John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

September 2013 Journal

“On the road again”.  TJ stopped by early and we had coffee outside.  We were on the road by 9am and heading to Key Largo about 170 miles.  We got all checked in at Point of View Key Largo RV Resort.  This is a new RV park that just opened in March of 2013.  It’s right on the gulf and has a beautiful pool and nicely landscaped grounds.  After setting up and having lunch, we headed to the pool for a little R&R.  It’s warm today about 88 degrees, but with a nice breeze.  We soaked up some rays and cooled off in the pool.  After regrouping, we headed to Bayside tiki bar about 6pm for live music, happy hour and a beautiful sunset.  After sunset we headed home and took a time-out.
26   Today we had a domestic day.  Since were heading into the keys, we got our laundry done and shopped for bait trap supplies, got an oil change, and picked up some groceries.  Our buddy TJ came over around 4pm.  After having a cocktail at our place, we headed to the Deck tiki bar for happy hour, appetizers, dinner, music and sunset.
25   Nice easy day today.  We lounged at the pool for a couple hours.  Then we regrouped and headed to our buddy TJ’s house for cocktails.  It was great to see him again. 

“On the road again”  We had a long day today.  We drove from McDonough Ga to Port St. Lucie FL about 560 miles.  We were on the road by 630am and arrived around 430pm.  We got all set up at the Port St. Lucie RV Resort and took a time-out and watched TV tonight.

“On the road again”.  We were up and out early to go to Camping World to have our trailer brakes replaced.  Since we have time, we headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  We found a place to hang out at Camping World, took naps, did some reading, had lunch and our rig was finally ready to go around 4pm.  We are on the road late, but we wanted to get a few miles in so we made it past Atlanta to the Atlanta South RV Park.  We didn’t even unhook the cow from the truck.  We just lifted it up, opened the slides, had dinner and went to bed early.

Today we headed to Chickamauga Natl Military Park also known as Point Park on top of Lookout Mountain.  We took the walking path around the park and checked out the various overlooks, museums and cannons.  Lookout Mountain was where some of the major battles of the civil war took place.  This was the cracker line between the North and South.  After enjoying the park, we stopped for some supplies and then headed back to our RV Park to watch some football.  We got everything all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow.
21   This morning is rainy but warm.  We thought the rain would stop by noon, but it continued until later in the afternoon.  So we hung around, relaxed, did some reading and then headed to Camping World to pick up a few items for the rig.

This morning is nice.  It’s warm and sunny and we relaxed and had coffee outside and took a walk around our park.  This RV park is on one of the battlefields of the Civil War.  After doing a few projects and some reading we headed out.  I wanted to stop at Guitar Center to get some harmonicas to give away.  Since I was given my first harmonica, I want to start giving them sometimes.  Now we are headed about 60 miles away to Dunlap TN to see our slug-in law Mark, his wife Tatianna and their son John.  We had a nice time with them and Tatianna made Jambalaya and rice for dinner.  We did give John a harmonica and he seemed to enjoy it.
19   This morning I checked with Chevy and our rim is in, so we headed out early.  We picked up our rim, and then went to Walmart to get our 4 tires replaced.  After a few hours, we had our new tires and our old rim.  We went to Chevy to return it and then headed back to the KOA.  Before we left this morning, we packed up so all we have to do is hitch up the truck and trailer.  We were on the road by 2pm and only going 200 miles to Chattanooga TN.  Along the way, we had no incidents which was a relief.  We got in and set up at the Trav-L-Park in Chattanooga.  The rest of the evening we took a time-out and watched TV.

We were very fortunate today.  We headed out of Cave City Ky early around 730am for our drive to Chattanooga Tn.  We never made it.  We got about 60 miles to Bowling Green KY and had a blowout and a tread separation on our truck passenger rear tire.  Luckily we were able to get to the side of the road.  We called Good Sam Emergency Road Assistance and they were sending someone out.
In the meantime a state patrol stopped traffic to pick up what was left of our tire from the road.  Mike from the Kentucky SAFE patrol stopped and offered free assistance to help change the truck tire.  Since were pulling the trailer it wasn’t that easy.  We got the spare on and Mike gave us info on where a Walmart was located.
We purchased our tires from Walmart in Tennessee 2 years ago.  They should still be under warranty.  We dropped the trailer in the parking lot and headed to the tire department to talk with multiple people.  Our rim is also ruined so we had to go to Chevy and purchase a new rim which won’t be here until tomorrow.  We got everything straighten out with Walmart, got our rim on order and will overnight at the KOA here in Bowling Green.
Tomorrow, hopefully, we can pick our rim up, get our 4 new tires replaced and get back on the road to Chattanooga.  Big Red suffered some major damage to the back passenger quarter panel, bumper, exhaust pipe and muffler.  We set up an appointment to get a quote on the repairs and meet with our insurance once we get to the keys.  We got set up at the KOA and also found out our trailer brakes need adjustment.  John worked on them, but we still need to take the trailer in, so we set up an appointment for that while we are in Chattanooga.
Even though it was an eventful day, we are happy no one was hurt, we were still able to drive and pull the trailer and just do what we need to do.

