John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

December 2013 Journal

Happy New Years Eve!!  John and I took a walk to the fishing bridge to see how Larry was doing fishing today.  We got back and did a few projects and then I headed to Big Pine for some snacks for tonight and John headed to the burned out bridge for a walkabout.  We regrouped and walked to the KOA around 5pm.  We got three tables and party favors.  KOA is having a New Years Eve party with the band, Phoenix.  We ended up having a bunch of us from Lazy Lakes.  We had a great time, with great friends, great music and lots of fun.  Dick and Curtis (the Blues Brothers) showed up.  After ringing in 2014 John and I walked home.
30   John was up and out before sunrise to meet Larry at the bridge.  Once again, in the rain.  I headed to the clubhouse for donuts and coffee and then had a good harmonica practice session.  We walked over to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  As always we had a big group from Lazy Lakes.  John and I didn’t win but we had a good time.

This morning is warm but overcast with rain on the way.  We headed to the grocery store.  John wanted to go fishing so Ted and John headed to the bridge in the rain.  I decided to get laundry done and watch football.  When John got back we watched the Packers/Bears game and relaxed.

We have an overcast morning.  Larry stopped by and John and Larry went out to get chum and check and rerun the bait traps.  We did some projects and relaxed today.  We walked over to the KOA around 5pm to get a table for Howard Livingston and the MM24 band tonight.  As always we had a good group and a great time.
27   We took our walk around the lake and stopped along the way to visit with friends.  We headed to Key West around 1pm and made a few stops before going to El Siboney Cuban Restaurant for lunch.  We met Ted and Janice at Kelly’s for happy hour and then went to Ricks to see Yo Adrian.  Ted, Janice, John and I met up with George, Darlene and their family at Ricks.  Ted and Janice stayed for awhile and then they moved on.  We stayed until Adrian finished and then moseyed on back to Big Red.  We got back around 930pm and Craig and Debi had a fire so we hung out there for a while.

This morning around 7am we woke to 3 fire trucks coming down our little street.  About 6 sites down a fifth wheel was on fire.  We walked down to check it out.  There was smoke and flames.  Luckily, no one was hurt, the people were out of town and had left their Christmas lights on inside and that’s what started the fire.  Also, it’s good someone saw it right away otherwise the propane tanks could have exploded.  Anyway, the firemen got it under control and put out.
John headed to the bridge with Larry for fishing and I stayed and practiced harmonica and did some reading.  After a nice fish dinner, we headed to the clubhouse for tonight’s movie.  The feature is “Were the Millers”.  A comedy about a made up family smuggling pot from Mexico to the US in an RV.  It was really enjoyable and funny.

Merry Christmas!  We want to wish all our family and friends a safe, happy and Merry Christmas.  We were going to make phone calls to family and friends, but we ended up getting sidetracked early this morning.  It’s warm about 76 degrees and partly sunny this Christmas morning.  First we had our coffee and eggnog and then borrowed Craig’s golf cart.  We were delivering cookies to a bunch of people at the park.
When we got back, we were getting our mimosas and croissants ready on our verandah, Debi stopped by with tomato juice for bloody mary’s.  We are in trouble now!!  It did start to sprinkle so we went next door to Debi and Craig’s covered cabana and got Christmas music going.
Pretty soon, it’s not even 930am and there is a party going on.  Gary and Maddie came by.  A while later, Mike, Joan and Frisbee came by.  We ran out of mimosas and bloody mary stuff so we started on tropical vodka O-bombs.  We were all having a great time and the actual potluck party at the clubhouse was starting with happy hour at 2pm.  It was already 130pm and we had to regroup.
We were all well on our way, but we made it.  Joan made up a sign “Drunk Table”.  We all ended up there and I had brought my pudding shots.  We had a great dinner and as always there was just so much good food.  Afterwards Jerry broke out his private moonshine stash and then Frisbee broke out his.  We had some heavier rain move in, but that’s ok, it’s winter.  We are still in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.  We started a game of jokers and played for a couple hours.  Now it’s time to head back to the cow.
24   While John helped organize for tomorrows Christmas party at the clubhouse, I made a seven layer salad for tomorrow.  John needed a big walk so he headed to the burned out bridge and I headed to the pool for some rays, relaxing, and reading.  Now we regrouped and headed to George and Darlene’s for their Christmas Eve open house.  They had a houseful.  We had a great time.
23   We walked around the lake and stopped for Monday morning donuts.  John and Larry decided to head out fishing and I needed to make fish dip and pudding shots for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day parties.  Larry is cooking us a rib dinner tonight and we’re bringing the wine and the key lime pie for desert. 

