John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

November 2013 Journal

This morning is sunny, warm and less windy.  We took a walk around the lake and then John was on his salsa mission.  Joy is moving across from us and we helped her move some stuff.  We did some reading and then regrouped and got ready to go out.  We picked up Linda and headed to Boondocks to meet Richard and see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band.  Linda reserved a table so it was great seats.  I joined Howard’s turquoise hat club by purchasing a hat for 100.00.  All the proceeds go to the charity, Care Kamp which sends kids with cancer to camp.  As always, we had a great time.
29   Today we had a nice easy day.  We took a walk around the lake and John continued on to the burned out bridge.  We did some reading and then John, Craig and Larry headed to the bridge for fishing.  It’s still pretty windy and it will probably be dark by the time they get back, so I decided to stay and read some more and work on my journal.  We had a nice steak dinner and took a time-out in the evening.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  A cold front came through last night and our morning temperature is a cold 59 degrees.  I had to get out my shoes and socks.  We relaxed inside for a while and John had to pull and reset his bait traps from yesterday.  We are heading to the clubhouse for drinks, appetizers and turkey potluck dinner at 2pm.  We had around 50 people and lots and lots of great food.  We had the football games on and after the second game we headed back to the cow.  Craig and Debi had a fire going and Maddie was there too.  So we stopped for a little while.  
 27   Last night we had some mean storms move through.  Thunder, lightning, wind and rain most of the night.  Now there is a cold front.  Today is only going to be 71 with a low tonight of 62 degrees.  It will be the first time in over 230 days that it dropped below 70 degrees.  Today I am making fish dip and pudding shots for tomorrows Thanksgiving feast here at Lazy Lakes.  In the afternoon we did some reading and had a great grilled shrimp dinner.  Off to the clubhouse for a few games of jokers.

We had our morning walk around the lake and visited along the way. Now we headed into Big Pine for supplies to make our Thanksgiving potluck dishes.  After regrouping, we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  As always we had a good group from Lazy Lakes and friends from the lower keys.  Chicago Sandy was on stage and jamming.  We had a lot of great musicians and some didn’t even get the chance to perform.  For a while, we were surrounded by lightning and then some rain came in.
We have some videos I’ll be loading, check back soon.
25   We took a walk around the lake and stopped at the clubhouse for donuts and coffee.  Its donut day and Frisbee got the donuts.  When we got back, John washed and waxed Big Red.  I finally got all caught up on my journal, pictures and website.  We have storms coming in later so no horseshoes today.  We drove over to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  It was pouring rain and the wind was blowing under the tiki hut at bingo, but we were all dry.  We didn’t win, but we had a good time.

We are taking a time-out today and watching football.

Since we got home early this morning, we slept in and had a lazy day.  We headed over to Mike and Liz’s house for a party jam night.  We had Mike on keyboards and vocals, Terri on keyboard, guitar and vocals, George on steel drums, and Chicago Sandy on harmonica.  Our audience was Liz, Darlene, Craig, Debi, Kate, Charlie, Karen and John.  We set up all our equipment and just had fun practicing different songs.  We had lots of food and cocktails to munch on and party with.
22   We took our morning walk and visited with people.  John and Larry decided to head to the bridge for some fishing and I made eggnog pudding shots and fish dip for tomorrow party.  John and Larry caught their limit of 5 each.
We regrouped and headed down to Key West.  We stopped at Turtle Krawls for a couple cocktails and watched the sunset.  We got to Schooner Wharf and got a table up front for our group.  Jerry, Char, Richard and Chuck met us there.
Biscuit Miller and the Mix are playing at 7pm.  We saw them the other night at Mangrove Mamas.  Chicago Sandy played with them at Mangroves and is hoping to get asked tonight.  Biscuit invited Chicago Sandy up and I got to play 3 songs with them.  It was an honor to be invited up and to play at Schooner Wharf Bar.
We all decided to continue around the wharf and down to Duval.  We made a stop at Ricks, then 801 and ended up at McConnell’s Irish Pub.  We walked back to Big Red around 2am. 
21   We had a domestic day.  John took a 6 mile walk to burned out bridge.  Tonight is movie night and the feature movie is “Pacific Rim”.

