John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

July 2013 Journal

Another lazy day.  Did some reading and soaked up some sun.

We did some projects in the morning and then some reading in the afternoon.

Today we took a time-out day and hung around the campground and got some projects done.

Happy B’Day John!!!  We walked around campground and visited with people.  Stopped by Steve’s and he gave us a bunch of cake from his B’day.  We headed out to Sandy and Paul’s for Dena’s surprise 70th B’day party.
After a few hours there, then our family headed back to our campground to celebrate John’s Birthday.  We hung out and took a golf cart ride around the park.  I let Evan and Miranda play on one of my harmonica’s.  Miranda really liked playing it.  Evan loved the trailer and golf cart ride.
After everyone left, there were a couple campers headed for our bar, so we joined them.  Wayne, Sandy, Ray, Ron, Ron, Sam, Jackie, John and I ended up there.  We played some jukebox tunes and hung out for a while.

 27   It’s a cool and damp morning.  We took a walk around and visited with a few people.  We headed out for dinner at Stage Stop Steakhouse in Wilmot Wi to celebrate Steve and Johns birthdays.  There were 12 of us, Paul, Chris, Jim, Steve, Jackie, Sam, Marty, Sandy, Mark, Heidi, John and I.  It was a great dinner.  We had martini’s first, then steak and lobster and Brandy Alexander’s after dinner.  When we got back, we were full and grounded ourselves.  Most everyone else did the same.
 26   This morning is a little cool with some rain showers.  It looks like a rain out day, so we headed to Gurnee Mills for some clothes shopping.  We don’t need a lot, but this area is the place to get stuff.  We called to see if Jim was home from work yet and he said come on over.  So we picked up some brewskies and headed to Jim and Diane’s.  Dennis was there and Diane got home from work after a little while.  We all headed into Grayslake to Abel’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  When we got back to the campground, there was a bunch down by Sam and Jackie’s for a fire.  We hung around until around 11pm then grounded ourselves.  A few ended up until around 230am.

I feel back to normal finally.  I did a lot of harmonica practice today and got all caught up on my journal, pictures and website.  John did some projects and took did a walkabout.  Later in the afternoon we took a walkabout around the campground.  Tonight is ½ price pitchers and pizza night at the Landings bar next to our campground.  Wayne joined us and Annie stopped by.
After dinner we headed over to Bootleggers around 830pm.  Tonight is open jam night and I haven’t been for a couple weeks.  Wayne met us there and he knows a lot of people from there.  Chris is the bartender and we met Diane and Tom.  There were quite a few jammer’s tonight.  Chicago Sandy played a set with Jeff on guitar and vocals, Frank on bass and Bart on drums.
Another harp/vocalist showed up.  He was really good and has been playing for lots of years.  Mike with his trumpet and John Wayne on keyboards also were there.  John was the host and he does a great job switching up and getting everyone on.  We had a really good time.
I also have a couple videos of Chicago Sandy, so be sure to check them out with this link.
  24   This morning we headed up to Wisconsin to the outlet mall for some shopping.  We got some stuff and then while we were looking for the cheese curds store, we saw White Castle and stopped for lunch.  We got back, did some reading and recuperated from shopping.  I worked on my journal, since I’ve been a slug and I’m way behind.

John was in the kitchen early this morning.  He was all out of salsa and needed to make a new batch.  We were reading outside and Wayne, Huddy and Annie stopped by.  We all hung out for a while and then they all headed home and we made steaks on the grill.  We headed over to Sandy and Rich’s with a cocktail and then took the camel Cadillac (golf cart) down to the point to watch the sunset.  After another cocktail by their place, we headed home.

