachers for some off-track and football.  We met Patti and Jeff and then headed to the little Italian restaurant near their house.

It’s a cool and damp morning, but John headed out for tennis.  I got my stuff out to make pudding shots for tonight’s party.  One batch is cheesecake pudding with spiked eggnog and rum.  The other batch is butterscotch pudding with baileys, vodka and peppermint kahlua.  We relaxed and did some reading in the afternoon.  Now it’s time to get ready for our Toga Party.  Bob, Liz, Margaret and Lou are our hosts.  John and I got dressed in our toga’s, got our snacks, pudding shots and drinks packed and ready to go.  We sat with Sam and others I forget their names (sorry).  John was selected to be one of the chariot racers.  The Cactus Cowgirls played some good music after the races.  We also had a Gangnam dance contest.  We had a great time and now we have toga outfits for the future.   I also have a couple videos from the Gangnam dance contest..
 10   This morning John headed to the tennis round robin and I went to the store to get pudding shot supplies.  We both did some reading and then headed to the courts for the tennis, pickleball social get-together.  They have wine, cheese and veggies complimentary.  We stopped at the courtyard for music, but it was almost over and it was getting cool and the rain was coming.  Betty and Jim the bartenders had a hot drink special of coffee, brandy and amaretto with whipped cream.  So I had a couple and John had some beer.  We got home just in time when the rain was starting.

John headed to pickleball and I went to Tai Chi this morning.  It’s a nice sunny day and warm around 70 degrees.  We were going to go golfing, but couldn’t get a tee time, so we headed to the pool to get some rays.  Larry and Sue are back so we visited with them for a while.  Our neighbors, Bob and Sandy are having a happy hour get together, so we brought our chairs and cocktails over to visit.
 8   This morning John did some reading before heading to the health club and I did some internet surfing before practicing harmonica.  This afternoon we headed to the courtyard for music with Northstar.  We got there early because it’s always packed when Northstar plays.  We did some dancing and hanging out with friends.

This morning I am heading to Tai Chi and John is going to the courts for some pickleball / tennis.  Now we have to get prepared for our toga party later this week.  John tested a sheet we have and we made a list of accessories.  We headed out to the .99 cent store and Walmart.  I had read online on how to make a toga, so I bought some material and other stuff.  We will work on perfecting them throughout the week and see how they turn out Friday.  We decided to stay in tonight, since we are going to have a busy week.  But here, every week is busy.  Remember, this place is a non-stop frat party for seniors.

John headed to the health club this morning and I headed to the Sprint Store.  At last night’s concert, I turned off the phone and now it won’t turn on.  The people at the sprint store were great.  The phone had frozen up and they showed me how to reset it.  They didn’t charge me or try to sell me anything.  They also showed me some tips and tricks about the phone.  John still needed more and went to pickleball.  We hung around the cow and I practiced on harmonica and John watched the football playoffs.  We headed out to Goats Head Saloon for the Sunday Night Blues Jam around 5pm.  We haven’t been here in about a month and we really like this place.  They have TV’s for football, good drinks and food and a really good blues jam.  I saw some of the regulars and played with some people I didn’t know.  I was able to try out my new bullet mic too.  We stayed for a while, and then headed home.

We headed to the pickleball courts for the round robin.  I played 3 games then headed back, John stayed for 6 or 7 games.  We did some reading and watched a little of the football playoffs.  We headed over to Wild Horse Pass Casino around 430pm.  We have tickets for tonight’s concert, The Pettybreakers.  They are a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tribute band.  We did a little gambling, and then headed into the concert.  We really enjoyed the show and headed home afterwards.
 4   John headed to the health club this morning and I headed to the laundry.  I planned it so while our clothes were in the dryer, I could attend the Tai Chi class next door.  In the afternoon, we headed to the courtyard for music by the Fall River Band.  We were going to go out for dinner, but decided to stay in and order a pizza.

   3   This morning I headed to the coffee, donuts and info get together and John headed to the tennis round robin.  I did some harmonica practice and reading while John was in the kitchen, grilling veggies, cutting, and making a new batch of salsa.  Tonight we are heading to the ballroom for the Links Union band.  They are a family bluegrass band from Missouri.  They played some rock, but mostly bluegrass.
2   This morning John and I were out early by 8am.  John was heading to the health club and I headed to an exercise class.  John was still ready for more and headed to pickleball after the health club, I practiced on harmonica.  We have some domestic stuff we have to do.  In the afternoon we headed to the courtyard for music with Curtis Knox.  It’s a little windy and cool, so the music was inside.  We sat with our neighbors, Rose and Joe.  Afterwards, we headed home, had dinner and relaxed.

 Happy New Year!!  We got home from Patti and Jeff’s in the morning and had a relaxing day around the cow.