20   John and Larry were heading to the bridge for fishing around 730am.  I stayed back and worked on photos, my journal, website, practiced harmonica and did some reading.
Debi, Maddie, Gary, John and I walked over to Mangrove Mamas around 5pm for happy hour, music by Brad Shudduck and pizza sampling.  We couldn’t stay too long and ended up being a little late for jokers, but we still played.  We had Maddie, Donna, Marty, Chuck, Jerry, Char, Larry, John and I.

19   We took our morning walk around the lake and visited with people along the way.  After a few little projects, we headed to the pool.  We had an early yellowtail fish dinner from our catch from yesterday.  Now we regrouped and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  There were 10 of us from Lazy Lakes.  Another harp player, Ken was there early and set up.  When it was time to do the first songs he wasn’t around, so Chicago Sandy stepped up.  Ken played some songs and Chicago Sandy was on stage for a few.  Karen a new singer was in the house, and Chicago Sandy really liked jamming with her.
18   This morning we set our alarm because we need to be up and out by 730am.  Dellas invited us out fishing on his boat at 8am.  We headed down to Hurricane Hole where his boat is moored.  It’s a beautiful morning and the wind is down with a few small clouds.  We headed to the reef about 5 miles out.  We caught a couple really large yellowtail snappers and a few smaller ones.  I got a nice size black grouper, but it still wasn’t big enough to keep.  We did have quite a few Bonita’s we hooked.  These do give a great fight.  We had a really nice fishing day.  Thanks Dellas.
17   We headed to Big Pine Key to give blood this afternoon.  Since we were there, we picked up a few groceries and then headed home to have a football afternoon.  We took a walk around the park and more people are arriving.  We saw Mike and Joan and then Gary and Maddie.  Tonight is the full moon, so we watched the sunset at the clubhouse and then walked out to the point to watch the full moon rise over the mangroves.
16   Today we are hanging around and doing miscellaneous stuff.  We headed to the clubhouse around 330pm for jokers.  Marty, Donna, Chuck, Char, John and I played a few games.  Chuck was getting started on Facebook, so John and I hung around and gave Chuck a few lessons. 

It’s not quite as windy this morning and a little overcast.  We took our coffees and walked around the lake.  We stopped to visit a bit with Jerry and Char.  Today we are taking a time out and just hanging out.  I am working on my photos and journal.  John is making a new batch of salsa and doing some reading.
We were going to walk over to Mangrove Mamas at 530pm but rain came in, so we drove over.  We met Jerry, Char, Chuck, Ray and Carol there.  Luckily they got a table with a roof over us.  Tonight Biscuit and the mix are playing.  They are a great blues band out of Chicago.  We all had drinks and dinner and even though it was raining, the music played.
On their break, I mentioned we were from Chicago and that I played harmonica.  Biscuit, said “Go get your harps”.  I just happened to have them in the truck, so off I went.  I joined the band for Sweet Home Chicago and Hoochie Coochie Man.  I had a great time and was really able to wail with them.  Thanks again guys!! 

14   We headed into Key West today to get supplies so Chuck and John can build a cabinet for our new microwave.  We made a couple more stops and also got groceries.  After dinner, we headed up to the clubhouse for movie night.  Tonight’s feature is “Girl most likely”.  The electricity is turned off at the clubhouse because of the wind.  It’s blowing the electric lines together and sparking.  Sparks are not good around roof thatch.  We still had the movie with electrical from extension cords.

