John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

January 2014 Journal

Kevin is only here for a few days, so Kevin, Larry and John headed out again at 7am for fishing.  I practiced harmonica.  This afternoon we ended up having a good size party at our place.  I grilled up fish, Kevin and Chalyse brought over venison to grill and some homemade moonshine.  We had lot’s of others come by and as always, lots of food, friends and fun.
30   John, Larry and Kevin headed out for fishing at 7am.  I slept in and then practiced harmonica and did some reading.  I made a crockpot of chicken soup  and tonight we took a time-out.

We took our morning walk around the lake.  I made a crockpot full of chicken soup for the potluck tonight.  We both had domestic stuff to take care of for a while.  We got our projects done and headed to the pool to enjoy the sun.  We re-grouped and went to the potluck.  Tonight’s theme is soup and chili.  After dinner we got a jokers game going.

John and Larry were out fishing by 7am.  I headed to Big Pine for some shopping and miscellaneous stuff.  The microwave quit, so we headed to Key West to exchange it out.  Then John worked on the RV electrical.  We regrouped and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam night with Chicago Sandy.
27   Happy B’Day to me.  We went up to the clubhouse for Monday Donut day and took our walk around the lake.  We were hanging out the rest of the morning.  We headed up for horseshoes at 1pm.  Now we re-grouped and walked to Mangrove Mamas for happy hour and appetizers then on to the KOA for more happy hour and bingo.
26   Today the Green Parrot in Key West has a Sunday afternoon Jazz Jam.  We met Steve, Sue, Patty, Peggy, Richard, Ron, Steve and others up there.  Chicago Sandy got to perform a few songs.  After the jam, we stopped at Kelly’s for a couple beers with Steve, Sue, Patty and Peggy, then went to DJ’s Clam Shack for Lobster Rolls for dinner.
25   After our walk around the lake, John had the fishing itch and the tides were right so Larry and John headed to the bridge for some fishing.  Tonight we got to the KOA early around 5pm to get tables to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  It was a cool night around 60 degrees, so all the locals had sweaters and coats on.  Owner Joe bid on Howard’s Johnson and the margarita and went in with a couple others for 2k each.  Linda was up participating in making the margarita.  We didn’t stay for the entire show, there is another good band, Sean Chambers at Mangrove Mama’s.  So John and I walk over there and met up with more Lazy Lakers.  Another great evening in the Florida Keys.    
24   Today we headed to Key West Golf Course for 18 holes with Ron and Marty.  Key West GC is a beautiful course.  Lots of tropical birds, huge Iguanas, and beautiful landscape.  After golf we re-grouped and headed to Mike and Liz’s house on Summerland Key.  It’s a birthday party jam night.  We are celebrating, Liz, Sally and my birthday’s.  All within the same week.  We had lots of food, did all kinds of shots, did lots of jamming and even some singing.     
23   This morning it’s still cold, 55 degrees and windy.  John and Larry are nuts.  They headed to the bridge for fishing around 930am.  I stayed back and practiced harmonica and did some reading.  Gary and Maddi wanted us to join them for happy hour and appetizers at Sparky’s Bar on Marathon.  Since we don’t want to cross the 7 mile bridge, they drove.  Frisbee and Carmen met us up there.

22   Another cool and windy morning.  We took our walk around the lake and visited with Larry.  John and Larry were going fishing, but it’s too windy, so we headed to Big Pine for some groceries.  Wednesday night is potluck and jokers.  Winters here and it’s cold.  Everyone was bundled up it’s only about 55 degrees.  When is winter going to be over!!  Soon we hope.

We were out early and I got my test done and home by 1pm.  John did projects and I relaxed.

