John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

February 2014 Journal

OK, this morning John and Larry were out again at 630am.  Only this morning was damp, overcast, and cool with rain moving in.  I slept in and then talked to our friends Chris and Paul who will be visiting in 2 weeks.  We were going to take a time out this afternoon and tonight, but that changed.
First Richard stopped by and told us him and Steve were heading to Schooners Wharf to see Michael McCloud at noon.  Then Gary stopped by and wanted us to go to Sparkeys in Marathon with him and Maddie at 3pm.  We ended up kidnapping Gary and Maddie and met Richard, Steve, Peggy, Peggy, Pat, Steve, Sue at Schooners.  After enjoying and afternoon with friends, food, drinks and great music and atmosphere, Gary, Maddie, John and I continued.  We made a few other stops and ended up at TGI Fridays.  Their happy hour runs until 10pm.  One of these days we’ll take a time out.
27   Once again, John and Larry were out by 630am for bridge fishing.  Since they didn’t do well yesterday, they are trying to redeem themselves today.  I actually have some TCI work to do this morning, so it works out fine.  Today was worst than yesterday.  No fish.  They are trying again tomorrow.  I did my TCI stuff and John washed more of the RV.  Tonight is movie night; the feature presentation is “Nebraska”.

John and Larry were gone by 630am heading to the bridge for fishing.  I got the crockpot going for the Mexican Potluck tonight, worked on photos and my journal.  They did not do well fishing.  Only 1 each.  This afternoon John started washing the outside of the rig and I did laundry.  We headed to the clubhouse for Mexican Potluck and jokers.

This morning we headed to Key West early.  I am checking out a knee doctor to see if there is a shot or something they can give me.  Since we are in Key West we went to check out the condo complex our friends are renting in a couple weeks.  We did some shopping and then picked up Larry at the Jeep dealer.
After regrouping at home, we headed to Looe Key for Taco Tuesday and jam night.  It’s prime snowbird season and once again the place was jammed.  We found two seats with Dora and Paul from Massachusetts.  We hung out with them and once the jam band got started slowly our group got to sit together.  Rick got to play up on guitar, Terri and I did Mary Jane’s last dance again and Moose was in the house.  Carmen was out on the floor dancing it up and we all had a great time.  Chicago Sandy got to play a lot and had a great time. 

24   We took our walk and stopped for donuts, coffee and visit with friends.  John and Larry pulled their bait traps and we hung out until it was time for horseshoes.  I did better than last week, but still not great.  John got a six-pack in horseshoes.  We got back, had dinner, regrouped, kidnapped Debi and walked to KOA for Happy Hour and Bingo.  I hit bingo on one of the last games.

After our walk, John and Larry headed out to run the bait traps.  They are totally out of bait and need to replenish for next week fishing.  Today at the clubhouse, Craig and Debi are hosting a Nascar Party for the Daytona 500.  We played some horseshoes, relaxed in the pool, had lots of food, and some ice cold beer.  Even though most of the race was rained out, we had warm sunny skies and lots of fun.  Again!! 

We took our morning walk around the lake and visited with friends along the way.  John did his walkabout to the burned out bridge and I did some reading.  We were going to have jokers and then to the KOA for Afterthawt.  But both got cancelled, so we decided to take a time-out and watch a movie we borrowed from Craig, Last Vegas.  Good movie. 

After our walk around the lake, Gary and John biked out to the burned out bridge.  I went with as far as the KOA and then came back.  I practiced harmonica and then we headed to the pool.  After dinner and regrouping, we picked up Richard and Linda and Headed to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band.  Alfonse was playing with them tonight.  It’s also martini night at Boondocks, so we had a martini and when Howard’s Johnson was going, we had some margaritas too.  Another great night in the Florida Keys.   
20   John, Larry and Jim headed to the bridge for fishing.  They were gone a long time.  They got a couple and some big jacks, but it wasn’t a great fishing day.  I headed to the pool.  Tonight is movie night and the feature is “All is Lost” with Robert Redford.  It was an interesting movie, only 1 actor, Robert Redford and about 15 words in the entire movie.
19   Today is our domestic day.  We took our walk and then we both did projects around the RV.  Tonight is spaghetti potluck and then jokers after dinner.