   22   Today is domestic day.  We got our laundry and grocery shopping done, cleaned out a couple cabinets in the cow and then did some reading.  It’s a warm day and Sandy and Rich suggested a dip in the pond.  So we headed down there, did some swimming, Rich did some fishing and we just hung out.  It’s a full moon tonight and John got a couple nice pictures.
21   This morning we hung around the cow.  A lot of our friends at the park are going out on a boat ride.  We have to head out to our nieces, Stacey’s at around 2pm.  They said they would be back, but you can never trust a boat ride.  So we headed to Stacey’s to visit with family.  John’s cousin Suzy is in town from Florida so it was nice to see her.  We looked at pictures, played with Evan and Miranda, got KFC for dinner and just hung out.  When we got back around 9pm, the boat had gotten back around 8pm and had gotten stuck in a bad rain and wind storm and almost ran out of gas.  
20   This morning we hung around the campground.  A couple boats were leaving with a bunch of people aboard.  We hung around because our friends, Jim, Diane and Dennis were stopping by.  We ended up having quite a few campers stop by too.  We played some tunes, had snacks, and hung out.  The boats came back, Jim, Diane and Dennis headed home and we had some cocktails at our place and listened to music.  The mosquitoes were coming out, so a bunch of us headed to the bar for some line dancing.  

Another hot and humid day.  We headed out to Arlington Park Racetrack around 1pm.  The races start at 3pm and we are meeting Laurie, John and Katie.  We stayed until the 8th race and then headed home.  No one won big, but no one lost big either, so we had a fun day.  Back at our campground we walked around and stopped in at the bar.  We were going to hang out at the campsite, but the mosquitoes sent us inside. 
18   I’m feeling better today, so we headed into town for some groceries.  Tonight is jam night at Bootleggers, but I’m still not up to playing my harmonica.  So we got Rich and Sandy and headed over to the Port of Blarney for some cocktails and a ride to Blarneys Island on the shuttle.  Tonight is the Boat Races.  Huddy is a safety guy so he’s out there early.  Suzy showed up later.  We hung out, had some drinks and after the races listen to the DJ.  John caught the shuttle but Sandy, Rich and I missed it, so we had to wait.  John was waiting at the port when we arrived.
17   Still under the weather so just stayed around the campsite.

Well, I’m still not feeling well.  This dam cough.  I had a nice couch day and John worked on Big Red and did some reading. 

I still feel bad and this cough won’t let up.  I decided to head to the doc.  I got some prescriptions and we’ll see how it goes.  When we got back, John decided to go through all his fishing equipment and clean and organize it.

It’s a beautiful day.  My cold is back and really bothering me.  Ron and a few others wanted to go to lunch on Ron’s boat.  So off we went to Fairmont Shores.  We did the loop and then headed to Grass Lake Landings for drinks and to listen to the DJ.  It’s a hot afternoon and everyone was ready for a dip in the pond.  I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed back.  Ron and John were catching minnows and swallowing them.  John was back early and we had a time-out.

Today was an open day.  Talk of a boat ride out to Blarneys Island started and before we knew it, there we were.  It was pirate weekend at Blarneys.  Tom and Jean took Marty, Mark, Heidi, John and I over to the island.  There was already a group there and more to come.  We all partied Blarneys style and headed home on Ron’s boat before sunset.  We needed something when we got back.  I had made mudslide pudding shots, so we got out a tray full and enjoyed.  Another rough day.
12   Since we got in so late last night, we got up late and just hung out at the campground.  Other campers came up for the weekend and we hung out for a while around Mark and Heidi’s fire.

I’m still fighting this bug, but feeling this afternoon.  We headed over to the Landings Bar next to our campground for pizza and beer special tonight.
Then Rich, Kim, John and I walked up to Bootleggers for their Thursday night open jam.  I met John the host.  He also played drums and sang vocals.  Frank was on bass, JB on lead guitar and Mike on trumpet.  Dawn did a few songs on vocals and I got to play a few songs on harmonica.  Sandy stopped by after volleyball.
We decided to head to the landings after Bootleggers.  Technically they were closed, but we still were able to get a few.  Next we stopped at Rich and Sandy’s.  We ended up getting home at 330am.   

10   This morning John was out early finishing up Big Red.  I caught the bug going around the campground and just taking it easy today.  John did more projects and I just had couch time.

