John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

August 2014 Journal

Some friends, Suzy and Harry from Lazy Lakes are now staying in the Pensacola area.  We touched base and are meeting up later at Juana’s Tiki Bar for some boat drinks and trop rock music by the Calypso Nuts.  This morning John and I headed to Bass Pro Shop in Destin to pick up fishing supplies for the keys, check out the Destin area and have lunch at Margaritaville in Destin.  It’s not far, about 25 miles.  This was a mistake.  It’s Labor Day weekend and the road was packed, ton’s of traffic.  We made it to Bass Pro Shop and then saw Margaritaville, but absolutely no parking anywhere and loaded with people so we didn’t stop.  Instead we stopped at the Shrimp Basket by our place.
Then we regrouped and headed across the bridge to Juana’s Tiki Bar to meet up with Suzy and Harry.  The four of us enjoyed the music, cocktails and catching up.  When we got back to our park, it was having a Labor Day cookout of hot dogs and ice cream sundaes.  So we relaxed with dogs and ice cream overlooking the Intercoastal.

30   Today is a beach day; we crossed the Intercoastal bridge and set our beach towels out on Navarre Beach.  After some rays, we took a beach walk.  John needed a longer one, so off he went.  I did some reading and got some rays.  When he got back, we were both ready for some shade and a cold one.  We headed to Loggerheads on the beach and found a couple spots at the bar in the shade.  We heard the Calypso Nuts trop rock band was playing at Juana’s tiki bar next door, so we headed over there.  They are playing but not for a few more hours.  They’ll be back tomorrow afternoon so we’ll come back then.  We headed home, had a nice dinner and took a time-out.

“On the Road Again”.  We have a short day today, from Biloxi to Navarre Beach is only around 150 miles, so we took our time and got checked in at Emerald Beach RV Park.  It’s a small park but nice cement sites right on the Intercoastal.  After getting set up, we headed to camping world for some rv supplies.  John has some maintenance to do on the cow and then we had a relaxing evening.

This morning and early afternoon we are taking care of domestic stuff.  Tomorrow we are on the road again.  We headed to Margaritaville Casino one more time.  No slot tournaments today, but we did play some slots and blackjack, had cocktails and dinner.  No big hits today, but we did have a great time.  Now we grounded ourselves because were heading out tomorrow.

Today we had an easy day, after coffee we headed to the pool for some rays, reading and relaxing.  Then we regrouped and walked down to Treasure Bay Casino about a ½ mile from our rv park.  This is a very small casino.  We played slots for a while and then walked home.  We had a relaxing evening watching some tv.

More pool time today.  Later in the afternoon we headed back to Margaritaville Casino.  Yesterday we got in a slot tournament and I won 15.00 in slot play.  They have more slot tournaments today.  I got enough points to enter and ended up pretty high in the current standings.  There’s still a few hours left so we’ll see.
I found one of my Blazing 7’s quarter slots that were ready to pay and it did.  I hit the progressive for 550.00.  A little 2.00 blackjack and I did ok on that too.  It’s time to check on the slot tournament.  I ended up tying for 2nd place and won 250.00 in slot play.  I was able to turn that into 350.00 dollars.  Margaritaville Casino was very good to me today.  We had a great time and really hope they are able to stay open.

 25   “On the road again”. We left New Orleans around 9am and headed out for a 90 minute drive to Biloxi.  We got all set up and then headed to the pool.  Now that were relaxed, we regrouped and decided to head to Margaritaville Casino.  Right now we are lucky we came to Biloxi when we did.  Margaritaville Casino has only been open for 2 years and it’s scheduled to close sometime between this Sunday and September 19th.  We really like this casino.  It’s a tropical theme with mostly Jimmy Buffett songs constantly playing.  We found some video poker.  There’s a slot tournament going on and we both got enough points to join in on a couple rounds.  After all the rounds were done, I ended up 46th out of 50 and won 15.00 in slot play.  I hoped to parlay that into more, but it didn’t work that way today.  We had a great time and glad we made it here.

Today will be an easy day.  We are heading out tomorrow.  We don’t have a long drive, only a couple hours.  We took a walk around the French Quarter and stopped for Beignets at Café Du Monde.  We made our way back through the French Quarter to our RV Park and relaxed by the pool and did some reading.

Another hot day and we know better than to head to the French Quarter to early.  We hung around our rv park and the pool for some reading, rays and relaxing.  We headed to the French Quarter around 4pm.  We stopped at a few places for cocktails and music.  Some good Blues, Cajun, Zydeco, and Rock.  We relaxed on a balcony for a while overlooking Bourbon and headed down toward Margaritaville.  We stopped at a couple places past Margaritaville and one place had a really good chromatic harp player.  We ended up at Margaritaville for some long island iced teas, some trop rock music and dinner.  After this, we were done, we grabbed a cab back to our place.
22   Our friend TJ nominated us to do the Ice bucket challenge for ALS.  After we completed the challenge, we were already wet so we headed to the pool to warm up and do some reading.
We headed out to the French Quarter in New Orleans early around 11am.  We stopped at Harrah’s casino for a little bit and then walked along on riverfront.  The Natchez Steamboat was sailing at 230pm so we got tickets and took the 2 hour ride on the steamboat down the Mississippi.  It’s a hot day and being on the water was nice.
After our trip we walked around New Orleans and found a restaurant at Jackson Square overlooking music performers.  We had a great Cajun dinner.  We walked a bit more, but even though it’s early, we were out late last night and up and out early today.  We headed back to our cow to relax.  We are done for today.  

