John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

May 2013 Journal

 23   Rain, Cold, Rain, Cold.  We are DONE with the cold and the rain.  However, it’s not done with us.  Today we headed to the clubhouse and to the indoor hot tub, pool and sauna.  We played some foosball and did some reading.  It got up to around 50 degrees today and pretty much down poured the entire day.  Tomorrow is a travel day, and the rain is supposed to be less so it should be ok to travel.  Where are we heading?  To Forks Washington, right outside the rainforest of Olympic National Park.  They average 12 feet of rain every year.  Are we crazy??? 

This morning is a rainy and cold (42 degrees) morning.  We headed out North to Ft Stevens State Park and the town of Astoria.  Ft Stevens was built to protect the mouth of the Columbia River and the port of Astoria from our pacific enemies.  Our first stop in the park was Battery Russell.  The rain stopped and we were able to walk around the area.
Now we headed to the viewing platform on south jetty which is right at the mouth of the Columbia River.  We took a short walk on the beach then headed over to see the 1906 wreck of the ship the Peter Iredale.  We stopped at Coffenbury Lake and then the Historic area of the West Batteries overlooking the Columbia River.
We drover over to the town of Astoria.  Not much there we were interested in, but there was a Moose Lodge so we stopped for a couple beers and then headed home.  Tonight is cold and rainy so we are just hunkered down watching some TV.

  21   The rain and cold front arrived today.  We decided to do domestic stuff this morning, and then headed to the clubhouse at our RV Park.  We enjoyed a nice afternoon in the pool area listening to the down pouring rain as we relaxed in the pool, hot tub and sauna.  We did some reading and played some foosball.  We are just hanging out today.

   20   “On the Road Again”.  We have a really short travel day.  We are going about 95 miles from Lincoln City to Seaside Oregon.  After about 50 miles, we stopped in Tillamook to take the tour at the Tillamook Cheese and Ice Cream Factory.  After the tour, we purchased some cheese and enjoyed some Tillamook ice cream waffle cones.  We continued on and got all checked in at 1000 Trails Seaside RV Resort.  We got all set up and headed about 2 miles away to the promenade and the beach.  We took a 2 mile walk on the promenade and enjoyed the warm (65 degrees) and sunny day.  We stopped for dinner and headed home.19   Today is much nicer.  A little overcast but dry.  We headed to Drift Creek Trail and Falls.  This is a 3 mile round trip hike to a suspension bridge overlooking a waterfall and then continuing on to the bottom of the falls.  It was perfect timing.  When we finished our hike, we headed to the Oregon Tavern for their Sunday afternoon open jam.  I met Bart (bass and vocals), Carl (guitar, harmonica, and vocals), Mel (lead guitar and vocals) and Mark (drums and vocals).  They had me come up a couple different times for about 7 songs.  We had a great time and headed home to do a little preparation for our travel day tomorrow.

Well, today we have rain.  I don’t think we can get the hike we want to do in.  We decided to head into town to the small local Bijou Theater and see The Great Gatsby in 3D.  We enjoyed the movie and really enjoyed it in 3D.  It was still raining, windy and cold when the movie ended.  So we stopped to pick up some wine and some dinner and headed home.  We listened to music, played some cribbage and had a few cocktails.

“On the road again”.  We were up and out by 8am.  We like to get going early.  We only have 150 miles from Charleston to Lincoln City, but it’s on Hwy 101, which means 50 mph max and most of the time 40-45 mph with cities of 25 mph.  We also made a stop in Florence at the casino.  Last time we were there, they said to come back and give our email for 10.00 in free play.  We used there money and doubled it so we took our money and ran.
We got checked in and set up at Devils Lake RV Resort.  After a big lunch, we headed out to explore.  We stopped at a park along Devils Lake and talked to the people fishing.  They were doing pretty good catching trout.  Next we stopped at Devils Lake State Park for some hiking, but it’s just a campground with no trails.  They gave us some other suggestions.  So we headed to D River Park along the beach.  D river is the smallest river in the world, only 120 feet long.  We took a nice walk on the beach and enjoyed the sound of the waves.
Now we decided to go check out the casino.  We missed the turn and ended up at Roads End Beach Park which was a beautiful view and overlook of the shore.  We want to come back and walk the beach, but not today.  We made it to the Chinook Wind Casino.  We stopped at the lounge overlooking the ocean.  We had a cocktail and played some video poker.  Then we walked around the casino and played a little more video poker.  It’s Friday and the place is packed.
We checked the time and decide to head to the Theater West Playhouse.  We got there and the play was sold out.  They said to wait just in case someone didn’t show up.  We lucked out and got in.  It’s a small playhouse only 70 seats.  The play was SIN, SEX and the CIA.  It was a comedy about the happenings at a safe house in Virginia.  We really enjoyed it and were glad we got to see it.  It’s late, around 10pm so we headed home.  We had a long day and did a lot of neat stuff.

   16   We were up and out by 10am and heading to Coos Bay for Big Reds front end wheel alignment appointment.  When they checked out Red, we were happy all we needed was an alignment.  They were a little behind, so we had brought our books and did some reading for a couple hours.  We stopped on the way home at a Chinese restaurant for lunch and then headed home and finished our day before departure preparations.

   15   This morning is overcast, so we did some projects.  I vacuumed the cow, and John worked outside on cow maintenance.  It was turning out nice, so in the afternoon we headed over to Sunset Bay Golf course for 9 holes.  Since its Wednesday afternoon, there wasn’t anyone there.  We took our time and enjoyed the scenery.  When we got home, we sat outside and had a couple cocktails. 

