John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

July 2014 Journal

It’s calm out in Half Moon Bay this morning.  So we headed out for a snorkel.  John saw a turtle and I saw a huge Eagle Ray.  Of course we saw some beautiful coral, sea fans, brain coral and lots of tropical fish.  Now we need a break so we headed to our pool and then the beach for some sun, reading and relaxing.

   30   Once again I am behind on my journal and website.  This morning I got all caught up.  Now we headed to a new cenote.  Today is Cenote Azul.  It’s almost right next to Cristalino Cenote not far from Akumal.  This had lot’s of freshwater fish.  After a nice snorkel, we headed back to our pool and beach for a few hours of sun, reading, relaxing. 
29   This morning we were a little domestic.  We went to pick up laundry, but it wasn’t ready yet, so tomorrow or the next day.  There are hammocks all over down here and I need to have one, so we stopped in Pueblo Akumal at a little store.  They were in the process of making a hammock.  I got a nice colorful one.  So my souvenir shopping is almost done.  A hammock and a couple beer cozies.  John got a t-shirt and some Cuban cigars.  On to Tulum.  We took a little walk around town and then headed to the grocery store.  Our domestic stuff done, now its pool, beach, reading, nap and more pool time.  Sufficiently relaxed, after John made a big bowl of ceviche, we had some appetizers, a couple cocktails, and played rummy while overlooking the ocean.  There is a storm in the distance with some lighting, but it never made it here.  We had another rough day in paradise.

28   Happy B’day John!!!  Today is John’s day and he wanted to do a snorkel in our bay, Half Moon.  It’s very calm this morning and with the sun shining the colors of the coral were really vibrant.  There are juvenile turtles in our bay, but we haven’t seen them yet.  Well not until today.  John saw one swimming near the coral.  We saw a couple rays, and lots of tropical fish.  After a nice walk on the beach to check out the turtle nests, we went for a dip in the pool.  Activity like this calls for some relaxing on a beach chair while listening to the waves.  We regrouped and walked down to our favorite bar, La Buena Vida for happy hour and appetizers.  On the way back we checked a couple turtle nests but no action.
27   We love snorkeling in Akumal Bay but sometimes there are just so many people.  This morning we decided to get an early start.  We were on the beach and out snorkeling by 830am.  There were a few people but not too many.  It’s a calm day and we went out to the coral area.  We saw a couple rays, two big barracuda, at least 6 turtles and a small ray which we later found out is a torpedo or electric ray.  That’s a new sighting.  We had a great morning snorkeling and now did some reading on the beach under some palm trees while people started coming in.  It’s Sunday which is family day down here.  The beach is getting crowded and we headed back to our complex.  We enjoyed the pool and found our spot on the beach chairs for another rough day.

John was antsy so off he went on a beach walk.  I enjoyed the pool and headed to the beach.  When he got back we both hung out at the pool and the beach.  We talked to friends, Bruce, Sue, Cindy, Mac and Dione.  After regrouping we walked to Akumal center to Lo-Ha Beach Bar and Restaurant.  Natalie and the Foxes are playing there tonight and they play rock and blues.  We have been going through music withdrawals.  Yes, we’ve had Mayan Indian Dancers and Mariachi music but it’s not the same.  We were having dinner and drinks and our neighbors Antonio and Jan showed up.  They joined us and gave us news that they just bought a trailer for rv’ing.  They plan to start the fulltime rv lifestyle like us.  Chicago Sandy brought some harps and went to talk to Natalie to see if she could play.  The band got going and after a few songs, Natalie invited Chicago Sandy up for a couple of songs.
25   I know, we’ve been slugs with the pool and beach, but hey, why not?  So after another rough day, we regrouped and walked down to La Buena Vida for happy hour at the bar and then a table seaside for cocktails and appetizers.  While we were sitting at our table, we saw some action on the beach which almost looked like a baptism.  When we left, we walked along the beach and it was still going on.  It wasn’t a baptism, but a baby loggerhead turtle release.  These babies were collected earlier when they hatched during the day.  If the turtle patrol see’s them hatching during the day, they collect them and release them at night.  They feel they have more of a survival chance.  However, these poor guys were very sluggish from wanting to get in the water all day.  Our babies from yesterday were like little soldiers that couldn’t be held back.  It was cool to see the release, but I’m glad ours went right in the water.
24   We walked over to the path that leads to Yal-Ku Lagoon.  We had a nice snorkel in the lagoon and then had some pool and beach time.  We have a few turtle nests that should be hatching so we went to check them out.  So far no action.  We turned around and started our walk back.  All of a sudden BOOM!  Right in front of us we saw dozens of baby Loggerhead Turtles heading to the water.  We followed them up to their nest and they were still coming.  There was a family with kids not to far and we waved to them to come over and witness this awesome event.  We saw the babies emerging up right though the sand.  It looked like one was coming up on a rock so we moved the rock and there were 3 coming up under it.  The entire event lasted only about 10 minutes.  These baby turtles were on a mission.  We all made sure the babies made it to the water and the birds didn’t get them.  They need all the help they can get.  Only about 1 in 1000 baby turtles make it to maturity.  We thought there were around 80 babies, but Suzy the turtle patrol lady counted the eggs later and it was 105 babies.  So far here in Akumal, we have a Green and a Loggerhead mama nesting and finally a Loggerhead hatching.  Now we need some pool and reading time.  Later we enjoyed some music and cocktails watching the ocean from our condo living room.
23   Ok, back to working on whaleshark pictures, video and journal this morning.  Now were off to the pool for a dip and then to our beach chairs for some reading and relaxing while listening to the ocean waves.  We have been monitoring the turtle nests and there are 2 that are overdue.  We did a beach walk and recorded all the ones due to hatch in the next week or so.  We saw Suzy the turtle patrol lady and she told us the one nest was a fake, but the other is overdue.  They normally hatch after sunset so we went back, did some more pool and beach time.  Then had a couple cocktails and a nice dinner.  Now another turtle walk.  Nest still didn’t budge but we watched it for a little while hoping.  Back at our condo we watched some tv and headed back to the beach around 9pm.  Still no action.  We waited a bit, but nothing, so we headed home.  All we can do is try.  Timing is everything.

