John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

February 2013 Journal

John headed to pickleball/tennis and I had some TCI work to do.  It’s a nice warm and sunny day, so we headed to the pool in the afternoon.  We stayed until Randy Johnson in the courtyard started playing, and then we headed to a table with Sue.  Soon we had Beth, Bill, Rick, Ralph, Leila, BJ and Wendy at our table or right next to us.  We had a really fun time and when the music was over, we sat by the pool for one more round. 
27   This morning we were up and after coffee we started getting organized.  We have someone coming to wash our carpets today.  So we emptied our closet, got what we could outside and set Magic up outside in her house (she didn’t like that).  While he was here, we relaxed outside with Magic and did some reading.  It has to dry for a couple hours, so when he was done, we waited an hour or so then let Magic go in.  We headed out to the grocery store.  We got back and it was dry enough to put the groceries away, rebolt the table and then we did more outside reading.  It was finally dry enough to bring in the rest of our stuff and put the closet stuff back as well.  That’s good timing, because the sun will be setting soon and it’s starting to get nippy and we want to close the windows.

I think this morning will be the last cold morning in the 30’s.  It’s going to start to warm up to days in the mid 70’s and nights still chilly, but not cold, down in the mid 40’s.  John was off to pickleball and I mess around with my new amp.  It’s not going to work the way I wanted it to, so I’m going to return it.  We did a good vacuum of the cow and started getting things organized for tomorrow.  We couldn’t work to long, Northstar is in the courtyard at 3pm and it will be packed.  We got there at 215p and it was already packed.  There were 2 seats at a table and those people had arrived at 1pm.  We enjoyed the music, did some dancing and then decided to take BBQ sandwiches and chicken soup home from the grill.

John headed off to pickleball and I went to pick up my amp at guitar center.  I made a couple more stops and also picked up some groceries.  This afternoon, John and I headed to do laundry.  This week we are doing our major spring cleaning.  We had 11 loads.  We washed everything.  After getting that done, we did some reading and had a nice dinner.  This evening I had a few hours of TCI stuff to get done for a client.  

After relaxing at Patti and Jeff’s we all headed to Bleachers for lunch and a little off-track.  Shortly after lunch, John and I headed home.  We took a time-out for the rest of the day.

Hey, enough of this.  It’s another cold morning with frost on Big Red.  John still headed out for tennis/pickleball.  Not me.  I practiced my harmonica and then started in on the windows and screens.  John got back and he did the outside windows.  Another spring cleaning project done, we regrouped to head out tonight.  On our way to Patti and Jeff’s, we stopped at Guitar Center.  I am looking for a small amp that I can use when I practice on my harmonica.  They had a perfect one, used.  I bought it, but couldn’t take it until Monday.  It was on police hold in case it was stolen.  Now we headed to P & J’s, had a couple cocktails and listened to some Pandora, before heading to Wild Horse Pass Casino for a really great dinner at Shula’s steakhouse.  Thanks Patti and Jeff for sharing your Shula’s comp.  Then we were out on the casino floor and over at the Encore Bar.  There was a band and we did some dancing.  We ended up closing the bar at the casino and then headed back to P & J’s around 330am.
22   The mornings are still cold.  John headed to tennis or pickleball whichever has less people playing.  I am doing some TCI work and practicing harmonica.  The bloodmobile is here today, so we went to the courtyard, listened to the Just Us Band as we were waiting our turn to give blood.  Afterwards, we headed back, had some lunch and did some reading.  We decided to stay in and have a time-out evening.

John was headed to pickleball and then on a mission to make a new batch of salsa.  I had some TCI work to do, and then it was time for music in the courtyard with Reign and country.  Hung out with Beth and Bill, Ralph and Leila, Pam and Brad and Karen.  Did some line dancing and headed back to the cow after the music was over.

This morning is cold, windy and rainy.  That’s ok; we have indoor projects to work on.  I am a week behind on my journal, pics and website.  I’m also making a meatloaf in the crockpot, so we’ll have a nice dinner.  We decided to head to the vegetable market for Johns salsa supplies, then Walmart for shopping and an oil change for Big Red.  We had our propane filled, because the night temps are going to be in the 30’s for the next few nights.  As we were driving, the mountains were covered with snow.  That’s right, snow.  Luckily it’s up there and we’re down here.  We’ll I spoke to soon.  As we were having dinner, we saw a beautiful rainbow to the East and from the West the rain and thunderstorm came.  However, soon the rain turned to graupel.  Graupel is a form of soft snow made from rain and hail.  Yes, snow on Big Red and the cow.  We have to get back to warmer weather.