We are not scheduled to leave this area until the 17th, but we’re thinking of heading out tomorrow, so we are getting our projects done today.  We headed to Walmart for groceries and an oil change.  There was a line so we did have to wait a while.  They told us we may need a wheel alignment.  Since we are pulling the cow, that’s something we need to check out before we get on the road.  So they recommended a shop which we stopped at but they couldn’t get us in for a week.  They recommended another one.  We can get in there on Thursday the 16th.  So we decided to keep our travel plans how they were.  John needed a hike, so I dropped him off on the way home and he was going to hike to Coos Bay and I would pick him up in 3 hours.  I headed home to unpack the groceries and did a little reading.  Just when I was heading out, he called and he was in Charleston instead.  So I picked him up and then we headed home for a nice dinner.

The rain finally arrived.  Most of today was overcast, foggy and rainy with temps around 58 degrees.  This is the normal for this area this time of year.  We have been really lucky to be sunny and dry for most of our stay.  We hung around the cow, John did some reading, and I downloaded some harmonica music and TV shows off the internet.

The other day we found a Frisbee golf course at Mingus Park in Coos Bay, so today we headed over to play 18 holes.  It was a hard course.  Lots of up and down and in the woods, but we enjoyed it.  We made a stop at the casino for a little while and then headed home to watch the finale of Survivor.

We are taking a time-out day and hung around the cow, worked on our photos, journal and website.  Did some reading, organized and cleaned Big Red and the cow.

This morning is overcast, cool and misty.  John is doing some reading and I’m updating our journal, photos and website.  The sun came out and we headed to Coos Bay to Mingus Park to check it out.  There were lots of little paths, with bridges over the ponds.  There were also lots of birds, ducks, and swans.  We saw multiple Coots on nests, a Swan on a nest and a bunch of baby Coot’s that were being taught how to find food.  We stopped at O’Gradi’s Pub for a couple beers and then headed to Sizzler for dinner.
 9   We have almost done all the things we want to do in this area.  Today we are heading inland about 35 miles to Golden and Silver Falls State Park.  There are a few different hiking trails to a couple waterfalls.  We hiked together up to Golden Falls about a 2 mile round trip hike.  Then John did a 3 mile hike while I relaxed in the sun and did some reading.  On his hike, he saw hundreds of millipedes.  Actually they were the Genus Harpaphe Millipede.  He hiked right up to the edges of both Golden and Silver Falls.  When he got back we hiked the 1 mile round trip to Silver Falls.  Even though this area has a drought going on this year, both the falls were really flowing.  Since the casino is right on our way home, we stopped for a little while before picking up a chicken and heading home for dinner.

   8   Yesterday, John picked up salsa supplies so today he’s in the kitchen making up a new batch.  It’s a sunny and nice day around 70 degrees.  We headed to Shore Acres State Park and Gardens.  We did a short hike along the cliffs and then headed into the gardens.  The flowers are really in bloom.  The Rhododendrons and Azaleas are just beautiful.  We headed back, listened to music and enjoyed some wine outside and we were fine.
 Today is a cool and damp day so we took a time out.  We did some destination and campground research for the next few weeks, did some reading and then headed to pick up some groceries.

John needs a good long hike, so off he went from our campground this morning.  I did some laundry, reading and harmonica practice.  We hung around the cow, but then the fog and mist started rolling in, so we headed inside, had some wine, and played some cribbage.
5   It’s another beautiful warm and sunny morning.  We are such wimps when it comes to the cool, overcast weather.  We are just lovin this.  We enjoyed coffee outside and did some reading.  Now we headed down the road to Sunset Bay State Park and hiked along the coast.  This is the first time along this section, but it’s always so beautiful.  We can see a line of fog just off the coast.  As we moved down to Shore Acres, the fog was closer in and it was like a different day.  Today is Cinco de Mayo, so we headed to La Costa a Mexican Peruvian Restaurant not to far away.  When I called for info, the owner said he would be doing some singing.  He was right.  He had recorded himself on a video and was playing on a corner TV screen.  The food and sangria was good and the owner did come around and sing to the restaurant live.  
4   Today is another sunny and warm day around 73 degrees.  We did some reading, I practiced harmonica and John decided Big Red needed a wash and wax.  We headed into North Bend at around 430pm for dinner and drinks and then to the Little Theater on the Bay to see the play “The Music Man”  We had really good seats and really enjoyed the play.  On the way home, we made it to Dairy Queen right before closing for blizzards to take home.
3   After starting some stew in the crockpot, we headed down the road to Sunset Bay Golf Course.  This is across the street from the state park and in a valley.  It’s a 9 hole course, but long and challenging.  It wasn’t crowded at all so we didn’t have to pair up with anyone.  John was still in need of a hike after golf, so we headed to shore acres state park and I did some reading and John did the 2 ½ mile loop trail.  We headed back home and enjoyed the warm sunny afternoon sitting outside and listening to music.  Our stew dinner was all ready when we were.   
2   We had to head out early today to have Big Reds A/C looked at.  Even though we don’t need the A/C, when were pulling the cow, Red needs it to keep the engine cool.  While we were waiting we brought our books and did some reading.  It was time for lunch so we headed to Captains Choice for fish and chips.  After picking up a few groceries we headed home and to the beach.  Today is a bright and sunny day and around 65 degrees.  Since the tide was out, we walked out on the rocks to see the lighthouse.  We checked out the tide pools and saw lots of starfish and other small creatures.  We enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather.
1   We are having a time-out day.  We did some domestic stuff, hung around and did some reading.  John did head to the beach at low tide to collect some mussels and steamed them for lunch.  We had a nice steak dinner and watched Survivor.