This morning I worked on our photos and journal from yesterday.  However our bay was calling us, so we grabbed our snorkel gear and headed out to Half Moon Bay.  We took a nice snorkel and saw lots of tropical fish including Sargent Majors and Blue Tangs.  Now some pool time, then we moved to beach chairs for some reading.  We have to be domestic sometimes, so we regrouped and headed to the grocery store.  After a nice dinner, we watched some tv.  It’s early around 830pm, but pitch black with a little lightning out in the ocean.  We know some turtle nests are overdue, so we took a beach walk to check them out.  Still no action.  We studied them for a bit and then headed home.  There is some lightning out in the ocean and once in a while a rumble of thunder but no rain.

We set our alarm for 5am, yes 5am.  We have a life adventure today!!  Because of a recommendation from Diane a person we met here at La Iguana, we booked with Ocean Tours for their Whaleshark Discovery Tour.  Whalesharks are the largest fish in the world and average around 40 feet in length.  They are actually sharks and not whales, but called whalesharks because they are so huge.
Our fifth wheel is only 30 feet long, so longer than our home.  There mouth is 4 feet wide.  They only eat plankton and they spend there summers May – September off the coast of Cancun feeding on the abundance of plankton.  The majority of the time they are right on the surface.  Today we get to swim with these huge animals.  There are lots of tour companies, but Ocean Tours operates smaller boats with 10 maximum participants.  So as not to stress the whale the government limits each jump to a guide and 2 people.  Meaning, when you see a whale shark, the boat gets in front of it and then the guide and 2 people jump off the boat and swim rapidly right toward the mouth of the whaleshark.  When you reach it you turn and swim with it.

We were at the Akumal Arch at 6am for our tour pick up.  Jessica is our guide today and got us checked in.  We headed past Cancun to Punta Sam where the boats leave from at 8am.  There were 10 of us on the boat plus Jessica our guide and photographer, Alex another guide and owner of the boat and Gabby our Captain.  We met the people and one couple Alex and Diane from England.  We motored out about 16 miles to the whaleshark area.  On the way we saw pods of dolphins and loggerhead turtles.  The first location had lots of other boats so our captain moved to another area with only one other boat.
John and I were the first group.  We got ready and had our first jump with Jessica.  On the 1st one I saw the shark from afar and John didn’t see it at all.  We were kind of bummed but it is really weird having this huge creature coming right at you and told to jump in the water and then swim toward it’s 4 foot wide mouth.  Everyone did their jumps and then it was our turn again.
On our 2nd jump John was right next to it but I didn’t see it at all.  That’s really amazing since they are so huge.  Alex wanted me to be right up close and experience it so he was with us on our 3rd jump.
Our 3rd jump was great!!  We were both right next to the whaleshark (close enough to touch it) and swimming with it.  This one was small only about 25 feet long.
Our 4th jump was the best.  Jessica was with us and got some great photos of us with the whaleshark.  The whaleshark was moving slow and I was right next to his face and eye on his right side.  John was directly over him and ended up getting hit right between his legs with the dorsal fin which is halfway back in the whalesharks body.  This whaleshark was longer then our 5th wheel RV at about 35 feet long. 