 17   “On the Road Again”!  We were up and about by 630am.  We were pulling out at 730am and stopped by Sandy’s.  Sandy has started a tradition of making us breakfast and giving us stuff for dinner.  This morning she had breakfast egg mcmuffins for breakfast and grilled pork tenderloin for dinner.  Thank you Sandy!!  Annie stopped by to say “see you later”.  After having one sandwich with Sandy and saying our “see you laters”, we were on our way.
We were amazed we made it through the Chicago area with basically no rush hour traffic.  We made it through Indianapolis and Louisville and were still going strong, so we decided to head to Cave City, KY abut 440 miles total.  We got all set up at Cave Country RV Campground.  We enjoyed the treats Sandy made up for us this morning and then relaxed the rest of the evening.

Today is our day before departure day.  Yes, tomorrow we are back on the road.  We got our stuff all done and said our “see you laters” to our friends here at Grass Lake Marina and RV Park.  We stopped by Sandy’s and had a see you later cocktail.  We had a great time and were glad we were here for 2 ½ months.

It’s a cold, rainy morning.  You know what that means.  Yep, it’s time for the gypsies to be movin on.  Not today but real soon.  We said our “see you laters” to some friends that are heading home today.  We headed to Jim and Diane’s for football, chili and cornbread.  Jim, Diane, Mark, Dennis, Steve and Maureen were there.  We had a great day and headed home early.

This morning we hung our and it’s turning out to be a nice day.  Jim let Chris, Paul, Steve, Sandy, John and I take his pontoon boat over to Blarneys Island to pick up sweatshirts for people.  When we got back Jim had arrived at the park, so we picked him up and some shot supplies.
Now we were back on the pontoon with Jim and Annie.  We all headed to the Sandbar grill for lunch and to meet up with the people on Sam and Jackie’s boat.  We all had a good lunch, some drinks and lot’s of fun.  Steve was now driving Jim’s pontoon and he wanted to do the loop.  As we got back to our lake, the sun was setting.  We unpacked and hung out at Jim’s.  We had shot stuff to use up so we made bunches of shots.  After relaxing a bit, John and I grounded ourselves and headed back to the cow around 10pm.

13   This morning we had coffee and researched what horses we wanted to bet on today at Arlington Park Racetrack.  We pickup up Sandy at noon and headed out for a post time of 2pm.  Steve arrived at Arlington at the same time.  We found a place right by the finish line.  Later on, Laurie, John, Ada, Stacey, Evan and Miranda joined us.  After the races, Sandy drove back with Steve, and John and I drove together.  We met Sandy and Steve at the Wunderbar German restaurant for dinner.  After dinner, John and I were done and grounded ourselves back at the cow.
12   This morning I finally got caught up on my journal, pictures and website.  Today we headed to Schaumburg to meet our niece Ady and her boyfriend Ivan for Lunch at Bahama Breeze.  We had a great time and enjoyed meeting Ivan.
We made a stop at trackside OTB to pick up program for tomorrows races.  We did stay a little while and bet a couple races.  We couldn’t stay too long.
We had to get back to regroup and then head over to Bootleggers for Thursday night open jam.  This was my last jam at Bootleggers.  It started out slow, but turned out great.  We had John on drums, Brian on bass, Francesco, Jeff and JB Richie on guitar and vocals.  We found out JB Richie was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.  Mike on trumpet, Steve on saxophone, Gary and I on harmonica.  I think that’s it.
Sandy, Kim and Wayne showed up.  We had a great horn section happening and it was already over and time for the bar to close.  Sandy and I had a Big Boy rootbeer and Rumchatta shot which was really good.  We made a stop at Sandy’s for one more shot and to hang out for a while longer.  We ended up getting home around 2am.     

11   We did some research on our travel route and stops for our journey back to the keys.  The rest of the day we hung out and did some reading, worked on our football picks and I practiced harmonica.  Wayne stopped by and then Sandy, so we hung out with them until shortly after sunset.

This morning is another hot and humid day.  We had coffee early outside and then John was on a mission to repot the cactus plants.  I am way behind on my journal, pictures and website so I did a little work on that.  Sandy brought over tomatoes and Laurie and John gave John peppers from their gardens.  So now John is on a mission to make a new batch of salsa.  Projects done and now doing some reading and practicing harmonica.  Another rough day.

