John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

March 2014 Journal

John and Larry were out early for bridge fishing.  They only got a couple.  I went to Monday morning donuts.  Gary and Maddie are leaving today and they stopped for donuts before they hit the road.  Our group is getting smaller, but we still had 4 teams for horseshoes.
After dinner, we kidnapped Debi and Larry and walked to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  Yesterday over 100 rv’s left the KOA so it’s really looking empty.  At happy hour and bingo the majority of people were Lazy Lakers.  John won one game and a few others won also.   

30   We took our morning walk and then we both did some projects.  We’ll be leaving in about a month, so we like to do our spring cleaning on the truck and RV and go through everything and get rid of stuff we don’t use.  John was ready for a walkabout so John and Larry went to the other side of the burned out bridge for a good hike.  I stayed at the RV and did some reading.  My knee is still pretty stiff from the cortisone shot I had the other day.   Tonight we took a time-out, had a nice dinner and watched some TV.

29   This morning we found that Steve Berg, a good family friend passed away yesterday.  Life is short and you never know when it will end, so enjoy every minute.  Travel On, Steve!!!
We took a walk to the fishing bridge to give my knee a workout.  It’s still pretty stiff and sore, but I’m making it work.  OK, that’s enough for today.  I did some reading and John walked to the burned out bridge.
Tonight Craig is smoking up ribs, so John and I went next door to Debi and Craig’s for a potluck get together.  Gary, Maddie, Ted, Janice and Bob were also there.  When the sun set, we walked to the back of the lake and set off a few sky lanterns.  There is a big thunder and lightning storm right on our doorstep, so after we sent them up, we all headed home and hunkered down. 

 28   Today we headed to Key West to follow up on my knee pain.  I got a shot of Cortisone which should help the pain and last for 5-6 months.  We picked up a few groceries and headed home.  I did a few projects and John worked on buffing out Big Red.
We had cocktail with friends on our verandah at 5pm.  Craig, Debi, Ted and Janice.  After a bit, we walked over to Mangrove Mamas to listen to the Brandon Santini Band.  They are a blues band from Memphis.  We met Gary and Maddie there and had a great time.  Chicago Sandy got herself up on stage for one song.

27   Today we spent around the RV working on projects.  After a nice dinner we headed to the clubhouse for the Thursday night movie.  Tonight’s feature is “Wolf of Wall Street”.  It started at 8pm after sunset.  It was a good movie and I recommend it. 

26   John and Larry were out fishing just after sunrise and I took care of laundry.  In the afternoon we relaxed at our site.  John was antsy so he did a walkabout to the burned out bridge.  We headed to the clubhouse for potluck and jokers.  The group is getting smaller and smaller.  Tonight we had about 16 of us for potluck.

25   We headed to Key West early this morning.  I’m working on getting relief for my knee pain and am getting an MRI.  We stopped for some groceries and then came home did some reading and then headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and jam night.  Even though the snowbirds are heading back North, it was still crowded but not jammed.  Chicago Sandy got to play and as always we had a great time.
24   We met our friends, Paul, Chris, Steve and Jim at our clubhouse early this morning on their way up to Miami to head home to Chicago.  They were the only ones left from the group visiting.  We had a great time with all our friends – Paul, Chris, Steve, Jim, Sandy, Suzy, Mike, Ron, Ray, Chip and Dan.  We never say goodbye, just see you later.  We had donuts at the clubhouse and visited with other campers.  After relaxing, we headed to horseshoes.  We are down to 10 people playing.  I did really lousy and only had 1 ringer.  John did good and had 5 ringers.  Even though tonight is happy hour and bingo at KOA, we decided we needed to ground ourselves and stayed home, relaxed and watched some TV.
 23   We headed to Key West to hang out at the pool with Chris, Paul, Steve and Jim.  It’s their last day in Key West so after regrouping, we headed to Duval.  Chris and Jim had some shopping to do, so Paul, Steve, John and I stopped at Willie T’s for a beer and some music.
Next stop is Irish Kevin’s.  Chris and Jim met us there.  They changed performers and “Jeff Harris” came up.  He let Chicago Sandy join him on harmonica for Sweet Home Chicago.  We had to head out and walked to Mallory Square for sunset.  We saw Dominique the Cat Man and a beautiful sunset.  Our friends headed to Duffy’s for dinner.  We decided to head home to Lazy Lakes.

18   Today we headed to the wharf area for lunch.  We stopped at Dante’s and then John and I decided to head home for a time-out.

13   John and Larry headed out for fishing early this morning.  I finished up projects before our friends got in.  Between this afternoon and tomorrow, we have 10 friends from Chicago coming to Key West to party for 10 days.  Needless to say, I will probably not be updating my journal, photos or website for about 2 weeks.
12   We are having a domestic day today.  Running down to Key West to do some shopping and to pick up our shirts for the St. Paddy’s Day Bar Stroll on Saturday.  We made it back for the sloppy joe potluck and then played some jokers.