   19   John headed off to pickleball and tennis again at 9am and I did some projects, practiced harmonica and worked on our 2013 itinerary.  After pickleball John finished waxing Big Red and I did some reading.  We regrouped and headed to the courtyard for music, but the band didn’t show, so Margaret and Lou got out their computer and speakers and we all had a great afternoon.

After coffee, John went to pickleball and I headed to Tai Chi.  When we got back, I did some research for our 2013 itinerary and John started waxing Big Red.  We couldn’t work too long; we have a party to go to.  Its Sue’s birthday and Larry and Sue are having a party by bocce ball courts.  There were about 60 people that were there.  Larry had John make pitchers of pina coladas and they had burgers, brats and all the fixings.  Everyone brought a dish, so there was lots of food.  Dennis taught John and I how to play bocce and we played a few games and really liked it.  As the sun was setting, we had cake and started cleaning up.  When the sun goes down, it does get chilly so everyone headed home.

17   Today is our 34th wedding anniversary.  We headed back from the hotel and decided it was such a nice warm day, to hang out at the pool.  After a few hours, we regrouped and headed to Filly’s Roadhouse in Apache Junction for drinks and dinner.  When we got there it was packed.  So we hung out by the corral and met Rocky which road in.  We had a few beers and talked about horses.  His horse was Red Man, a 3 year old that likes to test his limits.  Rocky and Red Man headed out and so did we.  We stopped at the Apache Junction Moose Lodge which is now our home lodge.  After a couple beers, we decided instead of going out to dinner, to stop and get stuff for dinner at home.  We had a really nice day.  
16   This morning I made pudding shots for Sue’s birthday party on Monday, I thought.  Then we regrouped and took the pudding shots I made and we headed to Patti and Jeff’s to pick up Patti and go to the Dobson Ranch Inn.  Our rooms weren’t ready yet so we hung out by the pool because today is a beautiful day about 80 degrees.  We are here to attend the Trop Rock Legends concert with John and Lu Carpino, Brent Burns, Rob Mehl, Mark Mulligan and Bob Karwin, some great Trop Rock singer/songwriter performers.  Jeff arrived just as it was starting.  I got up with the flamingo girls to play morocco’s with Lu and John Carpino.  Later, there was also a kazoo play-off.  We had a great time, great music, drinks and I passed out the pudding shots which everyone really enjoyed. 
15   John was off to pickleball and tennis and I headed to Tia Chi.  John washed Big Red and I practiced harmonica and shopped for pudding shot supplies.  After an early dinner, we headed to 1st round draft to see the Desert Island Band.  We sat with Pete and Kathy, John and Jean and Bob and Judy from Club Agave.  The music was great as always and so was the company. 
14   Happy Valentines Day!  We left around 10am to pick up Bob and Gail for golfing.  Don and Debbie and Jamie and Laurie followed us to Dreamland Golf course.  We had 2 foursomes and played 9 holes.  We were all ready for some snacks or dinner and some drinks.  We all went for happy hour and dinner to Ranchos Tia Rosa.  We were back early, so we stopped at Jamie and Laurie’s for a couple cocktails as the sun was setting.  Thanks for the pics Bob!!
13   This morning John was on a mission to clean the inside of Big Red.  I wanted to practice my harmonica.  After a nice lunch, we hung out for a while, and then regrouped to head down to the courtyard to see Jared Howe.  We sat with Beth, Bill and Rick.  There’s always a crowd in the courtyard.  Jared invited me up for a couple songs on harmonica.  Now we are having a time out evening.
12   It’s still a cold morning.  John still headed to pickleball, but I decided to get laundry done.  We have a lot going on today.  Northstar was supposed to play in the courtyard, but because it’s cold and overcast, they are in the ballroom.  Whenever Northstar plays, you have to get there early.  Normally you can’t reserve tables, but Beth is planning an anniversary party for Ralph and Leila today and Jennifer the activity director let her reserve one.  We are still there early around 2pm to hold the reserved table.  We have a group of about 16 at our table.  The ballroom was packed as always for Northstar.  We had a great time.  We did some dancing and line dancing.  Steve, Roman and Sammy invited me up to play a couple songs with them before the break.
After Northstar finished, we headed home, did a quick regroup and picked up the pudding shots I made for tonight’s anniversary party.  We got over to the Fiesta community center and it was decorated very nice for Ralph and Leila’s 25th wedding anniversary party.  Beth and Bill had set it all up and had Randy Johnson playing guitar throughout the party.  It was a really nice party.
11   Today was domestic day.  John went to the health club for a little while, then we did some shopping and stuff around the cow.  It’s a cool, damp and windy day so perfect for projects.