13   It’s very, very windy today.  Even so, John and Larry want to try fishing.  They have lots of bait and the tides are right this afternoon.  We headed to the bridge and yes, it was very windy.  John did catch one nice jack fish and both Larry and I had some big hits, but didn’t bridge them.  When we got back the parks water was off due to some workers that broke a line.  So no shower for us.
We headed to the clubhouse for our first joker game of the season.  Donna and Marty came over, Steve, Sue, Jerry, Char, Larry, Chuck, John and I played.  It’s still really windy and during our game, we thought we saw lightning, but it turned out to be sparks from the power lines toughing each other due to the windy conditions.  It only happened a couple times, but we have to watch it to be sure nothing catches on fire.

I had some TCI stuff to do and John was working on projects outside.  John needed a walkabout, so he headed to the burned out bridge.  Tonight we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  We had a good group, Steve, Sue, Craig, Debi, Sally, Fred, Judy, John and I.  Chicago Sandy was there and jammed on some songs.
11   We took our coffees and had a nice walk around lake.  I still have one client that I occasionally help out with the airline report, so I did my TCI stuff.  John did research on finding a microwave that will fit in our space over the stove.  I am so far behind on my journal, photos and website, so I took some time and cleaned up our photos so I could burn cd’s for Patti and Jeff, Jim and Diane, and Linda.  Now we need a break, so we headed to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  Both John and I won so that was fun.

10   Since we have lots of fresh fish from yesterdays bridge fishing, we made grilled fish for breakfast.  Jim and Diane have to head home today.  It was great having them visit.  We dropped them off at the airport and said our see you laters.  Now we are on a mission to shop for a new microwave.  Also we need to figure out how to build a shelf above the stove.  We finally found one we liked and think it will work out well.  Now we stopped for a few groceries and then headed home. 

9   This morning Jim and John headed to the bridge for fishing.  Diane and I headed to the pool for some rays and relaxing.  Joy joined us at the pool.  Soon the boys were back and they came to the pool as well.  Larry came by and corrupted all of us with his homemade kahula and all the fixings for white russians.  We were low on ice so Joy went to the office and got ice cream sandwiches which we put in our white russians.  This made it very tasty.  We will have to remember it.  So we all relaxed by the pool and had cocktails.  Now it’s time for dinner.  We regrouped and Joy, Jim, Diane, John and I headed to Mangrove Mamas for dinner and of course, more cocktails.
8   This morning Jim, Diane, John and I headed down to Key West and to the Eco-Discovery Center.  Our neighbor, Craig, invited us again to watch the Powerboat races rooftop at the Eco Center where he works.  Every year he organizes a nice cookout for one of the race days.  Our friends Suzy and Huddy from Antioch are visiting Key West and stopped by for the party.  They stayed for a while and then had to leave.
A few of us took a walk around the staging area for the powerboats.  When the races were over, we had a group of us head to Duval.  Our first stop was Smokin Tuna.  After a couple drinks, we went to Irish Kevin’s and ended up at The Bull.  Sallie was playing and we got some great seats right at the front overlooking Duval.  The Powerboats are setting up on Duval tonight.
7   Jim, Diane, John and I headed up to Big Pine to the Blue Hole.  We did the short hike and saw a couple of gators in the Blue Hole.  We also saw some iguanas, osprey and other birds.  What was very cool is a snake had caught a frog and was swallowing it.  The cool part was that is was inside the display case with info on the Blue Hole.
Now we headed for some Key deer camera hunting.  At first, we didn’t see any deer, but we found a couple of friendly peacocks.  On our way to No Name Pub for pizza, we saw a couple deer.  We headed home and got back for movie night.  Tonight’s feature is “Frozen Ground”.

6   Diane and I headed to the KOA to do laundry and John and Jim went fishing.  When they got back we all headed to the pool for some rays and relaxation.  We had an early evening and took a time-out.