We headed up to Big Pine for some last minute groceries we need for Christmas and Christmas Eve.  When we got home, we took a walk around lake and John headed to the burned out bridge.  I headed back and hung out and then we watch football, we had a nice steak and lobster dinner.

21   Today is the shortest day of the year and the start of winter.  We like winters like this.  Today is going to be around 83 with a low of 76.  When we got up the power was out in the whole park, so we got ready and headed to the Galley Grill for breakfast.  We went up to Big Pine to the flea market and Walgreens for a few supplies.  We wanted to get home so we could regroup and head to the bridge for fishing.  John and I met Larry their and we all ended up getting our limit of mangrove snappers.  After regrouping, Larry, Debi and Craig stopped by and we made multiple pitchers of mudslides while listening to Pandora.  When the mudslides were gone, we headed next door to Craig and Debi’s to sit around the fire and listen to more music.

After our coffee and newspaper, we took a walk around the lake and visited with friends.  After hanging out at our site, we took another walk and then John headed to the burned out bridge and I headed home to practice harmonica.  At around 5pm, we picked up Linda and Joy followed us to Liz and Duane’s house for their Griswold Christmas open house.  Their house was loaded with decorations.  Craig dressed as Clark Griswold with the lights.  Santa was their and of course we had to sit on his lap.  We couldn’t stay long; Linda had a table reserved at Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and MM 24 band.  We did get there late due to an accident on the road.  It was closed for almost an hour.  We made it and found out Howard waited a while to start due to the accident.  Santa and his sugarcane house showed up.  We had a great time.
19   John and Larry headed out early for fishing.  I needed to get laundry done so I took care of that.  Then I did some reading.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to Big Pine for some Christmas and grocery shopping.  We took a time-out this evening and stayed in and watched a movie.

Tonight we had an Italian potluck at our park.  I made chicken marsala in the crockpot to bring and then a batch of fish dip.  John did a walkabout to the burned out bridge and I needed a pool day.  So I got some ray, reading and relaxing at the pool.  We got ready and headed to the clubhouse for potluck dinner.  As always, there was tons of great food.  We got a game of jokers going and played for a few hours.

Another early morning fishing excursion for Larry and John.  I slept in and then uploaded some videos to youtube and wrapped Christmas presents.  John needed a walkabout so he headed to the burned out bridge.  I did some reading in our yard.  We regrouped and picked up Debi and Sally.  We had a group of 13 of us heading to McConnell’s Irish Pub in Key West.  Fiona Molloy was playing her Irish songs and Jerry was going to play some banjo with her.  Our group tonight is Craig, Debi, Sally, Jerry, Char, Mike, Joan, Richard, Chuck, Larry, John and I.  We had a great time, did lots of singing, had appitzers, Irish beer and I had a couple Irish coffees.
 16   I had to set the alarm so John could get up for fishing at 7am.  He met Larry at the bridge and I went to the clubhouse for Monday morning donuts at 830am.  After visiting, I headed back and had a good morning of harmonica practice.    We kidnapped Debi around 5pm to walk to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  I ended up winning one game.

Our friend TJ stopped by for a while and we got to meet his girlfriend Robin.  Today we took a time-out day and hung around the cow and watched football.

We wanted to do some Christmas shopping so we headed to the Big Pine Flea Market.  When we got back John needed a walkabout and I did some reading.  Tonight is the Christmas Lighted Boat Parade in Key West.  We headed down there around 4pm and walked along Mallory Square, visited with Dominique the Cat Man and walked along the wharf.
We stopped at the Conch Republic for dinner on the patio.  Before we knew it we were surrounded by multiple Santa’s, elf’s, people dressed as presents and anything Christmas.  We walked along the wharf to one of the piers.  We found a nice place and sat and watched the beautifully decorated boats in the parade.  After the parade we headed home.
13   John made salsa and we put up our Christmas stuff.  John took a walkabout and I had a good harmonica practice and did some reading.  Gary and Maddie invited us out for happy hour.  So they drove and we headed to Big Pine to Springer’s for drinks and appetizers.  Then we stopped at Bistro 31.  Our friend Ray West was performing and brought Chicago Sandy up for a couple harmonica songs.  We had drinks and good music with good friends.

   12   After our walk around the lake, we headed to Big Pine for groceries and some Christmas shopping.  Tonight is movie night and the feature film is “Man of Steel”.  I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it.