This morning after coffee by Patti and Jeff’s, we headed to Biscuit’s Restaurant for breakfast.  Next was Bleachers for some off-track.  After a few hours, it was time to head home.

John headed to pickleball for a short time, I organized stuff, practiced harmonica and got ready for the day.  Our friend Jeff came over and the three of us headed to the Mesa swap meet.  John and I want some Arizona shirts before we leave this area and we found a few shirts and some other stuff.  Next we headed to Superstition Skies Bar in Apache Junction to see Sammy C playing with Judy Ann and the guys.  On break, Sammy C joined us for a drink.  It was time to head out.
We dropped Jeff off back at our place and he was headed home.  We regrouped and headed to Patti and Jeff’s.  We had a couple cocktails and then went to Ruffino’s for dinner.  We sat at the piano bar, Patti and I got martini’s and the boys got gas (Jack Daniel’s manhattans).  After a really nice dinner, we headed back to Patti and Jeff’s, had a nightcap and some Peanutbutter cups and went to bed.    

 8   Well, last nights chili was really good, but my stomach didn’t like it.  So I had a nice time-out day and John did some spring cleaning of the ceilings in the cow.  Then he took a time-out too.  This permanent vacation stuff is hard work.

This morning John headed to pickleball and I did some grocery shopping.  We regrouped and headed to the courtyard for some music.  Today the Brookhart’s are playing.  We sat with Bob and Gail and other friends.  After the music, we went to the pool and had drinks around the fire.  Bob and Gail invited us over for a chili dinner, so we headed over there.  We chatted, ate chili and just hung out.

John was off to pickleball this morning and I headed to Tai Chi.  When I got back, I updated our photos, journal and website.  Then I practiced harmonica.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to Fort McDowell Casino for some gambling and crab legs dinner.

More spring cleaning.  I know it seems like way to much for a 29 foot fifth wheel, but we only do this twice a year and we go through everything, fix broken stuff and get rid of stuff.  But, now it’s time to head to the pool for some relaxation and rays.  After an hour, we went to the courtyard for music with Curtis Knox.  It doesn’t start until 3pm, but if you don’t get a seat by 215pm, you may not find one.  Karen saved us a couple seats with Bob, Janice and Tammi.  We did some dancing and John even got up for the Cuban Shuffle.  Lou’s kazoos gave a performance and Curtis invited me up on harmonica for a couple songs, Stormy Monday and Kansas City.  As always, we had a really great time.
4   It’s a nice sunny morning.  The temp is around 55 degrees which isn’t bad.  John headed off to pickleball, and I headed to Tai chi.  When I got home, I practiced harmonica and then worked on some cow projects.  After pickleball, John took a break and then washed another side of the trailer. 

We were all up early and had coffee and relaxed outside.  Now we headed to Christine’s restaurant for breakfast.  Jim had brought some different beers, so Jim and John did some beer sampling.  Then Jim and Reba headed home.  John and I decided to take a time-out and watch to Superbowl at home.

   2   I am getting chili cooked and in the crockpot.  Our friends, Jim and Reba are coming over early and spending the day and night.  They arrived late morning and after hanging out for a while, we took a walk around our resort.  We stopped at the mini golf and played 18 holes.  After we finished our walk, we had a couple cocktails, and then headed to the Mesa Moose Lodge so Jim and Reba could check it out and we had a few cocktails and hung out for a while.  When we got home, we had chili with all the fixings and then regrouped for tonight.  We walked over to the ballroom at 630pm for the Saturday night dance with the Exit 40 band.  We had a good time and did lots of dancing.  We got home and we were all done.
1   John went to play pickleball and I did my spring cleaning projects.  Later, I did some reading and practiced harmonica while John was waxing the cow.  Then we headed to the courtyard and ended up having beers with Bill, Beth, Ralph, Pat and her husband out by the pool.  They all headed home and we headed to the courtyard.  EJ and her friends joined us.  EJ sings and heads up the Just us Band.  When the music was done, we headed home and had dinner.  We needed a couple supplies, so we took a walk over to Albertsons for a few groceries, then hung out in the cow and watched some TV.