9   Today is a hot and humid day, so we turned on the A/C and did some indoor projects this morning.  We headed out for some supplies later in the afternoon and when we got back, had a couple cocktails with Sandy.

We picked up a few supplies, and then visited with people at the campground.  John, Paul and I watched the 1st half of the Bears game and then John and I had to head out.  We are on our way to Katie and Kirks for football and a family get together.  This will be the last time we’ll see most of our family before we are back on the road again.  Like always, we had lots of food, took lots of pictures, had some cocktails, and watched football.  We had a great time and will miss everyone, but everyone knows, they are always welcome to visit us on the road.
7   Today we had a nice easy day at Grass Lake RV park.  We hung out, had some snacks and O-bomb shots and played bags.  John and I headed out around 530pm to meet Jim and Diane at Saluto’s for an Italian dinner.  We had a couple cocktails at the bar, then dinner and dessert.  When we got back to the campground, we were done.

We had a nice relaxing day and then headed out to Hickory Knoll Golf Course to meet Mark for 9 holes.  After golf, we stopped at the Kross Inn for a couple cocktails.  Mark was on his way and we headed back at Grass Lake.  There was a fire at Mark and Heidi’s, however, everyone decided to head to the landings bar, next to our park, so we headed there too.  After a few drinks we grounded ourselves and walked back to the cow.

We hung around the RV and did a few more small projects.  Then we headed to the Landings Bar for pizza and beer specials.  Wayne and biker Tom were up there.  We headed back to the cow and watch the opening football game of the season in the cow.

Once again we have to be domestic sometimes.  So we had our domestic day and then just hung out.

Kyle and Felicia are still here and Sharon is heading up to bring them home.  When Sharon got here we all took a walk around the campground and then relaxed at our campsite.  Sandy stopped by with her granddaughter, Grace.  When Sharon, Kyle and Felicia headed home, we grounded ourselves and took a time out the rest of the day.
2   Mark was sleeping inside when we went to bed, but this morning at 630am, he was already gone.  John and I got the coffee brewing and the stuff out for Bloody Marys.  Slowly, Dennis, Felicia and Kyle got up.
Soon, we had breakfast stuff, snacks and all the fixing’s for a Bloody Mary Buffett and Mimosa Bar set up.  We had a party going at our campsite.  Paul, Chris, Steve, Anne, Suzy, Sandy and Rich were all over.  Others stopped also stopped by.
It’s a beautiful day and Chris and Paul were ready for a boat ride.  Since we had more than there boat could handle, Ron let Paul use his boat, so Paul, Chris, Sandy, Rich, Kyle, Felicia, John and I headed to Blarneys Island.  We all had some cocktails and Paul and Chris did some dancing and Felicia sang a song with the band.  On our way back the sun was setting, so we stayed out to watch it set.
When we got back, we headed to Sandy and Rich’s deck.  Biker Tom stopped by and we all had more cocktails.  Jim Duffy had had leftover pizza and had dropped it off on his way home, so we had a smorgasbord of pizza, poppers and other stuff.  Another beautiful day.
1   Today is the big Pig Roast Party.  The pig arrived early and started getting ready for later.  I am in charge of the minute to win it games and Steve, Chris and others helped me get all the stuff organized and ready.  John and I have a bunch of family and friends coming today.  Jim, Diane, Mark, Dennis, Sharon, Gary, Bandit, Kyle, Felicia, Bill, Diane, Sara, Friend, John, Elaine, Karen, Steve, Sandy and Paul.
The festivities got started around noon with a golf cart parade through the park.  There was a bouncy room, cotton candy, snow cones and dunk tank for the kids.  We got the minute to win it games started with the adults.  Things went pretty smooth and the teams did pretty good.  The kids were ready for their turn at the games and that was much more disorganized.
Everyone had a good time and we had prizes for all the kids that participated.  The pig is ready and of course there is lots of food.  After eating, Dennis, Sara and her friend headed down to the pond for some swimming.  There were lots of people at the pond.  John got involved in bags and I commandeered the taxi golf cart from the Grand Poobah, Ray.  I took people from our group on golf cart rides around the park and down to the point.  There was a DJ setting up and I talked to him about playing a couple songs on my harmonica.  I did Sweet Home Chicago and Roadhouse Blues.  So far the day was perfect.
However, the sky is looking ominous.  People are starting to hit the road for home.  The sky opened up and the rain came down.  Luckily the DJ packed up and headed to set up in the bar.  We had Jim, Diane, Mark, Dennis, Kyle and Felicia in the cow.  We all did a few shots and Ron stopped by to tell us the DJ was in the bar.  When the rain stopped, Jim and Diane headed home and the rest of us headed to the bar and it turned out to be a great night.  We were all out late and didn’t get to bed until around 3am.