With the whaleshark part of the tour over, we had a snack of chicken sandwiches and then we motored past Controy Island which is a bird sanctuary and onto the reef off of Isla Mujeres.  We did some snorkeling there with Jessica while Alex and Gabby prepared lunch.  We motored over to the shallow white sand beach of the north end of Isla Mujeres where we relaxed in waist high water.  Jessica, Alex and Gabby got us all set up with cervezas and then got the table float out to serve us ceviche and guacamole.  More cervezas and then out came the tequila.  Whaleshark shots poured into our mouths from the boat.  More relaxing, more cervezas and more tequila.  Ok, we had a great day and now it’s time to motor back to Punta Sam.
We thanked Alex and Gabby for a GREAT day.  We all relaxed for a little bit while Jessica got CD’s made from all the pictures she took on the GoPro camera.  Back in the van there were lots of naps on the way home.  When we got home we took a dip in the pool and chatted with Bruce and a few others and then we were done.
If you ever get the chance to do this, it’s a must do.  I highly recommend booking with Ocean Tours or DC Explorer which is Alex’s tour company.  They do a wonderful job and made our day a life experience!!  Thank you Jessica, Alex and Gabby.
Be sure to check out a video from one of our jumps on our youtube channel.

 20   This morning we did some projects and made a reservation for a whaleshark tour tomorrow.  Now we headed over to Casa Cenote Restaurant for their Sunday BBQ.  We have been to Casa Cenote across the street a couple times, but today we want to explore Manatee Cenote which is actually right in front of the restaurant in the ocean.  It’s where the fresh water from Casa empties into the ocean.  We snorkeled around the big blue hole and it is considerably cooler water and bubbling since so much is funneling in.  It’s Sunday and the area is crowded with local families.  After our snorkel we left and headed to Soliman Bay for a nice beach walk.  Our adventures over, we went back to our pool and beach for reading, relaxing and rays.  We had an early evening.  Tomorrow is a big day!!

This morning John was chomping on the bit, so off in our bay he went snorkeling.  I took some pics from our 2nd story window overlooking the bay.  When he got back I was ready for the pool and beach.  We walked down to check out our turtle nests that are due to hatch.  Two are due today and one is overdue by 2 days.  More beach and pool.  We chatted with Bruce, Chris, Janet and another couple from the Chicago area.  After regrouping we had a couple cocktails while playing cards and overlooking our bay.
John took the walkie-talkies to check out the nests.  Still no movement.  We started watching a movie and about half way though we decided to head to the beach around 930pm.
We checked all three nests and no movement.  All of a sudden about 30 feet from us we noticed a Loggerhead Turtle starting to nest.  We stayed away until she started laying her eggs so as not to scare her back into the water.  Suzy, the Turtle Police Lady showed up and we watched her lay her eggs, cover them and then leave.    Suzy marked the nest and put rocks around it.
In the meantime, the other nest right near her must have hatched.  We saw all the little turtle marks in the sand but the babies were already gone.  We watched as Suzy checked the nest for any babies left over, emptied the nest of all the egg shells and counted them.  I got some pics but you can’t use flash and the light is flashlights covered in red cellophane.  I changed the pics to black and white and at least you can see the turtle and the nest.
We checked the other 2 and nothing.  We have a lot of nests coming due and will follow them over the next few weeks.  It was great to see another mom laying and almost catch the babies hatching.  We got back around midnight.

18   Today is exploration day.  We have 3 beach roads we want to check out south of Akumal.  One led us to Jade Beach which is really nice, but today was a little rough because of the wind.  We ended up back at Akumal Bay and did some snorkeling.  This time we did the north part of Akumal Bay and saw the old cannons on top of the coral.  I saw a huge, maybe 4 foot Caravel Jack and we saw some big parrot fish.  We hung around and watched a juvenile green turtle for a while and then finished our snorkel.  We did some reading on the beach under a nice palm tree and then headed back to our condo for a dip in the pool.
We regrouped and then met Diane down by the pool.  We were talking to Diane at the pool a few days ago about here and the Florida Keys.  She was going to go to John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo because it looked really nice on the website she bookmarked.  It happens to be our website  Small world.
She is heading home tomorrow and she hasn’t been to La Buena Vida Restaurant and Beach Bar yet.  So we went there for happy hour.  We had some cocktails and met Pam, Rick and Gene at the bar.  After a couple drinks and some appetizers, Diane was ready to head back.  Hope to see you in the keys this winter Diane!!
John and I headed to a table for dinner.  We walked back after dark and ran into Suzy the turtle lady.  No action yet tonight.  We got back and we had another great day in paradise.