21   We were on the road by 7am.  We made it 550 miles to New Orleans and was all set up by 6pm.  While we were having a cocktail on our patio, we decided instead of staying in tonight to head to the French Quarter.  This rv park is great, we are 2 blocks from the quarter and an easy walk.  So off we went.
Chicago Sandy is hoping to do the Big Easy, New Orleans.  Our first stop was the Cats Meow on Bourbon Street.  Upscale karaoke was going on and Chicago Sandy got to play Mustang Sally with the main singer.  Next we moseyed on and stopped at the Tropical Isle.  We met Maggie the main singer in the band.  She will be down in Key West later this winter so we exchanged contact info.  Chicago Sandy got to play some blues with Maggie, Brian and Cranston here at the Tropical Isle.
We moseyed on some more and stopped at Margaritaville.  It was only 1030pm and they were getting ready to close at 11pm.  We stopped for a couple long island iced teas and listened to Chet Reeves play a couple Buffett songs.  We met Craig and Kathy at the bar.  Craig is a huge Buffett fan and we talked a lot.
We were back on Bourbon and stopped at the Funky Pirate.  Big Al Carson and the Blues Masters were playing.  Chicago Sandy got to jam Roadhouse Blues with them.  We had more cocktails and listened to some really good blues.  We were hungry, so where do you go at 1am after having cocktails, Krystal Burger of course.  We stopped there and then grabbed a cab back to our rv park.  We were going to take it easy tonight, but instead got home around 130am.
20   Today we hung around our rv park and the pool.  We have a long travel day tomorrow.

We’re back “On the Road Again”.  We left Mission Tx and headed for Rockport Tx.  We were here 8 years ago when we first started our RV Adventure.  We were hoping to meet up with our friend Rich, but we don’t think it’s going to work out.  We got all set up and then took a long walk into the town or Fulton.  We stopped at a couple waterfront bars and then went for dinner to Charlotte Plummer’s Seafood Restaurant.    

18   Domestic Day and pool

Domestic Day and pool

Domestic Day and pool

Today and the next few days are domestic days.  We will have to make some time for the pool and some reading but we hope to be regrouped by Tuesday.

Our last day in Mexico, we left Matehula at 6am heading to Mission Tx.  We got back to Mission at to our RV.  We got it opened up, the a/c going and unpacked the truck.  We picked up a few supplies and then we were done.  We had 4 long days of traveling 2000 miles.

Up and out by 6am again.  We made it to the Las Palmas Midway Inn in Matehula Mexico about 500 miles.  We were going to go to the pool for a while, but it was being cleaned, so we had a relaxing evening.  Another early morning tomorrow.

Another long day from Mascupana to Puebla about 490 miles.  We were up and out by 6am.  We made it to Puebla and found another AutoHotel along the tollway.  We relaxed, went to dinner at the restaurant next door and had an early evening.

We were up and on the road by 530am this morning.  Today we departed Akumal and ended up going about 490 miles to Macuspana near Villahermosa.  We got checked into the Autohotel Oasis and had our choice on hourly rates.  We chose the 15 hour rate for 400 pesos, about 32.00 us.  It’s a nice place.  We have our own garage. Bedroom with king bed and cable tv, with Spanish porn.  A living room and a round about turnstyle built in the wall for service from the kitchen 24 hours a day.   We ordered some beers from the round about and relaxed and watched some Dexter we have recorded on Johns computer.  

10   Our time here is winding down.  Today is our last day here in Akumal.  We’ve had a great time and met lots of really great people and done some amazing stuff.  After doing some packing we headed to the store for some traveling supplies.  Then we headed to the pool and beach for reading, rays and relaxing.  We said our see you later’s to Sylvia, Freddie, Hector, Bruce and Sue.  Tonight is the full super moon so we headed to the rooftop with a 6 pack of Sol Cerveza.  Even though it’s cloudy tonight, it was nice to relax on the rooftop overlooking the jungle and Half Moon Bay.  We watched the sun set, a thunderstorm in the jungle and the moon rise through the clouds over the ocean.  What a great way to end our time in Akumal.

We had to go snorkeling one more time in Akumal Bay.  It never disappoints us.  First we relaxed on the beach and did some reading.  Then a storm was coming in and the wind and waves really picked up.  We did a little more reading and it was gone.  So we headed into the bay for snorkeling.  We saw about 6 turtles and a beautiful eagle ray in addition to all the tropical fish and coral.  We returned to our place and went to the pool and beach.  We had a relaxing evening at the condo.

