John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

April 2014 Journal

19   We took our morning walk and got back just in time before the rain came in.  I’m going to use this rain time to do a little catch up on my journal and website.  The rain doesn’t last long, so we headed to the pool for some rays and reading.  After regrouping, we walked over to the KOA to see the Keys Phoenix band.  We had a smaller group because the snowbirds are heading north.  Linda, Ted, Janice, Craig, Debi, Ray, Carol, Sally, John and I were there from Lazy Lakes.  We did some dancing, enjoyed cocktails and Chicago Sandy got to play Sweet Home Chicago with the band.
18   After a few morning projects, I headed to the pool and hung out with Joy, Debi, Robin and others.  John needed his walkabout so off to the burned out bridge he went.  After a nice fish dinner from the fish John and Marty caught the other day on the boat, John and I walked to Mangrove Mamas for cocktails with Richard and Steve to see the Hwy 61 Blues Band.  Chicago Sandy got to play harmonica to “Sweet Home Chicago” with the band.  Dane the owner of Mangroves was up playing harp too.  Then Charlie stopped by and did a song on harp as well.  Thanks Bob, Mike, Pat and Dylan of Hwy 61 for the opportunity to play.    
17   This morning we did some research for our summer travel itinerary.  We are getting closer to what were doing, but were gypsies, we can change our mind anytime.  That was a lot of work, so we both headed to the pool for some reading, relaxing, sun and shade.  After dinner we headed to the clubhouse for movie night under the stars.  Tonight’s feature is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  We really enjoyed the movie and it made us want to do more traveling.

16   This morning we headed over to Donna and Marty’s.  John and Marty went out on Marty’s boat fishing and Donna and I worked on doing some computer cleanup on there computers.  The boys were still fishing when we finished up, so Donna and I decided to go to lunch at the Wharf.  We both had the BLT (Bacon, Lobster and Tomato) sandwich.  They boys were back when we got back so we met them at the fish cleaning station.  They caught some mangrove snappers, yellowtails and mackerel.  They also had jacks on the line, but the sharks got them as they pulled them in.  We saw our buddy Steve’s place at Venture Out.  Marty keeps his boat at Steve’s dock.  We had to get home to regroup and go to the clubhouse for potluck and jokers.  We have fewer and fewer people, but still have so much great food.  For jokers we had only 6, Carolyn, Dale, Marty, Donna, John and I.
15   We did some projects around the cow, took our walk and did some reading.  Since were stressed, we headed to the pool.  We hung out there for a few hours and then had to regroup and head to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  We have a smaller group, Richard, Steve, Craig, Debi, Ted, Janice, John and I.  As always, we had a great time.  Chicago Sandy got to jam on the harp a lot.
14   This morning we headed to Big Pine early.  We picked up some groceries and then stopped to give blood.  I wasn’t up for horseshoes after giving blood, but John was, so he headed to the pits.  This was probably the last week for horseshoes.  Most of our players have left for the season.  We regrouped and walked to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  John and I both ended up winning one game each which was nice. 

13   We did a few projects this morning and then headed to the pool.  We relaxed in the pool, did some reading and hung out.  When we got home we regrouped and headed next door to Craig and Debi’s.  Craig smoked a sirloin roast today and we brought snack stuff.  Ted, Janice, Joy and a few others showed up.  Thanks Craig and Debi for a great meal.

12   John and Larry headed out for fishing.  I did some projects and then some harmonica practice.  We did some reading in the afternoon and then walked up to Mangrove Mamas for dinner with the Lazy Lakes group and to see Big Daddy Cade Blues Band.  We had about 16 of us from Lazy Lakes.  Chicago Sandy got to play with Big Daddy on a couple songs.
 11   Today we both worked on projects and then did some reading.  We picked up Linda at 6pm to head to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  Linda reserves a table which works out great.  We were right up front.  Joy came by and we all had a great time.  We got coconut rum for Howie and we had to get it for all of us too.  Another rough day in the Florida Keys!!
10   John was out early with Larry for fishing.  Chicago Sandy did some harmonica practice.  Larry invited us over for sirloin roast dinner and all the fixing’s.  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and vegetables.  We brought desert, but ended up leaving some for Larry and taking some home for us because we were all too stuffed to eat it now.  We were going to go to movie night, but ended up grounding ourselves.

9   Today is domestic day and travel research day.  Later we headed to the clubhouse for cocktails, potluck and jokers.

8   Today John and I did lots of work around cow.  Twice a year we go through the entire rig and truck inside and out.  Clean and get rid of stuff we haven’t used.  We did a few hours and then John headed out for a walkabout and Chicago Sandy had a good harmonica practice session.  We headed to Looe Key Tiki for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  Chicago Sandy got to play a few songs, but we didn’t stay for the entire time.  Rain and wind came in and we decided to head home early.
 7   We took our morning walk and stopped for our last Monday Morning Donut Day.  Since we have fewer and fewer campers today is the last day for donuts.  We did have horseshoes and we are going to try again next week.  We regrouped and tonight we drove to KOA for happy hour.  Normally we walk and stay for bingo, but Larry wanted to check out Springer’s Bar on Big Pine.  They have a Bluegrass jam circle on Mondays.  John and Larry got burgers and listened to the jammers.  Even though Chicago Sandy prefers the blues, I joined in on the Bluegrass circle.  It’s good to play with other people and different genres.  Our friend Jerry from Lazy Lakes plays the banjo and this would be great fun for him.  He will have to make it next season. 
6   After our morning walk, we regrouped and picked up Larry.  We headed to the Green Parrot in Key West for the Sunday Jazz Jam.  We met Steve and Richard up there and had a great time.  Chicago Sandy got to jam with Debra, Sugarloaf Debra and Captain Blue.  We stopped for chicken on the way home and took a time-out evening.
 5   Today John and Larry headed to the bridge for fishing and I practiced harmonica and headed to the pool for some rays and relaxation.  Craig and Debi invited us for smoked chicken for dinner and then we kidnapped Joy and walked to the KOA to have another fun pirate night with Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band.
4   After our walk, John and Larry went to pick up the bait traps.  Now John and I are doing some projects.  We walked over to Mangrove Mamas for the Robert “Top” Thomas Blues Band.  We met Ted, Janice, Steve and Richard there.  We relaxed with cocktails and listened to some good blues and harmonica.

My knee is feeling much better and so far the cortisone shot is really helping with the pain.  We headed out and met Ted and Dellis at Key West Golf Course for 18 holes.  This course is so pretty, even if you don’t golf well, you still have a good time.  Janice met us there after golf and we had a cocktail in the bar.  It’s almost happy hour time at Kelly’s in Key West.  So we moved and all met up over there for cocktails and appetizers.  Now we headed home.

This morning John and Larry were out fishing around 8am.  They only caught one.  I got caught up on some projects and did a little on my journal, photos and website.  I am still a couple weeks behind, but I’ll get all caught up soon.  We headed to the clubhouse for potluck and jokers.

We are having domestic day today.  We finished our projects and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  We met Ted, Janice, Craig and Debi at Looe Key Tiki for Tuesday Taco and Jam Night.  There were lots of Musicians and Chicago Sandy got to play some blues.  There were 3 harp players, Chicago Sandy, Mike and Sloppy.  We did some dancing and had a great time.