17   Today is moving day.  We are not moving far, from our #13 condo to our #3 condo overlooking Half Moon Bay.  After our move we had another easy day at our beach and pool.  We enjoyed cocktails overlooking out bay and then watched some tv.
However, we headed out at around 11pm to the beach to check out the nests ready to hatch.  We met Suzy, the turtle patrol lady and she said one of the nests hatched last night at 1130pm.  So far tonight, no nests hatching and no mama’s laying.  We walked home and when we past our pool around midnight John saw something.  We stopped to check it out and it was a big scorpion.  
16   We have been watching and keeping notes on the turtle nests.  They start to hatch right around the 60 day mark.  We have 4 nests that are due any day, so we took a walk on the beach to check them out and the others that will be coming up.  Our walk is done so now we regrouped and headed to our beach chairs and the pool for some rays, reading and relaxing.  Another rough day.

15   Today we headed to Grand Cenote.  Each cenote is unique in different ways.  I liked this one a lot for the water clarity.  It’s an open cenote but has areas where you can snorkel through caves to other open areas.  There are stalactites and stalagmites all though the cenote.
There is also an area where small freshwater turtles like to hang around.  We saw a baby woodpecker in his tree nest and another bird with a long tail we haven’t been able to identify yet.  After we did our snorkeling in the cenote, we hung around the area and did some reading.
When we got back to our condo, we of course needed a dip in the pool.  Then a little sun, shade, reading and nap on the beach.  We had some snacks and cocktails while playing rummy and then watched a little tv.

14   Today is an easy day of pool, beach and reading.
13   This morning we had our coffees and breakfast and now it’s time to head to Cancun airport.  Suzy has to head back to Chicago.  We are so glad she was able to come and visit us in Mexico and the three of us had lots of fun and adventures.  We will see her again somewhere, just not sure when.  When we got home we found out a big storm blew through and we lost our internet.  No worries.  We headed to the pool and then to the beach for some relaxing and reading.  Hector helped us to troubleshoot the internet problem which is a back plug, so he will work on getting a new one in the next few days.  We had a relaxing evening and watched some tv.

We had a nice easy morning since we had a late night.  We headed out to Xpu-ha beach for a day of sun, sand, beach, swimming, music, cocktails and food.  When we got back we had a dip in the pool with boat drinks and then regrouped and headed to the rooftop for sunset.  There is a super moon tonight.  There are clouds in the area and we did see it rise and then slip away behind a cloud.  We left the roof and by the time we got back to the condo, the moon was out and huge over the ocean.
11   We had a nice big breakfast and then walked over to our put in place for Yal-Ku Lagoon.  We snorkeled to the back of the lagoon and took a break on one of the platforms.  Along the way we saw lots of Sargent Majors, huge Blue Tangs, all sorts of Parrotfish and a Barracuda.  We saw lots of the same plus a couple of huge Parrotfish on the return.  Back at our place we rinsed our gear and then took a nice dip in the pool.
We dried off under the sun on the beach chairs.  We had lots of different plans for this afternoon and tonight, but so far we decided to take a time-out and relax at the condo for a couple hours.
Now were ready to go and walking down to our favorite bar for happy hour, La Buena Vida.  We sat at the bar and had a fun time with our bartenders Fernando, Alena and Luis.  After some happy hour cocktails, we moved to a small table overlooking the hammocks and the beach.  The full Thunder Moon is rising and there is lighting far away over the ocean.  We enjoyed more cocktails and a great dinner.
We walked back along the beach looking for any turtles hatching or coming up to lay eggs.  It’s still early for that but we looked anyway.  We got back and at 930pm were all in bed.  We did set the alarm for 1130pm to get up and walk the beach doing Turtle Patrol.  We saw Bruce and Sue and they were doing the same thing.
We relaxed for a while in beach chairs, overlooking the bay with the light of the full moon, lighting still far away and a warm ocean breeze.  We saw the turtle patrol and there was a mama laying eggs.  We had to wait to approach until she dug her clutch hole, then we were able to stand behind her and watch her lay eggs.  This was a green turtle and she lays between 150 to 180 eggs at a time.  They will incubate for 60 days before they hatch.  We were very fortunate to get to witness this miracle.  We got back at 2am and headed to bed. 