This morning we headed out snorkeling in our bay, Half Moon.  We saw a huge stingray and a family of 7 squids.  On our walk back on the beach we checked on the nest.  It looks like it hatched but we’re not sure.  We moved to the pool and beach once again for rays, reading and relaxing.
After regrouping, we walked up to La Buena Vida for happy hour.  This is our favorite bar and restaurant here.  The staff, happy hour, food, atmosphere are all great.  After a couple Cervezas and some Don Julio Blanco Tequila on the rocks, we moved to a table for dinner.  Another rough day.

 7   Yes, were still being beach bums and enjoying the beach lifestyle.  Once again our day consisted of coffee on our balcony keeping track of the family of Orioles right next to our balcony.  Since we’ve been here we have seen them make their nest, lay eggs, feed the babies and teach them to fly.  Now they laid more eggs, they hatched and were fed now the Dad is teaching the baby the way of life.
Heading out to another revisit to Casa Cenote and beach.  Years ago this is where we did our open water diving certification, so it’s cool were back here and snorkeling.  Today the current is really ripping so once in a while we take a break and hold on to a mangrove branch.
After the cenote snorkel, we headed across the street to the beach.  The water empties though caverns under the road and then into the ocean.  Since the current is ripping today, the ocean is bubbling where it empties on the ocean side.  After our snorkel here, we stopped at the Casa Beach Bar for a couple cerveza’s, some chips, salsa and guacamole.
Of course we headed back at our place for our regular pool and beach time.  Sue stopped by to tell us the nest didn’t hatch yet.  John looked at it this morning and it looked disturbed so we thought they hatched.  What happened is last night another mom turtle started digging there to build another nest.  She moved and hopefully the babies will emerge soon.
6   Another revisit place is Yal-Ku lagoon.  We headed down the secret path our friend Jan showed us to the rocks to put in.  We snorkeled into Yal-Ku and always love seeing all the tropical fish.  We took a break on the back platform and then snorkeled out.
Before our pool and beach time, we went to check on the baby turtle nest.  Still nothing, but the sand did settle, which means the babies should be hatching from the eggs.  We met Wendy and Adam from Salt Lake City.  They were hanging around the beach so we talked to them for a while.  Now we headed back for some pool and beach time.
Ok, we think it’s soon, so we packed a little cooler and walked to the nest to check it out.  Still nothing.  We enjoyed some cervezas while relaxing on a log over looking Half Moon Bay and enjoying listening to the sound of the waves and the wind in the palm trees.  The sun is setting, our cervezas are gone and no babies yet.  We headed back to our place for a relaxing evening.
 5   We need to revisit a few places before we leave.  Akumal Bay is one of these.  We found our area under some nice shady palm trees and then headed into the bay for snorkeling.  This time of year it’s almost a guarantee to see turtles.  Today was no different.  We saw about 6 turtles, a couple stingrays, loads of tropical fish and always enjoy the beautiful coral.
Now back to our beach for sun, reading, beach, pool, napping and just plane hanging out.  We took a walk down to check out a turtle nest that hasn’t hatched yet.  It’s due today.  Nothing happening yet.  John drew a smiley face in the sand over the nest to let the babies know were waiting for them.  Back at our place we enjoyed boat drinks, listened to music and played some rummy.  Another rough day.

A week from now we’ll be on the road back to South Texas.  This week we are still going to take is slow and enjoy the beach bum lifestyle.  We got set up in our beach chairs, took a dip in the pool and then headed out to our bay, half moon for some snorkeling.  We did our activity, so now we did some beach reading, napping, more pool time and then cocktails, music and snacks at our condo.

Ok, so everyone has to be domestic sometimes.  We headed up to the grocery store for some supplies.  Another snorkel in Half Moon Bay and pool and beach time.  We regrouped and headed to our friends Jan and Antonio’s for dinner.  They currently live in the complex right next to ours.  I say currently, because they are becoming fulltime rv’ers like us.  We had wine and Antonio made a great Mexican meal.  We talked about the rv lifestyle and enjoyed dessert.  We’re sure we’ll see Jan and Antonio on the rv road somewhere.  Thanks for a great evening.

We know, the last few days we have been really beach bums.  Once again today we hung out at our pool and enjoyed the beach chairs for sun, reading and napping.  We did go on another snorkel out in our bay, Half Moon.  Later we had some cocktails, listened to music, played cards and watched some tv.  We know, it’s rough, but somebody has to do it.

Today is moving day.  We are moving from Doreen’s Condo back to Peggy’s condo.  Since Peggy’s wasn’t ready yet, we hung out at the pool and beach.  We got our move completed and had a La Iguana day, just hanging around our complex at the pool and beach.  Later we took a walk into Akumal and stopped at La Buena Vida for a happy hour drink.  We continued our walk into town and stopped at one of the restaurants for drinks and dinner.  Our friends Jan and Antonio stopped by and we talked about rv’ing.