John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

August 2013 Journal

We hung around the campground and had a relaxing day visiting with friends and playing bags.

   30   Today we had a domestic and time-out day.

29   I am attempting to restring one of our day/night shades today.  I have all the stuff I need.  John helped be get it down, I took care of the restring and we both got it back up.  It took a couple hours, but since this is the first time we did it, it turned out ok.  I know we will have more to restring and now we know how to do it.
We haven’t been to the Antioch Moose yet this trip, so we decided to head there for a couple cocktails.  Steve was up at the campground and he joined us.  They were doing haircuts today, so I got mine cut.  Then we stopped at Dockers North for some video gaming and Kim stopped by.  We need dinner so we headed to the Landings Bar next to our campground for the Thursday special on pizza and pitchers.
John was done and I wanted to jam, so I dropped John at the cow and I headed to Bootleggers for the Thursday open jam.  Wayne was there and I played a few songs and then headed home.

John finished waxing the cow and I finished up the inside and then went to camping world to get the repair kit for the day/night shade.  I will tackle that tomorrow.  When we finished our projects, John did some reading and I practiced on my harmonica.

27   John washed the RV and I worked on the inside.  One of our day/night shades needs to be restrung, so I researched youtube videos on how to fix it and what I would need.  Then I headed out to look for the materials.  I picked up some stuff I needed for this weekends party and minute to win it games.  I got some stuff for the shades but not really what I wanted. 

26   Today we worked on projects around the RV.  We took a time-out in the evening.

25   We headed back to WoodDale to our old house which is now Chris and Matt’s.  They are having a baby shower and friend get together for Cindy’s granddaughter.  Reba, Cindy and Tammi are all in town and where there.  We saw lots of old friends and had a great time.  When we got back we headed over to the Landings Bar with Sandy and met up with Sam, Jackie, Paul and Ron.  Rich was coming home from North Dakota tonight and got in around 10pm.  So we all welcomed him home and had a few cocktails with him.

24   Today started out relaxing around the campground and visiting with people.
Chris and Paul decided they wanted to head out boating to the sand bar for some swimming.  They asked Sandy, John and I to go with.  So we packed our coolers and off we went.  We ended up hooking up with some friends of Paul and Chris’s and tied up the boats together.  We lounged in the water and soaked up some sun.
It’s a warm day and an ice cream boat came by, so we boat some ice cream bars.  We saw Mark and Cindy across the way and swam over to their boat.  There was a boat near them that was blending up margaritas and giving them away, so we had to go get a couple of those.  We got back around 5pm and Mark and Heidi had bags going on and started a fire.  We stayed for a while and grounded ourselves early around 10pm.

 23   John is finishing up the roof and I’m working on some projects.
We headed over to Jim and Diane’s around 5pm.  After a couple cocktails, we all headed to the Vernon Hills Rib Fest.  It’s a perfect evening but a slight chill in the air.  There are a couple really good blues singers performing tonight.
The first was Ana Popovic.  She played a mean guitar and sang well.  While the performers were changing over, we went and got dinner of ribs and corn on the cob.
Now Shemekia Copeland is performing.  She reminds us of a young Koko Taylor.  She can really belt out the blues.  After her performance we got a picture and the vendors were handing out more corn, so we had a couple ear.
22   This morning is raining and overcast.  It’s a perfect day for John to work on the RV roof.  I did some indoor projects.  It was still raining and we needed some RV supplies so we headed off to the RV store.  We decided to head to Nicolino’s in McHenry for a little off track betting (OTB).  We had a couple drinks and bet on some races.  We didn’t win, but we didn’t lose much and we had a good time.  When we got back we hung out for a while and then walked over to the Landings Bar for pizza and beer. 

Today we had a nice lazy day.  We worked on our itinerary for when we leave the Chicago area, soaked up some rays, practiced harmonica and did some reading.  After dinner we took a nice walk around the campground and then some rain came in so we headed back in.

   20   We were going to hang out today, but we both had some projects to do.  John has also been looking for a new recliner chair and he found one, so we got that and he put it together.  I worked on my journal, photos and website.  I’m only 20 days behind.  I’m going to try to be better.

We had a domestic day today.

In the morning Evan and I played with the air mattress, blowing it up and then deflating it.  Laurie, John, Evan, John and I went to our first Polo Match today at Oakbrook Golf Club.  We got there early and got our chairs set up.  Carl and Sue met us there.
We also ran into Diane Yochem’s cousin, Carol, her husband Larry and mom Delores.  It was a beautiful day and the first match were teenagers just starting out in polo matches.  The second match was more experienced polo players and it showed in how much faster the game moved.
During halftime and between matches, everyone had to go on the field and help stomp on the divots the horses make when running.  We stopped at Laurie and Johns for a few minutes before heading home.

17   Early afternoon we headed to Laurie and Johns for a family get-together.  There were lots of family and friends.  We enjoyed cocktails and lots of great food.  There was a poker game that got going for a while.  John and I and Evan stayed overnight so we had a sleepover with Evan.