10    We were all ready for today.  We behaved last night and were up and out early by 8am.  Xel-Ha opens at 830am and we were there by 820am.  Xel-Ha is a huge area consisting of a fresh/salt water river with inner tubes, salt water lagoon, cenotes, bars, restaurants, zip lines and beautiful scenery.  It’s all-inclusive so one price includes everything.  Gear, tubes, zip line, drinks and food,
We got our snorkel gear, locker and were ready for breakfast.  The tour buses aren’t here yet, so we headed to the train that takes us up river.  We snorkeled this time and they made us where life preservers which we didn’t want to do, but now that we have them, it’s very nice.  We can snorkel or we can just lay back and float around and relax.  We stopped along the way so Suzy and I could do the zip line into the water.  We finished the river and snorkeled along the shore to the floating bridge.  We saw just so many tropical fish of all colors and sizes.  It’s like swimming in an aquarium.
We exited the lagoon and took a path to the cenote.  We did a snorkel in there and then crossed the floating bridge and ended up at the Mexican buffet restaurant for lunch and rum punches.  Not to much or to many, we have much more snorkeling to do.  We snorkeled along from the floating bridge on the other bank and headed back toward the train.  We took the train again up the river and this time grabbed an inner tube for the float down the river.  After a leisurely float, we did a little more snorkeling and then we needed a time-out.
John had found a nice palapa bar overlooking the lagoon, so we headed there for some tequila, rum punches and cervezas.  We are done snorkeling, so we dropped off our gear and headed for dinner at the grill.  Burgers and fries all around with a couple more cocktails.  Back to our palapa bar for one more before they close at 630pm.  We spent the whole day at Xel-Ha and had a wonderful time.  Back at home we took a short dip in the pool and then we were all done.

9   Today we are heading to the Tulum Mayan Ruins.  We parked and started walking to the park and heard a Mexican flute and drum player.  We stopped to check in out and they were the flying performers.  We watched and listened as the climbed the pole and one of them played flute and drum during the performance.  Then hanging upside down, they swung from the top all the way to the bottom.
We continued on and at the entrance to Tulum, we hired a guide, Swammy, to take us around and give us the history of Tulum, the ruins, the beach and what the various symbols meant.  The tour was over and we were hot, so we headed to the beach and took a nice swim.
On our way back to Big Red, we stopped at a little place for some cervaza, chips and salsa.  Now were refreshed.  Sue has not been to a cenote yet, so we stopped at Casa Cenote for a snorkel up and down the river.  It so happens there is a nice beach bar and restaurant across the street, so we stopped there for more cervazas, seafood cerviche, and chips and salsa.
Back at our place, we regrouped and headed to the 4th floor rooftop for sunset.  From here you can see our bay, Half Moon, the barrier reef and the entrance to Yal-Ku Lagoon.  We watched sunset and the moon rise and then we were done for today.

8   This morning Suzy, John and I headed out early to Akumal town and Akumal Bay. We found a nice shady spot under some Palm trees. Now it’s is time for some snorkeling. We saw lots of tropical fish, 2 stingrays and 3 turtles. Now is time for a time-out under the palm trees. We’re hungry and need lunch so we headed back to our place and for a dip in the pool.
Nachos for lunch and then Suzy found a hammock for a nap and John and I found beach chairs for some reading and relaxing. Suzy found us and we all did some relaxing. Now pool time. We decided on more snorkeling in our bay, Half Moon. We saw lots of coral and tropical fish.  We’ve had a full day, now tropical drinks on our balcony listening to Jerry Jeff Walker and Howard Livingston.  We finished by watching a documentary on Amazing Caves which included the Cenotes from down here and where were headed tomorrow.

7   Our friend Suzy is coming to visit for a week.  We headed up to Cancun airport to pick her up.  Now we headed back to our place.  Of course we had to have a welcome cocktail.  Walk to La Buena Vida and check out the turtle nests.  Victor took care of us again and we had cocktails and appetizers while overlooking Half Moon Bay.  Our walk back was after sunset, so we looked for turtles hatching or nesting, but didn’t see any tonight.  We watched a little tv and then we were done. 
 6   Today we took a time-out.  We hung out at our beach chairs, did some reading, relaxing, soak up some rays, nap, take a pool swim and just be lazy.  We had a nice dinner and then watched a little tv.  Tonight we are going on Turtle Patrol.  We headed out to check on our turtles. We walked the beach to see if any babies were hatching and to see if any mom’s were coming up to lay their eggs. We met 4 volunteers from the turtle patrol and talked to them for a while. No action tonight. That’s OK if we’re lucky one of these nights well get action.