18   After our walk, and a few little projects, I headed to the pool and John needed a walkabout to the burned out bridge.  We headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and jam night.  The snowbirds are in town and it was jammed.  Chicago Sandy got to play one song with Terri, but that was it.  It was more a rock and roll night.  Carmen was there and she was dancing with everyone.
17   Happy 35th anniversary to us.  Thirty-five years ago I married my soul mate.
This morning we took a walk around the lake and enjoyed coffee and donuts with other campers.
We headed to Key West this afternoon and to some new places we have never been.  We started at the Butterfly Conservatory. We really enjoyed that and will go back.  There are hundreds of butterflies of all different species.  Also little quails, flamingos and turtles.
We are right down the street from the Southernmost Café so we stopped there for appetizers and happy hour rum punches.  We walked on to The Little Room Jazz Club.  No one was perfoming now, not until later tonight.  It was happy hour and we had a couple drinks and talked with the owner Fran and Andy a guy that hangs out there.  After our drinks we walked to Duffy’s for a Prime Rib dinner.  We stopped for some fudge to take home and then headed home.  We had a really nice anniversary.

16   John headed out for fishing at 630am and I slept in.  Today we are taking a time-out and just hanging out, doing some reading and tonight we watched a few episodes of the last season of the Sopranos.

15   We took our walk around the lake.  It takes longer and longer because we stop to visit along the way.  Now we are having a relaxing day doing some reading.  KOA to see Moose and the bulletproof band.  Chicago Sandy got to play a couple songs.
14   Happy Valentines Day!!  It’s a cool morning around 63 degrees.  John headed to the bridge for fishing at 630am.  I slept in, read the paper and updated my journal.  Before I knew it, John was back and he had his limit by 9am.  We headed down to Key West for Valentines Day.
We started at El Mar seafood and sushi restaurant for sushi.  Then we walked and checked out the rooftop at Galleon resort.  This will be a good place for sunset as an alternative to LaConcha.  We stopped for cocktails at Conch Republic and then to Kelly’s for happy hour.  We are hungry but we don’t want a big dinner so we went to Alonso’s Oyster bar for some appetizers and martini’s.  We are close to the Galleon so we picked up a couple cocktails and went to the roof for another beautiful Key West sunset.  We had a really nice day and we headed home.

13   This morning we have off and on downpours so no sitting outside.  However it is a little cooler so we turned off the AC and opened the windows.  Even though more rain is coming, John had to go check his bait traps and reset them.  I finally got my journal and website updated for February.  I still have a week in January that I have to finish, but that’s going to wait for another day.
We headed for groceries and then hung around our site, had a nice dinner and then went to the outdoor movie in our park.  Tonight’s feature is “Prisoners”.  It’s a cool night only 66 at movie time, so we dressed warm in sweats, socks and sweaters.  Some people also brought blankies.  We enjoyed the movie and then walked home under the stars and full moon.

I know I am so far behind on my journal.  So, after our walk around the lake, we got stuff ready for the progressive dinner tonight.  We are the first stop for appetizers.  Craig and Debi, Gary and Maddi and Ted and Janice have joined our appetizer group.  Now I am doing some work on my journal, pictures and website.  I know I’m weird, but I’m working backwards.  There is just so much going on, we can’t do it all.  We don’t know how we ever had time to work.
We had a great time doing the Progressive Dinner.  We got the appetizers set up at our place and Chuck brought over a cart so we could transport everyone’s chairs and stuff to the next station.  After appetizers, we all headed to Steve and Sue’s for soup and salad.  Next was the clubhouse for the entrée, Pork Tenderloin sponsored by Chuck.  It was perfect timing.  A big storm is moving in and the thunder, lightning, wind and rain came in just as the entrée was finishing up.
We still have desserts by Jerry and Char and after dinner drinks by Carolyn and Dale, but we had those at the clubhouse too.  Jerry had his homemade moonshine out and someone else had homemade moonshine too.  Shine got me a couple weeks ago, so I stayed away, but there were lots of partakers.  After lots of great food, friends and fun, we headed home.  The storm still going and on into the night.
11   John was out for fishing by 7am.  Not me, I slept in until 8am.  Then I made fish dip for the party tomorrow and practiced my harmonica.  When John got back, he got the back yard party ready and I headed for laundry.  After re-grouping, we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar at 430pm.
This time of year the Tiki is jam packed and it’s hard to get tables.  After a couple of table switches, we all got to sit together.  Steve, Sue, Peggy, Frisbee, Carmen, John and I.  Dave and Debbie, Paul and the other members of the Haywire band also came and were able to sit near us.  Haywire got to play a few songs.  Carmen is 95 years young and will dance and get down on the dance floor.  She was rockin and a rolling on the floor.  Of course, Chicago Sandy made an appearance and jammed with band. 
10   Monday is donut day; we took our walk around the lake and then visited with fellow campers over coffee and donuts.  John had to check his traps, so I practiced harmonica and then we headed to the pits for horseshoes.  We kidnapped Debi and Larry at 430pm to walk to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.