This morning there is no wind.  When we took our walk around the lake, the lake was a mirror.  It was beautiful with the clouds, sky, palm trees and water.  We stopped at the clubhouse to visit because today is Monday which means donut day.   We headed to the horseshoe pits at 1pm for Lazy Lakes horseshoe tournament.  John and I were partners today.  We weren’t ultimate winners, but not ultimate losers either.  Tomorrow I’m going in for my colonoscopy, so I had to do the prep the rest of the day.
19   We headed to our buddy Larry’s house this morning.   He’s making breakfast of waffles, ham, sausage and gravy.  We brought the mimosas.   Now John, Larry and Gary went on a bike ride.  I did some reading and practiced harmonica.   We headed to Ted and Janis’s to watch the playoffs.  Maddie and Gary came by and so did Gill.  It’s still cool out so for the second game we headed home and watched it there.18   This morning is cool but lower winds.  John and Larry headed to the bridge for fishing at 8am.  I hung around and practiced harmonica and did some reading.  They didn’t do well.  Chuck called and we got a couple of jokers games going in the afternoon.  Tonight we took a time-out and relaxed at the cow.

17   We took a walk around the lake and then hung around the rv.  It’s really windy and cool only a high of around 56 today.  John took a hike to the burned out bridge.  We regrouped and picked up Linda to head to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band.  It was cool this evening and the heaters were going.  We saw lots of people we knew and had cocktails and enjoyed some great music.
16   We took a walk around the lake and since it’s a cold and windy day we decided to go check out another RV park in the area where some of our friends have moved to.  We toured the property and got some information.  Now we headed to pick up some groceries.  When we got home, we dressed warm and walked to Steve and Sue’s with some wine.  Pat, Peg and Ron were also there.  We visited for a while and then headed home.

John was up and out at 630am for fishing.  I slept in and then practiced harmonica.  When John got home he checked on our electrical because the lights have been flickering.  Good thing he checked.  We needed to replace the line and connector, so off to the RV store we went.  It took some time and when we were done, we regrouped, had dinner and headed to the clubhouse for Wednesday potluck and then a few joker games.

John and Larry were up early and out bridge fishing.  We had a shelf being installed in the RV and the guy showed up early so John came home and worked with him.  I headed to do laundry.  It’s a beautiful sunny and warm day and tomorrow a cold, windy and rainy front will be coming through for almost a week, so John and I headed to the pool.  We got some rays, reading and relaxing.
Tonight is Taco Tuesday and we headed to Looe Key for jam night.  We had a crowd as always and Chicago Sandy got to jam on harmonica.  Our new neighbor Carmen drove up with Frisbee and really enjoyed herself.  She did lots and lots of dancing.  We all hope were like her when we hopefully get to be 95 years young.

13   We took our walk around the lake early to make it for Monday morning donuts.  Today the bloodmobile is also here, so John and I gave blood.  We headed back over to the clubhouse at 1pm for horseshoes.  Normally we head to KOA for happy hour and bingo after horseshoes, but I was done from giving blood and playing horseshoes, so we took a time out evening.

We took our walk around the lake and saw Richard.  He was heading to Key West and the Green Parrott for Sunday afternoon jazz.  We decided to go too and met Richard at the Parrot.  I didn’t know it was also a jam and I only had one harmonica with me.  I talked to the host Debra and the guitarist Pat.  They said no problem they would get me up for a couple songs, so Chicago Sandy got up to jam at the Green Parrott and it might have been the best yet.  I got a lot of compliments and one couple even bought me a drink.
Then Richard, John and I walked to the rooftop at LaConcha for sunset.  It was Richards first time up there.  We had a couple cocktail and enjoyed the sunset.  We walked past the Bull and Bo and Pete were playing.  We stopped for a cocktail and Bo asked if I had my harps.  I told him I had one, so Chicago Sandy was invited onstage with them.  Then the three of us headed to Firefly for a nice dinner.  We had a great day.

11   We were up and out early and headed to Big Pine to pre-register for the health fair.  We stopped at the flea market and stopped for breakfast.  It’s a beautiful afternoon and we headed to the pool for a couple hours.  Oscar invited us to the compound he stays at near the KOA for a poker game.  We had Oscar, Jerry, Wendy, Richard, Wayne, John and I.  We played a few hours and it was an enjoyable game.