   5   This morning we took a beach walk to check on our turtle nests.  We are watching 2 right now, one from April 30th and the other from May 7th.  Both should be hatching any day.  Never know when, so right time, right place really works for turtles.  No action this morning.  Ok, that was rough, so we need a break.
We moved to the pool, beach chairs for some rays, reading and relaxing.  After re-grouping, we headed for another beach walk.  On our way out we stopped to talk to Bruce and Sue overlooking Half Moon Bay.  There was a big storm out in the ocean and we watched a water spout form, get bigger and then dissipate.  Ok, time to check on the turtles.  We walked the beach down to our favorite beach bar, La Buena Vida.  We had a table overlooking the bay and had some cocktails and appetizers.  A mariachi band started playing.  Heading out, we walked back along the beach, but still no turtle action.

4   This morning we took our snorkel gear and walked over to our path that leads to Yal-Ku lagoon.  We snorkeled in and took a break on one of the platforms.  We saw lots of parrotfish, sergeant majors, blue tangs and other tropical fish.  When we got back, we took a dip in the pool, some lunch, more pool time, beach chair, nap, reading, nap, pool, cocktails, snacks, rummy and some tv.  Wow, another really rough day in Mexico.

This morning we were lazy.  It’s overcast and as we were reading, we heard thunder.  Wow, we even saw a few clouds.  We had already decided to head to Playa Del Carmen today to the used book store we know of, then to Walmart to check it out and pick up some stuff.  I needed a haircut and Walmart had a place so I got one.  It worked out ok, even though I could not talk Spanish and the lady couldn’t talk any English.  When we got back, we did some reading and had a nice lazy day.

We headed out for a little beach exploration.  There are a couple roads we haven’t been down that are heading to the beach and we want to check them out.  The first road brought us to Xcacel Beach.  There is a cenote here, but we didn’t go, because it’s small and there were already quite a few people there.  However, after we set up our towels and started taking a beach walk, we realized we have been here before.
Back in October 2005 we came here with our buddy Dennis.  We did swim in the cenote.  The beach is more beautiful that before.  Last time it was after hurricane Emily and Wilma and the beach had lots of debris but was still pretty.  Now it’s perfect with loads of turtle nests.  We took a nice beach walk, did some swimming and got some sun.  We found some shade under some palm trees and did some reading.
Now were ready for more exploration.  We headed into the next road and found it ran next to the Bahia Principe Resort.  We stayed here in August of 2000 to finish our diving certification.  I talked to one of the dive masters to see if they use the Casa Cenote for their certification, and they do.  So the other day, we were right that we had been at Casa Cenote before.
Fernando the dive master told us about a nice beach bar on the next road, so off we went.  The road is to Adventuras Akumal.  We found the Beached Bikini Bar on Adventures Akumal Beach and pulled up a couple swing chairs and had a couple cervezes with Carlos taking care of us.  We had another great day, so now a dip in the pool is in order.  Alice and Steve with their son was there and then Bruce and Sue showed up.  We all talked about what we did and what we should do in the area.  Another rough day. 

1    We spent the morning on travel research and booking tickets for “Chasin the Sun Trop Rock Music Fest’ in Panama City Beach in September.  We decided it’s on our way back to the keys and it’s a 3 day trop rock concert in the park.          Now we took a walk and started on down the road.  We stopped at Las 3 Acapulquenas.  We have been by this little restaurant many times and heard it was good.  We took a table in the shade and after ordering a little girl showed up with a tortilla.  Pretty soon we had over 20 Coatimundi’s wanting that tortilla.  There were big ones and then there were at least 10 little babies.  They wanted more; the little girl was having fun and so were we.  She went and got a few more tortillas.  She was so funny.  She would lay out pieces of the tortillas so nicely on the rocks.  Then when the coatimundi’s would come for them, she would get this broom that was there and scare them away.  Time and time again she did this.  Finally, she was tired and we had lots of pictures and when she left the coati’s moved in for the tortillas.  We had a fun time and a really nice lunch.        We walked back along the beach to check for any movement in the turtle nests but not right now.  We did see a new nest from just last night.  After a dip in the pool we took a time-out.