Nice relaxing day.  We did some domestic stuff and then met up with Sam and Jackie and Steve at the campground.  Sam decided to go golfing with us, so we picked him up and headed over to Hickory Knoll Golf Course to meet up with Mark.
The four of us golfed 9 holes and then the boys were still ready for more.  I rode in the cart and was scorekeeper.  The sun was setting when they finished the 9th hole.  We all headed over to the Kross Inn for a couple cocktails.
When we got back there was a fire and tropical drink buckets by Jackie and Sam’s.  We headed up to Marty’s for a ship, captain, crew dice game.  Now it’s time to ground ourselves.

This is our third day of Tai Chi.  It’s actually very relaxing.  John still needed more so he headed out on a 3 ½ mile walkabout.  While he was gone, I practiced harmonica.  Mark, Cindy, Wayne and Annie stopped by to visit for a while.
After dinner, we relaxed for a while before heading up to Bootleggers Bar for their Thursday night open mic.  Mark, Cindy, Kim and Wayne stopped by.  I got up for a few songs, but they were playing a lot of Pink Floyd and I decided it wasn’t my style music.  We hung out for a while longer and then headed home around 1130pm. 

14   Another morning of Tai Chi.  We both like this video.  It’s about 30 minutes long.  Afterwards, I hung out and practiced harmonica and John went for a 3 ½ mile walkabout.  We both did some reading and had a relaxing day.

We did our Tai Chi and then I practiced harmonica and John did a 3 mile walkabout.  Later in the afternoon we headed to Hickory Knoll Golf course for 9 holes.  We stopped at Bootleggers for sloppy joe’s on the way home.

   12   We had some projects and running around to do today.  For lunch we stopped at Portillo’s.  We wanted to do this before we left town. 

Sam, Jackie, Sandy, Paul, Chris, Steve John and I met Jim, Diane, Mark, Maureen and Steve at Keif’s Reef to see Mr. Myers trop rock band.  Captain Jack Sparrow from Key West was in town and enjoying the party.  Keif’s Reef was serving buckets of rum punch so we all had a few.  We did lots of dancing, had a conga line and did the limbo.  We dropped Mark off on the way home and stopped for a nightcap.   
10   We headed over to Sharon and Gary’s early afternoon.  Kyle was there, but Jessica had to work.  Carol stopped by and we relaxed outside, had some cocktails and enjoyed a great chicken parmesan dinner.
9   Today we had a nice easy day and then headed over to Jim Duffy’s for a great Italian dinner.  There was so much food, drinks and good friends.  After dinner a right, center, left dice game got going.

We did our Tai Chi today and then headed to the store for some supplies for the weekend.  We hung around and then headed to Bootleggers Bar for the Thursday Night Jam.  There were lots of great musicians and I got to play quite a few songs.  You can check out a couple video clips on my youtube channel.
7   Most of the day, we did the same as yesterday, relax, sun and read.  We did regroup and head over to The Backyard Steak pit and met Diane, Jim and Dave there to celebrate Diane’s birthday which is today.  We ended up having drinks but never got around to dinner. 
6   Finally!  We are having a down day and just relaxing, soaking up some rays and doing some reading.

Today we had a domestic day.

Another party day!!  After having a practice session at the campground with Sam and his harmonica, we headed to Stacey and Ed’s to celebrate our grand nephew, Evan’s 4 year birthday party.  It’s a perfect day.  There were lots of people and we got to see more people that we haven’t seen yet.  It’s Sunday and when we got back to the campground, most of the weekend warriors were already on their way home.  We grounded ourselves and just had a couch and tv night.
3   This morning we relaxed, and then had to regroup to party again.  Today there is a big crowd heading out on boats at 1pm to do the Chain loop and then go to El Puerto on the chain in Fox Lake to celebrate Sam and Tom’s birthdays.  We road in Jims boat with Steve, Paul, Chris and Annie.  Sam had a big group on his boat and more people on other boats met us there as well.  John and I gave Sam a harmonica for a gift.  When we got back, we hung out at the fire for a little while and listened to Sam doing his first harmonica jam and then we had to ground ourselves.
2   We had a stormy night last night, but this morning is dry and sunny.  We had a domestic day and headed to pick up some groceries.  We saw the blood mobile, so we stopped and donated.
We headed out around 330pm to Jim and Diane’s house.  Mark also came by and we had some cocktails with them, and then headed over to Kawa Japanese Restaurant to celebrate John and Diane’s Birthdays.  We met Sandy, Steve, Jim, and Chris from our campground there.  Most of us had the all you can eat sushi and did we eat.  When we got back to the campground, we were all to full, so we grounded ourselves.
1   Today we hung around and did some reading and I practiced harmonica.  Later in the afternoon, we walked over to the Landings Bar for pizza and beer with Wayne.  After dinner, we regrouped and headed to Bootleggers Bar for the Thursday Jam Night.  We had a good time and Chicago Sandy got to play a few songs.