5   It’s a windy morning, but Jim and John still headed out for bridge fishing.  Diane and I caught up on emails and relaxed at our site.  When the boys got back, we grilled up steaks for lunch.  John and Jim were antsy and decided to do a walkabout to the burned out bridge.  Later, we all headed to Looe Key Tiki bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  Chicago Sandy didn’t really get to play much because the music wasn’t quite right.

4   We all needed groceries, so we headed to Big Pine for shopping.  When we got back, Jim and John went to run bait traps for fishing tomorrow.  We had cocktails in our yard and took a time-out in the evening.

3   Today our friends Patti and Jeff have to head home.  We had a great time with them and glad they were able to come down to the keys.  We dropped them off at the airport and then headed over to pick up Jim and Diane.
They were by the pool with some friends, Sue, Jean and Rick.  We all decided to head to Duval for a while.  We walked by the big Banyan Tree and stopped at Hogsbreath.  Rob Mehl was playing.  We have seen Rob a few times.  The last one was in Phoenix last winter.  Todd and Debra stopped by for a little while.  Then we walked on and stopped at Peppers for a tasting and coupons.
On to Schooner Wharf for lunch and some music with Michael Mccloud.  We saw some Phoenix friends, Pete and Kathy there.  We headed on to Turtle Krawls for happy hour.  We made a stop at Ricks for a bit to see Yo Adrian, and then headed home.  We got Jim and Diane set up in Todd and Debra’s motorhome where they are staying at Lazy Lakes. 

2   Today is the Beach Bash day at the Casa for MOTM.  We picked up Linda and headed down early.  We got our chairs set up on the beach near the main stage.  The Coral Reefers, Mac McAnally, Peter Mayer and more musicians will be performing all day.
Linda was invited to Joe’s house so I walked over with her.  After taking a tour of the house Joe took us through his backyard to a courtyard area, where there was a house party going on.  CW Colt was hosting it with Amy Lee and Jenkins Lee was performing.  Next was Freebo and then CW Colt came up.  It was a small gathering and very cool to be there.
We had to get back to the Casa because Mac McAnally was going to be performing.  We have met him a few times and he’s such a nice guy.  Even though Linda, John and I saw Mac a couple weeks ago at Hogfish in a really small setting, we enjoyed being at the Casa and hearing his music.  Again we took a walk out to the pier to enjoy another beautiful sunset.
Now a few other musicians came up and the music was a little heavy metal, so we headed out.  Jim and Diane headed to Duval and Patti, Jeff, Linda, John and I headed home.  We had a couple nightcaps on our verandah when we got back.  Tonight is Patti and Jeff’s last night here.  
 1   We were on the road and heading to Key West by 930am this morning.  It’s the MOTM street fest and it’s always crowded.  We set our chairs up about 20 feet from the stage in a nice shady area.  Our group today is Linda, Patti, Jeff, Jim, Diane, John and I.
The Boat Drunks were doing their sound check when we arrived.  We were set up right under the window were Margaritaville throws the beads.  The Boat Drunks started at 1pm and they ended up bringing quite a few trop-rockers up at different times.  I slipped out and went up to the window.  This is the third year I’ve done this and I now the secret code.  I took some pics of the stage and our group and slung a few beads to the crowd.  I couldn’t stay long, I had to get back to the party.  The beach balls were flying and the moko jumbies were out making balloon hats.  One showed me how to make it, so I made my own fin hat.
When the Southern Drawl Band came on we decided to go for lunch.  Linda stayed by our chairs and listened to the band and partied.  We went to Jack Flats and met some of Jim and Diane’s friends from the Milwaukee Parrothead Club (MAPA).  After lunch, we got back and packed up our chairs.  John got them back in the truck and we met him rooftop at LaConcha.  Alfonse was playing guitar and we had quite a group to enjoy the beautiful sunset.  After sunset, Patti, Jeff, Linda, John and I headed back to Lazy Lakes.  We will be back again early tomorrow.  Jim and Diane are staying in Key West so they headed to meet the MAPA friends.