We took our walk around the lake and then John headed for some bridge fishing.  I stayed back and did harmonica practice and some reading.  After dinner, we walked to the clubhouse for a couple of hours of jokers.

While we took our walk around the lake, we stopped at Larry’s.  John and Larry decided to pick up and rerun their bait traps.  They are still not doing well on getting bait.  They had a few so they headed out fishing for a while.  I relaxed and did some reading and practiced harmonica.  We headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night around 5pm.  Like always we had a good group from Lazy Lakes.  We did some dancing and Chicago Sandy got up to perform a few songs.
9   Monday morning is donut day at Lazy Lakes.  We had donuts and visited with other campers.  John and Larry went to check the bait traps and rerun them.  Lately the traps have not been producing much.  Hopefully they will improve.  Later John walked to the burned out bridge for a 7 mile hike and I started a new book and practiced harmonica.  We kidnapped Debi and stopped by Larry’s for gimlets and homemade cookies.  Now we walked to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  A few people from Lazy Lakes won, but we didn’t tonight.  A group of us ended up closing the pub and then Fred and Judy gave Larry, John and I a ride home. 

We were up and heading to the bridge for fishing.  We met Larry, Jerry and TJ there.  First we checked the bait traps and there were only 3 baits, not good.  So we ended up using cut bait.  It was a slow day, but I ended up with 1 mangrove and John caught 6 mangroves.  John put up our Christmas lights and then we had a relaxing football afternoon at the cow.

   7   John checked the bait traps and reran them this morning.  We need some Christmas lights and other stuff, so we headed to Key West.  When shopping was done, we headed downtown.  We walked on Duval and up to the Whistle balcony and people watched for a while.  Then we stopped at Dirty Harry’s back bar to watch some college football with Todd and Deb.  We continued on and stopped at the Rum Barrel for music on the rooftop.
We made a couple other stops and ended up at The Bull.  We ran into TJ there so we hung out with him.  Afterthawt with Bo, Pete, Ed, and Kenny were playing.  On there break I talked to Bo and he ended up bringing Chicago Sandy on stage for a couple songs.  This was Chicago Sandy’s first time playing Duval, but hopefully not the last.  Thanks guys for the opportunity.
I have a video of Chicago Sandy on our YouTube channel.  Check it out here.
6   This morning John and Larry headed to the bridge for fishing.  I have not been practicing harmonica like I want to, so I focused on that.  Later in the afternoon we headed to the pool for some R&R (rays and relaxing) and then regrouped.
We kidnapped Debi and Larry and walked to Mangrove Mamas for dinner and drinks.  We had Lazy Lakes people coming and going, Jerry, Char, Richard, Larry, Craig, Debi, Dellas, Joy, Sally, John and I.  Ray West and friends were performing tonight.  I did bring my harps just in case and I’m glad I did.  Ray called Chicago Sandy up for a few songs.  Check out the video.  Around 930pm, Jerry, Char, John and I walked home.  It was a great night.  Thanks Ray for the opportunity.
I have a video of Chicago Sandy on our YouTube channel.  Check it out here.
 5   After our walk we continued to work on a big project.  We made a decision today to change our residency to Florida.  So we headed to get our new drivers licenses later in the afternoon.  After dinner, we had a cocktail on our verandah and enjoyed the sunset.  Tonight is movie night and the feature is “Drinking Buddies”.

Today we took our walk around the lake and then John and Larry headed out to run to pick up the bait traps.  We have some projects were working on so we did that until it was time to head to the clubhouse.  Tonight is our first potluck and its turkey soup.  We are bringing artichoke dip and crackers.  After dinner we had a joker’s game going.

This morning Larry stopped by early and wanted to go fishing.  So John and Larry left shortly after I got up.  That was fine because I have some TCI stuff to do this morning and wanted to go visit Jerry and talk about some songs for the Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band.
We headed to the pool to soak up some rays since it’s nice and sunny and around 80 degrees.  Tonight is taco Tuesday and jam night at Looe Key Tiki Bar.  We headed over around 5pm and we had a group of about 10 from Lazy Lakes.  Chicago Sandy played a few songs and we all had a great time.

2   This morning I had some TCI stuff to do and then we went to the KOA for laundry.  I did some reading and John walked to the burned out bridge.  Now we headed to Big Pine for some groceries.  We had an early dinner because we had to kidnap Debi and walked to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We did good tonight.  I won one game and John won two games.

We had a lazy laid-back day.  We took a walk around the lake and then did some reading and watched football.