We are having a domestic day today.  John cleaned our verandah and I headed for laundry.  Projects done, now John went on a walkabout and I went to the pool.  After regrouping, we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for the Tuesday taco jam night.  Chicago Sandy got to play with Billy Brown, Moose, the Coral Rock Jam Band and more.  Carmen was out dancing up a storm and we had lots of Lazy Lakers gone wild.
10   After donuts, John ran his bait traps.  We headed down for horseshoes and John had 5 ringers and I had 2 today.  Our friend Dale had 2 six packs in a row.  Congrats Dale!!  Now John and Larry headed to the bridge for fishing.  Since the time change, its lighter later and they can fish longer.  I kidnapped Debi and we walked to KOA for happy hour.  I stayed for bingo and we had a big crowd from Lazy Lakes.  I didn’t win tonight, but 4 from our group won.  Congrats!!

It’s a beautiful morning.  We headed to the Green Parrot for the Sunday Jazz Jam.  Larry drove with us and we had around 14 people from Lazy Lakes there.  Chicago Sandy got to jam for a few songs.  We had a nice relaxing evening.
8   It’s a cool morning, 64 degrees.  I know were wimps, but we like 70 or greater all the time.  We took our morning walk and visited with people.  After picking up some groceries, John went on a walkabout to the burned out bridge and I did some TCI stuff.
We had dinner and then regrouped and walked to the KOA.  Tonight Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band is performing.  Like always we had a big group from Lazy Lakes including owner Joe.  Tonight is pirate night and the KOA was loaded with them.  The Care Camp Margarita auction went for 10,000.00.  Owner Joe was one of the many that joined in on the auction.  We did lots of dancing and had a great time.  Linda gave us a ride home in the 57 Chevy golf cart.

 7   This morning I set the alarm for 5am.  Yes, 5am.  Joy, Linda and I headed down to Mallory Square in Key West at 530am to join the fun.  Good Morning America is down here filming and Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band is performing.  There ended up being 200-300 people that showed up.  We were fortunate to be right in front and have Ginger the weather girl swing and sway with us to Howard’s music.  We enjoyed some of the worlds largest Key Lime Pie and had a fabulous time.
When we got back, John and Larry were just getting back from early morning fishing and Larry was making breakfast.  So Larry invited John and I for a great breakfast.  Now we regrouped.  I uploaded pics from this morning and John was in the kitchen making a new batch of salsa.  We ended up taking a time-out this evening.

Make sure to check out my facebook page for more pics and videos.6   We took our walk around the lake and John and Larry decided on a couple hours of fishing.  I decided to update my photos, journal and website, and do some harmonica practice and reading.  This afternoon at 3pm is Chardonnay wine tasting.  Richard set up 6 different kinds.  We have some really mean rain, wind, thunder and lightning moving in.  We started the wine tasting just as the storms rolled in.  But hey, were drinking wine.  So then we regrouped, had dinner and headed back to the clubhouse for movie night.  Tonight’s feature is – “Dallas Buyers Club”.  We really enjoyed the movie.
5   Today John and Larry are going out canoeing in the bay behind us.  I was going to go but decided I wanted a pool day.  I headed to the pool and had a nice relaxing day reading and soaking up rays.  John and Larry made it back ok, but they did have a few misdirection’s along the way.  They were gone for a little over 4 hours.  Now its time to regroup and head to the clubhouse for seafood potluck and jokers.  We had a beautiful sunset.
4   Today is a domestic day.  We took our walk and then drove to Key West.  We dropped Larry off at the Jeep dealer so he could pick up his car.  Then we made a few stops to get stuff for the Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras party tonight at the KOA.  We picked up some groceries and headed home.  John did a walk about to the burned out bridge and I had some TCI stuff to do.
After a few cocktails on our verandah with Gary, Maddie, Joy, Sally, and Debi, we got dressed in our Mardi Gras attire and walked over to the KOA with Sally.  The place was decorated nicely and we had a big table right in front.  Haywire is playing there tonight.  We had a great time, did lots of dancing and drinking and partying with friends.  We hopped a ride home with Joy.

3   Monday and donut day.  We took our walk around the lake and had donuts while visiting with other campers.  We had horseshoes at 1pm.  I am happy to say I did better than I have been doing.  After horseshoes, we regrouped and Larry came over for shark dinner.  We grilled up the shark and had beans and rice and mac and cheese.  Tonight is happy hour and bingo at the KOA, but we decided to ground ourselves and take a time-out.

2   John and Larry were out by 7am for bridge fishing.  John caught a 3 foot Nurse Shark.  I checked on how to clean and prepare it so he kept it.  I don’t want to get behind again, so I updated our journal, website and photos.  I had some TCI work to do and did some reading and harmonica practice.  After a nice steak dinner, we headed to Looe Key tiki bar.  Moose is having a jam night tonight.  Chicago Sandy and a lot of other musicians showed up.  As always, we had a great time.
1   This morning we took our walk and stopped at Larry’s.  Larry had printed out a March tide chart and they both agreed fishing would be good around 11am.  So after our walk, John regrouped and headed for the bridge.  I stayed and did some reading and practiced harmonica.  This time John came home with his limit so I finally was able to make fish dip.
We headed out to Gary and Maddie’s at 3pm to go to Sparkey’s in Marathon (over the 7 mile bridge) for shrimp, wings and drinks.  We had a table right by the water and watched the pelicans and seagulls.  Gary was done for the night and dropped Maddie, John and I off at the KOA.  There was already a big group from Lazy Lakes there.  Carmen was there and she was ready for dancing.  Paul the lead singer in the band gave her a tambourine and she loved that.  John, Maddie and I were done early and walked back around 9pm.