After our walk, John headed to the bridge for fishing and I headed to the pool.  We had a nice dinner and then walked over to the KOA.  Capt. Josh was playing and we had a few Lazy Lakers there.

One more day of rainy, windy and cooler weather.  Hopefully tomorrow winter will be over.  We are heading down to Key West this afternoon for a little shopping, dinner, cocktails and music.  We went to Pinchers which overlooks Duval for happy hour and appetizers.  When we were walking on Duval, we saw Todd and Debra at the cigar shop so we stopped for a while and John got a cigar.
Scott Kirby was playing at Smokin Tuna so we went there for drinks and more appetizers. As we were leaving, we met Jim McMahon the 1985 Superbowl Championship Chicago Bears quarterback.  I got a picture with him and he had his Superbowl ring on. 

8   Yes, it’s still winter, but today started out at 61 and heading back up to 70 later in the day.  However it’s still really windy and rainy.  Another good day to read and just hang out.  I did make a Reuben casserole in the crockpot for the potluck dinner tonight.  We headed to the clubhouse around 530pm for lots of great food on the potluck and then got a jokers game going.

Well, winter has arrived in the Florida Keys.  It’s overcast, rainy, windy and cold.  It got down to 58 last night and the high is only 61 for today.  Today is a good day for computer projects, playing with our new phone, grocery shopping and other stuff.  No Looe Key Tiki bar tonight.  We hunkered down and had a relaxing evening.

This morning is warm and sunny around 80 degrees.  We walked around the lake and to the clubhouse for Monday morning donuts.  After visiting with friends, John and Larry went to run the bait traps.  We were back at the clubhouse at 1pm for horseshoes.  We had 12 players today and John and I both ended up with 2 ringers each.
After regrouping we had a grilled lobster dinner and were going to walk to KOA for happy hour and bingo, but it started to rain, so we drove over.  John ended up winning one game.  We’re glad we drove, because by the time it was time to head home, it was only 66 degrees with high winds and rain.

   5   The rain has stopped for now and the sun is out.  Less wind and great temps around 77 degrees.  John was itchin for fishin.  Larry wanted to watch football and I wanted to practice harmonica, so off John went.  When John got home, we watched football and had a nice dinner.

   4   Today was a laid back day.  We had torrential rain and lots of it with thunder and lighting.  Chuck got a joker game got started around 3pm.  He made his pesto and crackers and a big pot of chili.  We played until around 6pm.  We regrouped and headed to the KOA to see Haywire.  David from our park plays guitar in the band.  Normally we walk, but tonight it’s still pouring, so we drove.  We had a great time and as always there were a bunch of Lazy Lakers there.

3   John and Larry were up and out by 7am for bridge fishing.  It’s getting really windy and big storms and a front is coming in.  They were skunked this time.  We regrouped and headed to Key West to pick up Johns new glasses and ended up upgrading our phone.  We were going to go to happy hours on Duval, but it was windy, cold and rainy, so we decided to head home.  We did stop at Roostica on Stock Island for dinner and then came home and chilled out.

Today we hung around the cow and did some projects.  Then we headed to Big Pine to complete our residency change by registering our vehicles.  We did some reading and had a nice steak dinner.

Happy New Year!!!  This morning we had mimosa and bloody mary’s on our verandah with Debi, Maddie and Gary.  After a while, we headed next door to Debi and Craig’s for music, appetizers and cocktails.  Our group kept growing and we had Jerry, Char, Steve, Sue, Richard, Leigh, Carmen, Dale, Carolyn and others that just stopped by.  Craig was smoking up ribs and everyone brought a dish, so once again, we had some great food and tons of it.  After we were all done, Jerry brought over his guitar and got Richard set up on the washboard bass.  I brought over my harmonicas and we had an impromptu jam and played a few songs.