John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

May 2014 Journal

This morning we were up early and on the road by 7am.  Magic was not a happy cat.  We have a harness and leash and she figured out how to get out of it, a Houdini cat.  We traveled about 240 miles today and got to Queretaro.  We were worried about the cartels, getting stopped at checkpoints, and the roads, but so far we have had none of that.  However, we are finding out its not easy traveling with little Miss Magic.  We didn’t have a hotel in Queretaro and in our research none we checked allowed pets.  We stopped at the Staybridge Suites and lucked out; they had no problem with pets.  So we got checked in, got Magic comfortable and headed into town.
It’s Saturday so there should be lots of stuff going on.  We had a map from the front desk and thought no problem.  OK, we are starting on our own Amazing Race.  We got off and made a wrong turn.  We thought, no problem, we’ll just take the side streets with our map to the town center, right.  We ended up on these tiny one way roads with Big Red.  Mexican streets aren’t built for Big Red.  Now we turned and it was a dead end with nowhere to turn around.  John back down the narrow road with parked cars and then we got to turn around.  We didn’t have a clue where we where so we asked for directions.  Ok, I know Spanish for easy questions, but not more detailed stuff.  I asked a gentleman on the street for directions.  He did not know any English.  Pretty soon another man came and the three of us were trying to communicate in languages we don’t know where we where and how to get to where we wanted to go.  It would have been a scene right out of Amazing Race.  So we made it down some roads and finally we found a road name we knew.
We found a cross street and parked.  Whew!  Everything is good.  So we walked past beautiful cathedrals, vendors and performers in the parks.  There was this little shop making stuffed tortillas by hand and then deep fried and sliced open with meat, cheese and other stuff in it.  John had to have a couple.  While he enjoyed his tortillas, I found some yummy gelato.  We walked through the vendors and stopped back near Big Red for a couple cervaza and toasted bread with cheese and tomatoes.  We made sure to know exactly where we parked and how to get back to Red.  We got back to the room and found one English station and I worked on my journal and pictures.

30   Today is the start of our Mexican Adventure.  We got up at 5am and were on the road by 6am.  We are leaving our RV in Mission Tx and John, Magic and I are driving in Big Red.  We are so glad we got all our documents for the truck, our visas and Magic’s papers done ahead of time.  We zipped on through the border crossing on Bryan Road and took 40D (toll roads are marked with a D).  We put our phone in airplane mode because it’s no good down here without wifi.  We knew we couldn’t use our mapping function, but we found out the maps still worked and we could see where we were and the roads ahead.  So this was a big help.
We made it about 350 miles today and got into Matehuala around 1pm.  We got checked into a king room with wifi (didn’t work great, but we still had it), cable tv (all stations in Spanish).  Our place is also a trailer park, but it has 100 rooms, pool, restaurant and bar.  We took a time-out to regroup and get Magic comfortable with her new home for tonight.  John researched the city map and I started in on my journal and updated our expenses.  I will have to get a new procedure down since everything is in pesos.  That’s ok, I have a couple months to do it.
Now we are heading into town to explore it.  We parked by the city center and walked through.  There was lots of people and near the big Cathedral were all sorts of vendors set up.  John found a vendor that had hot sausages for 1 peso which is less than a penny, about .08 cents US.  We headed back to our hotel and had a couple cervezes in the room, and then walked around to check out the pool, restaurant, bar and the hotel grounds.  We only have wifi in the hotel lobby, so we did some research for tomorrow out by the pool.  We had drinks, chips and salsa and a nice dinner.  We headed back to our room and got organized to hit the road early tomorrow.
20   Today we took a day off and had a domestic day.  I also did some catch-up on our photos and videos.  Later we took a walk around the park across the street.  

8   This morning we had some projects to do so we headed into the town of Tunica to check on a mechanic to fix the truck electrical and a hose for the RV.  Now we took a drive and headed to some of the other casinos in the area.  We stopped at the visitor’s center first to get info on the area and Memphis.  We are on Hwy 61 which is considered the Blues Highway in Mississippi.  Our first casino stop is Roadhouse which I like a lot.  They have my nickel blazing 7 slots.  Then to Horseshoe, Gold Strike, Fitzgerald’s and back to Resorts.  We were hungry so we went to Hollywood’s buffet. 

7   We were up and on the road by 8pm this morning.  We are heading to Sam’s Town Casino and RV Park in Tunica MS.  After getting set up and regrouping, we took a walk to Sam’s Town Casino and then across the street to Resorts Casino.  We like Resorts better because they have nickel video poker.  We got back early and had a relaxing evening.

6   After yesterday’s travels we decided to stay 2 nights here.   We did head to Walmart for an oil change and shopping.   With our projects done now we took a drive to Silver Star Casino.   We found some video poker machines at the bar and hung out there and talked to Josh the bartender and the floor bartenders.   We didn’t win but we didn’t lose badly either and we had a good time.   We got home and took a time out.

5   We got on the road early and not sure of our destination for tonight.  It’s all highway and we are making great time. First we decided on Meridian MS.  Now it’s Philadelphia MS.  We had a long day and got in at 7pm to Frog Level RV Park.   With the time change we traveled 13 hours.   After we got set up we had a quick dinner then we were ready for bed.

4   “On the Road Again”.  We wanted to get an early start, but we had a little problem with our trailer lights.  Craig and John took a look at it and found a way around it.  We will have to get the electrical looked at but were good to go.  We still were on the road by 1230pm.  See you later Lazy Lakes.  We made it to Kissimmee and spent the night at Ponderosa RV.  After getting set up we had dinner and relaxed.

Today is Keystock at the Truman Annex in Key West with Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band and then the Doobie Brothers will be performing.  Even though the concert doesn’t start until 6pm, we picked up Sally and left Lazy Lakes at 1030am.
We had to stop at Publix to pick up food platters and more supplies for the Doobie Brothers band. When we got to the event, there were tons of Lazy Lakers that were volunteers for all different areas of the event.  Set up was in full swing.  We helped Ted and Janice a little and then we helped out setting up the VIP food tables, preparing grapes for the VIP tables, bringing all the VIP supplies to our table and to Fred and Judy table.
We got all set up and Howard Livingston and the Mile marker 24 Band was just starting.  Evening is going great.   The weather is perfect and the VIP tables are the perfect location to see the stage.   After Howard Livingston the Doobie Brothers took the stage.  The event was packed.  After the concert we cleaned up our table and went to help Fred and Judy’s with their table.
We found Sally and we all took a break and relaxed and watched how the tear down was working.   Sally, John and I headed home and got back around 1230am.  It was a lot of work, but we had a fantastic time and loved being a part of the production.

2   We did more packing up and organizing for when we hit the road.  We still have more shopping to do for the Doobie Brothers at Keystock tomorrow.  John and I he headed to Key West and made the rounds.  Ted and Janice are already set up at the Truman annex with their motorhome and that’s where all the supplies are going to be kept.  So we headed there and checked out the setup for tomorrow’s event.  It’s pretty cool seeing everything coming together, from the stage, to the VIP tents where we will be, to the event seating.  We have more shopping tomorrow morning and lots to do at the event.  So we headed home and took a time-out.

1   We headed to the pool today and Joy was there.  Pretty soon Debbie came over.  We decided we needed a cocktail and all of a sudden an impromptu pool party started.  We all went home to get a cooler with refreshments.  Debbie came back with enough for a huge party.  We got out some tunes and soon more people joined us.  We hung out until the movie was going to start and then we all grounded ourselves.