Today we are taking a time-out.  We had an easy morning of coffee and the Sunday paper on our verandah.  We headed to the pool in the afternoon for some rays, and relaxing.  This evening we actually watched some TV.

We took our morning walk around the lake after reading the paper and coffee outside on our verandah.  We headed to Big Pine for some groceries.  John wanted to go fishing and I wanted to go to the pool.  He wasn’t going to be back from fishing until after 5pm.
So I went with Linda on her golf cart to the KOA at 430pm to get seats for Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  As always we had a good group from Lazy Lakes there.  John got there around 6pm.  Tonight is pirate night at the KOA so there were lots of pirates, wenches and just plain swashbucklers about.  Carmen was out dancing with everyone.  A good time was had by all!!!! 
7   We had a lazy day around our site.  John decided on a walkabout in the afternoon.  Then we had steak and potatoes on the grill.  We took a time-out tonight and I did some work on our photos and website.  I am still way behind on my journal.

John and Larry fishing headed out for fishing early.  I did some domestic stuff and practiced harmonica and then I headed to the pool.  We had wine tasting hosted by Richard at 3pm at the clubhouse.  Today we are tasting Cabernet Sauvignons.  We all decided to head to Mangrove Mamas for more cocktails and listen to Roger Jokela.  Chicago Sandy happened to have a harp with her as was able to accompany on one song.

This morning we headed out for golfing at Key West Golf Course with Ted and Ron.  Its season and it took us quite a while for 18 holes.  But hey, it’s 80 degrees, sunny, light wind with palm trees, white pelicans, ducks, tropical birds and iguanas all over the course.  This is pretty good for early February.  When we got back, we had time to regroup and head to the clubhouse for potluck.  Tonight’s theme is breakfast for dinner.  I had hash brown’s and eggs cooking in the crockpot all day.  After dinner we had a few games of jokers.
4   The tides are good for morning fishing, but not too early, so John, Larry and I went out fishing around 10am.  We got our limit and John and I both got a Caravelle Jack and Larry hooked into a Tarpon.  On the way home, Larry and John had to check there bait traps.  Later, we regrouped and headed to Looe Key for Taco Tuesday and Jam night with Chicago Sandy.   Monday is donut day.  We took our walk around lake, stopped for donuts and visited with other campers.  We had 16 people for horseshoes and I had my best day for ringers.  I had 7 ringers, that’s the most I’ve ever had for 3 games.  After re-grouping we kidnapped Debi, Karen and Larry at 430pm to walk to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  I also won at bingo tonight, so it’s been a very lucky day.

Today is Superbowl Sunday.  We have a party happening at the clubhouse.  Dellis and Martin at bringing in the Skinny Velvet Blues Band to play poolside before the Superbowl and at half time.  Everyone is making a dish and Martin is cooking up ribs on the big grill.  After hanging out at the pool, Chicago Sandy got to play a few songs with Skinny Velvet.
We went home and regrouped for the big game.  I am running strip card pools for each quarter during the game, so I was selling those.  We had tons of food and even though the game was a blow-out we all enjoyed the commercials.  During half-time, Skinny Velvet took the stage again and after a few songs, invited Chicago Sandy back up for a couple more songs. 
1   This morning we were up early and heading to Big Pine for the Health Fair.  We had breakfast, did some shopping and then headed home.  Chuck got a jokers game going in the afternoon.  Tonight we headed to the KOA to see the Haywire Band.  We had girls gone wild with Carmen and did lots of dancing.