We are hanging around the cow today.  We both did Tai Chi and got a meatloaf in the crockpot.  John did some reading and I practiced harmonica.  Then John washed and started waxing Big Red and I updated our journal, pictures and website.

Everyone needs a domestic day sometimes.  Today is ours.  We got our laundry and grocery shopping done.  Did a few projects around the cow and then relaxed and did some reading.

We headed to Jim and Diane’s today for a cookout.  We got to see some friends, Dennis, Steve and Maureen and Dave.  We had lots of food, drinks and good friends.  When we got back to the campground.  There was a cookout going on next door at Ron’s, but we decided we needed a time-out.  So we grounded ourselves.

Most of the day we hung out at the campground and visited with people up for the weekend that we haven’t see in a couple years.  Later in the afternoon, Jim invited a group of us out on his boat to go see the fireworks on Fox Lake.  Jim, Steve, Mike, Mike, Paul, Chris, Sandy, Rich, John and I headed out at around 730pm.  The sun and the clouds combined for a beautiful sunset.  Mike and Mike were making O-Bomb shots.  We took the back channel by Port of Blarneys and had a great place right on Fox Lake to view the fireworks.  When we got back, we all hung out at Jims for a few shots.  Most of us headed home around midnight, but a few were out until almost morning.  
5   This morning we had a group watching Dan and Annie’s trailer getting moved.  Now what?  We were over by Mark and Heidi’s playing bags and decided to make up our own version of Frisbee golf.  We used chairs as the baskets and set up 3 holes out and back for a total of 6 holes.  Steve stopped by and said he had lots of pasta and to plan to come down to Jim’s for pasta dinner.  So we headed down there for some cocktails, a nice pasta dinner and to hang out.  We got back to our street and Mark and Heidi had a fire.  We hung out there for a while.  Steve M got his flamingo hat, so I got my parrothead hat.
4   Happy 4th of July!!  Our friends Jim and Diane came over early afternoon and we hung out, had some cocktails and then took a golf cart ride around the park.  At our bar, Grass Lake Landings, the band, Road Show was playing from 2p-5p.  We stopped in around 3pm for a couple drinks and some music.  I asked it they could use a guest harmonica player and they brought me (Chicago Sandy) up for Sweet Home Chicago.  I had a great time jamming with them.  When the band was over, we continued on the golf cart and then Jim and Diane headed home.  We headed over to Mark and Heidi’s where a big group was gathering by the fire.
Mark also shot a video and it’s on facebook at

3   This morning is a little overcast and cool.  John is doing a few projects and I’m getting my website caught up.  We are just hanging around the campground today.  Sandy and Rich cooked up some burgers and invited us over.

Rich stopped by early this morning to see if John wanted to go fishing with him and Mark.  John doesn’t have a license so he didn’t fish, but went out in the boat.  They caught 3 bass and got back around noon.  I practiced on my harmonica and visited with other people.  It’s overcast but 75 degrees.
Paul and Chris took their boat with Sandy, Rich, John and I and Mark and Heidi took their boat with Jackie and we headed out on the chain.  Since all the rain, the water is high and it’s no wake.  That’s ok, we saw a seaplane practicing its landings and take-offs.  We headed past the Port of Blarney and saw a Blue Heron with his mating beard.  As we continued on, we had a few rain showers, but not bad.
When we got back, we regrouped and headed to the Landings bar at our campground for dinner and drinks.  Sam had gotten in so he joined us.  Now we headed back to Sam and Jackie’s and had a fire.  

1   Quiet morning at the campground.  I got caught up on my website, John did some reading and we picked up a few supplies.  We hung out at Mark and Heidi’s for a while, and then we all decided to talk a walkabout.  Jim Duffy had some jello shots, so we had a couple of those and then started our walk.
Mark, Heidi, Jim, Rich, Paul, Chris, John and I were walkers and Sandy was in the rescue golf cart with the cooler of jello shots.  We walked toward the point, but it’s still flooded so we didn’t go all the way.  We saw Kim on our way back.  Mark and Heidi started a fire, but John and I grounded ourselves.